Volvo Brake Booster

Volvo brake booster is a great help on your braking system. It functions not only to benefit the vehicle but also to the one who is driving. The brake booster is common to be seen where disc brake is applied. It is located between the pedal and master cylinder. This component uses a vacuum to overcome the fluid pressure in the brake system.

Driving with a bad brake booster is possible but it is highly dangerous and unadvisable. Without the brake boost assist, pedals need more pressure coming from the driver is needed to stop the car at will. Braking will take a long distance before fully stopping the car and dangerous.

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We are an ISO 9001 certified company and our hallmark for success is backed by strictly monitored quality control system.

Brake is an integral part of driving a car and its mobility. Bringing a car to stop with brakes that fail can result in injury where you can slam the car to anything that is in front of it. It can also lead to expensive repairs.

Brake parts have been one of the company’s strength since started operating in 1995. MZW Motor has been producing brake units for over 30 years for China’s aftermarket and now to the world. Other automotive necessities are also available including fuel systems, automotive filters, cooling products, starter motors, and other parts and accessories.

Why MZW Volvo Brake Booster?

MZW’s Volvo brake boosters are made to be of assistance to your braking system just as what you expect to get from your factory units. Unlike other brake boosters in the market, our products are made entirely from brand-new materials to impose solid road performance.


  • Offers durability like no other – all mediums in used are meticulously chosen for an optimum braking power without needing too much effort
  • Power brake booster for Volvo models are vacuum tested ensuring utmost amplification of pressure applied
  • Made into parallel quality to generate synonymous result as the original equipment
  • Life expectancy is guaranteed to be better than the stock unit

We guarantee you every MZW Volvo Brake Booster has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Booster

If experiencing symptoms of bad brake booster such as having a hard time pressing the pedal and engine stalls whenever the brake is applied, you may have one.

Prices range from different chain store can be unstable and often be overpriced. MZW Motor auto parts including Volvo brake boosters are not limited by just their quality, they also come at an affordable price that many in the industry has been taking advantage of.

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MZW Brake System Advantages

As a manufacturer of all types of auto parts, we ensure quality is our number one priority which follows by the satisfaction of consumers. And we thought that there is no other way to achieve such things but to precisely fabricate automotive components using the best tools of the industry.

Equipping our facilities with the latest die-casting technology, accurate CNC machining, and molding plastic using methods of future, our products are certain to achieve exacting OE details and performance.


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