Toyota Control Arm

Any idea how control arm works? We guess you don’t know that much. Here’s a brief information to the unsung hero of the suspension system.

The control arm also called the A-arm is part of your vehicle’s suspension system. The control arm is a piece of metal that links the wheel assembly to the vehicle’s framework.

Every control arm comes with the control arm bushing that is connected to the cars body and the ball joints to the suspension members. There are two types of control arms that commonly found in cars nowadays.

The upper control arm and the lower control arm.
Being responsible for keeping the wheels aligned and synchronized with the steering output, the control arm decides how smooth your drive will be.

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We understand the harsh conditions and environments that control arm are likely to face.

MZW Motor is a trusted aftermarket manufacturing brand that provided the industry with world-class automotive replacements.

MZW Motor is also known for its direct approach to innovation and product development.

This trait has been the very foundation of the company ever since the starting of its operation back in 1995, and will be the backbone for constantly holding its prestigious position in the manufacturing industry.

MZW Toyota Control Arms

MZW’s Toyota control arms are meticulously constructed by our engineers and experts using the finest materials available to be able to meet the highest standards, functions, and specifications of its OEM.

This control arm together with other replacements is one of the company’s notable aftermarkets due to its making process that utilizes up-to-date manufacturing technologies.


  • Direct OE replacement
  • OE style ball joints and bushings included for faster installation
  • Matching fit, form, and function at a lower price
  • Designed to correct alignment angles
  • High-grade materials resulting in improved durability for longer service life
  • Highly resistant e-coating for rust and corrosion
  • Undertaken rigorous quality evaluation to ensure OE identical performance output or better 

We guarantee you every MZW Toyota Control Arm has passed a series of strict tests:






Why Choose MZW Control Arm

Toyota is without a doubt, one of the most successful names in the automotive supply scene.

For MZW Motor to live up with its product standards has not been easy. But with the collective effort of our frontline professionals, group of experienced engineers, and facilities equipped with the industry’s advance manufacturing technologies and production processes, we are able to come up with our Toyota control arm series.

This control arm replacement ensures that its functions, form, and applications are in match with its OEM.

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About MZW Motor

MZW Motor is partnered to many auto parts shops across the globe. This has helped the company to build and established a reputable name in the aftermarket manufacturing scene.

Adding up to that, our growing distributing networks has been an important medium on making our aftermarkets easily accessible to numbers of countries and continuously growing day by day. Consumers are rest assured to receive their aftermarkets without delay.

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MZW Motor is considered a top choice among many control arm manufacturers in the industry.

What separates us from others is our easy-to-obtain comprehensive options of control arm not only for Toyota but also for other industry giants. Dial the number provided and get yours!

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