Top 9 Wheel Hub Manufacturers of 2023

Wheels are what enable your vehicle to move. Thus, it is important to keep them and other related components healthy at all times. One of the critical components in the vehicle’s system is the wheel hub. The wheel hub is what keeps your wheels attached to your vehicles and allows them to freely turn to enable safety on every steering input. Wheel hub suppliers nowadays are in continuous pursuit to further product development thanks to advance technology present, giving consumers low-cost, high-quality equipment.

Wheel hub companies produce this component with one thing in mind, which is safety. The wheel hub also plays an important role in vehicles that uses ABS or the anti-lock braking system. Wheel hub assemblies are composed of a wheel speed sensor that controls the vehicle’s ABS braking system. This is what tells your ABS control system on how fast your wheel is rotating and if anti-lock braking is necessary when in hard braking situations.

Just like other vehicle components, the wheel hub can experience failure due to many years of constant stress and some other factors. Symptoms of bad wheel hub include shaking steering wheel when driving, ABS light turns on, and/or unnecessary noise from wheels when driving at a certain speed. If experience such, it is important to have your vehicle checked by a professional for a possible wheel hub repair or replacement.

Wheel Hub Market Overview

Making a big impact on the growth of the automotive wheel hub market is the continuous production of vehicles globally. This goes to both aftermarket wheel hub and original equipment. Global wheel hub application is segmented into different types such as passenger vehicle and commercial type vehicle. Wheel hub manufacturers use different types of materials to cater to different application requirements. Materials such as aluminum, steel, and alloy are the most common of it all. Below are some of the key players in the global market. Names are based on brand presence and demand for both the aftermarket and original equipment industry.

automotive wheel hub market

Top Wheel Hub Market Manufacturers List:


Dorman Wheel Hub

Dorman Company

DORMAN is a brand that has over a century of experience as a wheel hub supplier and manufacturer of varieties of auto parts. Dorman has been supplying original equipment quality wheel hubs for over 100 years since started operating in 1918. Today, the company offers a unique solution they called the OE-fix. Firstly, the company locates every flaw on the original equipment, then fixes them to give consumers a better replacement aside from OE products. Dorman boasts its products to have better functionality, longer service life, and better durability than most of the units your car was manufactured with.

Dorman wheel hub and bearing replacements come with the hub and critical bearing alternative components included to which they give the benefit of having a complete repair on the most specific vehicle application. Dorman wheel hub is identical to OE in every aspect featuring a solid steel construction. Also, the wheel hub by Dorman is a vehicle try-on tested for lasting performance and proper fit.

Dorman wheel hub features:

  • Direct OEM replacement
  • Sturdy steel constructions
  • Vehicle try-on tested for a reliable performance
  • Bearings press onto the hub for ease of installation
  • quality inspection includes dimensional checks, materials testing, and hardness testing

Dorman Wheel Hub/Products:

Dorman Official Website:

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DuraGo Wheel Hub


DuraGo was established over 50 years ago. The company is a successful family-owned business. Over the years in the manufacturing scene, DuraGo wheel hub and other brakes parts such as brake rotors, brake drum, electrophoretic brake rotors, brake pads and shoes, and wheel hub kits are developed which is now being served globally. With 5 decades of auto parts provision, DuraGo has been one of the professionals’ choice when it comes to quality, cataloging, profitability, and first to market applications.

All DuraGo Wheel hubs are proudly manufactured to industry-leading quality standards and meet ISO/TS 16949:2002. DuraGo Wheel Hub ensures reduced friction and improves fuel economy. DuraGo uses the highest quality components to assemble each hub unit and is 100% tested to ensure the unit meets the company’s high standards.

DuraGo Wheel Hub Features:

  • Type 1, Type 2, and type 3 hub assemblies available
  • Maintenance-free unitized design- preset, pre-greased, and pre-sealed
  • Full application range for single supplier sourcing
  • Comprehensive product line for ABS and non-ABS vehicles
  • Reduces friction and improves fuel economy
  • Guarantees fit and function for maximum performance

DuraGo Parts Wheel Hub Assemblies:

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GMB Wheel HubGMB Wheel Hub

GMB stands today as a reliable wheel hub supplier and provider of quality cooling products and other engine drive systems, transmission parts, axle parts, driveline components, steering and suspension parts, and bearings. GMB has been serving the automotive industry for over seventy years. Products produced by the company is being highly utilized and made available for both foreign and domestic applications, late and early vehicle models. GMB Wheel hubs are constructed applicable for micro automobiles to large applications such as trucks.

GMB wheel hubs and other components on their shelves are supported by the highest recognitions and certificates including ISO 14001, TS 16949, and OHSAS 8001. Each GMB wheel hub is constructed with ruggedness combined with high-temperature endurance. Proper selection of materials and rigorous quality assurance as well as industry-leading production engineering is incorporated into each wheel hub replacement.

Features of GMB wheel hubs:

  • Restores vehicle functionality
  • Allows vehicle wheels to turn freely with minimal friction
  • Performance and dependability guaranteed
  • Fit, perform and looks the same as OEMs

GMB Official Website:

GMB Products:


Mevotech Wheel Hub


Mevotech today plays a significant role as a wheel hub supplier and manufacturer of different auto parts known for their quality. Mevotech has been on the scene for over 38 years and has been serving people with industry-leading customer support and quality aftermarkets that offers great coverage. The company focuses 100% on aftermarket sales and products where specialized engineering is incorporated in every product.

Mevotech Wheel Hubs are designed as pre-assembled units. Wheel hubs assemblies in general features precision-machined rolling elements, seals, mounting flanges, and commonly, integrated ABS sensors. Products and components are pre-adjusted and pre-set requiring no maintenance. Also, Mevotech wheel hubs are designed to minimize the noise and vibration emission and guarantee smooth movement with consistent torque.

Features and benefits of Mevotech Wheel Hub:

  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Provides axial and radial support
  • Reduces friction and wear
  • Perfect fit
  • Direct replacement
  • High-quality lubricating grease
  • Accurate ABS sensor signal and plug

Mevotech Wheel Hub:

Mevotech Wheel Hub:


MOOG Wheel Hub

MOOG  Wheel Hub

Moog is widely recognized in the automotive industry as The Problem Solver. The history of the company’s name can be traced way back to 1919 where it all started. This was the year where Moog parts have been introduced and recognized by professionals the auto parts that surpass factory original components. Today, Moog is known as a key wheel hub supplier in the global market. Aside from quality products, Moog is known to deliver award-winning technical support and training materials.

Moog Wheel Hubs are engineered to overcome driving problems and deliver smooth, reliable performance. The company takes pride in every unit to having innovative design, durable construction, safer operation, and easy application.

Features and quick benefits of Moog Wheel Hub:

  • Roll form design, premium quad lip seal
  • Engineered to provide long life and dependability
  • Minimize noise and vibration
  • Complete unit speeds installation
  • Exclusive oil seal design eliminates leaking and contamination

Moog Parts Wheel Hub Assemblies:

Moog Parts:

Moog Parts Official Website:


Raybestos Wheel Hub

Raybestos Company

Raybestos is a leading wheel hub supplier and manufacturer of different brake parts, brake shoes, rotors, drums, calipers, and other products known to deliver premium quality, safety, and long-lasting service life. The company has been regarded as a leading brand of replacement products since 1902. Raybestos demonstrates its continuous commitment to research and development. Benefitting from advanced technology, Raybestos offers top of the line wheel hubs which are perfect replacement due to their dependability and performance.

Raybestos offers 3 generations of wheel hub units. Each unit is designed to OE specifications and is tested for endurance, temperature control, hydraulic and salt resistance, metallurgical integrity, and vibration. All evaluations ensure quiet, safe, and consistent performance.

Features of Raybestos wheel hubs:

  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Maintenance-free
  • Integral lifetime seal
  • Integral wheel mounting flange
  • Integral suspension mounting flange
  • Simplified installation
  • No preloading required
  • Compact size

Raybestos Wheel Hub:

Raybestos Official Website:

Raybestos Products:

SKF Wheel Hub

SKF wheel hub

SKF is an industry-leading bearing and wheel hub supplier. The company has over a century of manufacturing expertise since established back in 1907. SKF products are present to almost everything that moves or rolls. With many years of experience, SKF stands today as one of the premier providers of quality parts which include bearings, ball, roller, plain bearings, rod ends, bushings, and much more.

Nearly 90 million vehicles worldwide use the SKF wheel hub and bearings. This is more than all other brands combined. All SKF wheel hubs feature premium quality parts that are manufactured using high-quality steel and surface finishes, premium seals, OE grade sensors, precision manufacturing techniques, and precise assembly tolerances.

SKF wheel hub features:

  • 100% tested to the actual OE specifications for fit, form, and function
  • Broadest range of hub bearings and hub kits in the aftermarket
  • Easy to install, pre-adjusted and lubricated for life wheel hub assemblies
  • Designed to restore original performance and reliability
  • Long term durability
  • Manufactured using advanced equipment
  • Made to meet or exceed the most stringent industry standards

SKF Official Website:

SKF Hub bearings and Hub kits:


TIMKEN Wheel Hub

Timken Company

TIMKEN is a family-owned business that focuses on global industrial technology. The company was established in 1899 and has been growing consistently ever since. Today, Timken has become an international company that has over 60 manufacturing facility that is located in 30 countries from different continents. TIMKEN serves different industries which include automotive, aerospace, power generation, health, metallurgy, and much more. In the automotive, the TIMKEN brand is one of the key players bringing the growth of the wheel hub as an international wheel hub supplier.

TIMKEN manufactures wheel hub and bearings to feature a premium design with enhanced surface finishes, and are manufactured using quality materials ensuring long life and excellent anti-friction properties. The overall design of the TIMKEN wheel hub enables lower total system cost, communization opportunities, improved performance, reduced weight, and lower warranty costs.

Benefits of TIMKEN wheel hubs:

  • Designed to effectively reduce friction
  • Ultimate load handling capability
  • Made of highest quality materials for long service life
  • Special coatings provide additional protection to corrosion
  • Advanced sensor technology
  • Produced from clean, high-quality alloy steel for increased strength and durability

TIMKEN Official Website:

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TIMKEN Formed Hub:


NSK Wheel Hub

NSK Wheel Hub

NSK is a globally renowned wheel hub supplier and manufacturer of different bearings for a wide range of applications including automotive, precision machinery, and industrial machinery. NSK is among few auto parts manufacturers that have reached its century mark existence. Today, NSK products such as NSK wheel hub and quality bearings are being used in over 30 countries from a different region of the globe.

Each NSK Wheel hub is manufactured to meet increasingly strict requirements that demand lighter weight, greater promotion of fuel efficiency, and enhance module production systems. NSK guarantees the high quality of all the company’s products by repeated, rigorous bench testing.

Benefits of NSK Wheel hubs:

  • Ideal replacement to worn-out factory originals
  • Allows wheel to freely turn
  • Will provide brand-new feels, performance, and dependability
  • Fit, look and operates the same as original equipment
  • Easy to install

NSK Official Website:

NSK Products:

NSK Hub Unit Bearings:

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