Top Brake Master Cylinder Manufacturers of 2023

Today, lots of OE manufacturers have been incepting the scene due to the rising demand for auto parts in the market. Many brake master cylinder suppliers are pushing their way to the top of the chain. Here’s a little introduction to one of the most demanding parts of a braking system.

Part of the hydraulic braking system of the vehicle is the brake master cylinders. The brake master cylinder is commonly seated in the engine compartment and fitted with a removable cap to add brake fluid. Usually, a brake master cylinder has two chambers that each operate a set of wheels. This design allows one set of wheels to have powered brakes when the other set fails from a broken line or any given issue.

Brake master cylinders also function as a storage of excess fluid. Part of this component is a reservoir that holds brake fluid excess. When in operation, the brake fluid is forced into the brake line. As soon as the pedal is released, fluids them is escaped back into the reservoir causing the brake to release.

The Brake Master Cylinder Market Overview

Due to the increasing production of motor vehicles such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, and heavy commercial vehicles, the demand for many auto parts which includes the brake master cylinder has been on the rise as well. Regions including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa play big roles in the brake system market.

According to, the Asia Pacific region is expected to dominate the global market of brake master cylinders in the upcoming years in terms of revenue and demand volume. This includes countries such as China, India, and South Korea.

Top  Brake Master Cylinder Manufacturers of 2023


ACDelco Brake Master Cylinder

ACDelco Brake Master CylinderACDelco is a brand of GM customer care and aftersales support. ACDelco is known globally as an automotive manufacturer that creates premium parts of almost all vehicles including off-road, industrial, and marine equipment. The company is one of the brands that has reached 100 years of manufacturing expertise.

ACDelco is a professional brake master cylinder manufacturer, supplier, and distributor. They use both aluminum and iron castings in making high-quality brake master cylinders for many vehicles you can see today. The company takes pride in every product they produce. ACDelco brake master cylinders contain both EPDM and SBR rubber components to promote unmatched heat resistance, corrosion, and leakage-free.

Using the latest manufacturing technology, here are some of the advantages of ACDelco Brake Master Cylinders:

  • Pressure-tested – giving drivers confidence when braking
  • Cast iron and aluminum composites
  • Geometrical tolerance, ensure fitment
  • Piston assembly and return spring helps to prevent brake drag that causes brake pad wear
  • Fitting to every vehicle and driving lifestyle
  • Quiet operation – long service life

ACDelco Brake Parts:

ACDelco Official Website:



Girling Brake Master Cylinder

Girling Brake Master Cylinder

Started operating in 1925, when Captain Albert Girling developed a mechanical brake system that stopped the automotive world in its track, the GIRLING has been a premier brake manufacturer when it comes to brake parts for over 90 years now.

The company is a brake master cylinder supplier that offers products that have 90% coverage on all vehicles. GIRLING brake master cylinder is composed of cast iron and aluminum cylinders that create outstanding durability. The company has over 800 master cylinders at hand giving consumers worldwide a vast selection.

In manufacturing the GIRLING brake master cylinder, they ensure the highest lever of rigidness. Rubber parts of the components are comprised of OE quality standards, while aluminum and steel pistons are anodised or treated to improve strength.

  • Cast cylinders coated using the latest chrome 6 free finish
  • Fits almost all vehicles on the road
  • Test and proven
  • Durable and efficient
  • Many years of mastered manufacturing

GIRLING Brake Master Cylinder:

GIRLING Official Website:

GIRLING Products:

Mando Brake Master Cylinder

Mando Brake Master Cylinder

MANDO is a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that utilizes state-of-the-art technology and uses varieties of quality product testing to offer consumers satisfaction and safety. MANDO is producing different brake parts and a brake master cylinder supplier to many motor vehicles worldwide. Their product boasts the highest quality from passenger vehicles to commercial vehicles.

MANDO brake master cylinder is made out of advanced manufacturing tools to provide and maximize safety and convenience to drivers of vehicles where it is applied to. With this, MANDO is recognized as a top source of brake master cylinder by the world’s best automakers. To further support the MANDO brake master cylinder, MANDO is a company that obtains ISO/TS 16949 certification, proving their excellence in the industry.

MANDO brake master cylinders offer many advantages and here are some:

  • Direct replacement – ready to install units
  • Perfect fitment to many vehicles makes
  • Low residual drag
  • OE perfect quality
  • Lightweight, heavy-duty components
  • Brake operation by oil pressure

MANDO Brake System:

MANDO Official Website:


Cardone Brake Master Cylinder

Cardone Brake Master Cylinder


Established back in 1970, CARDONE is a leading brake master cylinder supplier and manufacturer of many auto parts including brakes, electrical motors, fuel, and air systems, drivetrain, steering and suspension parts, and automotive electronic products. The company has an immense amount of experience and expertise allowing them to create products that are identical to many OEM units in the market.

CARDONE Brake master cylinder is one of the company’s pride. The product offers reliable braking aid and worry-free installation. CARDONE uses the highest grade of materials in constructing brake master cylinder making them resistant to wear and tear, giving you driving confidence.

This product along with other CARDONE brake parts such as the CARDONE master cylinder bleeding tool will help you ease out your every driving and provide you full control of your braking system.

Below are the features of the CARDONE brake master cylinder:

  • 100% computer tested – ensures consistent braking performance
  • Rubber parts meet S.A.E specifications
  • The product package comes with a CARDONE master cylinder bleeding tool; if not, the unit is not needed for successful bleeding
  • 100 height-gauged pistons assemblies – Meet or exceed OE performance
  • Corrosion-resistant – eliminating causes of failure

CARDONE Brake Master Cylinder Catalog:


CARDONE Official Website:

AISIN Brake Master Cylinder

AISIN Brake Master Cylinder

AISIN is producing quality automotive products since 1965. The company is a trustworthy brake master cylinder supplier and manufacturer of a comprehensive line of parts and accessories for virtually any vehicle system. Ever since founded, AISIN has striven its way towards innovation using advanced technologies to give consumers of automotive parts seamless solutions.

Using cutting-edge materials, AISIN designs and engineers quality AISIN brake master cylinder together with other auto parts such as drivetrain, cooling parts, brake, and chassis parts along with numerous engine parts.

AISIN brake master cylinder is made of handpicked materials to serve your vehicle for many years. Designed to eliminate braking failures, AISIN uses the best of tools and components to provide customer peace of mind while driving. AISN brake master cylinder will meet your needs at a low cost.

Product Features:

  • High-quality at an affordable price
  • Expertly made from premium materials
  • Made to match OE requirements
  • Iron and aluminum composites
  • Surface treated using alumite coating for hardness and anti-rust feature

AISIN Brake Master Cylinder:

AISIN Official Website:

AISIN Products:

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Bosch Brake Master Cylinder

Bosch Brake Master Cylinder

Bosch is a brake master cylinder supplier and a premier global manufacturer of different automotive services and technology. The company is a privately held brand headquartered in Germany. Bosch operations are not limited to just automotive solutions. The company is servicing different sectors as well as industrial technology, energy, and building technology, and consumers good.

Bosch brake master cylinders’ outstanding features are their world-class quality and longevity. The company uses cast iron and/or aluminum in constructing a brake master cylinder, giving every unit a natural resiliency to corrosion and rust. It also has a high temperature tolerance. An optimized cylinder surface also contributes to minimizing collar abrasion and helps to maintain long-term braking reliability.

Incorporating innovation and quality that excels, the BOSCH brake master cylinder is ideal for many motor vehicles when it comes to fitment and OE requirements.

  • OE recommended
  • Designed to withstand the harshest environments
  • 100% full-loaded and tested – guarantees to meet OE torque, amperage draw, and RPM standards
  • Ultimate protection plan
  • Lighter weight compared to conventional master cylinders;
  • Resulting in the reduction of fuel consumption
  • Less space for installation

BOSCH Tandem Master Cylinder:

BOSCH-Automotive Master Cylinder:

BOSCH Official Website:

Endurance Brake Master Cylinder

Endurance Brake Master Cylinder

Endurance Technologies is one of India’s leading automotive component manufacturing companies. The company has 16 manufacturing facilities that are based in India and the other 9 Plants in Europe. Today, Endurance Technologies is the largest aluminum die-casting manufacturer in India and one of the best brake master cylinder suppliers and manufacturers of different automotive necessities such as suspension parts, transmission, and other brake parts.

The endurance brake master cylinder uses a high class of raw and machined aluminum composites.

Services offered by ENDURANCE services a complete solution from design to aftersales support.

Stated below are some of the special features of the Endurance Tandem Master Cylinder:

  • Corrosion resistance treatment – anodizing and powder coating for aluminum parts
  • All-in-one solution provider of brake parts
  • Large selection components of related parts
  • Tandem Master Cylinder (TMC) for 3 wheelers and light commercial vehicles with EPDM grade seals for reliable performance and long service life

Endurance Technologies Official Website:

Endurance Technologies Tandem Brake Cylinder:

Metelli Brake Master Cylinder

Metelli Brake Master Cylinder

Established in 1962 in the automotive industry of Cologne, Metelli is a well-versed manufacturer of auto parts in many regions of Europe. Today, the company’s production is over 13,000 units that are distributed to over 90 countries worldwide. The company is an expert manufacturer of brakes and hydraulic parts, water pumps, transmission, and engine parts with meticulous quality, which in Italy is famous for.

Metelli Brake master cylinder is produced using the same technologies of OE products. As a brake master cylinder supplier, every Metelli brake master cylinder units are tested during production to ensure units are compliant to the highest quality standards established. Low-pressure pneumatic seal tests are carried out on 100% of products assemble using equipment of precise functionality ensuring reliable braking aid.

Metelli Brake Master Cylinder features:

  • Pressure tested ensuring products are leak-free
  • Assemble using certified equipment
  • Conforms to the highest standards

Metelli Hydraulic Brake Parts:

Metelli Products:

Metelli Official Website:


FTE Brake Master Cylinder

FTE Brake Master Cylinder

FTE Automotive Group is a brand under the famous VALEO Company. FTE is a German automotive manufacturing company specialized in the sector of the drive train and brake system application for the automotive industry. The company has been supplying different hydraulic brake components and has over 3800 employees on their front line who maintains every bit of production.

FTE is a leading brake master cylinder supplier that has 11 production sites around the world. Being an OEM supplier for brake hydraulics of the automotive scene for many years, FTE products are being utilized globally and enjoyed by many consumers. The company applies the same benchmark as what OEM parts do. FTE brake master cylinders offer a wide application for vehicles with and without ABS and ESP.

Made from high-quality materials, the FTE brake master cylinder is guaranteed to serve your vehicle for many years. Designed utilizing advanced technology, products by FTE will meet and deliver great quality at an affordable price.

Product Features:

  • The finest quality at low cost
  • Expertly made from materials of the highest grade
  • Built to match requirements of a specific application

FTE Brake Master Cylinder:

FTE Hydraulic Brakes:

FTE Official Website:

Wagner Brake Master Cylinder

Wagner Brake Master Cylinder

Wagner is a brand of Federal-Mogul Corporation and is recognized in the automotive world as one of the top brake master cylinders supplier and a leader when it comes to developing and manufacturing different Global Friction OE and aftermarket products. Wagner is a company that delivers original equipment fit, form, and dependability. In

Wagner brake master cylinder is produce continuing to set standards for premium OE Hydraulic replacements with engineering expertise and exceptional quality control. All hydraulic components by WAGNER follow the stringent material standards and design specifications and are manufactured and evaluated to meet or exceed SAE standards.

Improved OE-designed products. Wagner brake master cylinder is giving the consumers OE products capable of repair and replacements generating the best possible stopping aid. Product features include:

  • Innovative Engineering
  • Rigorous testing
  • Exceptional quality control
  • Durability giving the units longer life

WAGNER Hydraulic Parts:

WAGNER Official Website:

TRW Brake Master Cylinder

TRW Brake Master Cylinder

TRW is a brand and a part of the ZF Aftermarket. The company is a global leader in the world of OE quality automotive safety products. Aside from being a brake master cylinder supplier, products including (other) braking systems, steering and suspension parts, commercial vehicle components, and service tools which incorporates total engineering quality and innovative design are available in the company’s catalog. Products are also well tested both in-house and independently.

TRW brake master cylinder is made of high-quality materials to be of service for your vehicle brake system for years to come. Designed with the latest technology and customers in mind, the TRW brake master cylinder will meet your needs and deliver great quality at a surprisingly low cost.


  • brake master cylinder is made out of premium materials
  • Built to match exact requirements
  • Affordable
  • Option to get light aluminum bodies to reduce vehicle weight
  • High-coverage range of premium quality parts
  • Aluminum, steel, or cast iron

TRW Brake Master Cylinders:

TRW Official Website:

TRW Product Catalogue:

Centric Parts Brake Master Cylinder

Centric Parts Brake Master Cylinder

Centric Parts is a North American leading manufacturer of OE brake parts, suspension, and more components for different applications including passenger vehicles, medium-duty trucks, fleet vehicles, high-performance vehicles, and race cars. Centric Parts is a brake master cylinder supplier that is founded in 2000 and enjoyed stable growth ever since.

Centric Premium brake master cylinder easily restores brake system functionality and brand-new feels. Operation assures to be on top-condition as soon as installed. Many consumers globally have experienced the reliability and braking performance it provides.

All brake master cylinder is manufacturer into OE specification and OES standards. Centric Parts Brake master cylinder package comes with reservoirs, switches, floats, and is offered with original aluminum casted body for a lightweight unit.

Features you can get when you purchase Centric Premium Brake Master Cylinder:

  • Designed to OE specifications, quality, and fitment
  • Meets OE standards
  • Top-notch materials are utilized creating every unit
  • Vehicle-specific

Centric Parts Official Website:

Centric Parts Brake Hydraulics:

Raybestos Brake Master Cylinder

Raybestos Brake Master Cylinder

Raybestos is a manufacturer and a brake master cylinder supplier and producer of many auto parts. Products include brake parts (other), brake shoes, drums, rotors, calipers, and other products known for premium quality and road reliability. The company has been recognized as a top provider of replacements that last for many years since 1902.

Raybestos brake master cylinder is also addressed as the Element3 Master Cylinders gives every technician a new part that fits any given application as well as original equipment. Every Raybestos brake master cylinder comes ready to bench bleed and immediate installation.

Taking pride in every master cylinder, Raybestos ensures to match OE fit, form, and function. The company fabricates a master cylinder without compromising a single thing. This is to ensure products are safe, reliable, and consistent.


  • All new parts
  • No assembly required – ready to install the product
  • 100% pressure tested for leak-free units
  • Materials used match with OE
  • New piston assembly and return spring
  • EPDM and SBR rubber components

RAYBESTOS Hydraulic Parts / Brake Master Cylinder:

Brakepartsinc / Raybestos Official Website:

RAYBESTOS Product Overview:

Mopar Brake Master Cylinder

Mopar Brake Master Cylinder

MOPAR is an official and exclusive source of original equipment parts and accessories for countless motor vehicles under the brands of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Fiat. The company has a rich background of over 80 years. MOPAR accessories and MOPAR parts are widely used by professional technicians, racers, and casual car owners worldwide for their repair and maintenance needs.

MOPAR brake master cylinder is an OEM recommended product. So if you have a vehicle include on the list on top, then the MOPAR brake master cylinder is a perfect fit for you. Made from top-of-the-line technology, MOPAR products offer their consumers outstanding quality and durability.

Making your driving more comfortable and safe is what the MOPAR brake master cylinder do:

  • An ideal solution to keep the vehicle’s hydraulic brake system in top-shape
  • Crafted out of quality materials and the latest technology
  • Meticulously engineered to provide excellent braking aid
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear for long-lasting product life

MOPAR Official Website:

MOPAR Online Store / Brake Master Cylinder Section:

Delphi Brake Master Cylinder

Delphi Brake Master Cylinder

Delphi Technologies is 90 years manufacturing expert of automotive parts original equipment and advanced aftermarket solutions. The company caters to many OEMs today, which include Toyota, Ford, Audi, and Ferrari.

Delphi is a known brand of brake master cylinder supplier and manufacturer of other brake parts. Delphi understands that reliability is the key to consumers’ satisfaction that is why the company manufactures brake master cylinder using only the best quality of aluminum or/and cast iron. Bores and pistons on the other hand are precisely machined to extremely fine tolerances. All these processes ensure products including Delphi Brake master cylinders are consistent, reliable, and will generate smooth operation. Products are also ready to install and guarantees to fit, saving consumers’ valuable time.

Delphi Brake master cylinder boasts life expectancy like no other. Using high-strength materials, the durability of products by Delphi will be of service for your brake system for many years.

  • Precise manufacturing
  • Seal of quality
  • Heavy-duty protection
  • End of line testing

Delphi Technologies Master Cylinders:

Delphi Technologies Official Website:

Delphi Parts:

DFC Brake Master Cylinder

DFC Brake Master Cylinder

Started operating in 1930, DFC is known to bring innovation to life. DFC is a manufacturing brand that is committed to providing OE-quality brake products. DFC offers diverse product options to cater to the most specific customer needs.

DFC brake master cylinders are designed, engineered, and constructed to meet original equipment specifications. This is to deliver form, fitment, and function that matches OEM standards. Every DFC brake master cylinder is 100% pressure tested making sure units are leak-free. Also, this is to eliminate defects, ensure reliability, and provide many years. The package comes with a complete reservoir, cap, fluid level switch, and floats where applicable.

Features and Benefits of DFC brake master cylinders include:

  • Fit, form, and function identical to OE
  • Manufactured conforming to the highest international quality control standards
  • Includes hardware required where applicable
  • Wide coverage on most popular applications worldwide

DFC Brake Master Cylinder:

DFC Official Website:


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