Top 15 Window Regulator Manufacturers of 2023

One of the many safety features of the vehicle is its windows. Window glasses are operated using a mechanism called the window regulator. Window regulator function as a crank or switch is pressed, a gear or a motor will move the windows upward or downward as desired. Window regulators are found sitting inside your car’s door panels and is common to every door to have one.

With many years of product development, window regulator manufacturers have innovated two different types of window regulators. The manual window regulator and the power window regulator. The manual is seen on old model cars that use a handle that is connected to a gear that needs to be rotated to allow windows to be adjusted. The power window regulator on the other hand is commonly seen in the modern vehicle and is powered by the window motor. With just a simple press and pull, it is easier to move the windows. With the difference in window regulator assembly, both types of window regulators function the same and share the same working principle.

Window Regulator Market Overview

Driving the global market demand of automotive window regulators is the continuous production of vehicles by automakers worldwide. Replacements and aftermarkets have been increasing as well together with original equipment giving the industry a more competitive environment. With having many choices, it is with great importance for every window regulator supplier to produce such a component that will fit and function just as what global consumers are expecting. Below are some of the manufacturers that play a big role in the growth of the window regulator market.

Electric window Regulator Market

Window Regulator Manufacturers List:

Brose Window Regulator

Brose Window Regulator

90 years ago, the entrepreneur Max Brose introduced his very own window regulator at the 21st international show in Berlin. This is the same year where the Atlas window crank apparatus production started in Coburg. 90 years later, Brose manufactures the initial annual output of window regulators in less than a day. This family-owned company today has 38 manufacturing plants worldwide that produces around 70 million window regulators. Products by Brose are being used as an integral part of door systems by major OEMs.

Put into a record, Brose has produced 1.4 billion units of window regulators for the last 90 years. If these numbers don’t give a good impression to consumers, Brose’s almost a century of expertise will certainly make up for it.

Features and advantages of Brose Window regulators:

  • Made of top-notch materials for lasting performance and door system aid
  • Tested and specifically designed to fit different applications
  • 100% brand-new products – not remanufactured or refurbished

Brose Official Website:

Brose Products:

Brose Window Regulators:

sontian logo

SONTIAN Window Regulator

SONTIAN has been a leader in the automotive industry since 1995. The company was founded by a group of professionals who had experience working with some of the world’s most important car companies.

The company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and its quality system meets the requirements of ISO/TS16949. SONTIAN products are tested before shipping to ensure safety, reliability, durability and performance standards set by our customers.

SONTIAN’s goal is to provide the highest quality product at an affordable price with superior customer service. They are committed to ensuring that every customer is completely satisfied with our products and services.

The company has design engineers on staff who specialize in researching new technologies and developing new products for the automotive industry. They work closely with our customers to develop custom solutions for their unique needs.

SONTIAN Products

  • Blower Motor

  • Radiator Fan

  • BLDC Motor

  • Wiper Motor


Window Regulators:

SHIROKI Window Regulator

SHIROKI Window Regulator

Shiroki Corporation is a manufacturer and a distributor of automotive parts. The company produces different auto parts including Shiroki window regulators, door frames, moldings, seat recliners, seat adjusters, door locks, and other reliable automotive components.

The company was established back in March of 1946. Shiroki started producing window regulators in May 1951. With this immense manufacturing background, you are sure to get window regulators that feature exactly what you want and the performance that you need. Shiroki is constantly advancing while remaining faithful to its root.

Shiroki window regulators are produced into different types such as the x-arm and single arm. They also create wire regulators. Products are designed traditionally but also has the flexibility to provide the best structure required by different applications.

Features of Shiroki Window Regulator:

  • Low cost
  • Sound reducing operation
  • Lightest wire-type window regulator

Shiroki Corporation Official Website:

Shiroki Window Regulator:

Shiroki Corporation Products:


ANTOLIN Window Regulator

ANTOLIN Window Regulator

Grupo Antolin or commonly addressed as ANTOLIN started its automotive business journey as a mechanics garage that specializes in vehicle and agriculture machinery repairs in Burgos, Spain, and run by Avelino Antolin.

Today, Antolin has been leading the industry as a window regulator supplier and manufacturer of different interior components for the automobile industry including overhead, doors, lightings, cockpits, and consoles. The company established manufacturing sites in 26 countries where almost 30,000 employed professionals maintain production processes.

Having creativity, leadership, and client satisfaction as their core values, ANTOLIN ensures to provide window regulators that will meet or exceed client/consumers satisfactions. ANTOLIN window regulator added value consists of providing solutions ranging from steel and stamped aluminum to magnesium and plastic injection for all segments.

ANTOLIN Window Regulator features:

  • Advance electronic focus
  • Products are backed with extensive manufacturing experience
  • ANTOLIN window regulators can be made from different materials depending on application requirements
  • Low cost

Grupo Antolin Official Website:

Grupo Antolin Window Regulator:


Valeo Window Regulator

Valeo Window Regulator

Valeo was founded in Saint Quen France in 1923. Today, the company stands as a leading window regulator supplier and strategic partner to many automakers worldwide. Valeo Service is part of the Valeo group which specializes in global auto parts production that serves over 150 countries.

VALEO window regulators are manufactured to fit all models of passenger cars, LCV, and trucks. All replacement parts are compatible with comfort and exacting function and anti-pinch. Valeo products cover more than 258 million vehicles in Europe alone which ensures future clients get only the best of the industry has to offer.

Advantages of Valeo Window Regulators:

  • More than 1,510 part numbers
  • Different window regulator types
  • Products are supplied by Valeo respect original equipment standards for durability and performance
  • Valeo window regulators are fully tested; components are selected according to strict industrial standards

Valeo Service Official Website:

Valeo Window Regulators:

HI-LEX Window Regulator

HI-LEX Window Regulator

Founded in 1946, HI-LEX is a manufacturing brand that stands alone for having conducted research that has expanded the development stages of creating innovative technologies. These technologies are proven to be of exceptional quality and reliable while maintaining creative designs, functionality, and ease for ultimate customer.

HI-LEX produces over 10 million window regulators every year and continues to grow exponentially. HI-LEX facilities are equipped with the latest manufacturing technology used in window regulator production allowing HI-LEX to maintain higher reliability and control. Semi-automated and automated assembly lines allow HI-LEX to provide low-cost products while maintaining superior quality.

Advantages and features of HI-LEX window regulators:

  • Drive unit can be manually set
  • Drive unit and actuation can be connected by a cable to provide good drive unit layout conditions
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Multiple types available

HI-LEX Official Website:

HI-LEX Products:

HI-LEX Window Regulators/Automotive:

INTEVA Window Regulator

INTEVA Window Regulator

INTEVA is a customer-driven global window regulator supplier and provider of different engineered components and systems for the automotive world. INTEVA provides top-notch competitive products and services with quality measured at single-digit rejected parts per million. INTEVA window regulators and other products are delivered on-time and available at a competitive price. INTEVA product lines include closure systems, interior systems, and motors, and electronics. The company has over 100 customers including the brand of giants and the world’s leading global and regional automakers.

INTEVA door systems including INTEVA window regulators are manufactured, engineered, and validated prior to delivery to OEM ensuring quality that will meet the strictest standards.

Features of INTEVA window regulators:

  • Direct original equipment replacement
  • Reduced weight materials used in construction
  • Low-cost production yet exceptional quality window regulators
  • Wide range of product options catering to different application requirements

INTEVA Official Website:

INTEVA Door Systems:

INTEVA Window Regulator:

JOHNAN Window Regulator

JOHNAN Window Regulator

Johnan is a manufacturer and marketer of automotive components and other associated dies and equipment. The company was founded on Feb. 1, 1946, and today has 454 employees. The company supplier original equipment for many brands including Nissan, SUBARU, Honda, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Suzuki, Volvo, and much more.

Johnan product lines primarily include automotive window regulator systems, are built around high production standards of the quality system that includes rigorous testing and continuous improvement. Johnan window regulators and OEMs continue to show high market trust and acclaim for their performance and safety, especially door and body-related functional parts.

Features of Johnan Window Regulator:

  • Johnan window regulators of all types are widely used in small cars to large trucks, as well as electric vehicles
  • Excellent strength and durability and ensures elevating stability even in harsh environments
  • Power specifications and manual specifications can be set
  • Multiple specification line ups for different needs of customers

JOHNAN Official Website:

JOHNAN Products:

JOHNAN Window Regulator:


AISIN Window Regulator

AISIN Window Regulator

AISIN is a trusted window regulator supplier and provider of a comprehensive line of parts and accessories for virtually every vehicle you can see today. Since the company’s foundation back in 1965, AISIN has striven towards creating solutions using advanced technologies and innovative products for the automotive industry. Using cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques, AISIN produces, designs, and engineers every AISIN window regulator and other components to be the best possible replacement there is. Alongside the company’s window regulators, drivetrain, cooling, brake, and chassis parts of high quality and reliability can be seen in their product catalog.

AISIN window regulators are manufactured using high-quality materials to serve consumers and their vehicles for many years to come. Every unit is designed using state-of-the-art technology and customers in mind to meet every need and product expectations and to offer them at an affordable price.

Features of AISIN window regulators are as follow:

  • Ensures perfect fitment through reverse engineering from original equipment’s design
  • Many design improvements that enhance product performance and quality of every regulators and motor
  • More than 30 validations and tests are applied to ensure the highest quality possible
  • Window regulator from AISIN has fitting instructions in multiple languages

AISIN Official Website:

AISIN Product Listing:

AISIN Window Regulator:

Kuester Window Regulator

Kuester Window Regulator

Kuester Holding is a facility business that has a tradition of supplying products for the automotive industry. Kuester entrepreneurial activity follows a simple principle of sustainability where the company reflects it as long-term thinking. Kuester produces intelligent electro-mechanical actuation and adjustment systems, in-house development electronics, and actuating elements. With the company’s customer-oriented action and reliable partnerships with strategic suppliers, Kuester is a self-made global partner for almost all well-known automobile manufacturers.

In manufacturing Kuester window regulator and other door system components, Kuester incorporates every single experience in mechanics and electronics to find the right solution for consumers. The company focuses on safe and reliable operation, as well as lightweight construction and emission reduction.

Kuester Window Regulator Features:

  • Simple, yet diverse adjustment possibilities
  • Systems are adaptable to customer-specific assembly
  • Automatic cable length compensation
  • Highly rigid and stable
  • Custom window regulator available

Kuester Official Website:

Kuester Product Overview:

Kuester Window Regulators:

ACDelco Window Regulator

ACDelco Window Regulator

ACDelco is a globally recognized window regulator supplier for GM brands. If you are needing a replacement for your vehicles under the automaker brands of Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Saturn, and Hummer, ACDelco is the manufacturer to trust. The company also has other auto parts which included brake pads and rotors, belts and hoses, shocks and struts, alternators and starters, fuel pumps, and many more trustworthy components.

With more than a century of experience and manufacturing expertise, the ACDelco window regulator guarantees to be of full service for every vehicle they will be applied to. ACDelco window regulator promises to keep your vehicle running properly and will fit your GM brand cars. All units are engineered to fit specific GM vehicles and will provide the same strength and performance.

ACDelco Window Regulator Features:

  • Direct fit – product package comes with connectors
  • 100% new – not remanufactured or refurbished parts
  • ACDelco window regulators are designed to restore the functionality of your door system
  • The finest quality at a great price
  • Built to last for many years

ACDelco Official Website:

ACDelco Parts:

ACDelco Window Regulator:


Dorman Window Regulator

Dorman Window Regulator

Dorman is a globally renowned window regulator supplier and a leader in providing quality automotive products in the global market. The company has a deep manufacturing background since started operation back in 1918 making them one of the manufacturers that stands for over a century now. The company has engaged the aftermarket industry three decades ago and has been on constant growth ever since. Dorman features their OE-fix where every flaw present is eliminated through redesigning and in-depth evaluation making Dorman products a more reliable replacement compared to that of original equipment.

DORMAN window regulators are made of quality materials that are expected to surpass the durability and functionality of original equipment. Dorman window regulators feature an improved design and are all tested to ensure trouble-free performance and easily installs with no wire splicing required.

Features of Dorman Window Regulators:

  • Effectively raises and lowers windows where the product is applied
  • Improved performance
  • Power window regulator features Anti-pinch technology to prevent passengers from getting hurt
  • Many years of reliable service is guaranteed
  • Quality tested – trouble-free performance
  • Improved tack curve and mounting profiles for exact fitment and smooth operation
  • Plug-and-play installation, eliminating the need for modification

DORMAN Products Official Website:

DORMAN Window Regulator:

TYC Window Regulator

TYC Window Regulator

TYC is one of America’s leading window regulator suppliers and a company that delivers a vast selection of technologically advanced automotive products to the customers. Alongside TYC window regulators, the company also offers lamps, radiators, condensers, evaporators, cooling fans, starters, alternators, and many more automotive products that are designed with the utmost quality in mind.

Giving you the advantage of acquiring exceptional quality TYC window regulators, you can enjoy long service life and value for money with TYC door systems. TYC window regulators are made of high-quality materials to meet the strictest standards and life expectancy that surpasses the original equipment.

Here are some of the advantages to be enjoyed with TYC window regulators:

  • Original equipment quality at an affordable price
  • Direct replacement
  • Installs the same as the factory unit
  • Same dimension as OE
  • All-new components for longer life expectancy
  • ISO certified Products

TYC Official Website:

TYC Window Regulators:

Crown Window Regulator

Crown Window Regulator

Crown Automotive is a top-rated window regulator supplier for many Jeep vehicles on the road today. The company was established in 1963 with a very humble beginning where they are a small storefront business. Over time, due to the honest and reliable products they produced, Crown automotive grows to be a global manufacturer for different types and production year of vehicles under the Jeep brand. It is because of Crown equipment and auto parts that many classic Jeep vehicles are still running in good condition today. Crown automotive products are made to suit models from 1942 and up, even those discontinued, hard-to-find parts.

The power window regulator by Crown Automotive is made to be of service for Jeep vehicles for many reliable years. Products are composed of high-grade materials to meet the strictest standards of high-quality. Crown window regulators are designed with the utmost care and attention to detail ensuring the functionality of Jeep OE is incorporated in every unit they provide.

Some of the features you can get from Crown Window Regulator:

  • Developed to improve the driving experience
  • Constructed to ensure smooth operation
  • Manufactured from sturdy materials
  • Backed by a comprehensive warranty

Crown Official Website:

Crown Automotive Window Regulator:

Crown Product Website is segmented into four different options including Jeeps, Chrysler, Dodge, and RT Off-road.

C:\Users\123\Desktop\aci_logo (1).png

ACI Window Regulator

ACI Window Regulator

ACI is a company of Four Season / Standard Motor Products Inc. which is located in Grapevine Texas. ACI produces premium products such as washer pumps, window lift motors, window regulators, window switches, and door lock actuators under the brand of ACI. ACI Automotive is an ISO/TS 16949:2002 registered manufacturer of windshield wiper pumps, and window lift motors for the original equipment automotive world. Also, ACI is products are registered under ISO 14001:2004, which allows the company to offer products having an exact fit as OE parts.

Power window regulators by ACI are manufactured to meet or exceed the highest standards established. With this, the ACI window regulator is expected to give customers many years of reliable and trouble-free door system support.

Advantages of ACI window regulators are the following:

  • Engineered to match OE quality regulators mounting
  • Designed for improved torque and speed
  • Features a circuit breaker preventing overheating parts
  • Hardened steel gear
  • Expertly crafted from heavy-duty materials

ACI Official Website:

ACI BuyersGuide:

ACI Window Regulator:

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