Top Skin Packaging Machine Manufacturers of 2023

What is a Skin Packaging Machine

A skin packaging machine is a device used to package items in a thin film of plastic. The film is typically less than one-thousandth of an inch thick and clings to the item being packaged. This type of packaging is often used for small items, such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food items.

There are a number of benefits to using skin packaging. The thin film protects the item from damage and prevents it from coming into contact with other items in the packaging. It also allows the consumer to see the product without having to open the package.

This type of packaging is also moisture-resistant, which can be important for food items. Skin packaging machines come in a variety of sizes and can package items of different shapes and sizes. They are typically made from stainless steel or plastic and can be operated manually or automatically.

Manual machines require the operator to feed the film into the machine, while automatic machines feed the film automatically.

What is the Difference Between Skin Packaging and Blister Packaging?

The main difference between skin packaging and blister packaging is the type of film used in the process. Skin packaging uses a thinner, cling-type plastic to package items, while blister packaging typically uses thicker, non-cling film.

The thicker film creates a compartment that surrounds the item being packaged. This type of packaging is often used for small electronics or medical devices that need to be protected from damage. Skin packaging is a less expensive and less complex packaging option than blister packaging.

It is also more difficult to open, as the film needs to be peeled or cut away from the item being packaged. Blister packaging is easier to open, as the consumer can simply pop the lid off of the compartments.

Advantages of Skin Packaging

Skin packaging has many benefits that make it an attractive option for companies. It is often used to package items like food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals because the thin film protects them from damage during shipping and prevents other products from coming into contact with them.

The thin film also helps to prevent tampering or pilferage, since it is difficult to open without destroying it. Since the film is so thin, consumers can easily see the item through it. This allows companies to display and market their product without having to actually open the packaging and risk damaging it.

The polymer material used in this type of packaging is also moisture-resistant, which makes it ideal for items like food that could be damaged by water.

Skin Packaging Applications

Skin packaging is used to package items like food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. It is also sometimes used for high-end electronics because of its moisture-resistant properties that protect these valuable items during shipping.

The material used in the process makes it particularly attractive to companies whose products need to remain free from tampering or other damage during shipping. The thin film helps to prevent these problems, and also helps companies display their products without having to open the packaging.

Skin Packaging Machines

There are a variety of skin packaging machines available for purchase on the market today. They range in size and capacity and can be purchased as manual or automatic models depending on the needs of the company.

Manual machines require the operator to feed the film into the machine, while automatic machines automatically feed the film.

Skin Packaging Material

The thin cling-type plastic material used in skin packaging is known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC is a permeable material that allows moisture to escape without damaging the item being packaged. The thinness of the film also allows users to see the contents of the package.

The material is often used to package food items because it is moisture-resistant and helps to prevent other products from coming into contact with them.

The polymer material is also tear-resistant, which makes it ideal for packaging small items that could be damaged if they were packaged in plastic wrap.

Skin Packaging Machine Market Overview

The skin packaging machine market is growing rapidly due to the increasing demand for this type of packaging. The main drivers of this growth are the benefits that skin packaging provides companies, such as protection from damage and pilferage, ease of viewing the product, and moisture resistance.

The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.5% from 2016 to 2021. The main regions that are expected to see the highest growth are Asia-Pacific and North America.

The market is currently dominated by a few large players, but there is a large amount of opportunity for smaller players to enter the market and grow their share.

Leading Skin Packaging Machine Manufacturers

Enterpack Skin Packaging Machine

Enterpack is a UK-based company that specializes in food packaging solutions. They offer a number of products and services, including different types of skin packaging machines.

Their goal is to help their clients increase capacity and reduce costs. Enterpack provides its clients with innovative food packaging solutions such as the Next Generation Skin Packaging System, which automatically aligns and wraps loose products directly at high speeds for increased productivity.

Enterpack Skin Pack Tray Sealing machines allow high quality, supermarket level, skin pack sealing that are available at competitive prices. Enterpack Skin Pack Tray Sealing Advantage

  • Increased shelf life up to 21 days
  • Products look crisper and fresher
  • Easy to open packaging but strong seal strength
  • Reduce leaking packs and returns
  • Clean, safe, and hygienic

Skin Pack Machines

  • Compact Skin Pack
  • Medium Size
  • Rotary
  • Automatic MAP & Skin Packaging


Skin Pack Machines:

Cpack Skin Packaging Machine

Cpack’s SP7 SKIN & VACUUM PACKAGING SYSTEM is a semi-automatic machine that is designed to package products in a thin film of plastic. It can be used to package a variety of items, including food items, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

The SP7 Packaging Machine can wrap many boards per minute, thanks to an optional in-feed and out-feed table that may be used to optimize your manufacturing process. The sealing surface is 765x511mm, although it may be customized to meet the needs of clients.

New functions of the SP7 include automatic magnetic locks, a twin-fil reel holder, no vacuum pump, and improved seal integrity.

SP7 Skin Packaging Machine:


Hannan Skin Packaging Machine

The most widely used skin packaging machines in the sector are Hannan Skin Packaging Machines. This position in the skin packaging business is well-deserved!

Hannan skin packaging equipment has shown that it is the best-made skin packaging machine over years of manufacture and service in a variety of industries. Hanna Skin Packaging Machines

  • 420T
  • 411T
  • 405T

Machines are versatile, energy-efficient, user-friendly, durable, and customizable. They are configured to make your business run the best it can!

With Hannan, you get a complete system of machines that are built on trust with all components made in-house by Hannan Skin Packaging Machines.


Skin Machines:

Zappe Skin Packaging Machine

Zappe Engineering was established in 1960. The company has specialized in film packaging equipment since 1965. Since then, Zappe has continuously developed our operations. With Zappe’s skin packaging machine, you may generate real added value with your product.

Scratched surfaces, missing components, and illegible labels are no longer an issue. Your products are even protected against corrosion when they’re packaged using VCI skin film and skin cardboard.

The skin packer also ensures that your goods are marketed at the point of purchase or directly to consumers in a way that is as appealing as you would display unpacked merchandise for a catalog.

Because the items will arrive at the ultimate user or business in precisely the condition they were placed on the skin cardboard.

Zappe Skin Packaging Machines

  • SKA 100 100
  • SKA 3550
  • SKVA 3858


Skin Packaging Machines:


Amar Skin Packaging Machine

Feeling the need for the right kind of packaging for various industrial products, Amar manufacture and export shrink packaging machines to our customers belonging to various sectors.

Amar shrink packaging machines are of various types such as heat shrink tunnel machines, shrink tunnel machines, shrink wrapping machines, etc. They do have with us an automatic shrink packaging machine as well as a manual shrink wrapping machine.

The products packaged using Amar shrink packaging machine are extra strong and can also resist mishandling.

Amar Skin Packaging Machine:


Visualpackaging Skin Packaging Machine

For over 40 years, Visualpackaging has led the packaging industry. All of our equipment is built to the highest quality and reliability standards.

Visualpackaging commitment is one of constant improvement and innovation and complete customer satisfaction. Visualpackaging’s line of Skin Packaging Machines comes in a large range of sizes and layouts with standard features and customized options to meet any need in the market.

Models range from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic, Visual Packaging has the right model to handle your production requirements. Visualpackaging Skin Packaging Machines

  • Table Top
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Automatic
  • Continuous Inline


Skin Packaging Machine:

QVAC Skin Packaging Machine

Neway Packaging Corp. is now the North American Distributor for QVAC as of January 2008. QVAC is the oldest continuously operating manufacturer of skin packaging machinery in the country.

Originally known as Quality Vacuum Forming Machinery Co., QVAC started operation in 1968 and has continued to provide turnkey solutions for over 40 years!

The company is best known for its 3-D Magnetic Sign business, which was founded in 2005. In those years, the firm’s primary activity was manually driven machines for the 3-D Magnetic sign sector.

The devices were upgraded to semi-automatic operation with timers and pneumatics taking the place of manual labor.

QVAC Products

  • Blister Packaging Machines
  • Skin Packaging Machines
  • Vacuum Forming
  • Die Cutting

Company Profile:

QVAC Machines:

Ampak Skin Packaging Machine

The Ampak brand has been a market leader in skin packaging and vertical bagging technology since 1966. Ampak offers a full range of skin packaging, vertical bagging, blister packaging, and die-cutting solutions.

Heat Seal acquired Ampak, a major producer of Skin Packaging equipment and related goods, in 1994. This acquisition allowed Heat Seal to skip years of product development and become a full-line industrial packaging machinery source instantly.

Ampak’s industrial skin packaging machines are high-quality performance skin packagers, suitable for a range of applications and available in several size-independent skin machines or utilizing a Skin Packaging System to automate the job.

Products are skin packaged to a substrate card with a transparent film that is softened by heat and vacuum sealed over the product and card using skin packaging machines. Lock-down protection, visible product presentation, and tamper evidence are all enhanced through skin packaging.


Skin Packaging Machines:

Starview Skin Packaging Machine

For the past 30 years, Starview Packaging Machinery, Inc., a top supplier of plastic packaging equipment, has provided standard and bespoke packaging solutions to its clients and dealerships.

The Starview management team, with over a century of combined expertise, is constantly striving to exceed our clients’ demands and expectations.

Our unique competitive edge is in providing a comprehensive range of standard and customized high-quality packaging solutions based on strong machine designs, sturdy machine construction, and experienced service.

Starview Packaging Machines Application

  • Blister & Clamshell Sealing
  • Skin Packaging & Die Cutting
  • Stretch Pak
  • Food Tray Packaging
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • and more

Starview Skin Machines

  • Manual Table Top
  • Semi Automatic
  • Automatic


Starview Skin Machines:


When it comes to choosing the right model for your production requirements, there are a few factors you’ll want to take into account.

Firstly, consider the type of products you’ll be packaging. Then, decide if you need a semi-automatic or automatic machine. Finally, think about the size of your business and how much production you’ll be needing.

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