The Best EV Charger Manufacturers of 2022

Are you planning on buying an electric vehicle? Trying to outsource EV chargers to grow your business? If you are, you’ll have to make sure that you are buying from a reputable company. Get to know today’s leading and biggest EV charger companies in Europe, the USA, and other parts of the world. This blog post will cover the top EV charger manufacturers, their products, and the markets they serve. You can also expect some helpful advice on how to find the best EV charger manufacturer for your needs.
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EV Chargers or the Electric Vehicle Chargers are the machines that are used to charge Electric Vehicles. The increasing number of people that are now using Electric Vehicles has also resulted in the rise of the need for these machines. As the future of transportation with the vision of achieving a greener and healthier planet, the Electric Vehicle is slowly but surely becoming more and more popular.
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EV Chargers Marketing Overview

The EV Charging Station Market is a market for electric vehicle charging stations, which are used to charge electric vehicles (EVs). These stations are basically battery chargers. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.26% during the forecast period from 2021 to 2028. It is expected to grow from USD 17.59 Billion in 2021 to USD 111.90 Billion by 2028. The global EV charger market is segmented based on application, product, and region. The application segment includes public charging stations and private charging stations. The product segment includes AC charging stations and DC charging stations. The region segment includes North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa (MEA).
EV charger market overview

10 Best MCB Manufacturers in the World of 2022

Many manufacturers have entered the EV charger market to fulfill the growing demand. The most notable companies in this market include:

ChargePoint EV Chargers

Stands at the top of the market as the largest EV charging station manufacturer in the world. ChargePoint has over 18,000 charging locations and offers a wide range of products including public, semi-public and private chargers. The company is headquartered in Campbell, California, and was founded in 2007. The company has over 1,400 employees and has the value of an overall asset at 856.3 million USD. All hardware from ChargePoint is UL and CE certified providing the highest quality of safety.
ChargePoint EV Charger Applications
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
2007CaliforniaPasquale Romano

Schneider EV Chargers

Digital products as well as sustainability and efficiency are the company’s main focuses. Schneider provides customizable options for both home and public charger units. The company is headquartered in Rueil-Malmaison, France, and was founded in 1836. Schneider has around 166,000 employees and 28.91 billion EUR in revenue in 2021. From software, cloud integration connection products, to home and public units, Schneider provides reliable options that can be tailored to the customer’s needs.
Schneider EV Chargers Product Types
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Siemens1836FranceJean-Pascal Tricoire

Tesla EV Chargers

Founded by the infamous Elon Musk, Tesla is one of the most popular and well-known companies in the EV space. The company produces both home and public chargers as well as the cars themselves. Tesla is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and was founded in 2003. The company employs a little around 100,000 people and is worth an estimated 907 billion USD.
Their EV chargers come in the form of the Tesla home charger, destination chargers, and superchargers. Today, there are around 35,000 global superchargers and 35,000 destination charging sites.
Tesla Charging Solutions
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Tesla2003United StatesElon Musk

Shell EV Chargers

Shell is a common name when it comes to gas stations, and they have also entered the electric vehicle charger market. The company has partnered with Greenlots to develop an open standards-based charging solution for electric vehicles. The company has also been working on a home charger, although it is not yet available for purchase.
Headquartered in London, Shell has over 86,000 employees and is worth more than 195 billion dollars. According to the company, they are targeting operating more than 500,000 charge points by 2025 and are currently operating around 90,000 charge points in more than 30 countries.
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Shell PLC
1907United KingdomBen van Beurden

Siemens EV Chargers

Founded in Berlin, Germany over 100 years ago in October of 1847, Siemens is one of the oldest and largest electronics companies in the world with over 308,000 employees in more than 200 countries. The company has a long history of involvement in the electric vehicle industry, starting with its work on electric trains in the late 19th century.
Today, the company boasts its EV Charging solution which is called the VersiCharge. The company has a wide range of options for both home and public chargers. The product page touts the easy installation of the home charger as well as the safety features built into the product.
The Siemens VersiCharge Benefits
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Siemens AG1847GermanyRoland Busch

Eaton EV Chargers

eaton (1)
Operating in more than 175 counties, Eaton provides energy-efficient products and services dedicated to helping customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power. EATON has over 85,000 employees around the world with over 19.6B USD in sales in 2021.
Eaton is a provider of power management solutions and has been involved in the electric vehicle industry.
EATON EV Chargers
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
EATON Corporation
Craig Arnold

BP Chargemaster EV Chargers

A new company founded in 2017 that has been making a name for itself in the EV charger industry is BP Chargemaster. The company is based in the UK and has a range of home, public, and fleet chargers.
The company has a wide range of products for both home and public use, as well as a product specifically designed for fleet charging. Today, BP Chargemaster operates more than 30,000 charge points for electric vehicle driver’s homes and 10,000 for public and commercial use.
Business Solutions
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Chargemaster Limited2008United KingdomDavid Martell

Webasto EV Chargers

Founded in 1901, Webasto has been engaging in mobility industry innovation. Today, there are among the top 100 largest automotive suppliers in the world. Headquarter in Stockdorf, Webasto has over 50 locations and over 14,000 employees globally.
The company’s EV charging solutions are available in both home and business variants. They offer charging stations as well as accessories including:
  • Webasto Mode 3 Charging Cable
  • Webasto Stand Slim Solo & Duo
  • Webasto Stand Solo & Duo
All units offer to charge capacity of up to 22 kW and other features that bring convenience such as dynamic load management, universal key access control, Scan & Charge authentication, and more.
Webasto Charging Systems
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
Webasto SE1901GermanyWilhelm Baier

EVBox EV Chargers

Founded in 2010, EVBox is an electric vehicle supply equipment company that is based in Amsterdam. The company provides both home and commercial charging solutions, as well as electric vehicle infrastructure for cities and businesses. EVBox also manufactures and distributes charging management software. Based on 2020 company information, EVBox has over 190,000 charging points worldwide. They have over 750 employees as of 2021 and a total revenue of 70 million Euros in 2020.
By Industry:
  • Workplaces
  • Residential
  • Fleets
  • Retail & hospitality
  • Commercial parking
  • Fuel retailers
Product Features
Company NameFound YearCountryCEO
EVBox2010The NetherlandsKristof Vereenooghe

What is EV Charger?

Electric Vehicle (EV) is the future of transportation. It is a vehicle that runs on electricity instead of gasoline. A number of companies have started manufacturing electric vehicles and one of them is Tesla. Tesla has been creating some of the best EVs in the market, but it also needs charging stations to charge its vehicles. This means that if you want to buy one of these EVs, you will also need an EV charger at home or at your office. EV chargers are the devices that are used to charge electric vehicles. These chargers work on the principle of using electricity to power up the batteries of EVs. The main purpose of this technology is to provide a clean and effective way for people to drive their cars without any harm caused to the environment. EV chargers have become quite popular in recent years due to their ability to provide a clean and environmentally friendly way of charging electric vehicles. These chargers are also very useful for people who want to save money by driving their vehicles instead of using gas-powered ones.
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Types of EV Chargers

There are two types of EV chargers that are available in the market. These are:

AC Charger

This charger is suitable for charging all-electric vehicles, and it can deliver up to 7kW of power. The AC chargers can be installed in your home or at your workplace as they don’t require any additional equipment or installation costs. Simply plug them into an electrical outlet, and you will be able to start charging your vehicle’s batteries in no time at all.

DC Charger

This type of charger is more suitable for commercial purposes, such as charging your vehicle in a parking lot or garage. These chargers can deliver up 100kW up to 340kW depending on the types of plugs that they have. Unlike AC charger, DC charger delivers direct current, which means that it can charge your vehicle’s batteries directly. This makes DC chargers the most efficient type of charger on the market today. It offers quick charging and long-term durability.

EV Charger Applications

Top EV charger manufacturers and suppliers today focus on two markets which are the residential and commercial markets. This is due to the increasing demand as well as popularity of electric vehicles to the public. The commercial market is growing rapidly to accommodate the demand of electric vehicles, and this is why manufacturers and suppliers focus on it.


As the future of transportation, many people are looking forward to living in a world where they can drive an electric vehicle without worrying about the costs of fuel and maintenance. This is why many people are interested in buying one. However, it will take time before most people can afford to buy an electric vehicle because they are still quite expensive. But there’s no need to worry as you can purchase this product from the manufacturer at a lower price than retail stores.

The best home charger today based on sales and demand is the ChargePoint Home Flex. Available on Amazon at $928.99, this EV charger is a level 2 type with 240 volts with flexible amperage settings of up to 50 amps. This feature allows the user to charge their electric vehicle 9x faster than normal, making it the best home charger on the market today.


With over 16 million electric cars on the road today, the demand for charging stations on the road has increased drastically. The need for a commercial EV charger is important to keep up with the demand for electric vehicles. Most commercial plug-in chargers are designed to provide higher amperage output than most residential home chargers, making them ideal for public use.
Just like in residential applications, ChargePoint is making the best commercial EV chargers on the market today. ChargePoint’s commercial charging stations come with one of three different amperage options: 25, 50, and 70 amps.

The Many Benefits of EV Cars and Chargers

benefits of EV chargers

Eliminating the need for gasoline and diesel, EV Cars and chargers provide many benefits not only for the users but also to the environment. Unline gasoline that requires fossil fuels and produces pollution, EVs are an environmentally-friendly way to travel. Not only do they not emit any harmful gases into the atmosphere, but they also reduce carbon emissions by up to 98%.

Saves Money

One of the biggest reasons people choose to get an electric car is that they’re cheaper to drive than gas-powered cars. Electric vehicles (EVs) don’t require fuel like their counterparts, so there are no costs associated with buying fuel or maintaining your vehicle’s engine. In fact, it’s estimated that EVs will cost you $600 less a year than a traditional car.

Environmental Friendly

Another benefit of getting an EV is that they emit no pollutants into the air when they’re being driven around town or on the highway. This means that they produce fewer greenhouse gases and help reduce our impact on the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90% compared to traditional vehicles.

Lower Maintenance

Electric vehicles have lower maintenance and an efficient motor which means that you won’t need to spend as much money on repairs and maintenance. EVs also have fewer moving parts, which makes them more reliable than their gasoline-powered counterparts.

Better Vehicle Performance

The electric motor is the most powerful part of an EV, and it’s connected directly to the wheels. That means it can deliver more power and torque to the wheels than a gasoline engine, which must first overcome the inertia of heavy internal moving parts. That translates into better acceleration and performance from EVs.


If you are planning or partnering or sourcing products from any of the big-name companies in this space, make sure to choose the company that is the best fit for your needs. Consider the size of the company, its financial stability, its experience in the industry, and its product offerings before making a decision.

There are many companies that provide electric vehicle charging solutions, but not all of them are created equal. Some are better suited for home use, while others are better for public or fleet use. Consider your needs and choose the company that is the best fit for you.

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