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Part of the suspension system, sway bar also called the stabilizer bar contributes to the overall mobility of your vehicle. When encountering terms such as anti-sway bars or anti-roll bars, don’t get confused, they are all the same.

Sway bar function is to prevent the car from rolling whenever having a sharp turn. Having a failing or a worn-out sway bar can be disastrous given its functionality. Road accidents are more possible when driving with a poorly conditioned sway bar.

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MZW Automotive fuel pump suppliers ensure that the radiator is in perfect working condition before selling it to you.

MZW Motor is a manufacturer brand known to deliver exceptional replacement of auto parts. Our OE-like alternatives are widely being used in China and by many partners and distributors from neighboring countries.

Highly rated by many consumers, MZW has been a powerhouse name in China’s aftermarket industry. The company has over 50,000 different units you can choose from, ready to be delivered exactly at your doorstep.

Our sway bars to be specific are made using high-strength materials promoting longevity and outstanding durability that you can rely on for lasting years. Units are being individually evaluated before shipment to ensure nothing but perfection is received.

Why MZW Sway Bar?

Given its importance, a healthy sway bar link kit is prioritized at all times. MZW sway bars are made to last longer than your original equipment. Made to generate reliable balance on every turn, our sway bar will be your best partner on road. This product features easy installation to get your wheels ready as soon as installed.


  • High-quality metal bearings
  • Greasable for lasting service life
  • Rubber composites are of the highest quality
  • Provides smooth and stable rotation
  • Bushings are made from tough materials
  • Resistant to common causes of failures, heat, and other outdoor factors

We guarantee you every MZW Sway Bar has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Sway Bar

Keep yourself secured with MZW sway bars. Do not rely on auto parts offered by random shops online. MZW is a name trusted by many for over 20 years now. Our rich experience and field expertise set us aside from our competitors. We utilized only the best materials and technologies to create solutions for different vehicle nuisances.

Our products also come at affordable rates. You do not have to worry about how much sway bar replacement will cost. Sway bars by MZW are sure to be a direct replacement for your worn-out part but unlike sway bar OEM suppliers, this beauty will not break your bank.

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MZW Suspension System Advantages

Demands for aftermarket auto parts and accessories have been growing together with production of vehicles today. Adapting to this inevitable event, MZW has established 6 different facilities capable of producing a large number of auto part replacements that number to over 1,000 different units daily. Combine with traditional and innovative designs, MZW products are sure to be of service for your vehicle for many years to come.

We do not count out personalize requests. The company caters to a custom sway bar that will bring a perfect fit to your specific vehicle requirements. Alongside sway bars, our product catalog also consists of other automotive necessities that will bring benefits to your preciously owned rides.

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