Starter Cross Reference Ultimate Guide:

Find 100,000,000+ Cross Reference Nubmers In One Page

Starter Cross Reference Guide

When was the last time you are asked this question: Do you have the starter cross reference number(s)?

Whether you are a purchaser or retail customer, eveytime you ask your starter suppliers the information or require a quote , they ask back:

Do you have the starter OEM number?

There are hundreds of starter motor brands on the market, including OEM and aftermarket.

Bosch, Delco Remy,

Ford, Valeo, Denso,

Dixie, WAI…

You name it.

Starter Motor Number Today:How many OEM numbers are there?

If you count in the remanufacturing market, there may be thousands of starter brands.

No need to mention another ten thousands of aftermarket starter motor manufacturers in China and India.

So you know, find the number is not so easy. 

After all, their are 10,000+ starter motor suppliers.

Sometimes, even our professional techincal staffs take half a day to figure out the right starter cross reference numbers.

Starter Cross Reference Guide

WHY? Because like many of others, we don’t have our own cross reference catalog system which would cost you $10,000+.


What if I tell you that you can use big brand’s starter cross reference catalogs? And it’s free.

Yes, it’s true!

And even better, there is no need to go around in google anymore, we do it for you.

The Ultimate List of the

Web’s Best Starter Cross Reference Resources



Delco Remy Starter Cross Reference

Delco Remy is a starter motor manufacturing company that has been in existence for over a century. As a result of the numerous years of existence and experience it is known for production of heavy duty starters. The companies’ E-catalogue is simple and provides you with an easy cross reference for your starter.




Denso Starter Cross Reference

Denso has been manufacturing starter motors since 1949 and is well known for the powerful starters commonly used for racing vehicles. Their starter cross reference search has been made easy. By having details of the model, year and make of the vehicle you can easily get the details of the starter for replacement.




Bosch Starter Cross Reference

Having been in the industry for over 100 years, the starter motors from Bosch are widely used. As a result there is a huge demand for starter replacement. To ease the process, the company provides a simple guide that guides the customer in getting a replacement starter with ease. The cross reference is also widely used by other companies for aftermarket starter replace.




Wilson Starter Cross Reference

Wilson is known for new and remanufactured starters that are built with precision for high performance and quality. The company has starter cross reference that requires the customer to only have the part number, application and unit attribute. With these details the customer can easily get the starter they are looking for.




Lester & WAI Starter Cross Reference

Lester Starter Number is one of the most common starter cross reference number in starter motor business, and lester’s techincal team belong to WAI Group. Their Catalogue’s Part Numbering System are one of the best system in worldwide, super comprehensive.




Starter Wholesale Cross Reference

The big wholesale brands could have more detailed application and cross reference info, due to their role in starter motor supply chain, more close to customers. Additional, not like most manufactuers, they don’t hide their price of the starters.




TOP Starter Motor OEM Cross Reference

Expect the above famous car starter brands, there are still a lot of starter motor OEM that also have good starter cross reference number catalog system. Like Ford, Prestolite, Mitsubishi, Hitachi…


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