Volkswagen Brake Drum

Get the efficient braking power with MZW’s Volkswagen brake drum. Designed to incorporate original equipment’s innovation, design, and overall functionality, our Volkswagen brake drum is expected to perform in par or better than its genuine VW parts.


  • Direct replacements for your overused factory units
  • Will restore and greatly enhance your braking systems potential getting a brand-new driving feels when installed
  • Installation is made easy due to the same dimension it features
  • Durably constructed for many years of worry-free braking
  • Ideal for performance enthusiast bringing their classic rides back to life

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As a truck brake drum manufacturer, every parts we produce is superior knowledge in engineering field and quality control.

Automotive braking is classified into two different types. The disc brake and the drum brake. Considering the difference in brake assemblies and mechanical operation, both brakes are used to and function as one.

In line with best brake drum manufacturers, MZW Motor is a renowned branding in China’s aftermarket world. We produce brake parts for all vehicles and types. From brake rotors to drum, from shoes to pads, our catalog covers it all.

Why MZW Volkswagen Brake Drum?

Some people might not be familiar with drum brakes due to the declining usage of such over the years. Drum brake parts include brake drum, backing plate, drum shoe, cylinder, springs, and pins.

The brake drum to be specific are likely to function exactly opposite the rotor. While the rotor gets hugged by pads, the brake drum on the other hand has the pads push outwards the diameter or surface of the drum which creates friction allowing the car stop as the pedals are pushed.

If unknowledgeable on how to check drum brakes, let professionals do their job. Prevent accidents a bad brake drum can cause.

We guarantee you every MZW Volkswagen Brake Drum has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Drums

MZW Motor fabricates and designs our brake parts in a detail-oriented manner and in the dedication of producing units that identically function as to many OEM products. We build our Volkswagen brake drum with you in our minds. Built to last, our brake drum is sure to keep you safe all the time.

All materials used are produced inside our premises. Construction is handled by industry-leading experts and engineers that are painstakingly working day by day to achieve products that satisfy. Using advanced tech, we are able to come up with world-class quality parts at a low cost.

Brake Drums Cross Reference Lookup

Find the right Brake Druems by entering the OEM number or cross reference number.

We are currently updating our brake drums cross reference/OEM number database, will improve the Brake Drums Search Function Soon.

Please send us your list and we will do the search for you manually.

MZW Brake Series Advantages

From choosing materials to production processes, everything is precisely done. MZW Motor has 6 branches of manufacturing facilities, all worthy and recognized by the highest certification of ISO 9001 / TS 16949 system.

This enables us to consistently create brake parts and other automotive components that conform to stringent standards established.

The company is capable of producing large quantities of units that numbers to over a thousand replacements in just one day. Our distribution networks have been growing as well making our catalog accessible to many places on the map.


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