Subaru Brake Rotor Disc

Are you noticing symptoms of failing brake discs including grinding noise when braking, unnecessary vibration when applying the brake, and/or brake fluid leakage? MZW’s Subaru brake discs offer an ideal alternative for your failing brake system components. Our Subaru brake rotors offer superior braking power made available at an affordable price.


  • Designed to feature the same size as OE, enabling you to use your Subaru caliper stock units
  • Easy installation – no vehicle modification needed for product application
  • Improved design and rotor thickness for better heat dissipation
  • E-coated for better corrosion and rust resistant to promote product longevity
  • Manufactured in compliance with the strictest ISO quality system and product standards
  • Durably constructed to provide many years of superior braking performance

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As a leading brake rotor supplier, every brake rotor manufactured by MZW conforms to OE specifications.

Brake discs or brake rotors are commonly seen constructed using cast iron or sometimes ceramic. When replacing a bad brake disc, there are things to be considered such as the type of brake disc compatible for your vehicle. There are four types of brake rotors which are blank and smooth, drilled, slotted, and drilled & slotted.

MZW Motor is a leading brand that manufactures aftermarket brake discs and other auto part alternatives.

Our product options include varieties of starter motors, other brake parts, fuel system components, automotive cooling products, automotive filters, steering and suspension, and other electronic vehicle parts.

MZW Subaru Brake Discs

Brake discs, also known as the brake rotors are the circular discs connected on your vehicle’s wheel. Together with the disc brake caliper, brake pads, and caliper support, the brake discs function is providing you with the slow and stopping motion of your vehicle.

As the calipers squeeze the brake pads together, the brake rotor large surface creates friction, which resists the spin of the wheel to slow or stop its rotation.

It is highly advisable not to drive with bad brake disc or with any failing brake system components.

If suspecting having trouble with your brake system, consider taking your car to your trusted technician to provide inspection for a possible repair or brake rotor replacement if required.

We guarantee you every MZW Subaru Brake Rotor Disc has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Rotor

Don’t settle for cheap brakes and rotors offered by random online shops. Our Subaru brake rotors will be your ideal alternative for your vehicle due to their exacting original equipment (OE) quality made available at a lower price compared to your genuine Subaru parts supplier.

Get the braking power you expect from your stock unit at an affordable price here at MZW Motor.

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In need of repair or part replacement for your Subaru brakes? You’ve come to the right place. Explore our vast selection of auto parts and find units suiting your vehicle troubles.

Adapting to the rising demand for auto parts in the automotive industry, MZW Motor has established 6 branches of production facilities, which are equally equipped with the latest, industry-leading technology.

Today, we are capable of mass-producing more than a thousand units per day.


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