Saturn Brake Caliper

Brake system serves as your truck, vehicle, and performance car’s core. The disc brake is the usual type of braking being used nowadays for modern style vehicle. You Saturn brake calipers, brake pads, rotors, and various springs and pistons are what allows the wheels to slow down and stop.

Symptoms of a bad brake caliper such as warning light turning on, brake fluid leakage, and squeaking, metallic sound when braking are noticeable signs that keep the driver aware of what’s happening under the hood.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

Well-recognized in China’s aftermarket, MZW Motor stands as one of the industry’s pillars. In producing aftermarkets, we ensure that we use only the best tools and mediums to provide auto parts that will be of use for many years.

Comes with durability is the overall functionality of our replacements. Employed by industry-leading engineers and technical personnel, MZW Motor aftermarkets are sure to give a solution that you expect from original equipment.

Why MZW Saturn Brake Caliper?

Having a problematic brake caliper can cost a serious amount of repair expenses when not given action accordingly. Just other auto parts, it is necessary to secure a top-condition and properly working brake caliper installed in your vehicle.

MZW Motor has various brake parts in our catalog and one of them is our premium quality Saturn brake caliper. Giving justice to its original equipment, our Saturn brake caliper offers synonymous specifications in fit, form, and function.


  • Provides efficient braking for an enjoyable driving
  • Same dimension and features as Saturn OEM
  • Cast iron and aluminum composition giving a more durable finish for a longer lifespan
  • All units are individually tested under high and low-pressure for a leak-free unit
  • ISO certified

We guarantee you every MZW Saturn Brake Caliper has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Caliper

Instead of wasting time remanufacturing old brake calipers. MZW Motor focuses on producing brand-new brake calipers. Not just a simple replacement, brake calipers by MZW Motor boost all braking systems where it is applied.

While having standard design brake calipers on hand, we also entertain specials needs of consumers. From product design to choosing materials, we got all the tools to cater to custom design auto parts.

Brake Caliper Cross Reference Lookup

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MZW Brake System Advantages

Fast and secured product – that is what we offer here at MZW Motor. Eliminating online purchasing problems such as damaged product due to frail product packaging, you are certain to receive your orders in their pristine, complete condition.

We also have a diverse selection of different auto parts fitting to almost all automotive component difficulties. These allow us to be ideal auto part shops for performance enthusiasts and aftermarket businesses across the globe.


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