Top 8 U Joint Manufacturers of 2023

A universal joint or the U joint is a mechanical component distinguished as a cross-shaped metal. This device allows one or more rotating shafts to be linked together, which enable transmission of torque or rotary motion. The universal joint parts include bearing plate, grease fitting or the zerk, tunnion, journal cross, and the bearing cap assembly. Universal joint suppliers create their products into different shapes, sizes, and configurations catering to infinite numbers of applications where u joint can be used. When in need of one, don’t rush things. It is important to have your vehicle checked first by a professional technician or by your trusted mechanic to see what type of u joint is suiting for your ride.

With continuous function and many years of service, OEM u joints that are installed in your vehicles are subjected to fail and will need replacement at some point. To help you assess your car of having a failing component, here are some symptoms of a bad universal joint:

  • Squeaking-like noise emission when driving – reverse or forward movement
  • Clunking with ringing sound when shifting from drive to reverse
  • An unnecessary occurrence of vibration when driving at speed
  • Transmission fuel leaks from the rear of the transmission
  • Dislocated driveshaft resulting vehicle unable to move on its power

When experience symptoms such as discussed above, bring your vehicle to a professional for an in-depth inspection for a possible U joint replacement.

Global U Joint Market Overview

Having auto parts such as U Joint replaced can be made in the comfort of your own home due to the number of online stores present today. Many new u joint suppliers have been emerging in the automotive industry may it be for the aftermarket or original equipment industry. U joint global market has been segmented into different applications such as commercial units, passenger vehicles, industrial applications, military equipment, and others. The universal joint can be found in different types including ball type and fork type.

Due to rising steel production in counties such as China, Japan, India, South Korea, and others, ASIA Pacific regions are anticipated to dominate the global universal joint market, which is followed by Europe and others. Below are lists of some popular manufacturing brands and U joint supplier that caters mainly automotive industry.

U Joint Manufacturers List:

Crown U Joint

Crown U Joint

Crown Automotive is a globally renowned u joint supplier for vehicles under the brands of Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and RT Off-road. Crown has been supplying premium quality auto parts way back to 1963 and has a humble beginning as a storefront shop. Due to the constant provision of top-notch components, Crown today stands a reliable source and earned a reputation in the USA and abroad for having the best OE quality replacement parts and accessories. Thanks to Crown parts, vintage Jeep vehicles are still rolling until today. Crown Automotive supplies hard-to-find Jeep parts and other discontinued components. All products including U joint are tested before making it to the market ensuring stringent standards are met.

Crown U joints are precision-manufactured to meet all standards of high-quality of different brands which the company serves. They provide perfect fit and performance the same as the component your car is manufactured with. The array of products Crown offers are all backed up by a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty ensuring that each item is protected even after purchase.

Features of Crown U Joint:

  • Developed to improve your driving experience
  • Precise engineering
  • Vehicle-specific
  • Constructed to ensure ultimate operation
  • Manufactured from sturdy materials

Crown Automotive Official Website:

Crown Automotive U Joints:


GKN U Joint

GKN U Joint

GKN is a company that focuses on global engineering business and leading cv joint and u joint supplier. GKN parts are highly used by many industries today such as the automotive and aircraft businesses. From road to air travel, expect the assistance of GKN products due to their wide coverage compatibility. The company was founded over 6 decades ago and widely known as the producer of the first ever constant velocity joint. Today, GKN is one of the world’s largest CV joint and driveshaft suppliers with over billions of parts manufactured since established.

GKN U joints offer a complete solution when it comes to repair and maintenance requirements. All components under the brand are made using cutting edge technologies giving consumers freedom, effective, and more affordable solutions compare to usual original equipment dealer.

Features of GKN U Joints:

  • Cast using solid materials and coated for protection against corrosion
  • Stress tested products to endure long operational periods
  • Backed by the company’s warranty against manufacturing-related and material defects
  • Selections are made precisely to fit different makes, models, and production years

GKN Official Website:

GKN Aftermarket Parts:

GMB Corporation

GMB U Joint

GMB U Joint

GMB is a key player in the global market as a U Joint supplier. Also, GMB is known as a reliable manufacturer of premium quality cooling and engine drive systems, transmission parts, axle parts, driveline components, steering and suspension parts, and bearings. With over seven decades of existence in the automotive industry, GMB U joints and other products are manufactured and made available for both foreign and domestic applications, for late and moder models. GMB parts are made suitable for different applications and vehicle types such as micro automobiles to trucks. Also, you can be certain that GMB U joints are of world-class quality due to certification achieved by the company including ISO 14001, TS 16949, and OHSAS 18001.

GMB U Joints are used in wide applications not only automotive but also all other industrial scenes. The company specializes in the universal joint, the key elements of the module like driveshaft and propeller shaft. GMB products are created to meet different requirements and shaft sizes of OEM consumers worldwide.

Features and benefits of GMB U Joints:

  • Special chrome-molybdenum alloy steel for superior corrosion resistance
  • Exact fitment same as the original unit
  • Heavy-duty needle bearings for better load capacity
  • Multi-stage testing before assembly for maximum quality control
  • Strap kits and U-bolt kits for easy U joint installation

GMB Official Website:

GMB Product:

GMB U Joint:


Moog U Joint

Moog U Joint

Moog has a reputation being The Problem Solver. This can be traced to the company’s foundation in 1919. With over 100 years of experience, Moog today stands as of the most reliable u joint supplier in the market. Aside from worlclass auto parts, the company also offers award winning technical support and training materials.

Moog U joints are made available into different types, suiting for different applications. These include premium universal joints, super strength universal joints, anti-galvanic universal joints, and heavy-duty universal joints. All these U joints are made to give safe and comfortable drive. Parts are made tough ensuring reliable operation even under harsh operational conditions. Benefitting from the company’s advanced designs and precise engineering, each Moog U joints fits perfectly eliminating the need for even the slightest vehicle modification.

Here are some of the advantages of purchasing Moog U Joints:

  • Designed to deliver trouble-free, consistent performance
  • Designed to deliver higher torque and horsepower
  • Heavy-duty performance and durability
  • Suiting for different vehicle and lifestyle
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed strict quality requirements

Moog Parts Official Website:

Moog Parts Products:

Moog Universal Joints:

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Neapco U Joint

Gold UJ

Neapco is one of the pioneering manufacturers of different products such as driveshafts, universal joints, or u joints, center supports, and other parts proved to have reliable performance. Neapco has a long history of driveline products that designed, engineered, and manufacturer for the benefits identical to that of OEM products but at a more affordable price. As a leading U joint supplier, the company has several state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities all over the world supporting the increasing demand for U joints and other parts of the industry.

Neapco U joints or the universal joint are made available for most domestic and foreign light-duty vehicle applications in a variety of series, sizes, and configurations, including the conversion U joints. U joints for Medium to heavy-trucks, buses, RV vehicles, and other industrial applications are also present in Neapco U joint catalogue. Neapco products are designed in the US and being manufactured worldwide. They feature tight tolerances, perfect fitment, and extended life span. Neapco U joints are available in different types such as Neapco silver and Neapco Gold.

Advantages of Neapco Universal Joint:

  • Log life seals – resistant to heat, designed to keep out contaminants
  • Designed to eliminate potential stress risers
  • Precise case hardening
  • Meets OEM performance standards
  • Superior strength under heavy load
  • High performance sealing systems
  • Lubricated for life – reduced maintenance cost and vehicle downtime.

Neapco Components Official Website:

Neapco Products Overview:

Neapco Universal Joints:

SKF U Joint

SKF U Joint

SKF is one of the most popular U joint suppliers in the market. SKF products today can be seen in almost anything that moves or rolls, from skateboards to space shuttles. The company was founded in 1907 and started as a simple bearing manufacturer. But through passion and dedication, SKF today stands as an industry leader in the design and development of top-grade u joints, bearings, including ball, roller, plain bearings, rod ends, bushings, housings, seals, and much more. All SKF units are made from high-quality materials delivering maximum performance and durability. SKF products (where applicable) come to preassemble and adjusted giving consumers ease of installation due to perfect fitment feature.

SKF U joints are precision manufactured to provide dependable performance and maximum life expectancy for automotive, medium and heavy-duty trucks, buses, RV vehicles, construction and off-highway, agricultural and industrial applications. SKF features a Universal joint called the brute force designed for higher horsepower and torque applications which is available in greasable and non-greasable versions.

Features and performance of SKF U Joints:

  • Pre-lubricated with a premium high-temperature grease – offers heat tolerance and longer service life
  • greaseable version has a pre-installed grease fitting in the cross to save time, preventing installation damage and maintenance need
  • Applied with oil-based rust inhibitor coating for optimal corrosion protection

SKF Official Website:

SKF Product Assortment:

SKF U Joints:

Lovejoy – a Timken company Logo

Lovejoy U Joint

Universal Joints

Lovejoy is a manufacturing brand recognized globally as a premier u joint supplier and provider of flexible shaft couplings and other power transmission components. Thanks to the company’s dedication to customers’ satisfaction, Lovejoy today earned a reputable name that is on top of the industry. Lovejoy is a certified brand under ISO 9001 international standards for quality management. Also, the company is a member of the North American PTDA, European PTDA, MPTA, AGMA, and hydraulic institutes. All products under the brand are manufactured to the most stringent standards and supplies product that has matching military specifications.

Lovejoy has been manufacturing u joints for over 5 decades. Lovejoy industrial universal joint product line offers a well established selection of premium standard and specialized u joints. Lovejoy u joint features a special yoke shape delivering exceptional high strength, free movement of the joint. This results in compatibility for high-horsepower and high speeds applications.

Features and advantages of Lovejoy U Joint:

  • Industry-wide standards
  • Longer life service
  • Wide variety of sizes and options available

Lovejoy Official Website:

Lovejoy U Joints:

Lovejoy U Joints catalogue PDF:

Dana-Logo-1 - aftermarketNews

Dana U Joint

Dana Showroom

Dana is a global leader when it comes to the design and innovation of automotive drivetrain and e-Propulsion systems. With over 115 years of industry experience, Dana was able to experience and navigate through evolutions of vehicle. Dana engineers, manufacture, and distributes power-conveyance and energy management solutions of today’s vehicle and the future. With passion and commitment to innovation and development, Dana today is amongst the top u joint supplier in the global market. With every product, Dana’s automotive expertise and experience reflect giving consumers units that will exceed their performance expectations.

Dana u joints come with variations suiting for different automotive applications. Aftermarkets under the brand backed by worldwide service with a local presence to support passenger car and light truck, heavy-duty truck and bus, and off-highway equipment markets everywhere. Dana u joints are supported by 14 distribution centers ensuring availablility and fast product transport.

Features and Advantages of Dana Universal Joints:

  • Wide range of application compatibility
  • Highest quality and expertise applied
  • Global presence made products easy to obtain
  • Longer life service
  • Increased bearing capacity and lower maintenance costs

Dana Aftermarket Official Website:

Dana Universal Joints:

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