Volvo Brake Rotor Disc

Volvo brake rotors of disc brakes are composed of three primary components such as brake pads which are mounted to the calipers. The pistons push the braking pads to stop or slow the wheels. Braking systems are the most critical safety feature within your Volvo vehicle.

The ability to stop and slow especially in bad driving conditions depends entirely on the overall performance of your brake discs.

Over time, brake pads will wear out and will need proper replacement, so driving with faulty brake pads may cause further damage to your braking system – not mention potentially dangerous.It’s very important that brake discs are regularly inspected if they measure below safe specification.

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As a leading brake rotor supplier, every brake rotor manufactured by MZW conforms to OE specifications.

With 25 years of experience behind wheels and a constant industrial and product innovation that earned us multiple awards and recognitions, MZW now is partners with largest Asian disc brake retailers and top auto parts shop.

As the leading manufacturer of disc brakes, MZW offers you every type of disc brake with the highest quality you won’t find elsewhere in the market.

We are positioned to meet the evolving demands of both domestic and international markets.

MZW Volvo Brake Discs

All Volvo replacement brake discs are designed and tested under rigorous measures to ensure maximum safety.


  • Helps prevent vibration
  • Efficient thermal conductivity
  • Perfect for every Volvo model
  • Competitively priced brake discs
  • Work performed by the knowledgeable staff
  • Resistant to cracking, warping, and splitting
  • Improved braking performance and safety-focused features
  • Allows faster assembly for rapid replacement and perfect compatibility

We guarantee you every MZW Volvo Brake Rotor Disc has passed a series of strict tests:






MZW Made Brake Rotor

In these rapidly-changing times, we strive to deliver innovative solutions by having the right foresight, vision and advanced mindset to embrace change and to be a leader of it.

With increasing aftermarket demands, we aim to keep up through our accumulated technologies under our sophisticated and cutting-edge manufacturing facility. Acquiring the most-up-to-date technologies is essential for ensuring the company’s success.


  • Partners with many of the world’s renowned brands
  • Experienced technical team that can provide in-depth knowledge for different makes and models
  • Customer-friendly staff, strictly implementing quality control points with a mission to make customers satisfied

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Behind our success is the unwavering support of our customers. We are an industry-leader that aims to shape the industry into unlocking new patented features, improve driving efficiencies, enhance the customer experience and provide more innovative product line.

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We offer a broad selection of standard access panel sizes as well as custom brake discs.

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