Best 10 Food Extruder Manufacturers in 2023

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Food extruder manufacturers specialize in the fine-textured, homogenous extrusion of food items. In this post, we’ll look at some of the top ten manufacturers of food extruders. We will also examine how their technology might help you make excellent food faster and more efficiently.

Understanding of Food Extruder

Extrusion is a food processing technique that involves forcing soft, mixed materials through a hole in a plate or die to generate the required shape. The meal is then sliced into the desired size with blades. The machine that presses the combination through the die is called an extruder, and the mixture is called an extrudate. Extrusion is a technology that enables the mass manufacture of food items in a continuous, efficient process that ensures product homogeneity. Extruded food items, in general, have a high starch content. Certain types of pasta, bread (including crackers, bread sticks, and flat bread), a variety of breakfast cereals and pre-packaged snacks, confections, pre-packaged cookie dough, certain baby foods, and full-fat soy and textured vegetable protein are examples of extruded food products. Extrusion is also extensively used in producing dry and semi-mixture pet meals.

Market Overview

The worldwide Food Extruders Market is estimated to be valued at around US$59.6 billion by 2023, with a revenue of US$87.2 billion by 2033, increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR). With a market value of US$7.5 billion, the United States holds the most significant shares in the market. Europe is also likely to have a substantial market share. Consumers increasingly opt for convenience meals, driving up demand for food extruders. The processed food sector is also expanding fast in developing-country urban homes, propelling the extruder industry.

Top 10 Food Extruder Manufacturers

Baker Perkins

Baker Perkins Food Extruder

Baker Perkins is a significant producer of food processing equipment, with its technology utilized by many of the world’s largest food manufacturers in the bread, biscuit, confectionery, and extruded foods industries, as well as the breakfast cereal business. The company, which was founded in 2020, has over a century of engineering and process knowledge and excellence, combined with a commitment to continuous innovation, technology, and world-class service and support, allowing it to remain at the top of its industry and its customers to maintain their competitive advantage. Food goods created using Baker Perkins extruder equipment may be found worldwide in grocery shops and supermarkets.

Baker Perkins Homepage:

About Baker Perkins:

Baker Perkins Food Extruder:

Baker Perkins Customer Service:

Diamond America

Diamond America Food Extruder

Diamond America is a premier extrusion equipment provider with over two decades of expertise in designing, developing, testing, and producing high-quality, durable equipment. Diamond America specializes in the production and support of extrusion equipment designed to function and built to withstand the demands of the industry, with a proven track record in a variety of markets, including catalysts, masts, ceramics, and more, as well as the food, plastic, and consumer industries. Diamond America can supply dependable designs and high-quality manufacture from a single source by working closely with the company’s manufacturing arm, Akron Tool, and Die.

Diamond America Homepage:

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FPE Food Extruder

Brian Carey founded FPE in 1983 with a single product. It’s now happy to be associated with 13 distinct agency lines, all recognized as the greatest in the world, thanks to the support of his daughters, Tania and Jodie. They will not work with them if they are not – that is their commitment to you! The family-run firm has prioritized reputation over profit for the past 40 years, which is most important. Furthermore, they provide customers with first-rate assistance as standard, including on-the-job training, maintenance, and fast same-day shipping of popular components.

FPE Homepage:

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FPE Food Extruder:

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PacMoore Food Extruder

PacMoore aims to develop the staff to be the finest in the world at feeding the globe. Their mission is to harness the success of food sector contract manufacturing to generate whole-life changes for employees and to invest in the communities. This includes creating job opportunities, providing life coaches for advice, spiritual development, and support, implementing personal and professional growth strategies, cultivating a culture of esteem and honesty, and assisting the staff in meeting their individual needs.

PacMoore Homepage:

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PacMoore Food Extruder:

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KK Lifesciences

KK Lifesciences Food Extruder

KK Lifesciences, founded in 2006, is widely regarded as one of the leading machine distributors for extrusion and baking equipment. They provide a wide range of machinery, such as machinery, food processing systems, and extruder specifiers. Clients widely seek these machines because of their excellent performance, cost-effectiveness, quiet operation, and long service life. They provide machinery and equipment in various sizes and styles to fulfill their client’s needs. Furthermore, the company is a significant provider of Maintenance Services, providing clients with cost-effective maintenance solutions.

KK Lifesciences Homepage:

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KK Lifesciences Food Extruder:

KK Lifesciences Other Products:

A.S. Engineering Works

A.S. Engineering Works Food Extruder

A.S Engineering Works, founded in 1984, is a major manufacturer and supplier of food processing and extrusion equipment. Their product line comprises Food Processing Machines (FPMs), Extruder machines, and Industrial dryers, all of which are highly sought after by participants in the food sector and are known for their exceptional performance. They specialize in designing and producing these created goods using cutting-edge technology and excellent supplies. Many snack producers rely on us to satisfy their particular requirements. These machines have short work cycles to provide consumers with high efficiency.

A.S. Engineering Works Homepage:

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A.S. Engineering Works Food Extruder:

A.S. Engineering Works Other Products:

Graybill Machines

Graybill Machines Food Extruder

Graybill Machines is one of the oldest and most inventive manufacturers of custom process equipment. Wilbur, Orphan, and his brother founded the company to manufacture farm equipment. They started owing to Wilbur’s invention of a novel form of bale tension device called a hydraulic bale. They are now one of the most inventive bespoke process machine manufacturers in the food business, helping you save time and money, enhance production, and improve the efficiency of your operations.

Graybill Machines Homepage:

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RBS Food Extruder

RBS Food Extruder

RBS is more than simply a snack food equipment producer. They seek to build long-term, meaningful relationships with their clients. Collaboration and mutual trust as your business partner enable them to identify possible challenges and give personalized solutions to assist you in developing profitable bakery and snack items. Reading Bakery Systems’ four primary brands – Thomas L. Green, Reading Pretzel, Exact Mixing, and Reading Thermal – offer production lines capable of making a wide range of snack products, continuous mixing solutions, oven profiling, and consulting services.

Reading Bakery Systems Homepage:

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Reading Bakery Systems Food Extruder:

Reading Bakery Systems Innovations:


Prakashwala Food Extruder

Prakashwala Food Equipment is a well-known company that manufactures, supplies, and exports a wide variety of products such as automatic nankeen-making machines, continuous nankeen fryer machines, snacks fryer systems, fully automatic potato chip-making lines, semi-automatic banana chip frying machines, diesel/ gas fired circular batch fryer, wood-fired rectangular batch fryer, nankeen extruder machine, kurkure extruder machine, roaster machine. They established a big infrastructure unit in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, in 2015 to assist them in creating world-class products by global standards.

Prakashwala Food Equipment Homepage:

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Bausano Food Extruder

Bausano has been a family-run firm specializing in designing and constructing extrusion lines for plastic processing for over 70 years. Because of their dedication to quality, they have distinguished themselves from the competition by satisfying each customer’s unique needs. During the design process, they analyze the best options for your company and tailor them to your specifications. As a consequence, you select Bausano as your business partner. The variety of Extrusion Lines manufactured by Bausano has expanded as the company has progressed. The specialized design and development department has contributed significantly to the technological advancement in the food extrusion machines they manufacture.

Bausano Homepage:

About Bausano:

Bausano Food Extruder:

Bausano Other Services:

Factors to Consider in Choosing Food Extruder Manufacturer

Companies specializing in food extrusion technology turn raw food into finely shaped finished goods. This approach might provide businesses who want to be innovative with their food a competitive advantage. However, some organizations may collaborate with a company specializing in extrusion technology to advance this process. The following are some of the elements that a firm should think about before working with an extrusion company.

Capability to Handle Different Food Products

When choosing an extrusion firm, ensure they have the equipment to satisfy the specifications of the extruded food product. A single-screw extruder is one form of extruder that is better suited for animal feed. This machine has a reduced capacity and can help organizations cut expenses by picking the right equipment.

Process Efficiency and Focus on Food Nutrition

Food extrusion is ideal for cooking foods at high temperatures since it reduces cooking time. Some advantages of adopting food extrusion are as follows: dangerous organisms are eliminated, the food is simpler to digest, and anti-nutrients are removed.


Extrusion is an excellent method for mass-producing food since it is a consistent, efficient process that ensures the finished product is uniform. Most extruded food items contain a significant amount of starch. Extrusion is simple to learn, but you’ll need to know a little about it before establishing your firm to build unique profiles. If you need a one-of-a-kind solution, extrusion is the way to go. Check which extruder companies offer suitable items for you, and decide which market you want to target.

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