Top 7 Air Spring Manufacturers of 2023

MZW Air Spring ManufacturerVehicle development has come a long way over the years. From frame works to innovation of different parts and components. Suspension system has been one of the most important part of the vehicle. Components that comprised the suspension system nonetheless promotes better drivability and overall control of the vehicle.
One of the components of the system is the air springs. Air spring is made out from rubber and fabric. It is a container where column of air are confined. This component helps the wheels to be of constant height regardless how heavy the load is.

The Air Spring Market Overview

Air springs manufacturer nowadays has been competing by incorporating new design, looks, innovation, and upgrades to their products. Aside from quality, air spring manufacturers also compete at pricing. Many OEM and aftermarket producers are being seen with different suspension system components and many assumed to be on the top. As far as the development of automotive is concern, production of air springs will be in constant demand for many years to come.
According to the article from, global air springs market size is expected to gain market growth in the forecast period (2020-2025) with CAGR of 2.6% and is expected to reach 2581.3 million USD , from USD 2330.9 million in 2019.
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market overview

The Top 7 Brake Drum OEM Manufacturers:


WABCO Air Spring

With the passion to Innovate automotive products, WABCO has been a global supplier of braking control systems and other advanced technologies that further improves safety and security of daily driving. WABCO has over 162,000 employees worldwide with approximately 260 locations scattered on the globe.
WABCO Air Spring has been one of the company’s priorities. Together with the conventional air suspension valves, charging valves and the company’s ECAS system, WABCO suspension control products are being utilized globally.
WABCO air springs are made available to fit commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers. Units are made to provide constant level hauling, and deliver long, and reliable service. Below are some of the advantages WABCO Air Spring offers:

  • Constant driving level
  • Dramatically increased load capacities
  • Reduces load of pavement
  • Spring travel independent from the loading condition of the vehicle
  • Extends vehicle life
  • Noise-free and less vibration

WABCO Official Website:
WABCO Air Spring Catalogue:
WABCO Customer Center:


Firestone Air Spring


Firestone Industrial Products has been creating solutions for automotive suspension system for more than 80 years. The company’s rich experience, research and development, technological advantage allows them to provide air springs that has futuristic approach to be of use by consumers in the global market. Firestone air spring catalogue covers many application and are compatible to many types of vehicle on the road today.
Firestone air springs and other related products are engineered to fit commercial trucks and trailers, cars, sports utility vehicles, light trucks, mini, vans, motor homes, buses, agricultural equipment, and other industrial applications. The company has couple of varieties on hand for specific application. These are the Airide and the Ride-Rite. Firestone air springs bring many edges such as:

  • Wide application compatibility – from commercial vehicle to industrial
  • Comprehensive selection – unlimited-like selection of different types of air springs
  • Expertly crafted units that are certain to provide efficient suspension aid as soon as applied
  • Carefully selected composites are used by the company to provide product longevity you can depend on
  • Trouble-free driving due to extended load capacity

Firestone Suspension Products:
Firestone Official Website:
Firestone Air Spring Catalog US/EU:



Revolutionized the automotive damping technology in 1954, BILSTEIN has always been recognized for its top quality and high performance auto parts. Today, BILSTEIN is on the top list of air spring contributors in the global scene. The company’s cutting-edge technologies and quality sets the highest standards of OEM parts for many automotive supplier giants such as Mercedes Benz and BMW.
BILSTEIN offers one of a kind air spring solution which is known as the BILSTEIN B3 air spring. The unit provides perfect driving experience even under stressful load due to its constant counter-pressure in the bellows of the air spring. BILSTEIN air spring offers an optimum OE replacement for vehicles in which air spring and shock absorber are separately installed.
Features and benefits of BILSTEIN air springs:

  • Uncompromising comfort and driving characteristics
  • Rapid adjustment to road and driving conditions
  • Constant damping power under any load
  • High power reserves for maximum safety

Bilstein Official Website:
Bilstein Air Springs:
Bilstein Product and Services:



Founded in 1898 by Frank A. Seiberling, the name GOODYEAR has been a household brand known to delivery world-class quality of tires. Over the years, the company enters different automotive parts production including their Goodyear air springs. Production are handled by GOODYEAR RUBBER PRODUCTS INC.
GOODYEAR air springs are made as a super cushion for for trucks, trailers, buses, and more. Suspension air bags offered by the company promotes to further extend trucks, trailers, and buses service life as a whole. GOODYEAR air springs produce low-noise, cushioned ride, and great comfort, allowing the driver to stay more alert and suffers less fatigue.
Super-Cushion air springs by GOODYEAR has numerous benefits as stated below:

  • Reduces cab and body damage
  • Reduces downtime, driver fatigue, and extends life to where applied
  • Improves isolation in both loaded and unloaded conditions
  • Provides driving comfort
  • Covered by longer warranty periods
  • Durably built

Goodyear Official Website:
Goodyear Product Catalog/ Air Spring (PDF):
Goodyear Product Brands/Partners:

Arnott Air Spring

Arnott Industries is a global leader in air suspension products for many luxury cars present today. Their air suspension system components such as Arnott air springs are also made to be of use by truck or SUV. The company offers an extensive line of top-notch quality products for over 20 vehicle makes. You are sure to source what you need in their air suspension catalogue. Alongside automotive products, the company also has its Arnott motorcycle air suspension.
Arnott air springs are strictly produced inside the company’s 65,000 sq.ft research and development center and undergo extensive evaluation on Arnott-owned vehicles. These processes enable the company to provide only the best air suspension replacement possible.
The Arnott Advantages:

  • Comprehensive product line that covers many car makes and models on the road
  • American-made steel
  • High-quality rubbers
  • Patented designs
  • Best for classic cars

Arnott Air Springs:
Arnott Official Website:
Arnott Product Browser:

Air Lift Air Spring

Air Lift is a suspension specialist since started in 1949. The company’s oirignal product, the rubber air spring inserted into a car’s factory coil spring, was created and patented in 1950. Today, Air Lift load support products and fit vehicles that numbers to more or less 540 units. The company’s extensive product line offers suspension air springs and related products to be utilized by trucks, RVs, SUVs, CUVs, and vans.
Air Lift performance air springs are no drill application – meaning, all units offered are simply bolt-on application directly to you suspension system. With these feature, installation processes are speed-up saving consumers time. Using advance air ride technologies, Air Lift consistently produce air springs generating optimum suspension aid.
Air Lift product catalog offers several lines of load support system including the company’s PROSeries. Advantages and benefits are as follow:

  • LoadLifter PROSeries are made with premium aluminum anodized end caps for superior durability
  • LoadLifter PROSeries Ultimate are made with benefits of LoadLifter with added internal jounce bumper
  • Loadlifter 5000, Air Lift 1000, and others offer synonymous benefits for different types of application such as;
  • Providing ride comfort and safety
  • Longest-lasting components

Air Lift Official Website:
Air Lift Air Springs:
Air Lift Products:
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CONTINENTAL INDUSTRIAL or simply known as the CONTINENTAL is a premier provider and developer of air suspension system components for near every application there is including buses, trucks, trailers, and industrial air springs. Air Spring Systems by CONTINENTAL offers more thatn 2,000 lines worldwide.
The ContiTech premium brand is a recognized development partner that showcase every bit of CONTINENTAL’s expertise as an original equipment manufacturer. Since provision of OEM air springs are what ContiTech promotes, all air springs are guaranteed to meet the highest quality requirements of many vehicle manufacturers active today.
The company is also known for their Phoenix air spring. The brand is perfectly crafted for independent aftermarket. Phoenix brand offers high quality products and flexibility when it comes to application range.
Different application has its specific application benefits;
In buses:

  • Air springs deliver safety and ride comfort – this is because of the units self-leveling system. Buses remains in their same level, meaning boarding level also remains unchanged regardless of passenger volume


  • Provides effective level control – guarantees to maintain vehicle body in constant road clearance. This also ensures safe driving regardless of loading conditions.
  • Auxiliary manual control available – air springs can be raised or lower at will – this is beneficial for adjusting vehicle body when on a ramp or in placing interchangeable platform.


  • Less wear and tear on the roads – beneficial for in days to come due to traffic increasing dense
  • Convulated air springs are used for raise and lowering lift axles.

CONTINENTAL Air Spring Replacement:
CONTINENTAL Online Catalog for Commercial Vehicles:
CONTINENTAL Official Website:

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