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Top 12 Wiper Motor Manufacturers of 2023

MZW wiper motor manufacturerProne to outdoor factors such as rain, dust, snow, ice, and others, windshields of a vehicle is needing of maintenance. Windshield wiper is one of component that keeps the vehicle windows’ spotless, it is also a legal requirement to have one.
Wiper Motor manufacturers design different types of components that suits to any kind of environment. This auto part is powered by an electronic component called the wipe motor. The Wipe motors is a device used in the vehicle’s wiper system to power the wiper blades for a smooth motion.

The Wiper Motor Market Overview

Due to constant development and production of vehicles by many wiper motor manufacturer and automotive suppliers, wipe motor OEM parts and aftermarket has been in demand constantly. By application, wiper motors are used for both passenger cars and commercial type vehicle. According, global automotive washer system market with its wiper motor as top product is is expected to experience moderate growth in revenues during 2019-2029 period at an estimated CAGR of 3%.
Contributing to its market growth are regions from different corners of the globe including:

  • Middle East and Africa
  • South America
  • North America
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Europe

Countries from this regions are a big factor on the booming market of wiper motor.
Given an ever expanding demand for wiper motor, many OEM companies and manufacturers will compete to be the supplying brand.

The Top 12 Wiper Motor OEM Manufacturers:


Bosch Wiper Motor

Founded by a German inventor Robert August Bosch in 1885, Bosch company rises to top as one of the world’s leading engineering firms. Right from the very beginning, Bosch was known as an innovative and socially committed company.
Being a global leader for both original equipment and alternatives, Bosch wiper motor parts provides wide application compatibility. Units they offer are made available for all regions of all markets. American Bosch wiper motor is being utilized globally and sets standards to many replacements present today. Bosch Wiper motors are made to fit nearly every brand you can see.
Bosch windshield wiper motors are not limited to traditional design, the company also has custom wiper motor that can be enjoyed by many enthusiasts that is in need of seamless automotive solutions.
You can find exacting alternative you need when you visit Bosch wiper motor cross reference. Key features of Bosch Wipe Motor includes:

  • Matching quality as originally equipped parts
  • Vast selection of wiper motor for wide application
  • Lightweight – Complete wiper system features intelligent mechatronics for efficient cleaning systems
  • Bosch wipe motor is designed to suit every weather conditions from different part of the world – guarantees to provide performance resulting in blades to efficiently provide visibility even driving under extreme condition.

Bosch Global Official site :
Bosch automotive mobility services by regions:
Bosch Wiper Motor & Wiper systems :

Mitsuba Wiper Motor

Mitsuba or the Mitsuba Corporation is a Japanese based manufacturer of different types of automotive electrical system. Components such as Mitsuba window motors, fuel pumps, pressure regulator, and door mirrors are included in their vast product portfolio.
The company provides wide range of automotive products to further enhance safety and comfort of driving through efficient field-of-vision using wiper system and others . Varieties of components in their field-of-vision system including complete assembly of Mitsuba rear wiper motor, front, and other Mitsuba wiper motor parts.
Mitsuba wiper motor specifications are engineered to match many automotive supplier makes today.

  • Mitsuba Corporation takes pride and guarantees to give convenience and comfort to every window system using their window motor
  • The company’s window motor catalog covers nearly every autmotive brands today
  • Made from lightweight materials, Mitsuba power window motor features high-powered design suiting for every automobiles.

Mitsuba Official Site:
Mitsuba Core Product:
Mitsuba Wiper Motor & Electrical System:

Dorman Wiper Motor

Established in 1918 by the Dorman brothers, Dorman serves as a pioneer in automotive aftermarket solutions. The company’s headquarters is located in Colmar, Pennsylvania. Dorman product catalog numbers to over 80,000 different units which are growing every year.
In manufacturing different auto parts, Dorman offers a unique fabrication method they call the OE fix which is incorporated in Dorman wiper motors. This promotes better functionality by fixing every flaws there is in the original equipment design. The company also has their Dorman Wiper motor pulse board module which readily connects wiring harnesses bringing back your wiper system proper function.
Dorman wiper motors are widely utilized by many aftermarket shops globally due to a complete wiper motor assembly replacement.

Units by Dorman features the following:

  • 100% brand-new composites that matches the function and performance of original equipment
  • Complete wiper system – together with the wiper motor, replacement includes transmission/linkage
  • Complete assembly allowing consumers to reduce labor time and gives accurate installation
  • Wiper motors and transmission assemblies are made at a competitive price

Dorman Official Product Site:
Dorman Product Catalog:
Dorman Wiper Motor and Transmission Assemblies:
Dorman Company Video Introduction:

sontian logo

SONTIAN Wiper Motor

SONTIAN Wiper Motor Manufacturer is one of the professional wiper manufacturers in China. The brand has over 20 years of experience in this industry and its products are sold to more than 80 countries worldwide.

SONTIAN is an ISO9001:2008 certified company with a highly experienced team that has been working together to build high-quality products at competitive prices. They are committed to providing our customers with superior service and products that are manufactured under strict quality control systems.

They have a team of engineers who can design new products with the latest technology using either our in-house tooling or support from local suppliers in China. They have developed their own technology in order to keep up with the changing market demands while maintaining high-quality standards.

SONTIAN Products:

  • Blower Motor
  • Radiator Fan
  • BLDC Motor
  • Window Regulator


Wiper Motors:

DOGA Wiper Motor

DOGA is a family owned manufacturing company, which started operating in 1957 in Barcelona, Spain. The company has over 60 years of expertise in the automotive business. Their portfolio is composed of products including windshield wiper systems, washer systems, automotive tanks, drive systems, window lift systems, and much more alike.
When it comes to fabricating exceptional windshield wiper equipment, DOGA will not be left behind. All units including DOGA wiper motors are backed by their rich experience. DOGA Wiper motors wiring diagram are protected using quality materials promoting lasting wiping aid. DOGA wiper motor catalogue is made to fit all types of applications.
DOGA wiper motor parts features if not the same better than advertised:

  • Wiper motors and other windshield wiper system components offers wide application fitment
  • Vehicle specific design – generating maximum performance output ensuring provision of required visibility are to where they are applied.
  • Longer life expectancy benefiting from the heavy-duty materials
  • Unending innovation by employed engineers creating international level solutions

DOGA Official Site:
DOGA Products:
DOGA Wiper Motor & Windshield Wiper Systems:


TRICO Wiper Motor

TRICO is one of the manufacturers that reached the 100 years milestone. For over 100 years, TRICO has been creating premium wiper blades incorporating the innovations, upgrades, and fitment of many original equipment present. The company started operating back in 1916 where they introduce Rain Rubber (wiper blade).
Quality Trico wipers motor parts begins inside their 81,000 sq.-foot Global Technology Center in Rochester Hills, Michigan. This facility is equipped with the latest analytical testing implementing rigorous tests where Trico wiper motors puts in an extreme, real-world conditions and outdoor factors.
The company has over 60 CAD workstations used in designing innovative wiper system components. All Trico wiper motors, blades, and other Trico wiper system units are certified under TS 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001.

  • TRICO has variety of wiper motors suiting for specific application requirement
  • All units are tested conforming to OE customer design specifications
  • Wiper system solutions by TRICO are made available globally making their products accessible from anywhere
  • Offers the most durable wiper blade in the market. TRICO Maxx promotes durability like no other.

TRICO Official Site:
TRICO Products:
TRICO Wiper Motor Maxx:
TRICO Brand Video:

Valeo Wiper Motor

Valeo services is a part of a big, globally renowned Valeo Group. Valeo was founded in 1993 in France. Today, the company stands as of the top supplier and strategic partner of many automakers known today. Services they offered and auto parts they have are made available to over 150 countries.
The company expertises includes transmission systems, air conditioning, wiping systems, lighting systems, electrical systems, and cooling & air management.
In many places in Europe, Valeo wiper motor is wide utilized and statistically supported that one every three vehicles are equipped with one. Valeo wiper motor parts and units promotes safety with providing a clearer view from every side where unit is applied. Valeo has a large wiper motor catalogue that incorporates characteristic of original equipment giving reliable performance even under extreme weather conditions.

  • Valeo wiper motors are 100% OE production
  • Installation accuracy are 100% – eliminating incorrect or mounting failures
  • Constructed to last – wiper motors are made from high-quality original from OE
  • Life expectancy of wiper motors are expected to be the same as original equipment

Valeoservice Official Site:
Valeoservice Product Technical Assistance Page:
Valeo Wiper Motors:

ROCA Wiper Motor


ROCA also known as ROCA Industry is a Swedish, family-owned company that was founded in 1976.
The company today stands as one of the biggest contributor of OEM parts such as their ROCA wiper motors and other wiper system components. Today, ROCA is comprised by total of 50 employees with head offices in Stockholm and subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland, Germany, China, and Taiwan.
Over the years, ROCA promotes environmental awareness by fabricating ROCA wiper motors that conforms to ISO 14001:2015. Also, ROCA is a company recognized by the highest standards and certification of ISO 9001:2005.
Throughout its existence in the business, the company has provided countless ROCA wiper motor parts for many companies around the globe. ROCA wiper motor promotes user-friendly units designed to fit all application requirements regardless of size, angle, and position.
ROCA wiper motors deliver functionality that will last long and advantage such as the following:

  • Heavy-duty Motor constructed from premium-grade materials
  • CE approved; EMC protected
  • Provides maximum visibility due to easily adjustable sweep angle

ROCA Industry Official Website:
ROCA Wiper Motor; Wiper Systems:
ROCA Industry Brand Video:

Autotex Wiper Motor

images Autotex is a manufacturing company fouded in New Jersey in 1991. They started their OEM AUTOTEX heavy-duty wiper motor business in 1998. In later 2015, Autotex spun off from its parent brand which is the Wexco Industries.
The company serves the public with products including:

  • Passenger and Commercial Vehicle’s Windshield wiper blades
  • Heavy-duty Wiper Motors
  • Wiper Arms
  • and other Heavy-duty Wiper system components

Autotex windshield wiper motors and other system components are enjoyed by many partners worldwide due to functionality that tops the industry. Here are some of the features of Autotex Wiper Motors:

  • Heavy-duty wiper motors- utilizing high-quality materials, Autotex products ensures durability for longer service under harshest weather conditions
  • Hassle-free installation unit with gears and cables provided for easy fitting. Wiper motor comes with 2-speed wiper switch for managing speeds of wiper blades as desired.
  • Easy-to-fit product – compatible to wide variety of applications such as trucs, equipment, tractors, boats, buses.
  • Maximum cleaning range of up to 110 degrees for effective cleaning and clearer vision

Autotex Official Website:
Autotext Product Page:
Autotext Wiper Motors:

ACDelco Wiper Motor

images (1)
ACDelco is known as a brand of GM customer care and aftersales. THe company provides premium products for almost all vehicle systems. Their products also covers off-road, industrial, and marine equipment.
Over the long years of existence since founded in 1916 by William C. Durant, the company is known to many names including United Motors Corporation, United Motors Service, and United Delco.
ACDelco wiper motors are GM-recommended wiper system replacement for many automotive supplier genuine parts on the globe. ACDelco wiper motors parts are manufactured to fit specific GM vehicle providing the same performance, durability, and life expectancy from GM.
Some of ACDelco wiper motor assembly features and advantages are below:

  • Recommended by majority of GM as a replacement due to synonymous effect and vision-aid it can provide
  • Matching quality, durability, and longevity to GM OE
  • From looks, fitment, and functionality, ACDelco wiper motor has indistinguishable difference
  • Operates wiper transmission to provide cleared road-view through a clean windshield

ACDelco Official Website:
ACDelco Shop/Product Page:
ACDelco wiper motors; Wiper Parts:

Lucas Wiper Motor

Established in 1962, LUCAS TVS is a joint venture between LUCAS Plc. UK and TVS Group in India. Since 1930, LUCAS was operational providing aftersales service and warranty to many automotive supplier who carries Lucas parts.
The company initially started as a manufacturer of starters. Progressing over the years, Lucas commenced in create complete solutions for automotive systems including:

  • Lucas Wiper Motors
  • Auto Electricals
  • Air Compressors
  • Stop – start Systems
  • Engine Cooling Components
  • Ignition System
  • Diesel Fuel Injection System, etc.

Today, Lucas is a big contributor in automotive wiping system. They produce Lucas wiper motors, linkages, and other wiping system components that is being utilized globally by vehicle companies.
Lucas-TVS are capable of developing, design, and supplying full wiping system including motor,arms, and blades.
Key specifications of Lucas Wiper Motors include the ff:

  • Snap-on brush gear assembly
  • Adhesive fixed high energy magnets
  • Tubular connecting rods with moulded plastic bearings
  • Long-life expectancy
  • Thermal protector capable of withstanding harshest environment conditions
  • Wide application compatibility

Lucas-TVS Official Website:
Lucas Wiper Motors:
Lucas Wiper Motors OEM:

Denso Wiper Motor


Denso is arguably one of the biggest name in the auto parts industry. The company is was founded as Nippon Denso Co. Ltd. In 1949. The company manufactures different auto parts including gasoline and diesel engine parts, hybrid vehicle components, climate control systems, air-bag systems, spark plugs, and so on.
They has the world’s leading market share of small motors for critical automotive components such as thei Denso wiper motors and power windows. Dedicated to be of service, Denso continues to create outstanding and reliable components
Denso Wiper Motor parts brings innovative solution for wiping system troubles in form of their OEM wiper motor. Denso Wiper motor catalogue has units that are meticulously designed to provide fitment for all kinds of cars, trucks, and buses on the road.
Here are some of the specifications and features of Denso Wiper Motor:

  • Low-noise emission resulting to a comfortable operation
  • Designed to rotate 90 degrees compare to 110 degrees of conventional motor. Reversing motor reduces wiper linkage travel – releases space in plenum area
  • Features Special Park, automatic wiping angle control, speed control, and obstacle detection
  • Handpicked composites are utilized to create tangible and lasting solution

Denso Global Official Website:
Denso Automotive Services:
Denso Wiper Motors; Small Motors:

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