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We are a leading automotive shock absorber manufacturer who has served the global market for years.

To control the movements of a vehicle’s suspension effectively, it is essential to have capable shock absorbers in place.

Different companies make these auto parts to varying degrees of quality, and choosing the right supplier is crucial.



One of the attributes of MZW shock absorbers is their high-strength nature.

  • MZW shock absorbers are designed to offer unparalleled performance in different road conditions.
  • We achieve that by using state of the art machines, a strict automotive shock absorber manufacturing process, and the input of experienced engineers.
  • MZW shock absorber manufacturer also ensure each product’s specifications are suited for the particular application.
  • MZW use premium and heavy-duty materials to make them which results in products that can withstand impact, wear and other forms of damage better.
  • This also enables them to run cooler in tough applications and environments. 
  • We also test the shock absorbers to ensure they conform to the OE standards or even better.
  • This has seen us become a top shock absorber parts supplier for aftermarket products.

We are an automobile shock absorber manufacturer who puts emphasis on producing quality auto parts.

To allow for smoother operation and enhance responsiveness, the pistons of MZW shock absorbers are filled with a low friction material.

Multiple tuning the shock absorbers to operate excellently in different conditions while an effective rebound bumper helps to minimize shock when driving in harsh environments.

All these properties are ensured at our factories starting from the raw materials, manufacturing techniques to the tests for different product capabilities.

That is why we test and check every product for defects before shipping it to customers.

Being a global shock absorber supplier the range of automotive applications we cater for is wide. It includes cars, light automobile, and heavy motor vehicles.

We are also among the motorcycle shock absorber manufacturers, with products that match the different motorcycle models.

Higher Fluid Capacity

Shock absorbers built by MZW Motor also feature an efficient design that allows higher fluid capacity.

Protection Seals

The seals used are self-lubricating, a design that ensures smooth operation while offering protection from dirt, debris, and other contaminants.

Longer Life

It means longer life for MZW shock absorbers and improved driving comfort for all road conditions.

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