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MZW is one of the most trusted automotive suspension manufacturers. We design, produce, and supply quality suspension products. Since 1995 when we started operations, MZW products have always stood out in the auto parts market. Our mission is to help users and businesses obtain reliable components that meet their expectations. We take care of all your needs for ball joints, shock absorbers, control arms, and tie rod ends, and other suspension parts.
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MZW Suspension Parts

Looking no further, you need MZW Suspension Parts to skyrocket your business.

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Shock Absorber

MZW shock absorbers are designed to offer unparalleled performance in different road conditions.

Ball Joint

MZW Ball joints ensure smooth and safe driving- but only if they are quality.

Control Arm

MZW manufactures control arms that meet, even exceed, OEM standards.

Tie Rod End

MZW tie rod ends are made from high-strength forged steel which makes them capable of holding up to demanding loads.

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In addition to standard parts, MZW offers customized manufacturing for parts that suit your needs and preferences. We follow customer requirements for product design and features but can offer technical advice to improve your product. Our engineers are always there to give support and ensure parts that fit your specified application.

How We Make Suspension Parts

At MZW, every manufacturing counts. It starts with identifying the right raw materials to use, which are also sourced from trusted suppliers. After that, selected materials are tested and passed by our in-house engineers as quality. Each process at MZW includes the use of state-of-the-art machines such as forging presses, CNC mills, and more.

After the production phase, every MZW suspension part undergoes quality checks using latest equipment and testing techniques. MZW also develops new products and manufacturing techniques. We have our own engineers who provide ideas and oversee their implementation.

Strictly Manufacturing Processes

Quality suspension parts made using strictly controlled manufacturing processes

Customized Suspension

Customized suspension parts that fit your requirements

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Why Choose MZW Suspension Manufacturer

MZW offers one-stop solutions for suspension components. As one of the leading car and truck suspension manufacturers, we ensure that you get high-quality and reliable parts. At MZW, we understand the needs of customers and are always devoted to meet them. Having us solve your suspension parts needs assures you of many benefits:
Projects Completed In The Last 5 Years
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Dedicated Customer Teams & An Agile Services
Our worldwide presence ensures timeliness, cost efficiency and compliance adherence required to ensure your timelines are met.
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MZW Suspension Products Advantages

MZW builds parts to the highest quality standards, ensuring guaranteed performance and durability. We produce standard and performance suspension parts. We also manufacturer both regular and custom parts. As one of the leading car and truck suspension manufacturers, MZW ensures suspension components that offer unmatched advantages.


Superior Design

MZW suspension components are built to precise dimensions for proper fit and driving safety. We use advanced software to design our products and latest manufacturing techniques to make them. That ensures the right product for every application and trucking requirements.

Unmatched Durability

All MZW suspension parts are premium materials that offer high load bearing capacity, corrosion, and abrasion resistance. They can withstand the impact of debris, the corrosive action of road salts, and the wear caused by constant use.

OE Specifications and Higher

Being one of the leading aftermarket suspension companies, MZW ensures replacement products that surpass customer expectations. We manufacture parts to OE specifications and higher for guaranteed performance, compatibility, and longer lifespan.
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Suspension Parts Research & Development

To ensure product quality and manufacturing stability, MZW keeps introducing new production procedures and techniques. We also continually invest in new technologies to improve working efficiency and processes. That has seen us stay ahead of our peers on the market. It has also enhanced our product manufacturing and shipping procedures, ensuring our customers receive their products on time.

Lead Automotive Suspension Manufacturers

MZW has grown over the years over to become a global manufacturer of vehicle components. Our factories produce thousands of ball joints, control arms, tie rod ends, shock absorbers, and other suspension parts every week. As one of the leading automotive suspension manufacturers, MZW offers a production capacity that caters to the global market.

We have adequate manufacturing facilities and workers to ensure every order is met and on time. We are also always expanding our factories and equipping them with the latest and automated machines to cater to the growing demand. Using automation, we are able to adequately respond to too urgent needs such as custom suspension parts.

ISO 16949 Certified Suspension Manufacturer

With MZW, you are assured of parts that meet international manufacturing standards. We are an ISO 16949 certified auto parts manufacturer. Every process at our factories, from parts fabrication, assembly to testing and packaging follow laid out guidelines. This ensures products of the highest quality and satisfied customers and users.

Packaging and Transportation

MZW offers flexible packaging of suspension. We can use company branded boxes or blank boxes to help you build your business brand. Besides customized packaging, MZW ensures that you receive products on time and in good condition. We do so by only using the services of reputable shipping companies. We also measures in place to hasten the ordering process, with a sales team to respond to your needs and answer your questions. If looking for products that will help your business gain the trust of customers, look no further than MZW. Get in touch now by sending us your inquiry.
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