Suzuki Brake Caliper

The disc brake is composed of many parts which include brake disc, rotor, brake pads, your Suzuki brake calipers, and other necessary components that put the pads on hold.

The whole system works as soon as the pedals (brake) are pressed. The caliper applies pressure to the pads which are being squeezed against the rotor that causes the wheels to slow down.

When replacing brake calipers, consider different materials and types of calipers that will suit your vehicle. Brake calipers are known to have two different types, which are the fixed brake caliper and the floating brake caliper.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

In the automotive industry, the vehicle uses two different types of braking. However, disc brake is common to be of use today due to better stopping power it gives compared to the brake drum.

Founded in 1995, MZW Motor is a leading manufacturer of brake parts, fuel systems, steering and suspension parts, automotive cooling products, and other electronic parts and accessories. Our auto parts are made to fit virtually every car brand and model on the road.

Why MZW Suzuki Brake Caliper?

Bring back those days when you don’t have to worry about the braking performance of your vehicle. MZW’s Suzuki brake caliper will help restore your brake system’s day-one, brand-new feel. Designed to have an indistinguishable difference to its genuine part, our Suzuki brake caliper will work as your Suzuki stock unit.


  • Snap installation – product is to the same dimension as the original equipment for easy product application
  • Anti-corrosion treated for longer service life
  • Components are made using new materials that are strictly fabricated inside MZW premises
  • Rust-resistant finish and high tolerance to heat – Suzuki brake calipers by MZW Motor are certain to be durable in every way
  • 100% pressure tested (individually) before delivery
  • ISO certified product

We guarantee you every MZW Suzkuki Brake Caliper has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Caliper

Honest products are what we offer and nothing less. MZW’s Suzuki brake calipers are sure to receive if not the same, better than advertised. Unlike other auto parts shops and dealers online, MZW Motor is appreciated due to strict, on-time delivery.

We implement a unique inventory management solution to keep track of the stock status. With this, on-time delivery is certain all the time, which made us an ideal business partner to many suppliers that requires swift product transport.

Brake Caliper Cross Reference Lookup

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MZW Brake System Advantages

Traditional, world-class quality auto parts are a norm for us. But we don’t count out possible requests of clients. Our company is one of the few manufacturing brands that cater to customize product orders. For start-up business owner who has a lot of ideas that wants to materialize, MZW Motor is your guy. We turn your ideas into reality.

Purchase your Suzuki parts online here at MZW Motor and receive alternatives that will exceed your expectations. Contact us and be assisted by our customer support team. We are more than willing to help you find the auto parts you need.


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