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MZW is one of the leading heavy truck suspension manufacturers. We offer close to three decades of manufacturing experience, having started operations in 1995.

Over time, we have grown to become a trusted auto parts company. We aim to solve your truck problems by supplying premium quality suspension products.

MZW makes parts for full and semi-truck suspensions such as ball joints, control arms, tie rod ends, shocks absorbers, and more.

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MZW is ISO 9001/ TS16949 compliant and certified.

MZW can produce thousands of each truck suspension part every week, be it ball joint, control am, tie rod end, or shock absorber. We have several lines of the machines required to make every part. We also have an adequate number of workers including a team of engineers to supervise the technical aspects of manufacturing.

MZW Truck Suspension Parts

We are among the most trusted heavy duty truck suspension manufacturers. MZW has the knowledge to design parts that offer reliability in the most demanding conditions. We are always looking for ways to improve our products by refining our manufacturing technologies. In addition to product quality, we ensure customer satisfaction with our smooth ordering process. Choose us for:


  • Reliable truck suspension parts that guarantee safety and driving comfort
  • Customized components to suit unique truck suspension needs
  • Technical advice to solve your truck suspension parts needs
  • Timely shipping

We guarantee you every MZW truck suspension part has passed a series of strict tests:






Your Reliable Truck Suspension Manufacturer

Trucks carry heavy loads and drive over long distances. At MZW, we design every suspension component with the demands of heavy trucks in mind.

Whether ball joint, control arm, shock absorber, or tie road end, we ensure it can bear loads and resist damage.MZW suspension parts are known for their unique features that enhance drivability and truck safety.

Robust Construction

MZW truck suspension parts combine high quality raw materials and innovative engineering for components that stand up to different forms of damage. We use high grade alloys that resist wear and metal fatigue for a prolonged lifespan. We also apply special coatings to protect parts from being corroded by harsh road conditions.


As one of the top truck suspension companies, MZW designs parts that meet and surpass OE standards and specifications. We ensure you get replacement parts that can stand the test of time while also perfectly fitting the specific truck. With MZW OE quality parts, you have no compatibility issues for a wide range of trucks.

100% Testing

We test our products to ensure they suit the application of heavy duty truck suspension systems. Tests include metal hardness test, fatigue test, and several others. We use latest testing equipment and testing technologies to ensure highest degrees of accuracy and product reliability.

Why Choose MZW Truck Suspension 

MZW suspension components are available for all types of trucks including semi-truck suspensions. We can also manufacture custom truck suspension components to match your unique needs and requirements. Our engineers help to ensure designs fit your descriptions, while the production team makes your project come to life.

For all your needs for truck suspension parts, choose MZW

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