Suspension Parts Manufacturer

MZW is a premier suspension manufacturer with a reputation for producing high-quality suspension parts.

For over three decades, MZW has been making aftermarket suspension parts for a wide range of motor vehicles. All that time, we have remained a trusted suspension parts company on the global market.

MZW manufacturing activities involve design, production, supply, and development of different suspension components. Every MZW suspension product offers reliability and durability, qualities that have made us one of the leading automotive suspension manufacturers across the world.

MZW is ISO 9001/ TS16949 compliant and certified.

Throughout the stages to produce suspension components, MZW ensures strict international manufacturing guidelines are followed. These include the initial inspection of raw materials, proper manufacturing techniques, and practices, product testing, among other quality management practices.

MZW has expanded over the more than 30 years we have been around to become one of the largest automotive suspension system parts manufacturers in China. We have the capacity to produce thousands of different suspension parts every month, and can supply the same to customers from across the world.

MZW Suspension Parts

MZW suspension parts are known to withstand the harshest of conditions without failing. They resist the damage caused by impact, salts, and usage wear. These characteristics are what make vehicle owners choose MZW products for the suspension systems of their vehicles.

We are always striving to better our products. That is why we have in-house engineers to oversee the product design and development processes. MZW engineers also work directly with clients to consult of custom suspension parts.


  • Suspension products from carefully selected materials for reliability
  • Use of high-grade steel alloys for sturdy and durable suspension parts
  • Designs that have been fine-tuned to ensure proper fit and performance
  • Fully tested products for guaranteed resistance to damage
  • Special coatings to prevent corrosion and prolong the component lifespan
  • A wide range of suspension products, including custom and performance suspension parts
We guarantee you every MZW suspension part has passed a series of strict tests:

Your Reliable Suspension Parts Manufacturer

MZW provides you with the best suspension parts when it comes to quality and reliability. By following a strict manufacturing and testing process, we are able to produce and supply premium suspension components to businesses from around the world. If looking for an auto suspension parts manufacturer you can trust, look no further than MZW. We assure you of the best suspension parts and a smooth ordering process.

Sturdy Design

MZW suspension components are uniquely designed to offer the best performance features. They are sturdy and not prone to breakage from impacts.

Quality Materials

MZW uses high-quality raw materials to make suspension components. This ensures guaranteed performance and long lifespan.

100% Tested

Each suspension part manufactured by MZW is tested for torque, impact, hardness, and more.

MZW Suspension Parts Cross Reference Lookup

Find the suspension parts by entering the OEM number or cross reference number.

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Please send us your list and we will do the search for you manually.

Suspension Parts In MZW

MZW suspension products include spherical joints, tie rods, stabilizer links, shock absorber parts, control arms, sway bar links, and many more. These can be standard or built to customer specifications.

Suspension system components work alongside steering parts. MZW makes those, too. Our inventory includes aftermarket steering parts such as rack ends, tie rods, and related parts. Again, they can be standard or custom steering parts.

MZW helps auto parts businesses to grow. By supplying wholesalers and retailers with premium products, we help them build a name for themselves. The range of MZW products is huge. From standard to custom made suspension parts, MZW offers a solution to every client’s need.

Shock Absorber

MZW shock absorbers are designed to offer unparalleled performance in different road conditions.

The automotive shock absorber may be one of the most popular suspension parts, but how well do you understand them?

This comprehensive guide answers every question you may have concerning the components. Find out how vehicle shock absorbers work, the different types out there, and why you need them functional in your car.

Tie Rod End

MZW tie rod ends are made from high-strength forged steel which makes them capable of holding up to demanding loads.

The tie rod end is one of the parts that your car cannot do without. However, not many people know what it does or even how it works. Learn about the automotive tie rod ends here in this guide.

We compiled information regarding every aspect of the component from the definition to function and working principle. To help with proper tie rod end identification, we also included plenty of images.

Suspension Parts Supplier

MZW believes in quality. That has seen us put up elaborate design and testing laboratories. Alongside product development, our engineers also test suspension parts to ensure they are up to set specifications.

Our company benefits do not end at production. MZW also has in place a quick and easy ordering process. We take the least time to respond to your queries, and our shipping time frames are the best among suspension components manufacturers.

MZW engineers oversee the manufacture of suspension parts through all stages. These include design stage, material selection, production process, to testing finished products. It is one of the reasons for MZW being one of the most trusted suspension parts suppliers worldwide.

Control Arm

MZW manufactures control arms that meet, even exceed, OEM standards.

Some call it a control arm others wishbone or A-arm. But what are control arms in a car? To find out, read on.

We explain what the component is in this guide, what it does, and the problems that cause it to malfunction.

To help to identify the best control arms, we also have a section about the features to consider.

Ball Joint

MZW Ball joints ensure smooth and safe driving- but only if they are quality.

In a vehicle, ball joints are special bearings that ensure comfortable and safe driving. Despite their size, the joints serve one of the most important functions in an automobile. This article talks about automotive ball joints.

Find out how the components work, where to find them, and the different types on the market. We also show you how to choose the right replacement ball joint for your car or truck.

Why Choose MZW Suspension Parts

MZW is among the world’s most reliable automotive suspension manufacturers and suppliers. Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, we understand suspension system component needs better than new players. As a result, we are able to offer the best solutions. MZW products are built to withstand harsh conditions. As one of the leading suspension manufacturing companies, we have, over the years, developed products that match the ever-growing need for better suspension systems. We are always developing and adopting new suspension technologies, something that sets us apart from other suspension components manufacturers. In addition to keeping up with new technologies, MZW has invested heavily in modern manufacturing machines.
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