Toyota Brake Drum

The Toyota drum brake is mounted at the wheels of any vehicle. It generates friction through brake pads or brake shoes to stop or slow down your Toyota. Some brake drum parts include brake shoes, brake arm, brake lever, spring, brake panel.

This top-grade replacement brake drum from MZW is made with expert care and meticulous attention to detail. Designed with noise mitigation features, lessens shock, and vibration, you can rely that this Toyota brake drum will serve you for many years to come. Manufactured under ISO-certified facilities, and cutting-edge equipment, it ensures maximum dependability and OEM quality.

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As a truck brake drum manufacturer, every parts we produce is superior knowledge in engineering field and quality control.

Established in 1995, MZW has built a long-standing partnership with many retailers and car manufacturers around the world. MZW is the leading manufacturer of superior braking systems.

With 25 years of brake system expertise, we offer a wide range of brake system catalogs to be distributed in the local and global markets.

With today’s advancements, automated pieces of machinery, manufacturing methods, and quality control, MZW maintains its foothold as one of the premier sources of top-tier automotive products.

Why MZW Toyota Brake Drum?

Engineered, designed, and tested using the most advanced technologies, this replacement Toyota brake drum will provide the exact OEM performance, fit and form – all at the best value. It’s premium construction and outstanding features makes it the best alternative for your worn out brake master cylinders. Tested to ensure factory quality and reliable braking performance, the Toyota Brake Master Cylinder provides the following features:


  • OE matched quality
  • High dependability 
  • Prolonged service life
  • Exact dimensions and form as the OE part
  • Structural integrity
  • Protections against rust and corrosion
  • Noise mitigation feature
  • No vibration

We guarantee you every MZW Toyota Brake Drum has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Drums

MZW has accumulated 25 years of manufacturing expertise to provide the largest coverage of auto parts needed by the global market. MZW believes in the importance of quality and value in every product. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled commitment to service and product innovation.

We work hard every day to satisfy the needs of our clients. By doing so, we are ranked as one of the leading manufacturers of not just brake drums, but all automotive parts in the market. Here at MZW, we ensure that all parts we produce live up to the reputation we’ve built 25 years ago.


  • World-class facility
  • Fully-integrated testing division
  • R&D division
  • Manufacturing capabilities
  • Customer support
  • Competitive prices
  • Unbeatable warranty policy

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MZW Brake Series Advantages

The main product line of MZW are automotive parts including engine system, chassis and suspension, brake system, and all sorts of car component. With 25 years of continuous development and design, MZW ranks as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of brake drums in the local and global market.

MZW has a comprehensive product line that range from commercial, industrial, transportation, and agricultural applications to meet the demands of customers from both domestic and international areas.

Designed by the most qualified engineers and technicians, MZW is the best choice of automotive source if you want a safe, reliable, and high quality product,


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