Top 11 UV Lamp Manufacturer in 2023

UV Lamp Introduction

UV Lamp Manufacturers has been there for as long as we know it. But today, they might have seen in a very significant position due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) that is caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 back in 2019 and 2020. First off, a UV lamp also known as the blue UV light or the backlight lamp is a device that is used for producing electromagnetic radiations. The UV lamps are widely used in different industries that demand effect germ away solution of disinfectant. Though marketed widely, UV lamps can pose a threat to safety and health when used irresponsibly. Make sure to have just the right dosage and duration of exposure as necessary to the application whenever using germicidal UV lamps.

UV Lamp Market Overview

Due to its growing significance in today’s condition due to continuous virus outbreaks, the global market of UV lamps is expected to increase exponentially. UV light manufactures stocks and product output has been doubled if not, tripled in size compared to previous years. According to an online source from, the market size of UV lamp has the potential to grow by USD 820.63 million during 2020-2024 and has a possibility of surpassing the said growth due to the pandemic outbreak that is caused by the COVID-19.

market overview

Manufacturers List:

AC logo

Alpha Cure UV Lamp

AC Lamp

Alpha Cure is one of the industry’s veteran UV light manufacturers with over 2 decades of existence. Their products include ultraviolet (UV) curing and metal halide lamps and are known for their commitment and delivering advancements in UV Lamp designs and technology. Their product portfolio is comprised of an extensive product line of 19,000 UV lamps.

With founding partners that have been operating for over a century now, Alpha Care boasts over 160 years of technical expertise as a UV lamp manufacturer. These include the 4.0 Lamp, IR Lamps, UV Led, Microwave lamps, and more.

Alpha Cure Advantages:

  • supplies wide range of UV curing products and UV accessories
  • with a product portfolio of more than 19,000 UV lamps
  • leading UV light supplier with R&D Department in UK and China
  • expert UV curing light supplier of medium-pressure for OEMs and end-users around the world

Alpha Cure Official Website:

About Alpha Cure:

Find a Lamp:

Alpha Cure UV Lamps and Accessories:

heraeus logo

Heraeus Noblelight UV Lamp

heraeus noblelight

Heraeus Noblelight is one of the market and technology UV light companies that specializes in producing lamps with wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared that covers wide applications including industrial, scientific, and medical applications. Heraeus product caters to markets such as automotive, food, medical, electronics, coatings, and so on. This company is amongst the few numbers of UV lamp suppliers with locations from the biggest regions of the globe including Germany, the UK, China, and the USA.

Heraeus Noblelight is a UV lamp manufacturer and an AEO-F Certificate recipient. This highest recognition accounts for the brand units being trustworthy and reliable members of the international supply chain. Heraeus Noblelight products include Infrared emitters, UV Lamps, Lamps for optics and analytics, arc and flash lamps, and others.

Heraeus Noblelight Advantages:

  • a wide array of UV products for different applications
  • amongst widest UV light manufacturers located in 4 different and big regions
  • AEO-F Certificate Recipient
  • energy-efficient products

Heraeus Noblelight Official Website:

Heraeus Noblelight Products and Solutions:

Heraeus Group:

osram logo


osram light

OSRAM is UV led manufacturer based in Munich. The brand is a leading global high-tech photonics company with a history of over a century. OSRAM is widely recognized for its UV-Confidence solutions. OSRAM UV products promote effective disinfection with a direct approach to the present COVID-19 pandemic. OSRAM UV lights are seen not only in public places but also in homes and businesses.

OSRAM’s High-quality UV-C products are made to supply the need for both personal and professional applications to enjoy more confident disinfection when needed.

OSRAM Advantages:

  • one of the few ultraviolet light suppliers and manufacturers that has over 100 years of experience
  • UV-C offers a Wide Range of applications
  • best on neutralizing bacteria, spores, molds, yeasts, and viruses
  • products have a direct approach to present pandemic caused by Covid-19
  • UV-C by OSMAR is proven to eliminate 99.9% of harmful microorganisms

OSRAM UV-C Solution:

OSRAM PIA Website:


trojanuv logo

TrojanUV Lamp

trojan lamp

TrojanUV is one of the world’s leading UV disinfection manufacturers that produces pressurized and open-channel UV disinfection systems for municipal wastewater and drinking water as well as UV-oxidations systems for environmental contaminant treatment and potable and non-potable reuse applications.

The company boasts its UVMax and Sterilight UV systems that have over 600,000 installations around the world. With this, VIQUA is one of the most respected brands of residential and light commercial UV water disinfection systems.

TrojanUV Advantages:

  • large product options for wastewater, residential, drinking water, environmental contaminant treatment solutions
  • over 600,000 installations worldwide
  • one of the largest UV sterilizer manufacturers
  • with products support of at least 7 years for replacement parts and lamps under Sterilight and UVMax systems

TrojanUV Water Confidence Products:

About TrojanUV Water Confidence:

auc logo

Atlantic UV Lamp

auc products

Founded in 1963, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation has been the dominant water and UV air sterilizer suppliers in the industry. Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation has engineered and manufactured ultraviolet water purification equipment, ultraviolet air sanitizing systems, UV surface disinfection systems, and germicidal lamps for residential and commercial applications.

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation’s Germicidal UV lamps produce short wave radiation that is lethal and effective to bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. The products’ method is unique and rapid and does not use heat or chemicals for safer application.

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Advantages:

  • leading the industry as one of the UV germicidal lamp suppliers in the scene
  • no heat and chemical utilization for a safe and effective method
  • 6 decades of experience
  • wide application range

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Website:

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation Products:

About Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation:

atlantium logo

Atlantium UV Lamp

atlantium uv lamp

Atlantium Technologies LTD was established back in 1993 to provide the world with safe and sustainable water treatment solutions. Atlantium is the UV lamp manufacturer at the forefront of next-generation UV water treatment systems for water-dependent applications and industries such as F&B, Dairy, Bio-Pharma, Aquaculture and Oil & Gas, and municipal water supplies.

As a well-recognized UV products supplier, Atlantium products are made and designed to specifically suit different applications as they believe that not all UV systems are created equal. Their cost-effective and environmentally-friendly UV solutions such as Atlantium’s Hydro Optic (HOD) UV Tech provide chemical-free water disinfection and low maintenance.

Atlantium Advantages:

  • continuous product development and innovation in UV light water applications
  • compatible with a wide range of applications
  • holds more than 60 patents
  • chemical-free water treatment
  • better than traditional dechlorination methods

Atlantium Technologies Ltd. Website:

Atlantium Technology and Applications:

About Atlantium Technologies Ltd.:

halma logo

Halma UV System Solutions

halma group

Halma is a group of technology companies and was named one of Britain’s most admired Companies back in 2019. Halma products promote a safe environment and health by providing improved food and water quality and air pollution monitoring. Halma UV Group protects the water by supplying ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems for industrial and municipal water treatment. The company’s main markets are food and beverage, pharmaceutical, pools and leisure, marine, aquaculture, and municipal.

Halma products are produced by 3 independent UV disinfection equipment manufacturers are the Berson, Hanovia, and Aquionics with 3 regional hubs including North Carolina to over America, Shanghai (ASIA), and the Netherlands for Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

  • World Wide Coverage thanks to 3 regional hubs
  • internationally recognized UV lamp manufacturer with wide market range
  • prioritizes safety, environment, and health
  • reliable UV water sterilizer/disinfection supplier for water-based industry/applications

Halma Official Website:

About Halma:

signify logo

Signify UV Lamp

signify uv front page

Signify is the world leader in lighting for professionals, consumers, and lighting for the Internet of Things. As a dominant UV lamp manufacturer, the company offers an extensive range of Philips UV-C lamps. This broad range of UV-C disinfections luminaires and control disinfect the air, surfaces, objects, and water. Their UV light solutions cater to a variety of applications including retail, workplaces, hospitals, food and beverage services, restrooms, transportations, and so on.

With the fact of having the air quality and cleanliness of surfaces have a profound effect on people’s well-being and health, Signify creates UV-C lighting that has the power to disinfect the air, water, and surfaces. Their products are proven to neutralize viruses through UV-C radiation.

Signify Advantages:

  • 35 years of UV-C lighting and strong application expertise
  • effective UV-C solutions for all bacteria and viruses
  • capable of disinfecting surfaces in a matter of minutes
  • versatile;
  • Can be of use for different applications such as offices, schools, hospital, etc.

Signify UV-C Lighting:

About Signify:

Signify Brands:

xylem logo

Xylem UV Lamp

xylem products

Xylem is one of the world’s leading UV bulb/lamp suppliers for water technology committed to solving water sterilization problems by creating innovative and smart technology solutions to meet the world’s water, wastewater, and energy needs.

Xylem Ecoray lamps are manufactured inside their factory in Germany in accordance with the strictest requirements. Ecoray UV lamps are treated with Xylem’s innovative protection layer DuraCoat resulting in more robust lamps and provide lower energy consumption while achieving high disinfection goals. Moreover, Ecoray lamps are tested according to ISO 9001.

Xylem Advantages:

  • cut energy consumption by up to 25%
  • stronger and a more robust lamp
  • DuraCoat protected for aging
  • extended warranty
  • strict in-house production
  • ISO 14001 Certified Production and Logistics

About Xylem:

Xylem UV Lamps/Ecoray Lamp:–supplies/genuine-wedeco-parts/uv-lamps

Xylem Solutions:

Xylem Product & Services:–services/

lit logo


lit uv tech fp

LIT was founded in 1991 and today considered and known as one of the top three leading developers and manufacturers of UV systems for water, air, and surface disinfection in the world. The company is comprised of more than 360 professionals.

With the efficient UV energy conversion, LIT focuses on developing a new generation of low-pressure amalgam UV lamps. This type of UV lamp is considered the most reliable UV source of UV disinfection systems today. LIT UV lamps are produced in-house by the world’s largest UV bulb manufacturers including Philips lighting and LSI/Lighttech with a standard power consumption of 15w to 1kW, efficiency – 40%, and lamp life up to 16,000 hr.

LIT Advantages:

  • wide application coverage – air, surface, and water
  • offers extended lamp life
  • low power consumption with maximum disinfection capability
  • manufactured by leading brand such as Philip lighting and LSI/Lighttech

About LIT-UV:

LIT UV Lamps:

LIT-UV Products:

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