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At MZW, we are committed to quality. That is why tonneau covers made by MZW are sturdy, resilient, and long-lasting.
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No one truck bed cover fits all requirements and MZW offers a large selection of tonneau covers. These range from rolling, folding, to retractable. But while design may vary, the quality of MZW products remains the same.Whether looking for tonneau covers for your auto parts dealership or wholesaler shop, MZW is the manufacturer and supplier to go to.

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Roll up Tonneau Cover

Easy to install and affordable, roll up tonneau covers are popular truck bed protectors. MZW manufactures and supplies roll up tonneau covers for different truck models and sizes. Tonneau covers manufactured by MZW are not only stylish but also highly durable.

Folding Tonneau Cover

From flexibility to versatility, the advantages of folding tonneau covers are many. MZW designs top-quality folding covers for a wide range of trucks. With a commitment to quality, MZW folding tonneau covers come with features that exceed expectations.

Retractable Tonneau Cover

Retractable tonneau covers should offer both flexibility and truck bed security. At MZW, we understand the requirement. That is why every retractable tonneau cover made by MZW comes with premium features to enhance performance.

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Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers receive the best quality prices and service.
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How We Make Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers made by MZW stand out in main ways. They are sleek, lightweight, and stylish on different trucks. For truck bed security, MZW tonneau feature out-of-the way fasteners. MZW manufactures premium tonneau covers using the best of manufacturing processes. It is these qualities that make MZW truck bed covers one of the most preferred by truck owners.

Superb Aerodynamics

The covers are not only resistant to the elements but also provide superb aerodynamics to increase mileage

Install Quickly

They install quickly and provide a flush fit.

Innovation From The Ground To The Skies.

How To Test Tonneau Cover

All MZW tonneau covers undergo strict quality control procedures to ensure the right quality. They are made from fiberglass, which makes them lightweight yet robust. The covers also resist rusting and the effects of extreme weathers for durability. By choosing MZW tonneau covers, customers are guaranteed of visually-appealing, low-profile, and lasting products. Also, covers that offer proper fitment for different truck beds. Every MZW tonneau cover features a design to secure the truck bed and protect cargoes.
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Custom Tonneau Cover

Tri Fold Tonneau Cover

With the ability to fold in three parts, trifold tonneau covers are an excellent choice for truck bed protection. MZW is a manufacturer and supplier of premium trifold tonneau covers to customers from around the world. MZW trifold tonneau covers are sleek, easy to use, and longlasting.

Hard Tonneau Cover

When it comes to truck bed security, hard tonneau covers offer the best option. MZW manufactures hard tonneau covers using premium materials and advanced manufacturing technologies. That makes hard tonneau covers supplied by MZW to offer unparalleled performance and durability.

Soft Tonneau Cover

Soft tonneau covers are inexpensive but effective at protecting a truck bed from the elements. MZW soft tonneau covers are designed with quality in mind. From the manufacturing process to the material used, soft tonneau covers from MZW excel in functionality and appearance.

Why MZW Tonneau Cover

MZW Motor offers you the exclusive Tonneau Covers Related Tech Tips to help you do better Tonneau Covers Sourcing and Selling work.

About MZW Tonneau Covers

MZW has been in the business of manufacturing auto parts for more than two decades now.

During that time, we have built a reputation for supplying quality products and at competitive rates. We offer fast delivery of orders and excellent customer service.

MZW keeps up to date with the changes in manufacturing technologies to bring you the best quality products.


Latest Solutions, And Decades Of Experience.

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Low Profile and Flush Fit

this improves the appeal of the truck that has a tonneau cover from MZW installed.


MZW tonneau covers are designed to keep the items in the truck bed secure. The release cables and latches remain out of reach when the tailgate is locked.

Resistance to the Weather Extremes

the covers feature a protective paint that resists the effects of UV light, rain, and other weather extremes.

Easy Truck Bed Access
MZW tonneau covers allow full access of the truck bed for the loading and unloading of cargo.
Easy Use

with quick release cables and other hardware, MZW truck bed covers are easy to use.

Easy Installation

MZW tonneau covers mount quickly to a wide range of truck beds without the need to drill holes.

We are always on the ready to answer customer queries and will respond promptly.

MZW number one aim is ensuring customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a reliable tonneau cover supplier, do not hesitate to contact us.


Manufacturing Capacity

MZW started its operations in 1995. Today, the company has grown to become a global manufacturer of tonneau covers with more than 100 employees.

We have a wide variety of modern manufacturing machines and equipment, which automate most of our processes.

The rapid growth has seen MZW become of the leading supplier of tonneau covers to dealerships and wholesale shops worldwide.

Our modern manufacturing plant, dedicated staff, and commitment to quality have been the driving force behind our success.

We have different tonneau covers ready, or you can ask for personalized designs. Either way, we assure you of speedy manufacture and delivery.

MZW Tonneau Cover Inspection

The last step in the process to manufacture MZW tonneau covers involves a careful inspection of individual covers.

Before the tonneau covers leave the assembly line, they are carefully scrutinized for flaws. Every piece undergoes this part of the process, and only the covers that pass the quality check are marked for shipping.

This ensures every tonneau cover made by MZW possesses the qualities that we are known for.

Product Selection

Every tonneau cover made by MZW stands for quality. From the material to make them, the manufacturing process to the quality control, we ensure the right procedures.

It is the reason MZW truck bed covers are known to last for long, resisting the weather and the elements. Apart from the long lifespan, these covers allow for usage of the truck bed.

When it comes to truck bed security, MZW tonneau covers offer unparalleled performance. They ensure the items inside are protected from the weather and only accessed by unauthorized persons.

IATF 16949 Certified Tonneau Cover Manufacturer

  • State-of-the-art equipment to manufacture tonneau covers
  • A strictly controlled and scientific manufacturing process
  • Fast shipping of products
  • A wide selection of tonneau covers to suit your various requirements
  • Competitive tonneau cover prices
  • Professional services and friendly staff who will attend to all your needs throughout the ordering process

Packaging And Transportation

We ensure fast processing of orders and delivery. Whether you have ordered for the factory designed or customized covers, MZW assures you of a quick process. MZW packages tonneau cover orders in the company’s proprietary boxes but customers can also request for personalized packaging. If you need that, we use the unbranded blank boxes. Get in touch if looking for a tonneau cover you can trust. Our team will answer all tour queries about our products and more.
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