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Tin cans are used by many different industries. There is a significant difference between the processes and the quality of the product that they require. For example, there are many different types of cans for food and beverage as well as non-food uses such as paint and resin.

Tin packaging for food and beverage use needs tighter tolerances than those used in manufacturing paint or resins. The can needs to be able to protect the product from contamination and spoilage as well as allow for ease of opening by the end-user.

This means that there is a lot more engineering that goes into designing and manufacturing cans for the food and beverage industry than those used in other industries. Tin manufacturers tend to focus on food and beverage cans because of stringent requirements, such as tinplate. Tinplate is a thin sheet of steel that has been coated with a layer of tin to protect it from corrosion.

It is used in all types of canned products due to its low cost and ease of manufacturing. When shopping for tin manufacturers, you may find that most of the available tin manufacturers are in China or India.

This is due to the cost of labor and availability of steel in these countries, which lowers the price of their products. Manufacturers that sell domestically will be able to provide higher-quality products, but at a higher price than those out of country sources. However, when you buy domestically, you are supporting your own economy.

Tin Market Overview

Tin is one of the earliest metals to be used for packaging purposes, with some evidence showing it was used in the late 13th century in China and parts of India. It was most commonly used to coat iron products such as pots, pans, and kettles.

According to the latest market research, the tin manufacturing industry is expected to grow in the coming years due to the surging demand for construction materials. Tin is used primarily in all types of packaging industries including food & beverages, paint & resin, agriculture & chemicals, home goods, cosmetics & hardware among others.

How are Tin Cans Made

Tin is a metal that can be dissolved into liquid and then painted onto the steel. It coats the outside of the metal, protecting it from rusting and corrosion. Tin plating can be done in many different thicknesses depending upon the needs of the product it will be protecting.

For example, those used to package food or beverages need a much thinner coat of tin than those used in manufacturing paint or resin.

What Makes A Tin Manufacturer Different

Tin manufacturers need to be able to offer special products for certain industries, such as food and beverage use. As such, they must have the ability to coat the steel with tin on both the inside and outside of the can.

This can be done in one or two pieces, depending upon the product and its requirements. Manufacturers of tin cans may also offer special coatings on top of the lining such as plastic paint for those industries that require it such as cosmetics, adhesives, and home goods.

Tin manufacturers need to focus on food and beverage markets because of the stringent requirements and regulations that need to be met.

Major Players – Tin Manufacturers

We have listed a number of tin manufacturers that sell domestically as well as those who are located overseas. It is important to keep in mind, however, that there may be a quality difference between the two sources.


Yunnan Tin Company Group Limited (YTC), a century-old industry, is the world’s largest metal tin and tin profile factory and China’s biggest maker of arsenic chemicals.

It is also the biggest precious metals research and development center in China. YTC is a large industry in China, which is both nationally and internationally competitive.

The Chinese government has recognized YTC as one of the top 520 largest industrial enterprises sponsored by the country, as well as one of the top Ten Group Enterprises prioritized by the Yunnan Provincial Government. YTC’s Products

  • Tin
  • Precious Metal
  • TIn Crafts
  • Wine
  • Tea

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PT TIMAH is the producer of metal tin with high standards and quality. PT TIMAH Tbk produces high-quality products, certified and registered the London Metal Exchange (LME) and the Indonesia Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (ICDX).

Furthermore, the Company offers a product certificate (weight and analysis certificate) that meets international standards, which is tradeable on the metal exchange market both domestically and internationally.

The PT TIMAH Tbk Group’s product line is distinguished by quality and form, with tin and its derivatives as the most important products. The company offers these main goods:

  • Refined Tin
  • Tin Solder
  • Tin Chemical

The production of tin is verified by ISO 9001:2008.

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Tin Products:


The MSC Group is a global leader in the production of tin metal and tin-based goods, operating in both the upstream and downstream sectors of the tin sector via tin mining and bespoke smelting.

Tin Smelting

The new smelting plant of the MSC Group is in Port Klang and has the capacity to produce 60,000 tonnes of tin metal each year. It converts primary, secondary, and sometimes complex tin-bearing ores into high-purity tin metal for industrial uses using Top Submerged Lance furnace technology.


The Group’s items are available on the Kuala Lumpur Tin Market and London Metal Exchange as well as to end-user customers worldwide.


The Group, with its unrivaled worldwide reputation and stature based on experience, trust, and honesty from its bespoke smelting business, has since become a fully integrated tin manufacturer after purchasing Rahman Hydraulic Tin Sdn. Bhd. (RHT) in November 2004.

RHT created 2,288 tons of tin-in concentrates in 2019.


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Minsur is a Peru-based mining firm that extracts, establishes, and refines tin and copper. It is also involved in the search for new mineral deposits, with an emphasis on gold, silver, lead, and zinc ores.

The business is divided into five categories: mining, maintenance, security and environment, geology and planning, and engineering.

Minsur distributes its items in Europe, South America, the United States, Canada, and Australia. Minsur runs 3 operations in Peru. San Rafael mine, a tin mine that is the third-largest tin producer worldwide; Pucamarca, a gold mine; and Pisco smelter and refinery plant.

Minsur Company Certifications

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • CFS
  • BASC
  • ITRI Member

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Tin Products:


As one of the most common packaging solutions in the world, tin cans are an essential part of the food and beverage industry. As such, it is important to know about the leading tin producers in the world. Now that you have an idea of the top tin producers, you can be sure to find the right supplier for your needs.

Make sure to consider the factors mentioned above when choosing a tin producer, as this will help you find the best quality products for your business. Also consider your budget, as tin producers can vary greatly in price. With this information, you should be able to find the perfect supplier for your business.

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