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A high quality starter motor is an indispensable component for your engine. MZW proudly offers a comprehensive line of starter motor to get your vehicle start.

As a professional automobile starter motor manufacturer MZW commits to making quality products. We handle both bulk and light orders and guarantee fast delivery. We care about customer satisfaction, and this has seen us become a global starter motor manufacturer and supplier.

MZW is an ISO Certified Company

As a result, we are able to offer competitive prices for our wide range of automotive starter motors and other products.

MZW starter motors are built to have a high torque while drawing the least current from the battery. We ensure perfect assembly for our starter motors and a highly controlled manufacture process.

MZW is a reliable supplier of all types of engine starters. We have an extensive experience in the industry, having been making a wide range of automotive parts since 1995. Over the years, we have supplied automotive starters to customers from around the world.

Our starters are strong enough to withstand extremely harsh conditions. This makes them always to perform optimally and resist wear.

MZW Motor Starter

MZW starter motors are developed to high specific power output and efficiency, which means excellent crank capability with low current drain from the battery.

From Solid copper contact bolts and welded steel core riserless commutator to heat-treated shaft and HRC58-63 hardness pinion, MZW utilizes the best material to produce Premium starting performance starter motor.

The starter motors from MZW starter can be used on a wide range of automotive from marine engines, automobile to construction equipment. They are suitable for heavy-duty applications due to their dust-proofing and anti-wear capabilities.

MZW starters do not overheat, which means reliable performance and longer life. They are fully tested for both high and low temperature starts to ensure they’re perfect for use in any environment. We also carry out full tests on our starter motors for RPMs, torque, and current draw.
We guarantee you every MZW starter motor has passed a series of strict tests:

Starter Motor

As a professional automobile starter motor manufacturer MZW commits to making quality products.

Comprehensive Applications

Suitable for all brands like Bosch, Delco,Ford,Valeo and more. Cover the main vehicle applications.

Premium Starter Solenoids

With over 600 model selections available, mzw starter solenoids.

Starter Parts Supply

MZW Motor Also supplies multiple starter parts for starters, All material and process meet ISO 16949 standards.

MZW Starter Motor Cross Reference Lookup

Find the starter motor by entering the OEM number or cross reference number.

We are currently updating our starter motor cross reference/OEM number database, will improve the Starter Motor Search Function Soon.

Please send us your list and we will do the search for you manually.

Starter Motor Parts Supplier

As a professional automobile starter motor manufacturer MZW commits to making quality products. We handle both bulk and light orders and guarantee fast delivery.

Starter Solenoids

Starter solenoids actuate vehicle starter systems, and reliable performance is necessary.

MZW Motor manufactures starter solenoids that are engineered to the highest levels of standards for OE specifications. Our starter solenoids feature premium materials, latest industry technologies, and are adequately tested to confirm performance.

Order your starter solenoids from MZW today. We ensure quality products, reasonable prices, and timely deliveries.

Starter Armatures

Starter motor armatures are the heart of a vehicle’s starting system, producing the required mechanical movements.

MZW Motor manufactures starter motor armatures that offer unrivaled performance. From raw materials to coil windings, we ensure the industry best. We do not only adhere to OE specifications; we surpass them.

Contact us today for the most reliable and durable starter motor armatures.

Starter Bendix Drives

To start a vehicle, starter Bendix drives move to engage the flywheel gear. That means they have to be strong and dimensionally precise.

MZW Motor are manufacturers and supplies of sturdy, longlasting, and dimensionally accurate Bendix drives.

Get in touch with us today if looking for a Bendix drive supplier you can trust. We offer competitive prices and swift shipping.

Starter Brushes

Starter brushes act as current pathways, allowing for smooth running of the motor.

At MZW Motor, we manufacture starter brushes that offer proper fit, durability, and performance for a wide range of motors.

Beside featuring high-grade materials, MZW starter brushes are tested for endurance and dimensional precision.

Place your order today. Our rates are competitive and the ordering process easy.

Starter Field Coils

Field coils convert electrical power to movement in a starter motor, and quality ones mean guaranteed performance.

MZW Motor has been manufacturing high-quality starter field coils for a wide range of motors. We use premium materials and advanced techniques to ensure field coil efficiency, rigidity, and durability.

Contact us today for reliable starter field coils, competitive prices, and prompt shipping.

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