Suzuki Fuel Tank 

The Suzuki fuel tanks have a function of providing safe storage for the vehicle’s fuel and are securely attached by a series of metal brackets called fuel tank straps. During engine combustion, the fuel travels through filler tubes and is sealed tightly by fuel cap. This prevents fluid leakage that causes engine damage. Inside the fuel tank, it includes a sending unit that measures the amount of fuel to the gas gauge, so that you just when your gas tank is low on fuel.

The newly developed fuel tank technology offers multiple advantages. It is easy-to-install and optimizes the available space. The filling volume of the Suzuki fuel pump can be adjusted based on the customer’s requests. With this remarkable solution, we help to lessen the harmful emissions that can adversely impact the environment.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

Since 1995, MZW has been devoted to supplying and designing parts that exceed beyond traditional expectations. Today, we integrate the most recent technology to retain the best and finest quality we are known for.

We aim to expand our product line with the help of thorough research and development and deliver ultimate satisfaction to our customers. MZW is one of the leading companies in fuel system technology. Our team is composed of professional and brilliant technicians who continuously believe in the power of innovation used by brilliant and proactive approach.

Why MZW Suzuki Fuel Tank?

Backed by cutting-edge technology and rich expertise in this industry, the Suzuki fuel tank is constructed with high-quality material that promotes durability and longevity. As a manufacturer of fuel tanks, Suzuki fuel tanks are designed to meet the customer’s specifications and industry requirements. MZW employs integrated quality management control to achieve better fuel economy, evaporative emissions, and recyclability – all at a cost-effective price.


  • Reduced evaporative emissions
  • Improved fuel economy
  • 100% Recyclability
  • Environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes
  • Corrosion-resistant properties
  • Resistance to high-heat temperature
  • Stable pressure

We guarantee you every MZW Suzuki Fuel Tank has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Fuel Tank

Today, MZW is a recognized manufacturer of fuel tanks. Our fuel tanks are the first-rate choice among companies and retailers alike. We have established a long term partnership with distributors and driving enthusiasts from around the world. Our team of experienced and skilled specialists provide remarkable technical support to ensure that you are safe on the way home.

At MZW, do only use top-of-the-line manufacturing materials and quality tested processes, diagnostic tool that ensures proudly guarantees excellent quality, and prompt delivery time. With us, you will surely enjoy a worry-free and smooth ride wherever you go.

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MZW Fuel System Advantages

Take out that worn-out OE fuel tanks and replace them with MZW’s fuel tank replacement. Here at MZW, we have a wide coverage for every car make and model. Enjoy a short delivery time on any item that you purchase from us.

Thousands of units are being produced daily to meet the ever-rising demands in the global market. Our 2 decades of excellence is made possible due to the collaborative efforts of our team.


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