Top 18 Tie Rod End OEM Manufacturers in 2023

Tie Rod End Manufacturers List

This article is a compilation of tie rod end manufacturers under OEM channel type. Before we jump on to our main course, let us first understand the tie rod end and its global market overview.

What is a tie rod end? A tie rod end is a vital part of steering system mechanism in an automobile. It is a lean structural bar or rod comprises of two parts: an inner and outer end.

From the name itself, it is used as a tie and is capable to carry ductile loads. This is necessary in handling and steering part of the vehicle. Most importantly makes it possible for the wheel to turn.

Modern vehicles nowadays use steering system named rack and pinion which integrate with tie rod to help turn the wheels.

From its function, we can say that tie rod end product will always be in the market and is a great addition to auto parts retailers and distributors

Now, let’s move on the global automotive tie rod market, key drivers, CAGR and key country players.

The Automotive Tie Rod End Market Overview

Since 2016-2024 some market research pointed out that Asia Pacific is the most lucrative and fastest growing market for automotive tie rods. Owing the presence in countries such as Japan, South Korea, China and India.

The noted rapid growth in vehicle production coupled with the upward progression sets the increase in this forecast period.

On the following 2017-2021 forecast period, industry analyst market the tie rod market to have a positive effect at a CAGR of 3.89%.

The current market trend in largest companies is to produce tie rod ends from lightweight materials.

Automotive tie rod end market is segmented further into 4 product type: Heavy duty tie rod ends, Precision tie rod ends, Steering tie rod ends and Ball joints tie rod ends.

In the following tie rod end OEM list, let us see which among the product types do they supply in the market and how advance each of this OEM brand.

Here are the list of tie rod end OEM top players:

TRW Logo

TRW Tie Rod Ends

TRW Company Banner

TRW is a part of the aftermarket division of a global manufacturer in automotive manufacturing.

ZF is a world leader of technology company and serve system supplies for passenger and commercial vehicle applications, industrial technology, enabling the second generation of mobility.

The company has a comprehensive technology portfolio. They offer integrated solutions for well-known vehicle manufacturers, mobility makers and start-ups.

In the field of transportation and mobility, ZF continue to improve in enhancement of its systems in certain areas of automation and digital connectivity.

Last year, 2019, ZF has been able to announce the company sales of €36.9 billion.

Today, ZF has a employees total to 149,000 globally to help them achieve business goals. They are accessible in approximately 230 locations in 40 countries.

The company give importance on R&D Department and invest roughly more than 6% of its sales in this department annually.

This company was established in the year 1915, towards decades they are now specializing from aviation to global technology company. They have a group of shareholders which includes Zepellin foundation which holds the 93.8% share and Dr. Jürgen and Irmgard Ulderup Foundation, Lemförde for the left 6.2 percent.

TRW as a well-known aftermarket division of ZF is popularly known on suspension and steering systems.

TRW greatly engineer and manufacture original equipment specification Steering Linkages for the international’s leading vehicle providers and the aftermarket.

The steering linkages product line from TRW includes tie rod end assemblies for 1100+ parts.

Here are the advantages and product features of TRW tie rod ends:

  • Made from high quality rubber dust cover that eliminates dust and water
  • Available in two-seat designs: forged or cold formed steel
  • Enhance damping features through ” Low friction plastic bearings ”
  • Comes with hardware installation accessories
  • Employed with polished ball pins
  • Each of the part are individually developed grease
  • Tested thoroughly for performance and safety features

To know more this high quality tie rod end for OE passenger and commercial vehicles, check TRW official catalogue for car models specific technical details. Check the link below.

TRW Tie Rod End Official Site
TRW Tie Rod End Product Page

Ford Motorcraft Logo

Ford Tie Rod End

ford motor first building

Motorcraft is a brand of Ford vehicles replacement parts.

Ford company offered its own replacement parts via Motorcraft and Omnicraft brands.

Since the brand was release by popular OE vehicle manufacturer, direct users of Ford was into this brand.

It is a great choice to get the parts from its own OE vehicle provider.

Luckily, Ford Motor Company distributes replacement parts from through Motorcraft parts and Omnicraft Parts.

Ford Motor Company officially endorsed this brand for Ford replacement parts. The company had over 100 unparalleled expertise for automotive industry.

Motorcraft tie rod end are crafted with strict OE standards of Ford Motors.

Here are Motorcraft tie rod end features:

  • Features wrench flats, when feasible
  • Greaseable links to support ongoing maintenance
  • Engineered for easy installation

Motorcraft tie rod end are the right choice for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury chassis parts.

To check the exact vehicle applications where Motorcraft tie rod ends are available. Visit the links of official websites below.

Ford Motorcraft Tie Rod End Official Site
Ford Motorcraft Ball Joints Product Page

acdelco logo

Ac Delco Tie Rod Ends

ACDelco Company

AcDelco is world renowned automotive market leader, established in 1908.

With the unmatched years in manufacturing business, their parts are popular in automotive industry today.

Ac Delco is partnered with vehicle manufacturer, General Motors (GM). That is why, most Ac Delco are found in almost about 2M manufactured GM cars annually.

The company are estimated to have over 90,000+ parts in 37 product lines.

With this 37 product lines, one of which is the tie rod end.

Ac Delco tie rod end assembly are available in two category company segment: the Professional and Advantage tie rod end.

The Ac Delco Professional tie rod end is an improved tie rod end intended for many ideal vehicles on the road today. On the other hand, Ac Delco Advantage tie rod end is an economical replacement parts for GM and non-GM vehicles

The product benefits and features of this Ac Delco tie rod ends are the same, their difference lies on the manufacturing certified each of the product holds. Professional tie rod end is manufactured at TS 16949-certified facilities while Advantage tie rod end is manufactured at 9001-certified.

Here are Ac Delco tie rod end product features alongside with its benefits:

  • Superb strength for durability
  • Consistent torque for smooth operation
  • Full ball stud
  • Low-friction double bearing for high impact resistance
  • Undergo extreme impact, wear, and fatigue testing for quality and durability
  • Dust boot is installed and attached to minimize contamination
  • Polyurethane dust boot to help resist cracking, splitting, and dry rot
  • Greaseable design for long life
  • Coated for corrosion resistance and long life

To know more Ac Delco tie rod end, I recommend you to check on the link of resources down below.

Ac Delco Tie Rod End Official Site
Ac Delco Advantage Tie Rod End Product Page
Ac Delco Professional Tie Rod End Product Page
Ac Delco Catalogue

Mevotech Logo

Mevotech Tie Rod End

Mevotech company banner

Mevotech LP has more than 30 years of qualified experience in manufacturing for automotive market.

Mevotech is a company continuously into maintaining and improving auto parts according to related modern technology.

The company is committed to offer high quality of automotive parts to their official distributors and retailers.

They directly interacted to direct consumers for guiding them on the Mevotech products like installation and other things they want to clarify after purchase. They are actively engaging with customers in various social medial platforms.

Mevotech LP recognized brand for their product lines totalled to 9. These include Original Grade, Engineered in Canada, X Factor, Labor Saver, Supreme, TTX, BXT, Duraflex and lastly Mevotech Supreme the company brand names.

Mevotech has an outer tie rod on their products which are capable to do its main function in providing link between steering knuckle and other components. This outer tie rod from Mevotech also works on rack and pinion steering systems and steering box type system.

Mevotech provides tie rod ends in two brands: Mevotech Supreme and X factor.

They might two different brand of tie rod end but the mere fact they both came from Mevotech matters. Both tie rod ends have the same quality product features and benefits. Let’s see their features.

Mevotech Supreme are great quality with in affordable prices while X factor is Mevotech’s benchmark technology that provides enhancement beyond OE.

Mevotech tie rod end product features are the following:

  • Improved grease flow designed
  • With special grease channels for smoother rotation
  • Formed from metal-to-metal designs to resist deformation
  • Thicker forgings reduce excessive flexing and twisting of the suspension system
  • Finished with black oxide coating for strength and corrosion resistance

To know more about these Mevotech tie rod end brand, check out the links below.

Mevotech Official Site
Mevotech Outer Tie Rod End Product Page
Mevotech Steering Parts Catalogue

Hardrace Logo

Hardrace Tie Rod Ends

hardrace website banner

HARDRACE started in manufacturing rubber parts of chassis. The company was successful in this product lines which made them the one of the best OEM globally.

After 20 years of business operations, Hardrace we’re recognized by OE vehicle manufacturers. Unmatched expertise from technical experiences open up new opportunities for Hardrace.

Hardrace we’re later on began in providing high-performance modified auto parts for racing cars.

Starting 2005, Hardrace focuses to continue achieving their global marketing plans. Hardrace joined prestigious events such as auto and SEMA shows, races and other auto activities.

In 2012, Hardrace finally dominated global market and has gained hundreds of official distributors.

The continuous success led Hardrace to developed and launched ” 4*4 Trucks Parts “.

Hardrace tie rod end as one of the company’s product line are highly demanded right automotive industry.

The company has two styles of tie rod end that they offer: standard and reverse tie rod end. The reversed design Hardrace tie rod end is intended to provide optimum steering angle on lowered vehicles

Hardrace supplies it as individually, Superkit (combination of standard and reverse) and packed together with tie rod.

Hardrace tie rod end’s product features and benefits which they are proud of are the following:

  • Constructed with high quality alloy steel for maximum accuracy and sustain extensive load
  • Keeping horizontally straight on lowered cars for tie rod geometry accuracy
  • Help to reduce under steer and bump steer
  • Increases steering stability
  • Guaranteed smooth driving experiences
  • Direct bolt-on with OEM components

Hardrace tie rod end are accessible on the company’s official pages.


HARDRACE Tie Rod End Official Site
HARDRACE Standard Tie Rod End Product Page
HARDRACE Catalogue
HARDRACE Reverse Tie Rod End Product Page

Dana Logo

Spicer Tie Rod Ends

Dana Company

The Spicer® tie rod end, another popular OEM tie rod end are brand of DANA Incorporated.

DANA Inc. began to operate in 1904.

Clarence Spicer, an engineering student studied in Cornell University was the man behind Spicer brand.

DANA Inc. humble beginnings was started in a small vacant corner, somewhere in New Jersey

Even still a student, Spicer has been able to earned his first universal joint patent.

Dana Inc. is like any other business which has passed an uncertain beginnings and successfully emerged as a globe’s influential automotive suppliers.

Dana Inc. auto parts components have helped to drive history’s greatest vehicles: Model T and the World War II-era Jeep®, London taxicabs, 18-wheel rigs, giant earth-moving machines, and every car on the NASCAR® racing circuit.

Currently, Dana Inc. is a trusted supplier of popular OE vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota and many more.

Dana is now reachable in 33 different countries, with 135 major facilities, 19 technology centres and serve 15,000 customers.

Spicer tie rod end from Dan Inc. has the following product features:

  • Made from high quality stainless steel for durability
  • Integrated with grooved pins for optimal lubrication
  • Provides quick and easy installation

Spicer tie rod end are available in a vast range of vehicle make and models. Check out the company’s official pages down below.

Spicer Tie Rod Ends Official Site
Spicer Tie Rod Ends Product Page
Spicer Tie Rod Ends Catalogue

CTR Logo

CTR Tie Rod End

NEOCTR Company Banner

NEOCTR or also known as CTR is a CENTRAL GROUP of leading auto components provider which is dedicated in developing values to customers.

CTR is founded in 1971 at Busan, Korea. CTR first large project is to manufacture suspension and steering parts for Hyundai Motors. This project became successful and CTR had been able to put up their first R&D centers in 1990.

During year 1995, CTR began in OEM business with GM/FORD/CHRYSLER, followed by their aftermarket businesses.

CTR continue to work with BMW/AUDI vehicles.

CTR specialized in suspension and steering part manufacturing.

CTR steering and suspension inventory comprises of 27,000+ products which includes ball joints, stabilizer links, control arms, tie rods and tie rod ends.

The company acquired vast popularity when it comes to product durability. In fact, a recent article on Dvizhok found that a CTR ball joint shows higher score than five ball joints brand products in a comparison test that was conducted at an independent testing lab.

Another product from CTR is the high quality tie rod end available in different vehicle applications.

CTR® Outer Steering Tie Rod End has the following product related features and benefits:

  • Restores precise steering
  • Made to ensure safe and reliable driving
  • Manufactured from durable materials to last
  • Tough construction to withstand everyday wear and tear more

CTR official website is a type of online catalogue, you can find related technical details of CTR tie rod end in specific make and models from there. Check out the link below to direct you on the company official pages.

CTR Tie Rod End Official Site
CTR Tie Rod End Product Page
CTR Tie Rod End Catalogue

Whiteline logo

Whiteline Tie Rod Ends


Whiteline gained reputable recognition worldwide as a one of the leading manufacturer for performance suspension and steering components.

Their products are known for its excellent performances in delivering significant vehicle balance, grip level, steering precision in providing smooth control while on drive.

The introduction to Grip Series Kit made Whiteline popular integrated with synthetic elastomer bushing technology.

These products are the company upgrade from entry suspension. Whiteline features signature front and rear adjustable (where applicable) sway bars, drop links and performance lowering springs.

Whiteline tie rod end are one of the steering parts included in this kit. Like other parts manufactured by Whiteline, tie rod end is one of the best.

Here are the product features that you can expect from Whiteline Grip Series Kit:

  • Engineered to alter vehicles roll centre
  • Increased tyre grip to the road
  • Optimized the vehicles steering and handling characteristics
  • Reduce inherent understeer/oversteer behaviour
  • Finished with protective E-Coat coating for corrosion features
  • Deliver necessary suspension articulation and/or compression under loads

Whiteline tie rod ends were packed and distributed as assembly kit. It comes with installation guide and is covered with 3 Year/60,000kms warranty.

Check out Whiteline Grip Kit with the high quality tie rod end on the company official page listed down below.

Whiteline Tie Rod End Official Site
Whiteline Tie Rod End Product Page
Whiteline Tie Rod End Catalogue

delphi technologies logo

Delphi Tie Rod End

Delphi Technologies Company

Delphi Automotive PLC is now Aptiv PLC, however Delphi as former company name was still popular until today.

Delphi is a worldwide automotive component manufacturer incorporated in Bailiwick, Jersey and currently based in Dublin, Ireland.

The company was first founded as Automotive Components Group in 1994 and change its name as Delphi Automotive System.

Like other company, Delphi experience financial challenges when some irregularity in their accounting practices was discovered.

This accounting irregularity on book issues was found in year 2005.

The happening lead the company to bankruptcy problem. But luckily, Delphi manages it and still running until today.

After the controversy, Delphi was able to enter a successful business joint ventures with Ener1 and Grupo Division.

Now, Delphi (Aptiv) is proud to be one of the leading tier 1 supplier to a top 25 car makers globally.

Delphi tie rod end are extensively tested to avoid failure, here are Delphi difference among other tie rod end brand:

  • Applied with cataphoresis coating for corrosion protection features
  • Supplied with the necessary accessories
  • Fatigue tested to avoid catastrophic failure
  • OE engineered and tested

To know more about Delphi tie rod end, check out the following links below.

Delphi Official Site
Delphi Tie Rod End Product Page
Delphi Inner Tie Rod End Catalogue
Delphi Tie Rod End Catalogue

ZF Logo

Lemforder Tie Rod End

ZF Company Building

Unlike TRW, Lemforder is one of the top brand of ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

This strong brand name of steering and suspension parts is popular to automotive industry.

ZF is a known to be a worldwide manufacturer known for its driveline, chassis and passive safety technology.

The company has estimated total number of 146,000 of employees in 230 locations from 40 countries.

A lot of auto parts distributors and retailers trust Lemforder brand from ZF.

ZF was able to reach about €36.4B sales chassis components.

The company was dedicated in continuously upgrading and improving their auto parts product lines. ZF extremely investing more than 6% of sales for R&D annually.

LEMFORDER brands is also available in spare parts to car, LCV and commercial vehicles. Each of the auto parts component are designed for specific make and models.

Among the Lemforfer steering parts are the popular tie rod ends. The following are Lemforder tie rod end features:

  • Integrated with complex axle configurations place high demands on the design of tie rod ends
  • Its axial joint can transmit axial forces of up to 25 kN Angles are reach for up to 60°

Lemoforder tie rod ends are applicable for passenger cars, vans and light commercial vehicles to ensure precise steering and safe handling.

Lemforder Ball Joint Official Site
Lemforder Ball Joint Product Page
Lemforder Ball Joint Catalogue

Meyle Logo

Meyle Tie Rod End

Meyle Company

Meyle is a part of largest group, the Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG.

Wulf Gaertner was founded in the year 1958.

Meyle began as a small export and trading firm specializing of original spare parts and lately turned to be a large manufacturer.

A notable change from GmbH to AG was the main event in the history of Wulf.

This company lately turned into a medium-sized with more than 500 employees at the Hamburg headquarters only.

Wulf currently has 24,000 plus parts. Out of this parts 700 was Meyle parts and are now accessible in 120 countries globally.

Meyle tie rod end as one of the parts this brand has are available for DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, R.V.I and Scania:

  • Guarantee with four-year warranty
  • Made from robust materials
  • Integrated with OE ball pin
  • Unfavorable friction pairing
  • Permanent anti-corronsion protection
  • High quality rubber sleeve
  • Premium wear-resistant plastic plain bearings

Meyle tie rod end are covering OE references such as MB 000 460 89 48, MB 001 460 36 48, MAN 81.95301.6154, MAN 81.95301.6155*

Meyle Tie Rod End Official Site
Meyle Tie Rod End Product Page
Meyle Tie Rod End Catalogue


OCAP Tie Rod End

OCAP Manufacturing Facility

OCAP group specialized in manufacturing and distributing wide range chassis mechanical parts.

Some of this are the following: track control arms, suspension joints, steering rods tie rod ends, silent blocks, and other components under steering and suspension systems.

Among the auto parts OCAP manufactured, control arms are the most popular.

OCAP was founded in mid-70s, when Ivano Giordano created a small handicraft business named O.CA.P. S.n.c. (“ Officine Canavesane di Precisione”) which means ” Precision Workshops of the Canavese area “.

OCAP was based in Busano (Turin). The company started into milling, turning and mechanical manufacturing.

In 1982, OCAP moved to Feletto (Turin) and merged with GIESSE 80 S.n.c., a second handicraft company. Together O.C.A.P. S.r.l was formed as the combination of the 2 handicraft companies

OCAP entered into series of business set up according to their history.

Through several branch consignments, OCAP S.p.A obtained so much improvement.

In the year 2012, the globalization of the company structure achieved its latest goal. They had building of the O.C.A.P. International S.r.l. representative office in Moscow (Russia) and of the company OCAP France S.a.s. located in Cannes (France).

OCAP steering and suspension parts are available for cars, LCV, trucks and buses and other tractors and earth-moving machines.

  • Undergo strictest of demands of auto manufacturers
  • Manufactured to exacting tolerances for a proper fit and function

OCAP tie rod ends are fatigue tested for structural integrity and consistency in longevity. All parts from OCAP are all made in Italy.

Additional Resources:
OCAP Tie Rod End Official Site
OCAP Tie Rod End Product Page
OCAP Catalogue

carli logo

Carli Tie Rod Ends

Carli in Eraly History

Carli Suspension, Inc. was established in 2003.

Sage Carli was the man behind the birth of Carli Suspension Inc. He was an expert installer and designer in automotive field. Sage decided to offer the market with improved breed of Dodge Ram Suspension System. His commitment to serve customer to meet and exceed their satisfaction was Sage goal.

The company was formed as its goal to bring gap for the previous manufacturers of Dodge Ram Suspension Systems underserved. They produce and distributes high performances suspension system and other components for off-road applications.

Carli suspension parts fits Dodge, Ford and Jeep vehicles different models in different year range.

The company focus in producing the best product of control arm kit on the market.

But they are not only into suspension system but also with steering linkages too.

Carli combination of suspension and steering systems where incredible, tie rod end as part of the system are also offered in high quality. The following are benefits that are expected to provide by Carli tie rod end:

  • Tightens steering and longer service life
  • Massive durability
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Has more precise steering
  • Helps extend life of other vehicle component

To learn more about Carli tie rod end, reach out to the following links below.

Carli Tie Rod End Official Page
Carli Tie Rod End Product Page

Skyjacker Logo

Skyjacker Tie Rod Ends

Skyjacker Company

Skyjacker® has qualified experiences with over 40 years history in manufacturing business operation.

Skyjacker is committed to serve off-road vehicle applications.

The company business core philosophy tagged as, ” Provide the best designed, advanced engineered, and most innovative suspension that the 4×4 industry has ever seen and used “.

Skyjacker® supplies quality suspensions that works in form and function. The company maintain the highest level of quality for every component they made.

The firm knowledge on steering geometry, spring rates, suspension travel, driveline angles, flexibility, ride quality, comfort and performance led us to be successful on suspension parts.

Skyjacker tie rod end are available in different types of applications. Here are Skyjacker with tie rod end ( Skyjacker® Rock Ready® )for all Jeep Wrangler models end differences:

  • Made with 1 1/4” threaded forged steel greasable tie rod ends
  • No modifications or machining to any part of the vehicle is necessary
  • Tie rod and drag links can be purchased as a set or individually
  • Made in USA

This are just one among the make and models serve by Skyjackers. Their tie rod end are purchase as a kit. Check out this package on the following link listed below.

Skyjacker Tie Rod Ends Official Site
Skyjacker Tie Rod Ends Product Page

Rane Group logo

Rane Tie Rod End

Rane Group

Rane Group was founded in the 1929 and headquartered in Chennai, India.

The company was one of the preferred OE manufacturer and supplier of most auto makers.

Rane recent sales is INR 5,236 Cr ($750 mn)

Some of the auto parts components manufactured by Rane are the following: steering and suspension systems, friction materials, valve train components, occupant safety systems, die-casting products and connected mobility solutions.

Rane auto parts are applicable in different application such as passenger and commercial vehicles, farm tractors, two and three wheelers and trailway and stationary Engines

With Rane integrated design, manufacturing and testing facilities they we’re able to partner with global auto makers.

To further leverage the technology portfolio, Rane work with 3 major large companies:  ZF, NSK and Nisshinbo.

Rane goal is to become technologically sufficient that is why they steadily increase R&D investments from 0.5% to 1.5% of sale in the future.

As part of steering system, Rane tie rod end are highly demanded, with such, here are the advantages of this tie rod end brand:

  • Undergo rigorous testing phase
  • Continuous improvement of inhouse technology for this product
  • and support from strategic development partners has enabled Rane to enhance technical competencies at all levels.

Rane tie rod end are packed as assemblies with different grease ball joint sizes.

Rane Official Site
Rane Tie Rod End Product Page

THK Co., Ltd. logo

THK Tie Rod End

THK Co., Ltd.

THK Co., Ltd. is established in April 10, 1971. The company head office we’re located in 2-12-10 Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-8506, Japan. Akihiro Teramachi is the CEO of THK.

The company accumulated a capital of total to 34,606 million yen as of December 31, 2018. Currently, THK has over 3,773 employees.

THK auto parts component includes Linear motion systems (e.g. LM Guide and Ball Spline), Ball Screw, XY Tables, Link Balls, Rod Ends and Seismic Isolation Devices.

THK tie rod end benefits are the following:

  • Self-aligning plain bearing
  • Employed with spherical inner ring
  • Provides extremely smooth rotation and oscillation

You can learn more of this tie rod end brand on the company official website. Check the link listed below.

Thk Tie Rod End Official Site
Thk Tie Rod End Product Page
Thk Tie Rod End Catalogue

emf logo

EMF Tie Rod End

EMF Company Banner

EMF specialized in providing rebuildable ball joints to Dodge cars.

The company’s manufacturing facility was located in Alberta, Canada.

EMF certification comprises of 3 USA and 3 Canadian Patents for their steering and suspension product line.

This certification is for the internal components of all our Heim Joint, Tie Rod End and Ball Joint Products as well as pin greasing technology.

Aside from EMF ball joint which the company are recognize, their tie rod end are also popular.

EMF engineered design is simple, that’s why they charge less than other competitor.

But for EMF, the lower price doesn’t’ mean a poor quality. 

All components of EMF tie rod ends are made in house that is why quality is highly guaranteed.

Here are EMF tie rod end product features:

  • Constructed from a billet 4140 Chromoly
  • Coated with zinc
  • Pins and Body which are coated with a black liquid nitride

Compared to other tie rod end offered in the market, EMF’s are serviceable, greaseable and REBUILDABLE.

EMF tie rod end are long lasting and durable. Check out this tie rod end below.

EMF Tie Rod End Official Site
EMF Tie Rod End Product Page

PPE Logo

PPE Tie Rod Ends

Pacific Performance Engineering

PPE (Pacific Performance Engineering) is founded during 1985.

PPE engineers focuses on Duramax platform, they significantly work on improving the horsepower and torque with Duramaximizer. This was during the time when there were no consumer performance options for diesel engines. The products that we’re developed we’re tested in California.

After that, many performance parts for Duramax diesel platform followed.

As PPE added new products, they continue to improve and stay in forge industry that marked the advancement in product design.

A big event in the history of PPE, is when they partnered Garrett (Honeywell). Through this, the PPE Turbo Pedestal and improved Manifolds became a part of the 50 State Legal.

PPE’s market channels are broad, including partnerships with Summit Racing, Premier Performance, Meyer Distribution and many others across North America and Canada.

PPE tie rod ends are supplied as a kit and not individually:

  • Engineered to fit GM stock steering components
  • Massive 1.5“ diameter OE-Style Center Link
  • Forged PPE 7/8” Pitman and Forged PPE 7/8” Idler Arm
  • Zerk fittings ensure easy maintenance

All PPE products are thoroughly engineered and tested to company strict standards.

PPE Tie Rod End Official Site
PPE Tie Rod End Product Page


If you are planning to invest in auto parts business, what you need to consider was the parts that are feasible in the market, trusted supplier and the price.

As you can see on the market overview of tie rod ends, there were optimistic opportunity of this part today and even in the future.

With all of the common product advantages used by top player companies listed in this article, we hope you’ve been able to envision your marketing techniques.

In such case, you might want to consider partnering with us to be your supplier of tie rod end products.

We offer great deals for bulk orders, delivers on time and most specially the tie rod ends we manufactured are all tested and constructed with high quality materials.

We love to serve you, call us now.

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