Suzuki Control Arm

Commonly referred to as “A-arms”, control arms, are vital to the operations of your car’s steering wheel and front suspension system. Simply put, control arms are the bridge that connects your front wheels to the body of your car.

Most vehicles have upper and lower control arms. It allows the wheels to rotate in an upward and downward motion while preventing misdirection input from the driver.

This way, the wheels follow suit with your every turn of the key. This reduces the transmission of shock and vibration to the vehicle’s body frame.

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We understand the harsh conditions and environments that control arm are likely to face.

Manufacturer of a comprehensive catalog of products including Control arms, MZW is an acclaimed expert in the industry owing to their excellency in producing quality-made products.

To add, MZW only utilizes optimum class materials to serve our valued customers the world-class service. With over two decades of manufacturing experience, MZW is the name that stands for service and quality. Your success is our success.

MZW Suzuki Control Arms

Designed utilizing the most up-to-date technology, Suzuki control arms by MZW features optimum quality and better performance like no other in the market. Made to bring you comfort when driving, so you can enjoy your seat, buckle up and hit the road. It is manufactured to meet or exceed industry specifications.

With innovation and forward-thinking, MZW’s Suzuki control arm bushings are made of outer metal sleeve and rubber. Incorporated into the design of this control arm bushing is a polyurethane bushing increasing stability.



  • OE matched specifications
  • Meticulously engineered for improved drivability and optimum performance
  • Triple-tested to ensure durability
  • Built with micro-alloy construction
  • Attached with polyurethane coil spring pads to eliminate crumbling, drying out, and improve resiliency over a long time
  • Forged, heat-treated housings and ball studs for enhanced strength and endurance

We guarantee you every MZW Suzuki Control Arm has passed a series of strict tests:






Why Choose MZW Control Arm

Our company does its utmost to provide an all-in solution for all your types of needs. All products by MZW are made with professional care to meet all your requirements.

Combined with exclusive features, our Suzuki control arms will give much-improved performance over your suspension system. With advanced mechanisms, we are able to design, manufacture and conduct repeated testing of products to ensure that everything fits under the standard of excellence.

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About MZW Motor

Established in 1995, the company has become one of the leading manufacturers of OE replacement parts in the global market. We utilize the latest technologies and strictly regulated manufacturing practices.

After the processing stage, Suzuki control arms undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet standards. Over the years, MZW has grown as one of the leading suppliers of control arms to dealerships and wholesale shops in many regions.

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MZW is here with exceptional products that are available at a competitive price. Either way, we assure you of speedy manufacture and delivery.

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