Top 17 Wheel Cylinder Manufacturers of 2023

In modern automotive, there two kinds of brake systems used by vehicles. One is the drum brake and the other is the disc brake system. Drum brakes are commonly used by cars of old models while the disc brake on the new ones.

Regardless of the brake assembly, both brake systems share the same result and working principle. Present in the drum brake is the wheel cylinder. What is a wheel cylinder? Wheel cylinder manufacturers make this component to fit hydraulic braking parts. The wheel cylinder function is to press the brake shoes whenever the brake pedal is depressed making the shoes in contact with the drum creating the stopping function, which slows down the wheel’s rotation.

The wheel cylinder is just like any other component. They are subjected to fail over time due to many reasons for wear and tear. Having a bad wheel cylinder, signs such as mushy pedal, poor response braking, and brake fluid leakage are experienced.

Wheel Cylinder Market Overview

With the constant rise of demand for brake parts of both aftermarket and automotive suppliers, many wheel cylinder manufacturers are now engaging in the scene making the competition more elevated than ever. Pertaining to the article published by, the automotive brake wheel cylinder market is poised to grow by USD 94.33 million during the year span of 2019-2013, progressing at a CAGR of almost 3% during the covered period.

Wheel Cylinder Market

Wheel Cylinder Manufacturers and Companies List:


Bosch Wheel Cylinder

Bosch Wheel Cylinder

BOSCH is a global manufacturer and a leading wheel cylinder supplier for the automotive industry. The company is headquartered in Germany. Bosch is not only about auto parts, the company is divided into four sectors including automotive technology, energy, and building technology, and consumer goods. Bosch is known widely for its tagline “Invented for Life” which totally lives on to everybody’s expectations.

Having the same lifespan to the vehicle’s drum brake shoes, Bosch wheel cylinders are recommended to be replaced with them together. Brake drum units by BOSCH will allow you to save time. All components are being supplied fully pre-assembled. This will bring the benefit of easy and faster installation.

Bosch Wheel Cylinder benefits and features are as follow:

  • Close tolerances to ensure the long service life
  • Continous safety – leak tested
  • Made from different materials that promote outstanding durability such as cast-iron or aluminum, which reduces weight
  • Rubber sleeves are pressure and dust protected – made from EPDM ensures optimal functioning and leak-tightness
  • Prevents ingress of dirt, air, and moisture

Bosch Official Website:

Bosch Mobility Services:

Bosch Wheel Cylinder:


AISIN Wheel Cylinder

AISIN Wheel Cylinder

Formed in 1965, AISIN is producing quality automotive products for virtually every make you can see today. Directing its path towards product development and innovation, AISIN is known as one of the top brake wheel cylinder suppliers across many regions of the globe.

AISIN wheel cylinders are made from original equipment manufacturer standards. Using high-quality materials and top-of-the-line manufacturing processes, AISIN is capable of materializing wheel cylinders that are synonymous with OE’s fit, form, and functionality. The product lifetime of the ADVICS brake wheel cylinder over 100,000km. Coated with rust treatment and corrosion protection, the AISIN wheel cylinder will be of service for many years.

Here are some of the features of AISIN wheel cylinder that you can get when you purchase them:

  • Manufactured to meet the brake requirements of applications
  • Pressure tested
  • Safe and comfort braking
  • Coated to further expand the products life span
  • Leak-free

AISIN Wheel Cylinder:

AISIN Official Website:

AISIN Products:


Valeo Wheel Cylinder

Valeo Wheel Cylinder

Valeo is a company of excellence in quality, design, and production. The company is committed to delivering the highest level of customer service by providing innovative automotive products. Valeo is a key player in the aftermarket and OE scene. The company offers a comprehensive selection of superior parts for a wide range of automotive systems including electrical, thermal, lighting, transmission, and so on.

Valdormeo is also a brake wheel cylinder supplier. Valeo hydraulic range consists of 86 master cylinders and 74 wheel cylinders covering ranges of vehicles: French, German, Asian, etc. All Valeo parts suppliers are strictly conforming to the standards of the company.

Benefiting from the advance technology, the Valeo wheel cylinder features advantages including:

  • Brake fluid reservoir supplying the right braking pressure for optimum braking
  • Allows the optimum flow of brake liquid to the friction components
  • Life expectancy is to be relied on
  • Functions efficiently at all times

Valeo Wheel Cylinders:

Valeo Official Website:


Dorman Wheel Cylinder

  Dorman Wheel Cylinder

Dorman is a company with over 100 years of manufacturing experience. The company was a pioneer of automotive parts since started in 1918. Dorman promotes the freedom to fix vehicles by developing repair solutions that put owners and installers first.

As known auto parts and a wheel cylinder supplier, Dorman markets what they call the OE-Fix. This is to locate every flaw from original equipment, fix it, and make it look better and work better. Dorman wheel cylinders together with other auto parts, Dorman catalog today numbers to over 80,000 units and is growing every year.

Dorman has an extensive selection of drum brake wheel cylinders on their sleeve. They specifically engineered every unit to match the fit, function, and performance of the original wheel cylinder on a specific vehicle. All Dorman wheel cylinders are tested for quality assurance.

Product Features:

  • Ideal solution – engineered to be a perfect match for any vehicle’s original equipment wheel cylinders
  • Cost-effective – due to fast installation feature, Dorman wheel cylinders will not only save time but also lots of bucks in the long run
  • Quality materials – rubber parts are EPDM for long-lasting performance

DORMAN Company Introduction:

Dorman Products:

Dorman Wheel Cylinders:


APC Wheel Cylinder

APC Wheel Cylinder

APC Automotive Technologies is one of the biggest names in North America’s Automotive Industry. They made underbody parts for traditional automotive, race cars, and light to heavy-duty applications.

Formed in 1927, APC originally supplied exhaust and emission products. In 2017 AP Emission and Centric Parts merged, forming APC and creating a unified brand portfolio combing the heritage of emission innovation with Centric Parts’ leading brake systems designing and manufacturing.

Today, APC is a recognized wheel cylinder supplier in the market together with Centric Parts where every brake part are made available. APC wheel cylinders feature as follow:

  • OE style replacement
  • Highest quality
  • Includes brass and aluminum castings where applicable

APC Wheel Cylinder:

APC Products:

APC Official Website:

APC Video Intro:


Delphi Wheel Cylinder

Delphi Wheel Cylinder

Delphi Technologies and products are present to a large scope of 150 countries, and a global network of over 2400 service centers. Delphi products provide OE specifications end-to-end solutions from components to sophisticated software solutions. Being a recognized wheel cylinder supplier, Delphi portfolio also has a wide range of gasoline fuel systems, diesel fuel systems, maintenance solutions, engine management, and vehicle electronics.

Delphi offers a full range of Delphi wheel cylinders, slave, and master as well. All products are back with 90 years of hydraulic system expertise so consumers can be certain every unit will last.

Delphi wheel cylinder difference:

  • 9 decades of hydraulic system expertise
  • Manufacturer in either cast iron or aluminum
  • Cylinder bores precise machined for wear reduction
  • Anodized coating for corrosion resist
  • OE specifications of parts such as rubber seals and dust caps, protecting against leak and contamination
  • 100% end of the line tested for reliability

Delphi Master, Slave, and Wheel Cylinder:

Delphi Auto Parts:

Delphi Products:


ATE Wheel Cylinder

ATE Wheel Cylinder

ATE is a product of 100 years of experience and manufacturing expertise. From hydraulic brakes to ABS, ATE has enriched the market from the outset with pioneering developments and is planning to do so.

ATE wheel cylinder is built by the company’s own and strict standards, which they market as stricter than the legal norm. ATE wheel cylinders meet these ATE N standards, which means every unit can take lots of punishment and stay fully functional for much longer.

The majority of Wheel Cylinders by ATE are made out of aluminum meaning, products are highly resistant to corrosion and brake fluid at the same time, lightweight. This gives the ATE wheel cylinder an edge compared to conventional products.

Features and Benefits of ATE wheel cylinder:

  • High coverage of relevant motor vehicle market
  • High-quality materials
  • Wheel cylinder with and without an integrated pressure regulator
  • Suitable for classic cars
  • Fitting to most of the major car brands in Europe

ATE Brake Wheel Cylinder:

ATE Official Website:

ATE Products:


Hella Wheel Cylinder

Hella Wheel Cylinder

Hella Corporate Center USA, Inc. is located in Northville, Michigan. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HELLA GmbH & Co. KGaA, establishing operations in 1998. HELLA primarily focuses to provide corporate-based services which include, sales, information management, purchasing, and marketing support.

Today, HELLA is a global wheel cylinder supplier and manufacture of different auto parts that benefit many consumers worldwide. The company delivers innovative products and entrepreneurial spirit.

HELLA PAGID wheel brake cylinders feature exceptionally high levels of strength and durability and, like all the company’s products, HELLA wheel cylinders are produced in line with the highest OE standards.

HELLA wheel cylinder advantages:

  • Can be crafted from aluminum, steel, and cast iron
  • Wheel brake cylinders with or without an integrated pressure regulator

HELLA wheel Cylinders:

HELLA Official Website:

HELLA Products per Category:


BeckArnley Wheel Cylinder

BeckArnley Wheel Cylinder

BeckArnley is a leading wheel cylinder supplier and manufacturer of different auto parts for import cars, light trucks, and SUVs. The company was established 100 years ago making them one of the few names in the automotive industry that has reached the century mark. BeckArnley offers brake parts, engine management parts, cooling system parts, electrical parts, and fluids that meet OE specifications fit, form, and function.

BeckArnley wheel cylinder is backed by the company’s many years of experience. They have been providing the public with OE-quality parts. The brand understands parts and delivers OE quality units that match what originally on the vehicle.

Wheel cylinders by BeckArnley make installation a lot easier by adding kits, enhancements, and sets. Below are some of the advantages of their wheel cylinders:

  • Perfect fit and function is guaranteed
  • Made from the same gauge materials as your original part
  • Designed to surpass the lifetime of the original part
  • Built-in conjunction with strict industry standards

BeckArnley Official Website:

Beck/Arnley Products:

BeckArnley Brake Parts:


Motorcraft Wheel Cylinder

Motorcraft Wheel Cylinder

Motorcraft is a company that was launched by the Ford Motor Company in 1972. Motorcraft is the most trusted manufacturer when it comes to vehicle-specific replacement parts for Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles. Aside from being a top-of-the-line wheel cylinder supplier, Motorcraft has an extensive line of premium automotive parts from A/C compressors and alternators to wiper blades and wire sets.

Motorcraft parts feature OEM quality and fit and are designed to maximize the performance of vehicles under the brands’ Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury. The Motorcraft wheel cylinder is the perfect replacement for OE products due to features that are identical and fit alike but cost less than that of the usual OE dealer.

Motorcraft drum brake wheel cylinder features:

  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Recommended by Ford Motor Company
  • Meet the strict Ford Motor Company standards
  • Quality alternative
  • The perfect balance of all safety and durability attributes
  • Precisely design for a perfect fit
  • Materials used are recommended by Ford parts Engineer

Motorcraft Official Website:

Motorcraft Products:

Motorcraft Brake Parts:


Raybestos Wheel Cylinder

Raybestos Wheel Cylinder

Raybestos is not a stranger when it comes to manufacturing different brake parts. The company has a comprehensive selection of different brake parts such as brake shoes, rotors, drums, calipers, and many other products related to the braking system. Products by Raybestos is known for its premium quality, safety, and long-lasting service life. Raybestos has been regarded as the best brand of replacement since 1902.

Raybestos Wheel cylinder also referred to as the Raybestos Element3 Wheel Cylinders are a premium solution for every replacement needs present. Each wheel cylinder is built for long service life and features the highest quality components, delivering top-notch performance and safety.

Without compromising the quality of every Raybestos wheel cylinder, advantages, and features offered as follow:

  • Vehicle specific – match OE form, fit, and function
  • Superior resistance to heat, corrosion, and leakage
  • 100% pressure-tested – dependable operation and leak-free operation
  • Smooth bore finish
  • EPDM and SBR rubber components
  • Hardened Zinc Dichromate Bleeder Screws

Raybestos Element3 Hydraulics:

Raybestos Official Website:

Raybestos Products:


WAGNER Wheel Cylinder

WAGNER Wheel Cylinder

Wagner is a wheel cylinder supplier and manufacturer of different auto parts under the brand of the Federal-Mogul Corporation. Wagner is recognized in the automotive industry as one of the leaders in developing and manufacturing friction materials OE and aftermarket products. The company carries premium brake parts the deliver original equipment fit, form, and dependability on the road. It also promotes longevity that exceeds stock brake equipment.

Wagner wheel cylinders are products by extensive development and innovation. Wagner brake wheel cylinders have improved OE-design giving the consumers the best possible upgrade for their brake system using the finest product.

Product Features:

  • Innovative engineering
  • Extensive product testing
  • Outstanding quality control
  • Provides longer brake life and performance due to improving quality

Wagner Hydraulic Brake Parts:

Wagner Official Website:

Wagner Products:


DFC Wheel Cylinder

DFC Wheel Cylinder

Dynamic Friction Company or the DFC is an award-winning manufacturer of the automotive braking system. DFC maintains a vast inventory of brake parts for all domestic and foreign vehicle applications from the production year of 1930 up to the present day. DFC products in its portfolio showcase varieties of brake rotors, brake pads, drums, brake shoes, hardware kits, and brake sensors.

In commitment to delivering quality, innovation, and value on every unit produced, DFC wheel cylinders are manufactured strictly to acquire OEM specifications. This ensures fit, form, and functions are identical to OE. DFC wheel cylinders are 100% pressure tested to eliminate defects and ensure lasting reliability

Features and benefits of DFC wheel cylinder:

  • Matches OEM specifications
  • Manufactured to highest international quality control standards to eliminate premature failures
  • Excellent coverage on the most popular foreign and domestic application

DFC Hydraulic Wheel Cylinder:

DFC Official Website:


Crown Wheel Cylinder

Crown Wheel Cylinder

Crown Automotive is a premier supplier of auto parts for Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and RT Off-road. The company started operation in 1963 with a humble beginning, storefront shop. Over time, Crown Automotive has developed into a global wheel cylinder supplier and manufacturer of top-graded replacements for Jeep vehicles. The company stocks parts for classic Jeeps from the production year of 1942 on up, even including hard to find, discontinued components.

So if you are a Jeep owner that is having a hard time looking for the right equipment for your ride, the Crown wheel cylinder, and their auto parts are sure to be the answer you are searching for.

Crown Wheel Cylinder Features:

  • Perfect fit for the first time
  • OE quality and performance
  • Fair price Jeep owners sure to afford
  • Designed to strict industry standards

Crown Wheel Cylinder:

Crown Official Website:


FTE Wheel Cylinder

FTE Wheel Cylinder

FTE is a brand under Valeo. The company offers a wide range of brake and clutch components that comprises more than 12,000 units in OEM quality for nearly 40,000 vehicle types and is continually adding more while updating the list of newly available products

FTE is the first wheel cylinder supplier and manufacturer that produces products made from aluminum extruded sections. This technology allows FTE to set quality standards for this product. Aluminum wheel cylinders by FTE match original equipment in respect of casing material and rubber parts. Extending the life span of the product, rubber parts are precisely coordinated to the surface quality of the piston running surfaces.

FTE wheel cylinder advantages

  • Aluminum and cast iron wheel cylinders to choose from
  • The full range of FTE wheel cylinders cover more than 85% of the passenger car vehicle stock in Europe
  • FTE automotive offers wheel cylinders for almost 500 different commercial vehicles
  • Largest supplier of wheel cylinders in this segment of all suppliers in TecDoc

FTE Wheel Cylinders:

FTE Official Website:

FTE Products:


Metelli Wheel Cylinder

Metelli Wheel Cylinder

Metelli Group is founded more than 50 years ago, started the business as a simple mechanical engineering workshop. Today, the company has over 13,000 parts on their sleeves that are being distributed across 90 countries around the globe. Metelli is known to provide brakes and hydraulic parts, water pumps, transmission, and engine parts that have a meticulous quality where Northern Italy is famous for.

Metelli wheel cylinder is being supplied for both aftermarket and the original equipment wheel cylinder for other manufacturers. All are produced in different qualities that best suit specific applications.

Below are the Metelli wheel cylinder features and advantages:

  • Direct compatible replacement for OE parts
  • Contributes to transfer power from the transaxle to the wheels
  • Meet or exceeds the industry standards for quality and durability
  • OE quality parts from top original equipment and aftermarket manufacturers

Metelli Products:

Metelli Official Website:


MOPAR Wheel Cylinder

MOPAR Wheel Cylinder

MOPAR is an exclusive source of original components and accessories for millions of Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, and Fiat vehicles. The company stands in the automotive business for over 80 years and counting. Products by Mopar are highly utilized by professional technicians, races, and weekend drivers for their repair and maintenance needs.

So when you are needing a replacement for your original equipment under the brands mentioned above, you now know where to go. The Mopar wheel cylinder is made using the latest manufacturing tools and technology to meet the highest standards of meticulous brands in the market. Wheel cylinder by Mopar will provide outstanding durability and road performance and will offer reliable service for a long time, making every drive safe and enjoyable.

Mopar Wheel Cylinder features:

  • An ideal solution to keep every vehicle in top shape
  • Constructed using high-grade materials and technology
  • Engineered to ensure excellent performance
  • Highly resistant to wear and tear for long-lasting service
  • Designed according to the highest quality standards

Mopar Official Site:

Mopar Parts and Accessories:

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