Top Packaging Machine Manufacturers in 2023

Packaging Machine Manufacturers

We may not give much thought to the machines that pack our groceries, but they are a huge part of what keeps us fed.

Packaging machines go through a lot every day – from wet and slippery produce to heavy boxes full of metal cans – and there’s no denying that without them we’d be spending even more time at the supermarket trying to get everything together.

Packaging machine manufacturers are a unique part of the production industry because their products set the standard for all other companies.

They have to take into consideration how their product will function alongside those made by competitors, as well as meet a variety of strict regulations imposed by the government and international organizations.

This is why it takes years – sometimes even decades – to bring a machine from an idea to the shelf of a store near you.

The big names in the industry, like Krones and Mitsubishi, have been around for decades, but they are constantly looking for new ways to improve their already impressive systems.

While companies like these produce machines that utilize cutting-edge technology, many small machine manufacturers are just starting.

Because of this, it’s important to consider the full range of packaging machine manufacturers and their unique challenges and innovations.

How Big the Packaging Machine Industry is

The packaging machine industry is a $15 billion market growing at an exponential rate. It’s one of the most lucrative markets for textile and plastics machinery, as well as printing and converting equipment.

The US accounts for about 40% of global demand, with India coming in as a distant second (slightly above 10%) and China not far behind. Packaging machines are unique because of the variety of products they produce, which increases their market potential even further.

There is an increasing demand for smaller more compact packaging equipment that can handle large lines of products without constant maintenance or interruption.

This includes items like bubble-pack bags and shrink-wrap labels in addition to standard corrugated boxes.

It also includes products made on-demand with just the right materials to keep them safe during shipping, like clamshells for holding small electronics or containers that meet specific dietary restrictions.

Top 9 Packaging Machine Manufacturers Today

From food to toys and practically everything in between, the demand for packaging machines is steadily increasing across all industries.

There are a number of large-scale manufacturers that provide products to fulfill immediate needs and smaller companies looking to get their foot in the door and start making products for niche aspects of the industry.


The Krones Group was founded in 1960 and has been a front-runner in the packaging machine industry since.

Their wide range of products includes everything from filling and dosing systems to beverage making machines to labeling and decorating equipment for food, as well as plastic bags, canning machines, and even recycling solutions.

Krones was one of the first companies that saw how important it was to diversify their products so they could stay ahead of the curve. What used to be a single packaging machine company is now an entire group overflowing with innovative ideas and new systems.

Krones Filling and Packaging Technology

  • Stretch blow moulding
  • Filling and capping
  • Tempering
  • Labelling and printing
  • Packing Palletising
  • Inspection
  • Cleaning and more

Krones Homepage:

Packaging Technology and other Products:

Company Overview:


With years of experience creating industrial machinery, it’s no surprise that Mitsubishi has one of the largest product lines in the industry.

Mitsubishi’s extensive history includes being one of the first companies that brought conveyor systems to their machines, which allow products to move through multiple steps at once without stopping or being touched by the operator.

This has allowed for a more efficient and cost-effective manufacturing experience. This doesn’t even include their range of labeling machines, which is so vast it can be overwhelming to choose from all the options they have in stock.

If you want a machine that can handle your company’s needs, both now and when you start expanding, Mitsubishi is a good place to start.

Mitsubishi Food & Packaging Machinery

  • Case Packer
  • Corrugated Cardboard Caser


Mitsubishi Food & Packaging Machinery:

Fuji Machinery

Fuji Machinery is a Japanese company that specializes in both the development and manufacturing of materials handling, packaging, and production machinery.

For the past 55 years, they’ve been working to create new technologies and equipment built with customer needs and innovation in mind.

They are one of the pioneers of the packaging industry and continuously offer evolving products that serve the ever-changing needs of their customers.

Their equipment is used in a variety of industries, including food, medicine, and cosmetics manufacturing. Their work encompasses both small-scale operations to large industrial machinery so they always have something to offer companies no matter what their size or needs are.

Fuji Machines Selection

  • Horizontal
  • Milling/Drilling/Centering
  • 4-axis Turning
  • Hard Turning


About Us Page:

Fuji machines:


Adelphi is one of the UK’s fastest-growing suppliers of packaging equipment. They were founded in 1958, and have grown to be the leading machinery company in their country.

Not only do they sell machines, but they also offer full-service solutions including installation, maintenance support, and training.

This makes them a one-stop-shop for companies that are looking for everything under one roof so they don’t have to find separate companies for every part of the process.

Adelphi Packaging Machinery specializes in supplying liquid filling and capping machinery.

Adelphi Machines Applications

  • Agrochemical
  • Food and Drink
  • Oil
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Bitumen


About Us Page:

Adelphi Products:

Scaglia Indeva

Scaglia Indeva, also known as the Indeva Group, is an Italian company that offers Liftronic which is a revolutionary system for material handling.

It’s the first system that allows for completely automated journeys, which is great news if you’re trying to cut down on your manpower costs or are just looking to increase the efficiency of your machines.

Their systems can be installed into any factory that has an existing production line; the only thing they need is enough space to house the equipment.

Along with being completely automated, it also manages to reduce energy costs by up to 20% compared to other traditional systems from companies like Krones and Siempelkamp.

Scaglia is the first company to be awarded the UNI EN ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certifications for their Liftronic System.


Indeva Products:


Packaging Machinery Bosch has been around since 1886 and is a leading packing machine manufacturer. They offer cold filling machines, hot filling equipment, loading systems for food, palletizing machines, and fully automatic conveying solutions.

They’re one of the most widely recognized companies out there because they have over 100 years of experience working with packaging. Their machines are designed to be flexible so they can fit any size of the production line.

They have offices all over the world, including locations in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Poland, China, and Russia.

Bosch Packaging Solutions has partnered with the Bosch family of companies to provide a line of machinery that is constantly being updated and improved upon.

The best part about working with them is the sheer amount of support they offer their clients. Customers can reach out at any time for technical advice, or a representative will come out on-site to help design a machine that specifically suits your needs.

Bosch Packaging Solutions Serving Industry:

  • Pharma, Biopharma, and Fine Chemicals
  • Medical Devices and Diagnostics
  • Food and Confectionery
  • And other Industries

Bosch Packaging Technology – Syntegon:

Syntegon Products:


EUROMAC COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE is an Italian company and is one of the biggest and experienced suppliers of Slitter Rewinder and Packaging for Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industries, food, laminates, paper, and more.

The company has sold more than 2000 machines since its foundation in 1968. Euromac is the only company that offers not only beautiful design and high technology but also personalized customer service for all these years.

Their team has managed to create a culture of trust with their customers that has helped them grow exponentially since they started. They always go above and beyond to make sure clients are completely satisfied with their products and services.

EUROMAC Product Series:

  • TB-3
  • TB-5
  • TB-6
  • TB-8
  • CB-RB Special Edition


EUROMAC Products:


BERHALTER is the world leader in die-cutting. The production of new and customized die-cutting systems is synonymous with the name BERHALTER. With its tool-making facility, BERHALTER is the world’s only provider of flatbed die-cutting equipment.

It is one of the most experienced companies in the region, with branches worldwide and a long-standing reputation for high-quality work. Its name comes from its trademarked Berhalter die-cutting technology, which allows it to create bespoke services – all 100 percent made in Switzerland.

As a result, the range of applications for BERHALTER technology is almost unlimited. From metalworking to woodworking, from plastics processing to sheet-metal forming as well as the manufacture of transport packaging and point-of-sale advertising or other consumer goods – customers can benefit from BERHALTER expertise in every sector.

Berhalter Machinery

  • Swiss Die Cutter
  • Swiss Cutting Tools
  • CUTcontrol


Swiss Die-Cutter:

Swiss Cutting Tools:

Swiss Cut control:


The packaging machine industry is a massive force that won’t be slowing down anytime soon. With an increasing global population and new international trade opportunities, the demand for affordable and effective machines will only continue to rise as time goes on.

As it expands, more companies will enter the market looking to make their own impact with new innovations and cutting-edge technology.

The history of the packaging machine industry goes as far back as the early 1800s when corrugated boxes were first used to ship products around the world.

Since then it has evolved and innovated to fit an ever-changing production landscape. If we look at who’s in control now and what they’re planning for the future, we can only imagine what innovations and applications will arise in the coming decades.

The industry is still young and it’s exciting to see what comes next.

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