Volkswagen Brake Rotor Disc

As a critical measure of your braking system, the brake disc’s ability to stop and slow affects the operation of your car.

Made from high-quality brake disc components, this cast-steel Volkswagen brake discs can resist corrosion and premature wear, providing assured stopping performance during driving conditions.

Meticulously designed for superior performance in the harshest conditions, the Volkswagen Brake Discs are recognized as original equipment by leading auto part manufacturers.

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As a leading brake rotor supplier, every brake rotor manufactured by MZW conforms to OE specifications.

Picking the right replacement for your Volkswagen brake pads and discs provides you the peace of mind whenever you take to the road.

Established in 1995, MZW Motors has gained a foothold in recent years as China’s leading independent manufacturer of brake discs and the finest and sturdiest alternative to the original part previously installed on vehicles.

Innovation and product development are the core objectives of our company – this means continual advancement in brake disc technology, in which MZW Motors are widely recognized at.

MZW Volkswagen Brake Discs

To ensure safe and hassle-free driving, it is important to have your disc brakes regularly inspected by the most trusted name like MZW. Our products combine OE fit, form, and function in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, all ensuring the right quality, design, and value.


  •  Prolonged service life
  • Volkswagen disc brake initiates quiet driving operation
  • Made from high-quality disc brake components
  • Sufficient stopping power for every driving condition
  • Wide availability for every Volkswagen vehicle
  • Maintains structural integrity throughout years of use
  • Improved resistance to cracking, warping, and premature wear.
  • Thoroughly tested to ensure maximum safety and performance
  • Treated surface that fights off the rust and maintain the fresh-from-the-factory condition

We guarantee you every MZW Volkswagen Brake Rotor Disc has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Rotor

With more than 25 years of manufacturing experience, the MZW Motors is the perfect partner for global automotive, commercial and industrial applications. In addition to the wide range of brake disc types, we have the right skills and capabilities to develop beneficial solutions that established solid partnerships with our clients.


  • In-depth engineering knowledge
  • Straightforward Pricing Policy
  • An advocate for environmentally-friendly technologies
  • Stellar Customer Service experience
  • Straightforward pricing policy
  • Safe, Quality, and Correctly fitting auto parts 

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About MZW Motor

We are not only a manufacturer and supplier of brake discs. We are allied with many well-known distributors and workshop operators.

Our product development and innovation are in continuous development, for that, we will continue to supply the industry with high-performing products in the next years to come. We aim to keep our reputation intact by serving you with quality.

We got you covered with our extensive list of exceptional suspension systems made under meticulous details.

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We offer a broad selection of standard access panel sizes as well as custom brake discs.

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