Top 25 Steering Wheel Manufacturers

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This article contains the top manufacturers of well-known steering wheel distributed worldwide. Basically we focused on the OEM channel type. The global steering wheel market overview are also one of highlights in this piece.

Some companies specialized designs for racing while others are created for everyday used. Each of them has different priority in making their own design.

Before anything else, here is a bit knowledge of what is a steering wheel? and how does it work?

Steering wheel is a device in the vehicles that help the drivers to control steering in a car. It is done by turning the wheel which subsequently turns the input shaft which are connected from the gear unit. The steering systems convert the rotation made from the steering wheel into rotating movement in the road wheels. Besides this steering function, it also offers assistance functions such as cruise control, audio system, telephone control and many more. And this is for both Passenger and Commercial vehicle type.

Is this a good auto part inventory investment? What are the current trends for steering wheels today? What factors boost sales of steering wheels and what are the possible challenges it faces?

These are among the questions that will be answered on the next section of this article.

The Automotive Steering Wheel Market Overview

automotive steering wheel market overview

Consistent positive growth from different market researcher are released over the internet. If you will go into this publishers, you will find that they have the same results on the research they made. Although, there are minimal variations on the %.

The “Global Automotive Steering Wheel 2016” is valued at $2.7B, it has projected growth of 4.7% CAGR over the next 5 years. The sales will have expected to reach a total of $3.6B in 2022.

Today recently released reports with historical data are available. The full documents of research are accessible through this link.

The increase in car production, introduction to strict safety standards, demand in high safety equipped vehicles and advance steering technology are key major drivers to boost steering wheel sales.

Steering wheels are segmented into different diameter sizes; type of market covers and technology used.

As for diameter; small, medium, and large are advertised.

Market trends for steering wheel such as the type cover are available in the market. There are synthetic plastics (Polyurethane), synthetic leather, genuine leather, wood and other material component used in covering such part. These components have an effect on the price of steering wheels.

Based on the technology, the market is segmented as normal steering wheel and control embedded steering wheel. The latter still dominantly gained trust for users.

Having all of this information, we can say that steering wheels is still a good inventory investment for those starting their auto parts business and existing ones.

With the right market approach, you can make a difference to enter the industry in not time.

Here are major players steering wheels in the market today:

NRG Logo

NRG Steering Wheel


NRG Innovations are founded with passion by car lovers and pioneers. This company started in 2003 but attended countless events such are races, shows, meet and greet. Not to mention that NRG even hold their own “Annual Drift Matisuri Event”.

That is why, this made them on top in their business niche.

NRG Innovations continue to improve their steering quality for the past years. They had sponsored Formula D racers with their new reinforced steering wheels.

NRG has the largest variety of steering wheels to offer. NRG steering wheels are amazing through its finest. Making them very popular to hundreds of customers. Here are the features that you can expect from NRG steering wheels:

  • Compliment with short hubs and quick releases in a 6-hole bolt pattern
  • Comes in different sizes and designs
  • Constructed with premium grade various components for maximum control
  • Guaranteed to provide extra edge of control and styling
  • Designed to match rigorous quality standards
  • Provides a reliable and trouble-free service life for the years

Check out the large portfolio of NRG steering wheels from the link listed below.

NRG Steering Wheel Official Site
NRG Steering Wheel Product Page

momo logo

Momo Steering Wheel

momo founder

Gianpiero Moretti, a race car driver, established Momo 1964. It was after when Moretti commissioned a local craftsman to make a customized steering wheel for his own race car.

Because it was the first Momo steering wheel in the company’s history, it was very special. It has a superior grip compare to other steering wheels for racing car during that time.

It was noticeable to many racing drivers, making it famous in racing field. In fact, it was caught the attention of John Surtees, a Ferrari Formula 1 driver.

John then equipped his Formula One with Moretti’s steering wheel and won the world title in 1964.

Later on, Gianpiero converted his passion into a manufacturing business. That is when Momo (short termed for Moretti Monza) was born.

Momo official company banner “WE TURN CARS FROM SIMPLE TOOLS INTO A WAY OF LIFE”.

Since 2005, Momo headquartered was in Milan, Italy. With the direct presence from US. They sell steering wheels for aftermarket and motor racing for more than 60 centuries. Their main customers are mostly large distributors and dealers worldwide. The company sell brands under “Momo” and “Red”.

Today, Momo is still focused on manufacturing light alloy road wheels. However, the company has entered into new ideas using innovative racing products. Incorporating ambitious goals and continuing the quality, safety and unmatched design Momo products known.

Momo steering wheels are dominantly gained the racers market. They had numbers of steering wheel’s design for this particular application. Both in standard and customized.

Momo steering wheels are trusted for centuries. Aside from tough history, here are some few product features this steering wheel can offer:

  • Covered with leather grip
  • Engrave racer’s owner signature in laser option (custom)
  • Service nickname embroidery (custom)
  • A black suede covered with twin yellow centering stripes at the top
  • With horn button included

The Momo steering wheels are made specifically designed for better grip and handling for drifting competitions. To check out this high quality steering wheel designs from Momo. Check out the link below.

Momo Steering Wheel Official Site
Momo Steering Wheel Product Page

Sparco logo

Sparco Steering Wheel

Sparco company

Sparco S.p.A was established in 1977 and continued to be owned by the original owners. They are now one of the leading manufacturers for racing safety equipment.

It is a private Italian auto part and accessory firm located in Volpiano, Turin, Italy. They specialized in manufacturing seats, steering wheels, harnesses, helmets and race wear.

The Sparco brands alloy wheels are made and distributed under OZ Group license.

Company also sponsor many types of auto races which included rallies and single seaters.

Sparco was a dream of two individual drivers; Enrico Glorioso and Antonio Parisi made into reality.

Just after 5 years of Sparco has been founded, it “wins” the world of Championship. This is when Nelson Piquet won F1 world championship in 1983.

Sparco steering wheels are one of the trusted brand in the world of racing applications. The following listed below are Sparco steering wheel’s product features and benefits:

  • Material covered with – Perforated Leather, Red Stitching
  • Red leather centering stripe
  • Installed with a champion horn button
  • Made from Alloy steel-tough metal component
  • Guaranteed good griping
  • Number of high quality designs availability

Sparco supplied high quality steering wheels for more than 40 years. Their products can’t be deny to be topnotched on it’s quality, performance and designs.

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grant logo

Grant Steering Wheel Catalogue

Grant banner

Gerry Grant, the Grant’s founder established the company in 1922. Over this years, Grant’s consistently manufactured and distributed engine overhaul kits, piston rings, valve spring inserts, ignition systems and safety helmets. 

It was in 1962, when Grant began their steering wheel’s product lines. It was initially offers to dune buggies and eventually added steering wheels for the automotive aftermarket.

Grant Products is one of the leading manufacturer of custom steering wheels for range of vehicles.

Currently, Grant manufactures and offer a broad line of custom steering wheels and accessories. Automotive, racing, utility vehicles, golf cars, RV/Motorhome industry, heavy-duty and marines are served by Grant. Here are advantages and benefits of Grant steering wheels:

  • Wide selection of steering wheel’s designs to choose from
  • One stop steering wheel shop for various vehicle industry
  • Availability of wheels made in different material components
  • Distinctive designs in perfect grip features

Grant newest products includes expanded steering wheels and Styling Rings for air bagged equipped vehicles. They operate a modern factory in Matamoros Mexico which is an ISO/TS certified facility.

Grant are dedicated to offer fresh steering wheels’ designs for automotive industry. To make it possible, they continue to invest with modern facilities and R&D.

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nardi logo

Nardi Steering Wheel

nardi founder

Enrico Nardi is the man behind the success of Nardi as company. Although, he never achieved high level recognitions like others who were great in automotive industry. His history is still intriguing.

He was an engineer by profession with fine intuition and practical sense of intelligence. He applied all his talent in everything he did. Vicenzo Lanza believe in Nardi’s abilities and entrust him with important responsibilities and tasks from test driver to a friend.

Enrico moved to Modena in 1937 to become Ferarri’s test driver and business consultant. In 1946, he established company named ND with Renato Danese (Roman racing car driver) 

Nardi’s unmatched passion for cars and talent drove him towards a career as a businessman. The company produce varied and original production line. It was initially for motor cars and parts production and later by his world-famous steering wheels.

After Enrico Nardi’s death, Nardi trademark was bought by Personal and to Nardi Italia S.p.A. in 1990.

The production of steering wheels are made under Personal and Nardi Trademark. Both are chosen as suppliers by most popular car makes such as Lancia, Audi, Ferrari to name a few.

After 70 years Nardi were recognized to be a leader in classic and sports steering wheel production.

Currently, Nardi steering wheels are:

  • Offering all the pleasure coming from a direct contact with high level materials (natural leather or precious wood finished by hand)
  • Design range allows to choose the steering that suits each own car and personality (sporty, classic, ergonomics)
  • Has different for concept and personality steering wheels
  • Different in their “grip” for the best comfort

A Nardi steering wheel is something classic and unique which was always been at the top for years.

Nardi Steering Wheel Official Site
Nardi Steering Wheel Product Page
Nardi Steering Wheel Catalogue

omp logo

Omp Steering Wheel

OMP showroom

OMP Racing is an Italian company, founded in 1973 in Genoa. Main office is now headquartered in Ronco, Scrivia. They are now a world leader in the field of design and manufactures safety components for race cars.

However, since 2008 SAYE Group has bought the control of the company.

Currently, OMP are now presented in many world race events which was made them popular. Among which Formula 1 and World Rally Championship – WRC, World Tourism Championship – this are just to name a few.

It was around 2017 when season OMP has added a Formula One world title to its trophy case. This is made possible through its partnership with Mercedes AMG Petronas F1.

OMP steering wheels are one of the trusted brand the market today. Not only for racers but for common vehicle on road today.

Here are OEM steering wheel’s car offer:

  • Wide choice of steering wheels for car
  • Excellent quality at reasonable price
  • Each are marked with an anti-counterfeiting hologram
  • Made with premium grade material component

Each of the OMP steering wheels are accessible through company’s online shop. Link are listed down below for your advantage.

Omp Steering Wheel Official Site
Omp Steering Wheel Product Page

Vertex logo

Vertex Steering Wheel


Vertex USA is the official distributor of Car Make T&E.

T&E manufactured automotive body parts under well-known brands – Vertex and Vertex Ridge. Except for this brand, ISM and Vertice are also included.

On October 10, 1996; Car Make T&E entered the Japanese automotive industry. T stands for “Technical” and E stands for “Elegant”.

Mr. Takahiro Ueno established the firm with challenges. It allowed him to learn the craft perfectly.

He firstly design body kits with inspiration to the factory bodylines. Mr. Takahiro designs was created in simple and aggressive simultaneously.

Mr. Ueno has the passion for street racing, because for this, his company together with his products are was showcase.

Fans of Mr. Ueno knew that he was competing with DIGP with the most famous Vertex Soarer.

Car Make T&E and Vertex USA are strong advocates for promoting original and authentic products.

Now, with T&E expertise in designing high quality auto parts, Vertex brand are known to consumers.

Vertex steering wheel are one of demanded brand in the market today. Here are few product features and benefits of it:

  • Front silver thread & gold thread embroidery specification design
  • Available in different diameter and deep dished sizes
  • Horn button are included and installed 
  • Covered with authentic Leather with Blue Stitching

Vertex steering wheels are excellent in performance and designs. It is offered in a wide range of car application. Check out their products on Car Make T&E manufacturer website or Vertex USA.

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Vertex Steering Wheel Main Official Site
Vertex Steering Wheel USA Official Site
Vertex Steering Wheel Product Page

billet logo

Billet Steering Wheel

billet website

Billet Specialties Inc., is the choice of most America’s Premier Car Builders. Riddler Award, America’s Most Beautiful Roadster, Street Machine of the Year are few among the award received by Billet.

Billet is one of the most go-to manufacturer for different auto parts. They had a total of more than 600 accessory products and 90 plus wheel styles. Aside from that their product diversity continued every day.

This company started in 1985 by delivering wheels, interior, exterior and engine dress up accessories to the market.

They had a strict quality control system and precision machining which made Billet products flawless quality.

Billet steering wheels are one of the product lines the company are recognized. Here are some of it’s features:

  • Perfect solution for your vehicle interior customization
  • Quality and stylish billet steering wheel
  • Superb top grain leather to look awesome year in and out
  • Milled finger notches for an ultra-comfortable grip
  • Ergonomic design for a comfortable driving experience
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Made in the USA more details

All Billet steering wheels comes with warrants. It’s products to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 1-year period. The Warranty period begins on the date the product is delivered.

Billet Steering Wheel Official Site
Billet Steering Wheel Product Page
Billet Steering Wheel Catalogue

grip royal logo

Grip Royal Steering Wheel

grip royal

Grip Royal was a small project in the beginning, founded by automotive enthusiasts, which is now a full scale brand distributed around the world. It was established in 2011 and now customizing steering wheels ever since.

Their 3,000 sq.ft. facility was located in Southaven, MS. This is where the company focused in creating daily business transactions.

Through years, the Grip Royal envisioned to supply high quality products and satisfied customers with more variety of options.

Grip Royal understand that each owner’s vehicle demands with regards to steering wheels. They are now focused on providing specific orders for custom interior modification.

Grip Royal steering wheels are constantly innovating and expanding. The following are advantages and features this steering wheel brand has to offer:

  • Available in a wide variety of styles
  • Generally low run production and often are made to order
  • Hand-made custom products for a variety of interior modifications
  • Constructed from premium grade material component

Grip Royal steering wheels are divided into 4 categories: designer, upholstered, wooden and custom. Learn more from company page listed below.

Helpful Resources:
Grip Royal Steering Wheel Official Wheel
Grip Royal Steering Wheel Product Page
Grip Royal Steering Wheel E-shop

gt logo

GT Steering Wheel

Gt Website

Gt has been in providing the automotive industry with high quality car products. The company was born on 1932.

The GT Performance marked to be a new name in steering wheels’ product. They had over 40 years’ experience in steering wheel’s production.

The firm know what they are doing, they understand the market, and trends for steering wheel products. Because GT is an automotive enthusiast which envisions to provide customers with excellent products, this is not hard for them.

GT steering wheels is divided into two category series: GT3 & GT9.

GT3 Wheels feature a 3-bolt mounting pattern while GT9 Wheels feature a 9-bolt mounting pattern.

GT steering wheels are gained direct users trust for years. Which made them qualified in this article. They are one of the steering wheel brand which has high demand in the market.

Here are few key product features of GT steering wheels that has made them popular:

  • Protected with gloss finished material component
  • Certified with NO castings, steel covers, plastic retainers and shoulder screws
  • Hubs, horn buttons and horn button attachment are CNC machined from 6061 Aluminium

To install GT steering wheels, you will need an Installation Hub and a Horn Button from either the GT3 or GT9 Series depending on which wheel you choose.

GT Performance made their products to work best with each other as compliments. Check out this high quality steering wheels from the company official pages down below.

GT Steering Wheel Official Site
GT Steering Wheel Product Page

forgiato logo

Forgiato Steering Wheel


Forgiato is a steering wheel custom manufacturer in LA.

Like any other company; Forgiato began as a small cast wheel importers transform into modern day wheel manufacturing.

Their brand is built on a strong foundation of precision and accuracy unmatched competitor.

All products manufactured by Forgiato are design, cut, and finished in LA, California.

Forgiato dedicated to the superiority of All-American manufacturing and production.

They are popular with custom rims they sell but other than that, steering wheel’s quality from Forgiato are amazing too.

The following listed product features below are expected from Forgiato steering wheel:

  • All materials used are source in America
  • Each produced are made to order
  • Fully customizable forging options
  • Constructed using premium grade material

Forgiato steering wheel are one of popular custom manufacturers. Their production are combines with limitless merger of unique finishes.

Forgiato Steering Wheel Official Site
Forgiato Steering Wheel Product Page

moto lita logo

Moto Lita Steering Wheel

moto lita company

Moto Lita steering wheels are in the market for 50 years and have taken pride in classic cars and sport cars around the world.

Thruxton workshop is built to serve as a home to close-knit family of craftsmen.

Moto Lita made it possible to stay competitive with the help of experts in team. They are passionate about making the best British steering wheels.

Moto Lita steering wheels are somewhat old fashioned design style with unparalled quality. But this steering wheel brand are still the choice for thousands of enthusiasts.

Here are Moto Lita steering wheel product features:

  • Horn controls and centre caps are constructed in unique hard-finished style
  • Hand-crafted and customize steering wheels
  • Ergonomically designed steering wheel made in the best traditions of British engineering

The company will provide the Moto-Lita steering wheel that you need.

Moto Lita Steering Wheel Official Site
Moto Lita Steering Wheel Product Page

lecarra logo

Lecarra Steering Wheel

lecarra website

Lecarra’s owner named was Chuck Losey.

Dick and Roy Ostein from San Diego, California was the founder of Lecarra Steering Wheel company in 1976. Both siblings joined military forced and ended up stayed in France.

Having passion with cars and expertise with sporty European application, the brothers decided to establish Lecarra. The name “Lecarra” originated from the brothers’ mom’s maiden name, Carra.

It didn’t take long for Lecarra to grow into a global name and made it popular amongst sports and muscles car enthusiast.

After 12 years in France-based business, the two brothers sold it to American Ross Adams. And also took a 12-year continues working the steering wheel market.

Before 2000, Chuck Losey, the current owner transformed 90% of the French manufactured business to full U.S. Chuck’s original idea was to keep the good name of Lecarra, but to utilize American-made products and labour.

Today, the entire production process we’re made in-house with the help of 12 dedicated and skilled workers on-board.

Lecarra steering wheels are one of the trusted brand for years, especially to US market. Here are the product features and advantages of Lecarra steering wheel.

  • Made to provide maximum comfort and driving satisfaction
  • Constructed with superior craftsmanship, style and quality
  • Available in a wide variety of styles (wood or fully padded, 1-piece hand premium leather wraps)
  • Offers a variety of accessories to compliment the steering wheels
  • Wide range of steering hub adapters are available
  • Can be mounted to virtually any vehicle

These days we have a lot selection of styles and options thanks to companies like Lecarra. To learn more of Lecarra steering wheels, check out the resources provided below.

Lecarra Steering Wheel Official Site
Lecarra Steering Wheel Product Page

mooneyes logo

Mooneyes Steering Wheel

Moonyenes Company

Drew Moon, the man behind the Mooneyes brand’s birth grew up in Southern California. His parents moved the family in west when he was 9 years old. After century, Santa Fe Springs became a small oil field drilled by a major company. However, in 20’s, week hit a gusher that set off an oil rush and within a year, it made petroleum history which attract various companies.

Later, in 1936, the Moon family moved Santa Fe Spring and ran a cafe named Moon’s cafe. Dean worked at the cafe all through his school days. He also worked for Lincoln-Mercury dealership in their machine shop and found out about ignitions and fuel delivery.

Dean apply his gained knowledge from his own car projects with the priority for speed and power.

It was a long history of challenges when Dean Moon finally acquired a property in the 50’s, he the added another building specially for shipping and warehousing – a 3-bay garage.

Today, Mooneyes made it to became a very strong brand and now trusted by most of the consumers.

Mooneyes steering wheel are one among the products which the company take pride.

Except for the main steering wheels, this company also offers other parts of it individually, like horns, buttons, screws etc.

The following listed below are Original Mooneyes steering wheel product features and advantages:

  • Available in a Classic Black or Classic White Vinyl Grip steering wheel
  • All vinyl grip, not foam, featuring in three 4-hole spokes
  • Follow the same level of quality set by the California METAL FLAKE Steering Wheels
  • Features mirror like chrome-plate finish on the front and back of the wheel
  • Smooth and polished to maximize shine
  • Wide range diameter wheels depending on the product of choice
  • The “cone size” of the steering wheel is how far it measures from the base of it
  • Adapter hub where it’s mounted on the steering column
  • Slotted pokes are also offers

Their product need adapter unit for installation and horn button is not included on their packaging, but their shop also offered horn button cap.

Mooneyes Steering Wheel Official Site
Mooneyes Steering Wheel Product Page
Mooneyes Steering Wheel E-shop

sabelt logo

Sabelt Steering Wheel

Sabelt Company

Sabelt S.p.A is the official supplier of Scuderia Ferrari.

Sabelt’s history are able to show and identify what they become today. They provided well-known vehicle manufacturers with innovative restraint system for decades now. The company are popular in their combination of seat belts and seats for different applications. It ranges from the world of motorsport to automotive industry and aerospace.

The top formula racers: Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo Sabelt and partnered with them.

The company are not only popular with seat belts but also with their high performance integrated with unique style and design steering wheels.

Here are some of the Sabeth steering wheels’ product features:

  • With stronger aluminium spokes
  • A round handgrip section of 30mm diameter, with a 90mm depth dish
  • Deep dish rally car steering wheel
  • Finished in the finest Italian black suede leather
  • Supplied complete with Sabelt horn push kit

With their long-lasting experience in manufacturing field and full-equipped laboratory, producing high-quality Sabelt steering wheels are consistently supplied in the market.

To learn more about Sabelt steering wheels, check out related links below.

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luisi logo

Luisi Steering Wheel

Luisi company

Volanti Luisi Ltd manufactured high quality steering wheels in leather and wood with classic interior for car with aim to enhance driving pleasure.

La Volanti luisi srl was established by Vicenzo Luisi in year 1965. Because of their choice for the best raw materials and advanced plastic materials, they manage to climb to become one of the industries world leader.

Large automotive names approach the company for the production for wide selection of models and accessories.

With consistent strict quality management system used in craftsmanship places every stage of design and process which gives the company the ISO 9001: 2000 certification from RINA.

Luisi are very popular brand of steering wheels today. For century, it had proven its quality in full-service functionality. Luisi steering wheels are detailed product designed and manufactured by Italian workers. Here are Luisi steering wheel’s advantages and product feature ranges:

  • Available in refined or sporty design
  • Options in ranges of sober and discreet colors, young and vibrant
  • Offer in broad range of models
  • High quality of leather and wood material component of choice

To learn more of this Italian steering wheels, check out the company pages listed down below.

Additional Resources:
Luisi Steering Wheel Official Site
Luisi Steering Wheel Product Page
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volante logo

Volante Steering Wheel

volante website

Volante has been a global manufacturer and distributor of steering wheels since 2001. Their parent company is the Auto PRO USA. Inc. They are a leader in restoration, performance and hot rod in the automotive industry.

Being a part of their customers over decades will likely you to have purchased or installed quality part over a broad product line.

Volante wide range of applications are made available for Domestic and Import markets.

OE Volante steering wheels are produced to offer long service functionality.

Here are product advantage and features that you can expect from Volante steering wheels:

  • Available in different designs/style and material component
  • Perfect-fit for variety of GM and Ford Steering Wheels
  • High quality black solid center design
  • An official GM licensed product
  • Comes in a horn button/rings and hardware
  • Available in Wood Wheel Option hub adapters in chrome and in black
  • Original GM Design with two piece center spoke

Volante steering wheels are for applications such as Corvette, Bel Air or Ford Mustang.

Volante Steering Wheel Official Site
Volante Steering Wheel Product Page

keys logo

Keys Steering Wheel

keyw owner

KEY’S Racing is an independent auto parts manufacturer based in Kanagawa, Japan. It was established by professional racing driver TAKAYUKI KINOSHITA.

Their products have been developed and improved from the racing experiences of Takayuki Kinoshita such as Keys steering wheel and shift knobs. Such racing events includes 24hr Nurburgring, Japan GT Championship and many other racing series.

For a KEY’s Racing the racing pedigree is evident in the high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Keys steering wheels are popular not only for racing industry but to the whole automotive area.

The following listed below are Keys steering wheel product features and benefits:

  • Available in flat, semi-deep, deep, drift, d-shape type
  • Reliable thick grip designed for strength and durability
  • Developed in association with Italian steering wheel company ATC
  • Available in leather or buckskin finish
  • Features the distinctive white/blue Key’s logo at the top portion
  • Requires Nardi BOSS kit to be purchased separately for fitment
  • Horn button included in all Key’s products

Keys steering wheel are brand with unmatched quality. To learn more of the parts and other products from Keys Racing. Check out related links below.

Keys Steering Wheel Official Site
Keys Steering Wheel Product Page

Skoda logo

Skoda Steering Wheel    

Skoda factory

Skoda Auto, popularly known as Skoda, ia a Czech automobile manufacturer established in 1895 as Laurin&Klement. It was located in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic.

It was 1925 when Laurin & Klement was acquired by the industrial conglomerate, Skoda works which became state owned in 1948.

After 1991, it was being privatized and in 2000 the company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen group.

Except for automobile sold by the company, they also manufacture other auto parts under SKODA Original Accessories Range. It was accessible on the company’s official online shop.

Here are what we can expect from Skoda steering wheels:

  • Features a three-spoke sports steering wheel from Skoda original accessories
  • Made from high-quality black leather
  • Integrated with Lava Grey ate top wheel
  • Comfortable to touch, adopt weather condition
  • Offers a secure grip
  • Supplied with an airbag module

To learn more of about Skoda steering wheels. Check out related resources listed below.

Skoda Steering Wheel Official Site
Skoda Steering Wheel Product Page

joes racing logo

Joes Racing Steering Wheel

Joes company

JOES Racing Products is a manufacturing company of innovative and quality products for the racing industry for more than 30 years.

The company original shop which was smaller than an average garage is located in Seattle, WA. After moving for several times, it was finally ended up occupying a 25,000 sq. foot industrial building. Joes are now located in the Everett, WA.

Joes are the manufacturer/supplier of many racing and automotive companies. Designs and manufacturing process are all done in-house before sending out for customers.

The company are now using the state of art CNC Machines & Robots at Everett Washington facility. Here all strict quality standard control by the company are applied.

Company success is made possible because of passion for racing and dedication to produce only quality products.

Joes racing steering wheels are also known as “Matador”. The following are all features you can expect from them:

  • Build the strongest steering wheel on
  • Features wider spokes for extra strength
  • From a flat wheel center machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Made in a 1-1/4″ diameter grip reduces hand fatigue
  • Fully Tig welded and made in the U.S.A.
  • Weigh under 24 oz.
  • Available in 15″ ,16″ and 17″ and come in either a Matte Black or Raw Aluminum finish

Joes Racing steering wheels are accessible from the company’s own website page. Each of the product details are all included and present in there.

To learn more of Joes Racing steering wheels, you can use links for you own advantages.

Joes Racing Steering Wheel Official Site
Joes Racing Steering Wheel Product Page
Joes Racing Steering Wheel Catalogue

cosworth logo

Cosworth Steering Wheel

Cosworth Company

Cosworth is a British automotive engineering established in London in 1958 by Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth. The company name, “Cosworth”, was derived as a portmanteau of the surnames of its two founders (Costin and Duckworth). It has been operating in business for 61 years, specializing in high-performance internal combustion engines, powertrain, and electronics for racing as well as the mainstream automotive industries.

The company is main office was based in Northampton, England with American facilities in Indiapolis, Shelby Chrater Township, Michigan and Mooresville, North Carolina.

Cosworth has collected 176 wins in F1 as engine provider, ranking third in most wins behind Ferrari and Mercedes.

Their UK and US Advanced Manufacturing facilities are specifically designed for the individual needs of the automotive industry.

Except for that, Cosworth also provide flexible machining, assembly and surface coating capabilities and conform fully to OEM production standards.

Cosworth steering wheels are mostly known for racing industry, here are some of features expected from this product;

  • Lightweight carbon fibre construction
  • 4.3″ sunlight viewable 480×272 QVGA colour TFT display
  • High brightness, configurable tri-colour RGB LEDs
  • Ergonomic non-slip moulded rubber hand grips and push buttons

Cosworth steering wheels and other products are shown in the company’s website pages.

Cosworth Steering Wheel Official Site
Cosworth Steering Wheel Product Page

Toms Logo

Toms Steering Wheel

toms company

Tom’s Inc. has been operating in business since February 20, 1974. They had started in a capital of 250,001,600 Yen which was gradually grown into a multi-million company.

Nobuhide Tachi is the founder of of Tom’s Inc. The current president and director is Isao Tanimoto.

Tom’s Inc. develops and manufactures automotive parts and supplies, complete car design based on Toyota vehicles and consignment of car design and industrial design.

Toms steering wheels are a world-class product that are trusted for years. Check its related features and advantages below:

  • Constructed using high quality materials of choice according to design
  • Options to a wide range of various steering wheels design
  • With high quality carbon & best fit gun grip shape
  • Offer a sporty and good handling grip
  • Compatible with genuine airbag
  • SGS strength test cleared
  • Made in Japan

To learn more of this high qualiy and large product portfolio of Toms steering wheel, click on the related links below.


Tom’S Steering Wheel Official Site
Tom’S Steering Wheel Product Page

Springalex logo

Springalex Steering Wheel

Springalex company

SPRINGALEX Ltd. had been in business for over 50 years now. This strong brand name is renowned for style, quality and services.

Springalex production process are all done through U.K workshops or outsources. It can’t be denied that their range of aesthetically designs, quality engineered, competitive prices made them to be well-known to their valued customers until today.

The company are known for their handcrafted wood and leather steering wheels. Springalex steering wheels’ applications are focused for classsic cars and sports cars globally.

Spingalex steering wheels range and selection includes:

  • Option to variations of rim finishes and coverings
  • With wheel holes PCD’s of: classic 100mm and sports 70mm
  • Available in range of materials use such as wood and leather
  • Options to choose from black centre, brushed aluminium silver center and polished aluminium centre

Springalex is a one-stop shop for wheels and bosses. Check out Springalex steering wheels from links below.

Springalex Official Site
Springalex Steering Wheels Product Page

JS Racing logo

JS Steering Wheel

JS Copany

JS Corporation started the company in Osaka, Japan in 1989. The company was located in Hatakedacho, Ibaraki, Osaka Japan.

JS main business are production of automobile parts and racing car preparation, fabrication and maintenance.

Today, the company reach out to different countries such as North America, Asia, Oceania and Europe.

J’S RACING USA was established on 2011 as a 100 % owned subsidiary by the J’S Corporation. It’s main work is to promote the sales and tp reach out with customers in the North America.

JS steering wheels are developed into a light to strong auto parts. It has proven it’s excellent quality and performance for many years. Here are some of JS steering wheel’s product features and advantages:

  • Made using premium grade materials such as carbon fiber or leather
  • It was designed in 350mm diameter
  • Each product are sport tested
  • Comfortable grip feature
  • Perfectly-fit specific applications

JS Corporation are not only into production of steering wheels. You can check out related links below.

JS Steering Wheel Official Site
JS Steering Wheel Product Page

Scott Drake Logo

Scott Drake Steering Wheel

Drake Automotive

Scott Drake is one of the strong independent manufacturer and supplier focuses on production of parts for classic Mustangs.

It features a thousands of quality products, which made them to be one of Ford-licensed parts.

Drake Automotive Group started as Scott Drake Enterprises.

It was in the year 2005 when Drake broke into the late-model Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger and introduced Drake Muscle Cars. Shortly thereafter, it was followed by introduction of Drake Off-Road. This is a brand caters Jeep. FJ Cruiser and Bronco.

Drake brand had grown from a humble start-up to an international company. They have more than 10,000 products for broad range of vehicles. Making them one of the largest manufacturers for automotive aftermarket.

In 2015, Drake Automotive Group was bought by Huron Capital, a private equity firm.

Finally, Drake began it’s mission to increased it’s product lines by adding its first acquisition, Fender Gripper fender mats.

By the end of 2017, vehicle graphics company, OG Innovations, and Carroll Shelby Wheel Company acquired by Drake too.

Scott Drake seek to further formed a strong presence in off-road segment. Finally, it bought a popular and established brands DV8 Off-Road/Rev Wheels and Addictive Desert Designs. 

Drake Automotive Group has founded a reputation for excellence in design and manufacturing within the classic and restoration.

Scott Drake steering wheels are just one among the large product portfolio of the company. Here are advantages and product ranges that you can expect from this brand:

  • Has a wide range of different styles and design
  • Constructed from premium grade wood and metal component
  • Available in universal and specific fitting
  • Offer for a broad range of applications

Scott drake steering wheel specific details of product are accessible on the company’s official page. Check out the links provided below.

Scott Drake Steering Wheel Official Site
Scott Drake Steering Wheel Product Page


Once you decided to invest in steering wheels, the next step would be to look for reliable and trusted supplier. And we understand how hard it is to look for someone that you can trust. 

That is what we want you to offer with. Our steering wheels are made and tested to meet and exceed quality these large companies have. Many wholesale distributors, auto parts shops and small independent business owners are satisfied with our products. And they are a repeating customers for years.

We are an ISO/TS 16949 certified, so you can expect the great products from our company.

To serve our customers with satisfaction is our priority whether with products, services and technical support. Partner with us and continue to drive forward with confidence.

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