9 Factors to Consider in Buying the Best Tonneau Cover for Truck Bed

Tonneau Cover BUuing Tips 2019
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Buying a truck bed cover can overwhelming, what with the many types available, the different materials, and many brands on the market. But it need not be. With only a few considerations, you can get yourself the right cover for your pickup truck bed. That is why we included this section in the tonneau cover guide: to help you find a cover that suits your requirements, types of truck, budget, and more.

How to Find the Best Tonneau Cover for Your Truck

Before you get on with shopping for a truck bed cover, consider these factors.


Compatibility to Truck
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Tonneau covers are usually vehicle specific. One cover will fit one vehicle and fail to in another. Compatibility issues can be caused by a number of things. It could be truck bed size, the presence or absence of a bed liner, and more. To avoid installation issues, find out if the cover you intend to buy is compatible with your type of truck. You do not want to have a cover that sits awkwardly on your truck, or one that requires you to modify parts of the truck bed.

It is advisable to have with you the information about the size of the truck bed when shopping for a tonneau. Also, how it is built. That will help you get the right cover. Take measurements using a tape measure, starting at the bulkhead all the way to the inside of the tailgate. You want a quality cover, but also one that will fit perfectly.


Truckowners install different tonneau covers for different reasons. You could be looking to secure the truck bed from theft when transporting valuable items.

In that case, a hard tonneau cover with an elaborate locking mechanism would be the right choice.

If looking to protect the truck bed from the weather, too. If enhancing the look of your pickup truck is your main aim, the locking mechanism and cover material may not matter much.

Go for style and look instead.

That can mean choosing a classy, soft tonneau cover made of vinyl.

These types of tonneau covers will improve the visual appeal of your truck but without costing you a lot.

Cover Material

Cover Material Used
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Manufacturers use different materials to make tonneau covers. Each tonneau cover material comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Depending on your truck bed security needs and driving conditions, choose the right type. Vinyl tonneau covers are stylish and easy to install or clean. However, they are not tough and will not provide adequate security for the bed of your truck.

Aluminum makes a sturdy cover but dents easily from impact. Plastic and fiberglass covers are tough and weatherproof. They may be a good choice if looking for extra truck bed protection and a lightweight, durable tonneau cover.


Some tonneau covers can take up weather beatings better than others. There are those that will fade easily from the weather, and those that can stand up to moist conditions. If you live in a region that experiences dry weathers, you may want to choose a cover that can withstand such conditions. That may be metal covers such as aluminum. If the climate is ever wet, you may need a material that does not corrode easily, such as plastic or fiberglass. 

Cleaning and Maintenance Ease

Consider how difficult it is to clean the tonneau cover. Some truck bed cover materials are easily damaged and require gentle handling when cleaning. Others can be cleaned using available materials without any issue. Some cover designs allow for the accumulation of dirt and can be more demanding when it comes to maintenance. Depending on your situation and driving conditions, you may want a cover that you can clean quickly and within a short time. Also, a cover that allows you to use readily available materials.

Installation Ease

Ease of Installation
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Some truck bed covers are more difficult to install than others. A good example is the hinged, hard tonneau cover. Heavy and large, these covers may need more than one person to lift on to the truck bed. Sometimes, even a forklift. Retractable or roll-up covers are usually light and compact. You can install them without help. When intending to go the DIY way, consider how easy the truck bed cover is to install.


Truck bed covers come with different price tags. Usually, the type you go for will depend on the amount you are willing to spend. Hard tonneau covers cost more than the soft types. Depending on your requirements, choosing a cover that is within your budget estimates. However, that does not mean choosing the cheapest. Always settle for the moderate price. A high price could mean buying a brand, which prices that are too low could mean compromised quality.


There are many tonneau cover manufacturers on the market today. Choosing the best can be difficult. To find the best among them, you may need to do some research. Search online reviews about the company whose tonneau cover you have settled for. The views of the previous customers will help you decide if the brand is worth buying or not.

Alternatively, you can ask friends who have bought a tonneau cover before for their recommendation. Most of the time, they will have information about what tonneau cover’s best brand to go for. The brand need not be a big and popular company. Quality matters the most, and there are little known companies that produce quality covers.

With these considerations, buying a tonneau cover for your pickup truck should not be a daunting task anymore. You will find it easy to find the right type, design and cover material for your vehicle. Above all, you will find one that is compatible with your truck.

Common Tonneau Cover Buying Questions

How much are tonneau covers on average?

For soft covers, prices range from $100 to $ 500. Hard tonneau covers cost between $500 to $2 000.

Where can you buy a tonneau cover?

The question about where to buy tonneau covers can have different answers depending in the buyers preference. For online shoppers, the major retail sites will have plenty of covers to choose from. You can also check the websites of major manufacturers and order directly from them.

Alternatively, you can do a search by typing the words ” tonneau cover for sale” or your browser. The good thing about online shopping is that you have many different options. As a result, you can do a tonneau cover comparison to come up with the best.

How long dies it take to install a tonneau cover?

It depends on the type of cover you have. Some are complex and difficult to install, while others are simple and a breeze to put on the truck bed. On average, it takes between 30 to 60 minutes to finish installing a typical truck bed cover.

Can I install a tonneau cover by myself?

You can. Truck bed covers do not require any skills. They also come with instruction manuals for tonneua to guide you. However, allows look for help if unsure of what to do or if you get stuck midway into the installation.

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