Top 24 OEM Brake Disc Manufacturers

Another important part of a disc brake system is the brake disc also termed brake rotor.

To completely bring the vehicle to stop, rotor should combine with brake pads to generate brake force. The brake disc works whenever a pressure is applied to pedal, the brake caliper in turn will squeeze the brake pads against the disc.

Brake disc is mostly distributed by large companies together with caliper and recognized as disc brake caliper. Direct consumer bought it as a kit but some large OEM manufacturer still packed and sold it individually.

Brake Disc Market Overview

Disc brakes are commonly used nowadays in most vehicles braking system. The rising safety requirements on road has increased the demand for disc brake and is expected to continuously create a positive impact for other brake parts component in upcoming years.

Most importantly, a huge market is opened as well for brake disc as it’s component.

According to Market Study Report on their launched,” Brake Disc Market size 2019-2024 report “, the market is possible to touch $8060 Million by 2024 at 8.2% CAGR.

USA Ceramic Brake Disc Market

Also an improved brake disc which is made by ceramic raw material is optimistically high demanded in the U.S. market. It was anticipated to expand at a CARG of 2.6% over 2019-2025 forecast period.

However, material component for brake disc is quite expensive that is why it is offered by manufacturers as optional feature rather that standard one.

Different brake rotor types are available in: Smooth Rotor, Slotted Rotor and Drilled Rotor

That is used in both passenger and commercial vehicle type applications.

Let’s jump on the brake disc products from prominent top players under OEM type of Automotive suppliers.

The List of the 24 TOP OEM Brake Disc Manufacturers

Centric Parts Logo

Centric rotor

Centric Parts Company

Recently, Centric Parts merged with AP Emissions and form a new company named “APC Automotive Technologies”.

APC product lines has over 145,000 brake as well as chassis components for passenger and medium truck applications. Centric brake rotors are among the auto parts component that are highly demanded.

StopTech, another brand that is popular worldwide is also manufactured by APC.

Centric brake rotor advantages from the product that end-user can be benefited are the following:

  • Available in coated and uncoated rotors
  • Comes with guide, pin kit and seals
  • Direct-fit with no break-in required
  • Premium grade raw materials to improve performances
  • Brake disc broad selection for total of 1-8 medium and heavy duty vehicles

To know more about Centric rotor distributed by APC, you can visit their official page and check their free pdf product presentation listed below.

Additional Centric Parts Resources:

Brembo Logo

Brembo Brake Disc

Brembo Company

Brembo products are trusted for years and brake disc manufactured by them is included. Brake disc manufacture by Brembo is packed individually and also available to be sold as a disc brake.

Brembo’s unmatched skilled engineers allow to developed versatile and effective brake disc in a comfort and performance aspects.

The disc product segment covered a wide array about 98% of entire automobile market. Brembo ranges of carbon ceramic disc are available for exclusive cars; floating to co-cast type for sports premium models, and a one-piece disc for the medium sized and city cars.

About 50 million rotor per year are manufactured and supplied by Brembo that is widely distributed in different country.

These disc products provide excellent enhance features in different aspects:

  • Developed UV coating in collaboration with car manufacturers
  • Exclusive pillar venting system patented by Brembo
  • Drilled or slotted discs to reduce heat, dust and gases
  • All disc under Sports category is zinc-plated
  • Composite and floating disc are offered to prestigious cars
  • Cast iron brake disc with high carbon content for lesser vibration
  • Brake disc holes on the braking surfaces to optimized wet performance
  • Various patterns for machining disc is available depending on different end application

Latest concept of a lightweight brake disc with about 10-15% lighter from standard brake rotor is now launched. A combination of two-different materials such as cast-iron and steel is also offered.

To know more about Brembo rotor, you can check out helpful links listed below.

More Brembo Company Resources:

EBC Rotor

EBC Brakes became popular in Automotive Industry because of brake pads.

Another brake part that is recognized and demanded globally is EBC rotor.

EBC has a wide array to offer for automotive and truck vehicle type applications but specializes in motorcycle and ATV braking for the past 35 years.

The highlighted enhance EBC brake disc is what they called, ” Fully-Floating 2-Piece Brake Rotors “. These are available in 3 different purchase options:

1) SG2F EBC rotors that serve as a direct replacement for performance vehicles such as Nissan GT-R

2) G2FC EBC brake disc, a 2-piece floating rotor conversions that upgrade OEM 1-piece cast iron rotors

3) SG2FK rotors that are included in EBC Brakes Racing’s Balanced Brake Kits™.

EBC rotors product features and development are the following:

  • G3500 raw material component for casted outer ring
  • A total of 48 left and right curved vanes for cooling efficiency
  • Aluminum grade billet precision machine
  • Zinc plated SD-Drive bobbins
  • Ensure lightweight features
  • 20 EBC brake disc standard and custom designed in motorcycle and scooter category
  • ECE R90 approved EBC disc recommended for truck vehicles

Each EBC brake disc has unique design depending on the vehicle type application it is intended. EBC can be a wise choice if you intended to invest in motorcycle niche.

To know more about EBC disc products, kindly check the available resources below.

More EBC Resources:

Galfer USA logo

Galfer Rotor

Galfer USA is a leading supplier and manufacturer of performances braking system for motorcycle, racing and bicycle applications.

Galfer rotor segment are categorized in 5 class: off-road, street, ATV SXS, bike, and v-twin.

Total numbers of Galfer rotor unique designs are 8 for the off-road type, 4 for street category,  2 for race and 1 for ATV and track.

General Galfer brake disc product advantages and benefits are the following listed below:

  • 420 high carbon stainless steel Component are used
  • Aluminum or stainless buttons or bobbins
  • Uses laser for precision cutting
  • Parallel double brake disc ground features
  • Heat and corrosion resistance advantages is provided
  • Carrier options is available in aluminum and stainless steel options

Other customizing advance features are offered by Galfer; colored buttons and special coating finishes are among the rest.

To know more about Galfer brake rotors, links to their official website is available below.

Additional Galfer USA Resources:

Bosch Logo

Bosch Rotor

Bosch Company

Along with large and successful OEM nowadays, Bosch is one of the leading manufacturers of brake rotor. Bosch rotor is produce up to 20M units yearly from their different plants. Among Asian brake rotor brands, Bosch is one of the largest company coverage with a total of 600 part numbers catering to large vehicle companies such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Perodoa and Proton.

Bosch brake disc show a high level of thermal conductivity, accurate fitting feature and thermal stability.

Recently, Bosch has launched a new disc programme products usable by cars in 30 different regions. The following listed are benefits of Bosch rotor:

  • Resistance to wear and tear
  • Precision matching to every vehicle type
  • High-carbon technology for better and rife performance comfort
  • Excellent disc coating guards
  • Quality raw materials used in manufacturing

If you want to check out the Robert Bosch rotors, below is a helpful source you can visit. Recently, Bosch improvement to join forces to help world climate is to be carbon neutral starting on 2020.

Bosch Brakes Resources:

Akebono Logo

Akebono Rotor

Akebono Brake Disc

Akebono rotors cover a broad selection for automobiles and commercial vehicle applications. Powerful braking forces are guaranteed to achieve from Akebono brake rotor.

Akebono rotors are distributed and install among the popular vehicle Japanese manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi and Isuzu. Including popular global manufacturers like GM, Mercedes Benz, Ford and Porches.

These are among the few general Akebono rotors product advantages:

  • Flat smooth surfaces for consistent braking operations
  • Available in both drilled and slotted rotor types
  • 10 lbs. lighter than a standard rotor
  • Integrated with 2-piece slotted designed type
  • Available in front and rear rotor
  • Zinc coated hardware

Helpful resources is listed below if you want to know more about Akebono rotors

More Akebono Resources:

WAGNER Brake Rotor

WAGNER Brake rotor are engineered to partner with it’s own company premium brake pads. Both brake component has a positive demand the market. Premium Wagner® Brake rotors is easy to install with no oil residue. WAGNER rotor has available 926 brake parts for North American, Asian and European vehicle applications.

Advantages of WAGNER rotor are demonstrated for years; the following product features are seen in every pieces supplied and manufactured:

  • Enhance with protective electro-coating to non-braking surfaces
  • Black special coating finishes
  • Improved with unique VANE design
  • Enclosed within Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor ( VCI ) bag
  • Precision-cut finished of the outer diameter

WAGNER brake rotor other product detailed information are available in the resources listed below.

Additional WAGNER Resources:

Wilwood Logo

Wilwood Rotor

Wilwood Factory Building

Wilwood rotor broad selection coverage are available in both Automobile, motorcycles, and Truck/SUV vehicle applications. Wilwood is among the company that has a complete brake parts in their product line.

Wilwood brake disc has over 120 different styles and diameters available to offer for their application coverage.

Generally, Wilwood disc has the following product features and advantages.

  • Slotted and drilled type availability
  • Composed of high-grade steel, carbon ceramic and iron material component
  • Customized hole and special coating are available
  • Perfect flatness surfaces
  • Unique Vane designed styles

One of the great benefits to choose WAGNER is their large portfolio design for their brake disc.

In-detailed of 120 WAGNER disc are presented from the company website that you can reach from links provided below.

More Wilwood Resources:

ATE Logo

ATE brake disc

ATE First Established Building Blueprint

ATE brake disc is another brake part manufactured from ATE Company. Ate is consistent for an exceptional sustainability on all the product lines.

Brake disc manufactured by ATE are available for about 98% of European supplier vehicles.

To simply check the an original ATE parts from company, there is an installed MAPP code where you can scan from the packaging of the product packaging.

Different style category are available for purchase options: coated brake disc, brake disc with fixing screw, two-piece brake disc, brake disc with integrated wheel bearing and lastly special ATE brake disc for Mercedes Benz.

ATE brake disc advantages and benefits are:

  • Premium quality materials are used.
  • Perfect tailored disc for each car model
  • Implement high-carbon component on all ATE brake disc
  • Word-class designed
  • High level of corrosion resistance feature
  • Lighter brake disc than ordinary
  • ECE R90 certifications are met

ATE brake disc is highly recommended for European vehicle types.

If you are a business owner, retailers od distributor of European vehicle niche, ATE is a wise choice.

More ATE Brakes Resources:

Nakamoto logo

Nakamoto rotor

Nakamoto Forestry

NAKAMOTO is a company headquartered in Taiwan, founded by Lin family operated for over 35 years in manufacturing industry.

Their products are now distributed globally in a total of 50 countries and is preferred by many professionals.

Proven quality of Nakamoto rotors is now recognized as they entered to be one of the top players of a brake disc products.

These are just among the Nakamoto rotor product features:

  • Zinc coated
  • Lesser dusting advantage
  • Easy installation
  • Drilled holes and slots style is presented
  • Double disc ground finished
  • Perfect OE fit and form
  • Available in straight and directional vane design

Nakamoto is proud to partner with an online Top 1 rated DIY specialist – That gives knowledgeable brake job easily.

To know more about Nakamoto brake disc, you can visit the links below.

Nakamoto Additional Resources:

ACDelco rotor

Delco Remy Company Buiding

ACDelco is an OEM for GM OE vehicles. Brake disc manufactured by ACDelco is under their ” Professional Disc Brake Rotors “segment.

These product line is offered for GM as well as non-GM vehicles.

  • Advance ACDelco rotor features and benefits offer are the following:
  • Every ACDelco brake rotor are inspected for balanced quality
  • Tested in Noise/Vibration/Harshness durability
  • Options from coated to non-coated ACDelco brake disc is available
  • Made with Ferritin Nitro-Carburizing technology
  • Manufactured with multiple alloys for optimum heat dissipation and performance

To know more ACDelco rotor, helpful links is available below.

More Resources:

ZIMMERMANN brake disc

 Otto Zimmermann GmbH is a German vehicle component manufacturer for over six decades.

Zimmermann brake disc have proven high quality braking performance for quite some time now.

A total of 4,000 different brake components including Zimmermann disc is distributed to more than 60 different countries worldwide. Manufactured rotor by Zimmermann are available in automobile and light commercial vehicles.

Five purchase option are available from Zimmermann brake disc: Standard Brake Disc, Sport Brake Disc, FusionZ Brake Disc, Brake Disc for LCV, and Coat Z – Coated Brake Disc.

Each of Zimmermann rotor has unique product features, generally disc advantages are the following:

  • Broad product range with over 1000 customer preferences
  • Equivalent spare parts as defined by KFZ-GVO (EU) 330/2010 regulation
  • Consistently high product quality
  • Customized for special coating finishes
  • Grooves and holes ensure better brake response
  • Broad range in LCV type

If you want German quality brake disc, Otto Zimmermann GmbH is a wise choice.

You can check out Zimmermann disc and other products on the links listed.

Additional Resources:

Ferodo brake disc

Ferodo has been a world-class market leader and trusted brand. A leading friction choice for OE Manufacturer such as Jaguar, Fiat, Lan Rover and Volkswagen.

Ferodo is widely known on their unmatched ECO-friendly brake pads. The company carefully engineered brake disc as perfect match for their pads to achieve the ultimated quality braking performance.

Brake disc manufactured by Ferodo are offered in a wide range of motorcycle, light and commercial vehicle applications.

All Ferodo disc distributed are tested and approved by company engineers.

Such product advance features are the following:

  • Exceptional metallurgy and design
  • High vibration damping disc
  • Heat dissipation features
  • Non-directional surface finish
  • Permanent edge marking for total traceability
  • Trouble-free installation
  • Coat+ technology eliminates de-greasing prior to installation for selected applications
  • Enhance with Pillar Venting Technology
  • Wide motorcycle product range

You can check out Ferodo brake disc and other products from links below.

Additional Resources:

Continental AG Logo

Continental disc

Continental AG Company

Continental AG, commonly known as Continental, is a German automotive manufacturing company that supplies components of brake systems, interior electronics, automotive safety, powertrain and chassis components, tachographs, tires and other parts for the automotive and transportation industries.

They ranked 4 among as a large company for tire manufacturing.

Recently, continental AG has launched brake disc for Mercedes Benz vehicles.

OEM Continental brake disc manufactured a simple designed for Passenger vehicles:

  • With simple Electric Parking Brake – EPB switch
  • Lighter Weight brake disc
  • Integrated high decel and stability emergency brake function
  • Plug and play system for OEM
  • Implementation of various assistance functions for safety and comfort
  • Interchangeable between automatic and manual apply
  • EPB functionality and comfort in A/B class vehicles

Continental AG has large product lines to offer with but they ensure quality in each unit. To know more about brake disc from Continental. Available helpful links is listed below.

Additional Continental AG Resources:

 TRW Rotor

TRW is now a part of a global OEM market leader for the automotive industry the ZF Friedrichshafen.

With more than 1250 brake disc units comprehensively covers 98% of European vehicle that exceed OE specification is what TRW produces.

A currently launched in TRW rotor product line is a disc range extension for electric vehicles; the Tesla Model S. This is only available in a front axle disc.

Advance TRW rotor product features are the following:

  • Fully-coated disc
  • ECO-friendly environment
  • Black-zinc coated brake disc
  • Package with no protective oil for easy installation
  • Enhance with high carbon component material
  • Perfect-balance disc
  • Installed with ABS sensor ring for better safety

TRW brake disc is backed by more than 100 years of expertise and experienced. The disc is guaranteed to be a world-class brake parts in the market.

You can check out links below to further know more about TRW brake rotor products.

More TRW ZF Resources:


Surface Transform-STCC

Surface Transform is an OEM company of carbon-ceramic brake discs for automotive and aircraft applications.

Surface Transform is a certified brake kits supplier of popular automobile brand like Porsche, Nissan GT-R, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce.

Surface disc is infused with Carbon-Ceramic technology for an excellent braking performance for popular car models.

Product advance benefit of Surface brake disc are the following:

  • Weight savings up to 70%; about 20 kg
  • Lesser noise, vibration and harshness
  • Improved performance for extreme weather conditions
  • With brake wear reduction feature
  • Corrosion-free

Surface Transforms has been certified by ISO and ITAF. Further product information is accessible on the Surface Transform official website.

Additional Surface Transform Resources:

Jurid Logo

JURID brake discs

Another unmatched disc brake component from Jurid is their brake disc products.

Jurid brake disc is carefully designed, tested for safety and accuracy to cover 98% of light and commercial European vehicles on road.

A perfect quality disc match with Jurid brake pads for unmatched braking force:

  • Advanced with metallurgy technology and design
  • Improved with anti-corrosive NONOX technology
  • Available in non-directional finish
  • Ensured wear and noise braking performance
  • Can stand extreme weather environment

If you are into brake disc for European vehicles, Jurid is a wise choice.

The link listed below will direct you to JURID official websites

JURID Brakes Resources:

Winhere rotor

WINHERE Brake Parts, Inc. (WBPI) located in Chicago is the distributing unit of Winhere Auto-Part Manufacturing Co. Ltd Winhere Auto the parent company is rapidly a largest brake manufacturer of disc/drum in China.

Winhere rotor offers more than 99% coverage of cars, SUVs, light / medium duty trucks on the road.

Winhere brake disc variety is available from standard to high carbon, coated or uncoated and drilled or slotted.

Brake disc manufactured by Winhere product name is ULTRAHC.

Benefits of the Winhere brake rotors are the following:

  • Brake disc in customized outer finishes
  • With thermal judder reduction
  • Quiet braking performances
  • Resistance to high heat
  • Improved with metallurgy technology
  • Optional OE vane design in both slotted and drilled
  • Pulsation resistance features

To check on Winhere brake disc world-class products, links followed will help.

More Winhere Resources:

REMSA Company Logo

REMSA brake disc

REMSA Building

REMSA has over 45 years of experience for brake parts in automotive industry.

REMSA brake disc offer a broad range to cover most of the car Asian and European vehicle applications.

Disc manufactured by REMSA is a perfect match for excellent braking performance.

The REMSA brake discs has following product advantages and benefits:

  • With high laminar graphite component
  • Undergo stringent AK Master testing using Dynamometer Simulation
  • Smooth flatness and parallelism surface
  • Capable of producing 20 million disc per year

Aside from REMSA brake disc, more high quality automotive parts are available in their product lines.

To know more about REMSA disc, more resources is available below.

Additional REMSA Resources:

Delphi brake disc

Delphi Technologies Company

Manufacturers used advantages of using latest technology available in manufacturing disc brake for better braking performances. Delphi is one of most competing large OEM. They launched brake disc for new vehicles in 1st November 2016 proudly with R90 certified alongside with Delphi older applications.

Brake disc manufactured by Delphi are available in 5 different disc casting and configurations. These are high-carbon discs, cross-drilled disc, vented disc, discs with bearings and lastly the one-piece cast iron discs.

Ths improvement from Delphi disc brake gave enhance product features to old type. These advance features are:

  • Undergo official ECE R90 testing
  • Offered with special zinc-flake and silver Geomet coating
  • Aesthetic appeal design
  • No oil, No necessary labour and service time
  • Easy to install and dismount characteristics

More Delphi Resources:

Get The Brake Disc Price

OPEN PARTS brake disc

Open Parts brake disc is manufactured Exo Automotive; an Italian Engineered brake component. This brake disc are spare parts matching quality passed European Regulations.

High-Quality Open Parts brake disc product features are:

  • Made with grey cast iron GG20 with graphite flakes
  • Undergo stringent safety test
  • Protected with antioxidant lubrications
  • Integrated with ABS ring
  • Available in both coated and uncoated disc
  • Cover wide range of French vehicles

To get to know more about Open Parts brake disc, links to EXO Automotive official website page are below.

Additional Resources:

PILENGA brake disc

Another Italian brake disc OEM Fonderie Officine

Pietro Pilenga SpA has made a high demand in the disc market.

Fonderie Officine Pietro Pilenga SpA is a certified distributor to BMW and and other European brand application. This OEM rotor then right front of the vehicles it covers.

Pilenga brake disc has the following product advantages and benefits:

  • A two-piece standard brake rotors designed
  • Cast-iron rotor ring
  • Special phosphate coating is applied on entire Pilenga brake rotor
  • Both uncoated and coated outer finish customization is available
  • With manufacturing capacity of 2.5 million pieces

Fonderie Officine Pietro Pilenga SpA uses high technology in machineries, equipment and processes for manufacturing brake disc.

The links to their website is available below.

Additional Resources:

TEXTAR brake disc

TEXTAR brakes are precision engineered to provide excellent braking performance in both safety and comfort.

TEXTAR has over 100 years in manufacturing industry and is recognized by the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers.

TEXTAR brake disc is a German made products that is manufactured to work with TEXTAR brake pad to achieve excellent braking performances.

The TEXTAR rotors broad range has over 1,650 references for passenger vehicle sector for European motor vehicles.

Benefits from Textar brake disc are:

  • A popular French automotive manufacturers-discs with an integrated wheel bearing
  • Improved with high carbon content
  • Coated with special material component for anti-corrosion features
  • Upgraded with ABS sensor systems
  • Aesthetistically designed
  • ECE R90 approved

In-detailed TEXTAR brake disc information can be accessed on the TEXTAR brake rotor guide.

To know more about high quality TEXTAR disc the following resources will help you through.

Additional Resources:


Investing in premium quality brake rotor is quite an opportunity, but looking for trusted suppliers are really tiring. Which is the main reason, we gathered information that can help retailers, capitalist, venturer, investors, OE manufacturer, enterprises and other related industry to find the best brake disc or rotor products in the market.

We are hoping for the best supplier to partner on your brake disc business.

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