Top 10 Cartoning Machine Manufacturers of 2023

Cartoning Machine

Cartoning machines are an essential aspect of the packaging product manufacturing process. Therefore, they can handle all types of packing and are vital for any modern organization. We compiled a list of the top ten cartooning machine manufacturers in the globe to assist you in determining which one is ideal for you. They all provide several cartooning machines, so you may select one that meets your requirements.

Learn More About Cartoning Machine

Cartooning or carton machines are packing machinery that only produces cartons. These machines can make boxes that stand up, shut, fold, side-seam, and seal. Technology is constantly improving, and newer, better, and more cost-effective methods of creating the same product are continually being invented. However, in many cases, items are physically inserted into the box. Cartoning machines are extensively used in packaging various commodities, cosmetics, confectionery, food, etc. The notion of a carton machine is relatively easy to grasp; moreover, it may be tough for individuals unfamiliar with the cartooning business if they have not had experience with one. The carton machine will choose a single component from the stack of folded cartons and cause it to stand straight or upright. It will then load the carton horizontally via an open end with one or more items before closing the carton by tucking the end flap or adding glue or adhesive.

Market Outlook

To satisfy rising demand, the worldwide cartoning machine market is expected to develop at a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5% throughout the forecast period. By 2032, the market is predicted to be worth US$ 7.366 million, a substantial rise over the previous year’s value of US$ 4.522 million. Globalization and government rules governing product transportation and packaging increase trade and economic ties between nations, growing the cartoning machine market size. Import-export company concepts and new emerging initiatives are likely to contribute to industry growth.

Cartoning Machine Manufacturers List:


Frain Cartoning Machine

Frain handles all of the specifics for you, from industry experts to help you with everything from equipment to line coordination and integration to setup. They even provide after-sales support. In addition, they provide financing alternatives that make it all reasonable for CPGs, food, health and beauty, manufacturing, contract packaging, and other industries. It will even set up and test the product for you to ensure it’s ready for production. Some refer to a competitive edge as achieving something faster and cheaper than your competitors.

Frain Industries Homepage:

About Frain Industries:

Frain Industries Cartoning Machine:

Frain Industries Other Equipment:

BW Integrated

BW Integrated Cartoning Machine

BW Integrated Systems is a world pioneer in designing, producing, and applying integrated bw packaging systems. Over 650 team members work in their six production locations. They specialize in the design, development, and installation of End-of-Line Packaging Equipment (EOPE), Robotic Automation Solutions (RAS), and Integrated Packaging Systems (IPS). Their considerable expertise and experience make them a dependable partner for those who rely on them to serve various business categories, including automotive, food and beverage, container manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, dairy, and personal care.

BW Integrated Systems Homepage:

About BW Integrated Systems:

BW Integrated Cartoning Machine:

BW Integrated Systems Other Products and Solutions:


SaintyCo Cartoning Machine

Sainty is a world-class, full-service total-solution supplier. Sainty has been the go-to source of pharmaceutical and cosmetics, chocolate and candy, food processing, and packaging equipment for over two decades. SaintyCo can provide a comprehensive solid/liquid manufacturing line comprising a capsule filler, blister packaging machine, cartoner, film coating machine, and ampoule/vial production line due to its more than eight members (factories).

SaintyCo Homepage:

About SaintyCo:

SaintyCo Cartoning Machine:

SaintyCo Other Services:

Douglas Machine

Douglas Machine Cartoning Machine

Douglas is a 55-year-old firm that provides automated packaging solutions. They develop and produce paperboard and corrugated case, tray, shrink wrap, carton, sleeves, variety pack systems, and shrink film. Douglas, headquartered in Alexandria, Minnesota, is one of the world’s largest employee-owned businesses. They employ over 11,000 people and have placed machinery in more than 30 countries. They take pleasure in making informed judgments, taking measured and intelligent risks, and doing what they feel is best for their consumers.

Douglas Machine Inc Homepage:

About Douglas Machine Inc:

Douglas Machine Cartoning Machine:

Douglas Machine Inc Other Products:

R.A Jones

R.A Jones Cartoning Machine

Founded in 1905, R.A. Jones and Company was one of Kentucky’s first soap packaging companies. The company built its first soap packaging machines in 1912. Today, R.A Jones and Company sells and supports an extensive portfolio of high-quality branded packaging technologies renowned worldwide for their superior quality and cutting-edge technology. Some of R.A Jones’ brands include Aerosol Machines, Autoprod Cups Filling Systems, Criterion Cartoners Holmatic Cup Filling Systems KatridgPak Chub Machines Legacy Cartoners Pouch King Form-Fill-Seal Equipment.

R.A Jones Homepage:

About R.A Jones:

R.A Jones Cartoning Machine:

R.A Jones Other Services:

Loesch Pack

Loesch Pack Cartoning Machine

They are the technological and quality leader in developing automated packaging machines and comprehensive systems for packaging chocolate, chewing gum, and other confectionery items at LoeschPack. They’ve been doing it since 1919, when “Spezialmaischle Loesch” was created, and four skilled employees joined forces to develop automated wrapping machines and packing machines, mainly for export to the United Kingdom. Since then, they have delivered creative, adaptive, cost-effective system solutions and complete global service.

Loesch Pack Homepage:

About Loesch Pack:

Loesch Pack Cartoning Machine:

Loesch Pack Other Products:

Clear Pack

Clear Pack Cartoning Machine

Clearpack is a market leader in automated packaging solutions for food, beverage, home and personal care, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. They are devoted to offering their clients the finest quality packaging automation by leveraging Robotics, Agri-Volumetric Vehicles, and Digitalisation, as well as future factories with cutting-edge technological systems. They are proud to provide a wide range of services to their customers, including designing and manufacturing net weight filling and end-of-line machines in their offices, research and development facilities, and a team of experienced packaging professionals in South East Asia and other parts of the world.

Clear Pack Group Homepage:

About Clear Pack Group:

Clear Pack Cartoning Machine:

Clear Pack Group Other Products:


Syntegon Cartoning Machine

Syntegon is a global provider of pharmaceutical and food processing and packaging technologies. Syntegon has over 160 years of expertise in packaging innovation and delivers custom-made, trustworthy manufacturing procedures for outstanding outcomes. Their 5,800 people are committed to making their lives easier, whether through food or medical packaging solutions. They aspire to enhance people’s lives by pioneering sustainable packaging solutions, lowering the machines’ energy use, and establishing aggressive emissions reduction targets.

Syntegon Homepage:

About Syntegon:

Syntegon Cartoning Machine:

Syntegon Other Services:


ADCO Cartoning Machine

ADCO cartoner has been solving client problems and assisting businesses to develop for over six decades. They are proud to provide one of the most comprehensive product lines of packaging equipment available in the market as a leading manufacturer of full-line packaging equipment and systems. They have assisted the world’s premier consumer packaged goods manufacturers in addressing their most intricate automation needs.

ADCO Manufacturing Homepage:

About ADCO Manufacturing:

ADCO Cartoning Machine:

ADCO Manufacturing Other Capabilities:

Tekpal Automation

Tekpal Automation Cartoning Machine

Tekpak has collaborated with the world’s largest pharmaceutical and food companies for over two decades. They also work with other packaging machine manufacturers to make the most of the full-line applications. Custom packaging lines are designed and built for medicines, life sciences, biopharma, medical devices, and multi-national food groups. In addition, they specialize in robotic pick and place and cartoning for complex packaging processes.

Tekpal Automation Homepage:

About Tekpal Automation:

Tekpal Automation Cartoning Machine:

Tekpal Automation Other Support:

Steps for Choosing a Cartoning Machine Manufacturer

There is no one-size-fits-all method for selecting the best cartoning machine for a task. It’s generally a personal choice that will yield outcomes you’re delighted with and can sell from a business standpoint. His step-by-step procedure is based on his expertise in selling cartoning equipment in over 80 countries for various items, including food, medicines, industrial, automobiles, chemicals, etc.

Establish a Budget for the Project

You and your purchasing team are more familiar with your process than anyone else. The need to buy cartoning equipment is frequently driven by the desire to package your goods more effectively, improve ergonomics, or improve the visual attractiveness of your package. As a result, it is critical to examine your present process and your goals for improving it. In many circumstances, the goal is merely to strengthen the tamper resistance of your carton. In others, the goal is to save labor as much as possible during the process.

The Product Should Help Determine the Choice

The product’s attributes must be considered before assessing possible suppliers and the amount of automation attainable. The product’s features will dictate the cartoning machine needed to execute the work in many circumstances. As a result of following this first step, avoiding some crucial path decisions in advance is feasible, which will aid in keeping the work focused and efficient.

Know your Company’s Capabilities and Needs

When purchasing a cartoning machine, it’s critical to research and determines your company’s technical know-how and maintenance capabilities. Check that the machine you’re considering is compatible with your company’s technological capabilities. Make a list of crucial characteristics that correspond to your company’s capabilities.

Research and Differentiate Your Supplier Options

Now that you’ve determined the sort of machine you want and the speed you want, it’s time to look at what’s on the market. You’ve found a suitable path to investigate your possible cartoning machine possibilities.


Cartoning machines are necessary in a variety of industries. As the worldwide demand for products grows, it is critical to ensure safe delivery. The production location must have the finest-grade cartooning machine to match this demand. This blog presents a complete list of worldwide cartooning machine manufacturers, each with their area of specialization, making them the best manufacturers to acquire a packing machine from. Businesses may get more consumers and develop confidence by offering safe packaging. The cartooning machinery businesses included in this blog will supply you with all the information you need to suit the demands of any cartoning-making machine.

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