Toyota Ignition Coil

Commonly known as a spark coil, the ignition coils have a function of generating the low 12-volt found in car batteries and convert them into a high-voltage power. Toyota ignition coil is the necessary component that produces this high voltage and delivers electricity through the spark plug, to ignite the fuel-air mixture within the engine’s combustion chambers.

Does your car have starting-up issues? Does it backfire or creates sputtering sounds? These are only some of the ignition problems of a failing or bad ignition coil. Replacing your ignition coils brings back the maximum performance, safety, and pleasure on the road. When you choose MZW, you are guaranteed a high-quality Toyota ignition coil and parts at the best prices possible.

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MZW Automotive Ignition Coil suppliers ensure that the radiator is in perfect working condition before selling it to you.

Toyota ignition coils by MZW provides world-class features and better performance like no other in the market. Made to bring you comfort when driving, so you can enjoy your seat, hit many miles down the road.

MZW manufactures and supplies the finest Toyota products on the market today. We have a comprehensive line of products that hits every aspect of industry’s standard. MZW makes the products that boost your engine’s performance with every turn of the key. MZW provides you with high-quality, low-cost maintenance, renovation and construction services for your specific needs.

Why MZW Toyota Ignition Coil?

With the in-depth knowledge and innovative-thinking, MZW’s Toyota ignition coils are made of an iron core surrounded by two wires. One of the wires is called primary wire, wrapped around it is the secondary wire. We incorporated into the design of this replacement ignition coil is a space-saving feature.


  • Undergoes ignition test before transit
  • Enduring design
  • Can withstand extreme conditions
  • Several ignition parts, sizes, and styles offered to deliver the perfect solution
  • Easy to install
  • Improved coil performance that lowers the need to generate high voltage
  • Constructed with cylindrical ignition coil to limit the use of ignition wires
  • Two voltage output
  • Produced in strict compliance with OE standards

We guarantee you every MZW Toyota Ignition Coil has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Ignition Coil

MZW a, QS-9000 / ISO-9001 certified manufacturer, is committed to supplying products that meet or exceed OE specifications. We have been standing firm on the grounds of this business because of the unwavering support of our customers.

MZW offers in-house management, quality control assurance, and precise engineered knowledge. We distribute units to many of the world’s top production cars. We are here to provide you an all-in innovative solution.

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About MZW Motor

All units undergo strictly controlled inspection before it is packaged and placed in transit by our region-based Authorized-MZW dealers for the fastest shipping times at the lowest cost possible.

MZW takes the warranty to a higher level–one that you will not find elsewhere in the market. Aside from that, we have a wide range of specialized services such as inspection, repairs and replacement across many sectors.

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