Top 25 Shock Absorber OEM List

This article covers the top automotive shock absorber manufacturers list under OEM channel type.

But before we go on our main highlight, we would like to give a little overview of shock absorber meaning, how does it work and most specially the opportunities ahead of this auto parts.

What is automotive shock absorber? Also known as ” shock damper “, it is a mechanical but mostly hydraulic device, designed to absorb and damp shock impulses.

How does it function? By converting kinetic energy of the shock into another form of energy and dissipated through hydraulic fluid.

Shock absorber plays a very important role while driving, it basically provides comfort to the passengers. How? It decreases effect of shock and damps from a rough surface or bumpy road.

Let’s proceed on the key drivers, segmentation and top region in manufacturing automotive shock absorbers.

The Automotive Shock Absorber Market Overview

Recently, on NEW YORK, Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ released:

Automotive Shock Absorbers market worldwide is projected to grow by US$16.8 Billion, driven by a compounded growth of 3.6%. Hydraulic, one of the segments analyzed and sized in this study, displays the potential to grow at over 3.3%. The shifting dynamics supporting this growth makes it critical for businesses in this space to keep abreast of the changing pulse of the market. Poised to reach over US$46.6 Billion by the year 2025, Hydraulic will bring in healthy gains adding significant momentum to global growth.


Market Research Future on the other hand, marked a forecast growth of 5.12% CAGR by 2025, 2019 as the base year.

Based on the vehicle type, the automotive is segmented into passenger and commercial vehicles. The passenger vehicle holds the largest share in the shock absorber market share, accounted for as 74.6% in 2018, with a market value of USD 11,873.4 million. The commercial vehicle segment was valued at USD 4,046.8 million; it is projected to register the higher CAGR of 5.48%.

Based on sales channels, OEM segment accounted for larger market share of 64.8% in 2018 for USD 10,321.6 million.

Improvement in ride handling and comfort are likely to boost the demand of shock absorber for automotive market. Another key driver seen was the rising competition among car makers to produce advanced ride comfort devices in conjunction with lightweight components.

Among the regions, Asia Pacific holds a major share of the global automotive shock absorber market. This is due to higher adoption rate of comfort-based components, easy availability of raw material for components and rise in production of vehicles with shock absorbers in the region.

Shock absorber can be bifurcated into piston and others. Most of the vehicles today directly relies on the to-and-fro movement of the piston.

Clearly there is a high market demand on automotive shocks on the next few years and is a good opportunity for auto parts retailers and distributors to add on to their inventory.

Here are the list of top shock absorber manufacturers under OEM segment:

Kyb Log

Kyb Shock Absorber

KYB Corporation

KYB Corporation specializes in manufacturing variety of hydraulic and electronic shock absorber and struts for OE a replacement parts. This large OEM company headquarters resides in Tokyo, Japan.

By consistently improving and distributing first-class ride control products, KYB has been recognized as the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of OE and aftermarket shocks and struts.

Company announces their capability to reach a $4.2B sales yearly.

KYB now have 32 facilities in 21 countries, and 15 manufacturing plants in Asia, US, and Europe regions with an estimated number of 10,000 employees.

In November 19, 1919; KYB founded the Kayaba Research Center, one of the large R&D facilities of the firm.

KYB Corporation is the top choice provider of OEMs which inclues GM, Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Mazda, Lexus, Infiniti, Volkswagen and Chrysler.

The company operates in 2 aftermarket division in North America.

The most highly automated manufacturing lines can switch from producing 1 strut to another in about 15 seconds.

KYB shock absorber also known as “ Kayaba shock absorber ”and strut are available in different applications. Let’s see each of this product technology and benefits.

KYB Excel G is a KYB shock absorber and struts combination from the company. These are available for popular cars, trucks, SUVs and CUVs. It is a nitrogen gas-charged, twin-tube design that includes quality components preferred by professional technicians. Here are KYB Excel G shock absorber and strut product features and advantages:

  • Vehicle specific, hand assembled in house damping valves
  • Has an utra-smooth triple chrome plated piston rod for wear reduction
  • With muti-lip, synthetic oil seal for keeping fluid in
  • Integrated with sintered iron rod guide for correct alignment maintenance
  • Enhance with Electronic Stability Control (ESS)

Another Kayaba shock absorber type from the company is the self-leveling and electronic shocks.

Self-levelling KYB shock absorber are applicable for Chevy Suburban, Chevy Tahoe, Chrysler Town and Country and lastly Chysler Pacifica. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Direct OE replacements
  • Automatically adjust suspension balance and height
  • Integrated with pump, sensor, regulator, reservoir inside sealed unit

On the other hand, electronic shock absorbers are for Lincoln Continental applications. The following are its product benefits:

  • Restore vehicle’s original control and handling capabilities
  • Easy to install
  • Deliver OE fit and form

Kyb Gas Shock Absorber (Gas-a-just) is another product type from the company. It is a monotube shock absorber has additional performance advantages over traditional twin-tube design. It is made for larger tires and wheels.

  • Has two separate working chambers: air free hydraulic piston and valve area
  • Constructed in a high pressure monotube design
  • Adds handling and control
  • Increases steering responses
  • Improved stopping distance
  • Increases stability
  • Has the same quality as Excel-G

Kyb also manufactures shock absorber specifically intended for maximum control of truck and SUVs. This product line is named KYB Monomax. Monomax is KYB shock absorber is a heavy duty monotube shocks that can carry on tough conditions demand of trucks. It is recommended for trucks and SUVs. Here are Monomax advantages:

  • Provides additional stability
  • Design itself automatically adjust to driving conditions with fade-free performances
  • Uses a thick rubber dust boot as shaft protection from debris
  • With extra damping capabilities
  • A positive fluid seal for critical performances
  • Employed with zinc-coated stainless-steel piston ring

KYB shock absorbers is currently the top choice by most OE vehicle makers. Learn more of this high quality shocks from the link provided below.

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Monroe Logo

Monroe Shock Absorber

Monroe humble beginnings started with the invention of the ‘Brisk Blast’ tyre pump in 1919. Followed by the first original equipment passenger vehicle shock absorbers.

Monroe’s shock absorber developments enhanced safety in millions of vehicles manufactured worldwide.

Monroe birth started in 1916, when cars are integrated with uncomfortable carriage springs.

August F. Meyer, a young entrepreneur, saw this as opportunity too great to pass up. It seemed logical to Meyer that, with all those flat tyres, there should market for tyre pumps. Meyer established the Brisk Blast Manufacturing Company in Monroe, Michigan. Under Meyer’s leadership, Brisk Blast soon became a leading producer of tyre pumps.

In 1918, Charles S. McIntyre, a local Dodge dealer became Meyers’s partner and vice president. The company continued to grow, from Brisk Blast renamed as Monroe Auto Equipment Company.

Monroe finally perfected the first self-oiled, single-barrelled tyre pump. Sales climbed from 5,000 per week to over two million a year. After successful launched of tyre pump, Monroe continued ti improve road safety new ride control technology.

And there, Monroe shock absorber products suit almost every vehicle on roads.

Let’s see different shock absorber from Monroe.

Gas Magnum TDT 4×4 Extended length

Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4×4 range, has expanded to now include part numbers specifically engineered popular 4WD. This Monroe shock absorber is Australia’s top selling four-wheel drive replacement shocks and is made for Australian conditions.


Combined Tenneco’s exclusive Twin Disc Technology

35mm Bore

  • 16mm Piston Rod
  • Multi stage, high displacement valving
  • Superior chrome rod
  • Multi lip seal – state of the art durability
  • Nitrogen gas pressurised
  • 3 Year / 60,000 Warranty
  • Made in Australia specifically for Australian conditions
  • Designed for Raised Height Suspension

GT-Gas with exclusive Reflex Technology

Monroe shock absorbers with exclusive ” Reflex Technology “, delivers excellent vehicle stability and handling without driver and passenger comfort.

Product features and benefits:

  • Exclusive improve twin disc design
  • Teflon banded piston
  • Multi-lip piston rod seal
  • Superior hardchrome piston rod finish
  • Nitrogen gas pressurised
  • 3 year/60,000 kilometre warranty
  • Low friction, long service life
  • Improved retention of fluid and gas
  • Increased seal durability
  • Optimum fade-free performance under all conditions

Gas-Magnum TDT

This is another Monroe shock absorber designed to master the entire spectrum of Australian four -wheel drive on and off road driving.

Monroe Gas Magnum TDT 4WD shock absorbers combine Tenneco’s exclusive Twin Disc Technology with the legendary durability of one of Monroe’s most popular 4WD replacement shock absorbers, the Monroe Gas Magnum.

Product features:

  • Nitrogen Gas Charged
  • 1-3/8″ (35mm) bore
  • Multi stage, high displacement valving
  • Superior chrome rod
  • Multi lip seal
  • Non ride height dependent
  • Three year/60,000 km warranty

Monroe OE Spectrum Shock Absorbers

The latest Monroe shock absorber design featuring right technology for each applications and are built to last. Such technology includes: Monroe® R-TECH2® valve, Monroe ICV (Impact Control Valve), ELECTRONIC Technology, MONOTUBE Technology, MULTI DISC Technology, ASD Technology and TWIN DISC Technology.

Monroe’s Premium Product Features:

  • Multi-Lip Seals
  • Teflon Coated Bronze Bearing
  • Hard Chromed & Polished Piston Rod
  • Teflon Banded Piston
  • ‘Multi Disc’ Rebound Valve
  • Cold Drawn Pressure Tube
  • ‘Multi Disc’ Compression Valve

Magnum Heavy Duty

While Monroe shock absorbers are more well known in family vehicles, Australia’s heavy transport and logistics industry is another focus for Monroe. This product line is intended for trucking industry leaders. It has ranges of different shock absorber designs for commercial vehicles.

Durability and Resistance Benefits:

  • Single bonded bushing
  • High temperature resistant sealing system
  • Hydraulic lock-out piston
  • High temperature resistant hydraulic fluid
  • Anti-wear coated piston ring
  • Double action valving system in bump and rebound

GT Sport

GT Sport, is an improved version of GT Gas. A combination of proven Reflex technology and King Springs race bred market leading performance to provide lowered performance shock absorbers with outstanding street appeal.

Product benefits:

  • Provides highly desirable lowered look
  • Tuned to provide sports performance
  • Superior damping control with minimal suspension hardness
  • Dramatically reduces body roll
  • Improved front to rear vehicle balance
  • Improved suspension reaction time and precise damping control
  • Click here to view the application listing

Gas Riser
A Monroe shock absorber, ideal for vehicles that operate under a variety of load and towing conditions.
Gas Magnum
A type gas charged shock absorbers. Engineered for 4×4 and light commercial vehicles for on and off-road use.
Monroe Original
This is a motorcycle type of shock absorbers and is available in standard hydraulic and gas pressurized model.

With all the ranges or shock absorber supplied by Monroe, we cannot hide the fact that they are one of the leading shock absorber manufacturer worldwide.

Monroe shock absorbers is also known as ” Tenneco shock absorbers “, simply because Monroe is a part of Tenneco Group.

Monroe Shock Absorber Official Site
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Gabriel Logo

Gabriel Shock Absorbers

Gabriel Company

Gabriel exist in 1900, when Claud H. Foster an entrepreneur combines his two greatest passions: automobiles tinkering and trombone.

Foster invented a multi-tone automobile horn using the concept of a trombone, calling it “Gabriel’s Horn.” He named his invention after his and took his $1,500 and founded Gabriel®.

Now, Gabriel is an established independent American company in automobile suspension systems. Their high-performance shocks and struts was installed in more than 96% of North American vehicles. 

It was during the year 1907, when Gabriel® invented the original automotive shock absorber – followed by the first hydraulic shock absorber, the first adjustable shock absorber and the first air adjustable shock absorber.

Throughout the 20th century, as transportation and industrialization expanded, so did Gabriel.

Gabriel continues to be one of the world most trusted in the aftermarket and original equipment manufacturers for light- and heavy-duty vehicles.

Gabriel shock absorbers has a vast ranges of product lines according to design. These are general features and product advantages of this shocks brand:

  • Specifically design according to vehicle type
  • Super-finished chromed piston rod to inhibit corrosion
  • Ensure proper seal lubrication
  • Provide a more consistent wear surface.

Gabriel shock absorbers for light vehicles:

MaxControl™ Monotube Shocks
This is recommended for SUV or truck. This Gabriel shock absorber is a winner of the prestigious 2010 North American Product Differentiation Excellence of the Year Award from Frost & Sullivan.

Ultra™ Shocks and Struts
This Gabriel shock absorber is design and buikd for ultimate performance and safety of light vehicles. It is precision engineered with Gabriel’s exclusive G-Force™ Technology for quicker response, longer life, improved comfort, control and maximum shock performance.

ProGuard™ Shocks
This Gabriel shock absorber are engineered for superior comfort and control, regardless of how tough the road conditions may be. It comes equipped with a larger diameter piston.

Guardian™ Shocks
For high-quality comfort and stable performance under all operating conditions, this Gabriel shock absorber is recommended. It is designed an priced to fit budgets with no compromise safety.

Classic® Shocks
If you’re car is 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s – or a limited registration, this Gabriel shock absorber suits you. Gabriel Classic dampers are specifically designed and created to fit your classic or collectible car

LTV™ Commercial Series Shocks
These are designed and built to handle the demands of the typical fleet – light or heavy – while providing unbeatable stability and response. These Gabriel shock absorbers features tough-as-nails exterior and also comes with 10-stage all-coil spring valving.

HiJackers® Shocks
These are original air-adjustable shocks. This Gabriel shock absorber can be adjusted and readjusted to handle temporary towing or hauling needs.

Gabriel shock absorbers for heavy vehicles:

FleetLine® Commercial Truck, Trailer and Bus Shocks
FleetLine shocks are designed as a direct replacement for commercial OE shocks. This Gabriel shock absorber offer innovative features like forgedsolid steel, 360˚ arc‑welded eye rings and end mounts,5 a pressurized piston ring that compensates for wear, and a multi-lip piston rod seal.

FleetLine® 83000 Series
These series are engineered with a 1 3/8” bore for class 3-6 vehicles.

FleetLine® 85000 Series
This Gabriel shock absorber are designed and built so that class 6-8 trucks, buses and trailers can push the limits of longevity and performance.

FleetLine® Cab Shocks
These are designed specifically to eliminate cab vibration.

GasSLX® Shocks
This Gabriel shock absorber features three adjustable settings: Regular, Firm, and Extra Firm. It is integrated with ” Fade reducing gas cell technology ” a full-life feature, best suited for longer life commercial vehicle applications.

Technical details of Each Gabriel shock absorber are available in the company webpage.

Gabriel Shock Absorber Official Page
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bilstein logo
Bilstein Shock Absorber
Bilstein Group

Bilstein is one of the trusted largest company in automotive industry.

August Bilstein laid the foundation for future innovation for BILSTEIN in 1873. It was recently a metal windows fittings sold under catchy name of AUBI that soon made the company far beyond boundaries in Germany.

Bilstein entered in the world of automobile in 1928 to 1954. It was started when Hans Bilstein, August’s son returned from USA to take over the company.

With the technical inspirations gained from America, Hans made his first move toward automotive accessories industry with his Berlin-based lifting gear company Levator-Hebezeug-Fabrik.

Bilstein has over 60 years of experience in original equipment and more than 50 years of racing history to make their products and services unique.

In 1954, BILSTEIN revolutionized the damping technology.

Today, the Bilstein shock absorber are available in street and off road applications. It has total of 7 shock absorber designs for street performance and 9 for off road vehicles.

Bilstein shock absorbers product features and advantages are the following:

  • Provides precise response, excellent driving dynamics and high reserves of safety
  • Offers lowering ranges fit, depending on application
  • Features ” Triple-C-Technology® “, a surface coating

Bilstein has exclusive technology applied with their several shock absorber such as: Gas Pressure Technology, Twin-tube Technology and Upside/Down Technology.

Each Bilstein shock absorber undergo rigorous testing and measurement procedures for objective criteria including safety, braking, steering behavior, dynamic driving, and comfort.

Check out each of this design on the links provided below.

Bilstein Shock Absorber Official Page
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sachs logo

Sachs Shock Absorber


SACHS is part of a large ZF Aftermarket Division like TRW.

ZF is a world leader of OE quality automotive safety products. Their product lines include baking systems, suspension and steering parts, other commercial vehicle components and service tools.

ZF are known for driveline, chassis and passive safety technology.

The firm has a global workforce of 146,000 with approximately 230 locations in 40 countries. About €36.4B sales under this product line are estimated in 2017.

The company is extremely investing more than 6% in R&D annually.

Sachs is a strong brand of ZF for shock absorber.

Sachs shock absorber are available in car, vans and commercial vehicle applications.

Here are Sachs shock absorber product features and advantages:

  • Modular in design and fabricated without weld joints
  • Employ with new and ground-breaking joining technologies
  • Available in monotube and twin-tube dampers, suspension struts, spring carriers (shock absorbers with spring plate) and suspension cylinders, depending on the application
  • Galvanized with a high-quality finish
  • Constructed with a lightweight, aluminum material
  • Provide performance and dynamics
  • Ensures perfect road grip and cornering behavior

More than 10M new vehicle yearly are equipped with SACHS dampers and shock absorbers.

Sachs clutches are invested with decades of race-winning motorsport expertize, producing parts for original equipment manufacturer and the aftermarket that provide exceptional performance.

Sachs Shock Absorber Official Page
Sachs Shock Absorber Catalogue


Koni Shock Absorber


KONI is the premier manufacturer of adjustable shocks in the world.

In 1857, A. de Koning founded KONI in Oud-Beijerland, the Netherlands. The company business we’re originally making leather equipment for horses.

It was after the second World War when the production of telescopic shock absorber began.

In early 50’s, Koni participated prominent even in motor sports as a strategic marketing technique to gain company’s reputation. They joined Tulpenrally then entered in Formula 1. Koni assited Ferrri team in solving suspension problem in 1956.

The first Grand Prix that KONI officially participated in was in 1958 with Ferrari. AFter that, Koni quickly expanded where in 1971, Koni achieved its first World Championship win.

In 1972, KONI became a part of ITT (ITT: NYSE), a global diversified industrial company with employees in more than 35 countries and customers in approximately 125 countries.

Koni shock absorber are available in different applications segment such as: Sport and Tuning, Performance, Off-Road and Racing. Let’s see each of this shock absorber application category.

Koni shock absorber for Sport and Tuning
Under this category, Koni has 6 available designs:

TrackDay kit
KONI’s Trackday Kit is currently available for Golf 5, 6 and 7.

  • Has wide range of 64 predefined damping curves
  • Capable in 8 adjustment positions are available in both rebound as well as bump
  • Ability to change springs
  • Uses several different spring rates
  • Provides adaptability for many track and road conditions
  • Uses up-side-down configuration of a mono tube damper

This Koni shock absorber is for recommended for those looking for additional curves, adrenalin and centrifugal force.

  • Customised synthesis of quality, technical know-how and impressive performance
  • Perfect road holding and optimum handling
  • Combine the STR.T dampers perfectly with lowering springs
  • Individually tailored for every type of vehicle

KONI’s Sport shocks are designed for drivers looking for a sporty driving experience.

  • Provides responsive steering, reduced body-roll and limited body movements.
  • Externally adjustable by means of a knob
  • Damping forces can be fine-tuned to personal driving style

The STR.T Kit from KONI comprises KONI STR.T. shock absorbers and custom-made lowering springs from the company H&R. These are available for KONI America exclusively, and kits are offered with black coloured Eibach springs.

  • Perfectly tuned chassis / 100% performance
  • Excellent handling
  • Lowering up to 40 mm with H&R springs
  • Perfect match
  • 100% street legal

Sport Kit
This Sports shocks Kit provides ultimate shock absorber technology. Recommended for tuner, those who like high speed and dynamic sporting driving style.
These are available for KONI America exclusively, and kits are offered with black colored Eibach springs.

  • Offering car exceptional road holding, direct steering and reduced tail wag providing increased driving comfort
  • Complete shocks kit – consisting of four KONI high-performance car shock absorbers and matching lowering springs

Coil Over
This Koni shock absorber are developed by team of professionals and engineers.

  • Provides aggressive roadholding and perfect handling by variable lowering and externally adjustable of shock absorbers
  • Optimum variability for lowering
  • Improved fine tuning by advanced matching technology
  • Complete set (kit)
  • Great price to performance ratio
  • Long working service

Koni shock absorber for Performance
These are also known as ” KONI FSD shock absorbers “, each shocks under this category are integrated with company patented FSD Technology. This are applicable for classic car applicatins and is available in 2 different design.

Special Active
It is the latest advancement in the KONI shock absorber product portfolio.

  • Employed with patented Frequency Selective Damping technology
  • Improves safety and road holding
  • Technology proven on over 1.5 million factory equipped vehicles
  • Secure and stable feeling for spirited driving
  • Unrivaled aftermarket solution can be fitted to most new and older cars
  • Driving refinement for cars, trucks, SUVs, etc.
  • Technology that rivals expensive Original Equipment electronic systems

KONI Classic line makes modern shock absorber technology available for classic cars and cars from the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s.

  • Finished with the traditional red or black paint
  • Applied with feature the KONI Classic Wing logo
  • Increased dynamics
  • Precise reaction to steering and commands
  • Adjustable and available for almost every vehicle

Koni shock absorber for Off-Road
KONI RAID and Heavy Track are specially developed for the on-road and off-road challenges of Light Trucks, 4x4s, and SUVs.

Heavy Track
Koni Heavy track shock absorbers is for 4×4 and SUV.

  • Optimum handling, road holding and grip
  • Adjustable rebound forces for all on and offroad conditions
  • Specially developed, high quality materials for maximum performance
  • Better driving characteristics
  • Rugged construction
  • Long lifespan

This Koni shock absorber is recommended for raiders.
Features of the KONI RAID series:

  • Employed with Twin-tube technology
  • Used solid, robust attachments
  • Possibility to adjust the rebound forces i
  • Double dynamic protection
  • Provides progressive hydraulic rebound stop valve
  • Extra security in case of big compression impact
  • Easy fitting
  • No vehicle modifications are necessary

Koni shock absorber for Racing
This are especially applicable for the 2612 and 2812/2822 Series dampers. There are 6 available series under this category.
KONI racing shocks features:

  • Better driver feel
  • Wide range of adjustment
  • Accurate valve adjustment mechanism, not using an inaccurate needle system
  • Excellent reliability and repeatability
  • More stability
  • Excellent low-speed damping *
  • Customer-serviceable
  • Better value than the competition
  • More control over bumps
  • Low friction and weight

KONI shock shock absorbers are specifically designed and to meet the requirements for each individual application. To check out these shocks, click on related links below.

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Alko logo

Alko Shock Absorbers


Alko and Dexter merged in later 2015 and formed new company as DexKo Global Inc.

Dexter is a leading designer and manufacturer of trailer axles, brakes and related components in North America and AL-KO Vehicle Technology (“VT”), a European designer and manufacturer of trailer axles, trailer and caravan components, chassis and motorized chassis.

The merger of this two large companies create a global leader in the trailer axle and chassis supply industry. DexKo is headquartered in Novi, Michigan (USA), making optimal use of the resources of both companies.

AL-KO Record, a pioneer in the manufacture of shock absorbers in Spain, offers a wide range of shock absorbers and suspension components.

Alko shock absorber are available in ranges of applications which includes: Motorhome, Van, Caravan, Trailer and Commercial Vehicles.

Alko applied color coding across its shock absorbers which ia available in green, blue, red and black.

Here are advantages that Alko shock absorber provides:

  • Ideal and optimum damping features
  • Direct reduction of dangerous jolts
  • Greater driving and braking stability
  • Optimum ground contact

Check out each Alco shock absorbers technical data on the company catalogue.
Alko Shock Absorber Damping Technology
Alko and Dexter Company Merger
Alko Shock Absorber Product Page
Alko Shock Absorber Catalogue

FOX logo

FOX Shock Absorbers

FOX Factory, Inc.

FOX has more than 40 years being an industry leader in design and development of high-performance shock absorber and racing products.

Bob Fox, the man behind the success of FOX started prototype work on the first “FOX AirShox” on a Maico dirt bike. He made all the drawings by hand in his friend’s garage. It was 1975 when he completed his works.

He then started racing his products in motocross in 1974 and work succeed inside and outside of MX arena.

In 1978, Bob started his own company, “FOX Factory, Inc.” and all FOX AirShox were distributed through “Moto X FOX”. FOX-equipped vehicles and racers series of winnings has marked the history of FOX which made them gained reputation in automotive industry.

FOX shock absorber are available in different vehicle applications such as ATV, Bike, Moto, Offroad, Snow vehicle, Track, Truck and UTVs.

Here are Fox shock absorber general product features, depending on the category, design and technology varies:

  • Genuine Kashima Coat
  • Aerospace-grade PTFE-lined spherical bearings
  • Custom tuned
  • High-flow velocity-sensitive damping
  • Fully rebuildable and revalveable
  • Hard chromed shaft
  • Bottom out control (application specific)
  • Infinitely rotatable reservoir hose
  • Chrome silicone negative spring
  • High-flow Velocity-sensitive Damping
  • Fully Rebuildable and Revalveable

FOX team of engineers perform rigorous tests with their athletes annually. The data FOX collected from performance testing and different application used in the improvement of shocks product.

This made FOX differ from every other suspension company.

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BOGE logo

BOGE Shock Absorber


BOGE is part of a large ZF Aftermarket Division like TRW. It is Europe’s largest manufacturer of shock absorbers.

ZF is a world leader of OE quality automotive safety products. Their product lines include baking systems, suspension and steering parts, other commercial vehicle components and service tools.

ZF are known for driveline, chassis and passive safety technology.

The firm has a global workforce of 146,000 with approximately 230 locations in 40 countries. About €36.4B sales under this product line are estimated in 2017.

The company is extremely investing more than 6% in R&D annually.

BOGE shock absorber are recommended for passenger vehicle application. It has the following advantages:

  • Built to excel in all conditions
  • Enhance vehicles with variable damping systems
  • A BOGE shock absorber mounting provides the strength and performance to support vehicle weight
  • Precise wheel control
  • Optimal tire-to-road contact
  • Precise steering behavior
  • Reduced braking distance, noise and vibration
  • Long lasting performance

Boge shock absorber technical details information are available in their catalogue.

BOGE Shock Absorber Official Site
BOGE Shock Absorber Product Page
BOGE Shock Absorber Catalogue

Y.S.S logo

YSS Shock Absorber


Y.S.S first ever factory was established in Thailand in 1983. Mr. Pinyo Panichgasem reengineered YSS and become a Thai Company.

The company successfully entered overseas market such as Asia, South America, Africa, Europe and Middle and East in 1997. YSS received certification from TUV Rheinland, Germany, three years later.

YSS launched gas shock absorber technology in 2004 and established European R&D Center in Netherlands.

In 2015, YSS established its 2nd factory with 5,000 sq.m working area and has full product ranges for global market.

Today, YSS is considered to be the ” World no.1 of High-Performance Shock Absorber for Motorcycle and Scooter “.

YSS is a shock absorber manufacturer not only for motorcycles but also for cars for more than 30 years.

YSS shock absorber product range are available in different category such as: Full Racing, Racing, Top Line, Eco Line, GAS DTG, Hydraulic Shock Absorber, Front Fork and Steering Damper.

The company latest product line is YSS PRO-LINE, a high class shock absorber for car which features the following:

  • With 3 functions adjustable that support all driving styles and road conditions
  • With VVSC (Variable Valve Speed Control) Technology
  • Features 30 clicks compression and rebound adjustable

To learn more about YSS shock absorbers product lines, check out the link below.

YSS Shock Absorber Official Site
YSS Auto Shock Absorber Product Page
YSS Shock Absorber Catalogue


Tokico Shock Absorber

Hitachi Ltd

Tokico is the trademark brand of Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

Hitachi Ltd. began into domestic production of automotive electric parts in 1930. Four years later, Hitachi manufacturers Japan’s first impeller-type Lever Arm shock absorber.

First Hitachi project was to deliver sample electric parts to Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corporation.

Hitachi has 4 Business Divisions: Powertrain & Safety Systems Business Division, Chassis Business Division, Software Business Division and the Aftermarket Business Division.

Hitachi capital totalled to 15,000M Yen and has approximately reach 971.0B Yen.

Tokico shock absorber are brand of Hitachi. This shock absorber brand are applicable for popular cars such as Subaru, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Suzuki, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Ford.

Tokico shock absorber are available in different types: Hydraulic, Twin-Tube, and Coil-over Type shock absorber.

Here are product features and advantages of each shock absorber types:

Tokico hydraulic shock absorber
Covers 1000-6000 Series (Oil type)

  • High performance quality
  • Integrated with Tokico’s unique rebound and compression control disc valve system which automatically adjusts to all ride conditions.
  • Smooth operation and greater durability of the shock absorber.
  • Improved road holding and necessary stability for safety.

Tokico twin tube shock absorber
Available for E Series (Gas type)

  • Original, first in the world
  • Provides better vehicle control
  • Improved ride quality, and quieter operation by eliminating cavitation
  • No stone-shield protecting the working tube against flying stones

Tokico coil over shock absorber type
Available in U Series (Gas type) and Q Series (Oil type)

Tokico shock absorber is back by Hitachi manufacturing technology. Check out the link below to know more.

Hitachi Shock Absorber Official Site
Tokico Shock Absorber Product Page
Tokico Shock Absorber Catalogue

Armstrong Lyon Hydraulics logo

Armstrong Shock Absorbers

Armstrong Lyon Hydraulics

Armstrong Lyon Hydraulics reach the big 40 in the Hydraulics and Pneumatics business this past 2012.

Armstrong is a privately owned company formed in 1972 following the purchase of James Lyon & Sons, a Merseyside company since 1848. The company name “Armstrong” was adopted through the old company’s association with Armstrong Patents Co. of Beverley, Yorkshire.

In 35 years Armstrong have taken on distributorship agreements with leading manufacturers of hydraulic equipment.

This company was also a large supplier and manufacturer of automotive shock absorbers, employing 24,000 people worldwide.

Armstrong shock absorber is currently one of the most in demand brand in the market as of today. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Constructed with high quality materials
  • Provides smooth driving performance and control
  • Available in wide variety of types and ranges of applications

All technical details of each product are listed in the company’s dialogue provided below.

Armstrong Shock Absorber Official Site
Armstrong Shock Absorber Catalogue

Ohlins logo

OHLINS Shock Absorber


Since January 10, 2019, Ohlins is owned by Tenneco. Ohlins main headquarter was in Stockholm and has 4 subsidiaries in USA, Germany, Thailand and Sweden.

Ohlins manufactured more than 200,000 shock absorbers, front forks and steering dampers and around 3 million CES valves annually.

The 97% of Ohlins sales where from export. Company focuses on R&D, A/M, OEM and Racing of Advanced Suspension Technology for Motorcycles, Cars, Snowmobiles, Mountain bikes & ATV’s.

Ohlins shock absorbers we’re supplied in hundreds of company official distributor and OE manufacturer such as Ford, Toyota and Nissan.

  • TTX-technology
  • New design of main piston and compression valve
  • Updated shim stack layout
  • Patent pending FLOW valve dynamic control
  • Great bottoming resistance
  • Compression and rebound adjusters with indicators
  • Easy spring change due to unique spring clip design
  • Easy spring change due to new spring clip design
  • Easy spring preload adjustment
  • Wide range of optional springs

To learn more about technical details of Ohlins shock absorber for applications, check out the link below.

Ohlins Official Site
Ohlins Shock Absorber Product Page
Ohlins Shock Absorber for Motorcyle Road and Truck
Ohlins Shock Absorber for Mix and Enduro
Ohlins Shock Absorber for Motorsport
Ohlins Shock Absorber for Automotive Road and Truck
Ohlins Shock Absorber for Mountain Bike

TRW Logo

TRW Shock Absorber

TRW Company Banner

TRW is a part of a large ZF Aftermarket. ZF is a world leader of OE quality automotive safety products. Their product lines include baking systems, suspension and steering parts, other commercial vehicle components and service tools.

ZF are known for driveline, chassis and passive safety technology. The firm has a global workforce of 146,000 with approximately 230 locations in 40 countries. About €36.4B sales under this product line are estimated in 2017.

The company is extremely investing more than 6% in R&D annually.

TRW shock absorbers are a popular brand for direct users globally.

To make sure that TRW works its best, TRW utilizes on the road test and most improved advances test.

The TRW range of Performance Gas and Hydraulic Plus shock absorbers includes the following: Macpherson struts, Strut inserts, Conventional shocks, Front shock absorbers, Rear shock absorbers, Heavy duty shock absorbers, Load compensating and Steering dampers.

TRW shock absorbers are expected to provide the following product features and benefits:

  • Designed and constructed using latest shock absorber technology
  • An over-moulded Teflon piston ring for perfect cohesion between piston and inner tube
  • Uses polish process technology for the shock absorber rod
  • Below 0.08 microns level of roughness results in a perfect seal
  • Constructed with advanced valve discs technology
  • Calibrated to 1/100mm
  • Elastic metal discs for damping precision increase

At TRW, every product is guarantee as first-class quality which helps them to stay at the forefront of the aftermarket and OEM industry.

Check out each of the TRW product details on their catalogue that are listed below.

TRW Shock Absorber Official Site
TRW Shock Absorber Product Page
TRW Shock Absorber Catalogue


Ultima Shock Absorbers


The ULTIMA 4×4 product line u is the most comprehensive and modernized brand in Australia when it comes to vehicle coverage.

The company are known because of their first-class shock absorbers. Each product are all tested in Australia and subject with ongoing testing and development.

ULTIMA Shock absorbers are exported to over a 100 countries worldwide and used in the harshest environments.

The ULTIMA 4×4 ranges includes 4 different bore sizes along with a full range of steering dampeners. Ultima shock absorbers lineup includes:

  • 36 Series – a robust standard replacement shock absorber similar to OE in size and specifications
  • 40 Series – A Heavy Duty replacement alternative to original OE shock providing better suspension travel, better impact absorption and improved ride quality.
  • 36S Series – For later model vehicles with Coil Sprung Suspension,
  • 46 Series – Extreme Big Bore Shock available in some Toyota Landcruiser and Nissan Patrol applications.

Ultiman Shocks has the following key features:

  • Most 40 Heavy Duty Series ULTIMA 4×4 shocks are fitted with stone guards for ultimated protection 
  • Gas charged and use specific grades of oil designed to minimize heat build up
  • Allows ultimate performance in all conditions even at extreme stroke rate
  • Dyno-tested procedure
  • Big bore gas charged shocks and struts
  • Double chromed piston rods for  increased life of shock
  • Genuine Nok seal used in all applications
  • Unique bump and rebound settings exclusive to Ultima
  • Superior rubber bushes
  • Stone guards

The ULTIMA 4×4 ranges has all the latest applications available to upgrade your suspension today. Recent additions to the lineup include Volkswagen Amorak, 2012 model Ford Ranger and BT50 along with the just released Holden Colorado.

Check out Ultima shock absorbers click the link below.

Ultima Shock Absorber Official Site

Mando Corporation Logo

Mando Shock Absorber

Mando Corporation

Mando Corporation was established in October 1962. The company currently capital totalled to 47B Won and has raised 5.7T Won in 2016.

Mando has a credit rating ot AAA+. The had to manufacturing plant which are located at Pyeongtaek and Iksan and Wonju. Today, Mando has estimated of 11,939 number of employees.

Brake system, steering system, suspension system, driver assistance system and electronics-iron casting are the products manufactured by Mando.

Mando shock absorber is one of the company product line.

Here are some of Mando shock absorber features and benefits:

  • Available in different types
  • Specifically calibrated to help restore the original handling and control characteristics of the car
  • Uses a seamless working cylinder matched with a Teflon coated piston band for a positive seal and longer life
  • Triple chrome plated piston rod and multi-lip oil seals that reduce wear
  • Solid seamless mounting eye rings and bolt bushings to eliminate rattles
  • Engineered to help vehicles with electronic safety systems (ESC, ABS, etc.)

To check out the list of applications of Mando shock absorbers, you can download the catalogue of the firm listed below.

Mando Shock Absorber Official Site
Mando Shock Absorber Product Page
Mando Shock Absorber Catalogue

TEIN, Inc. logo

Tein Shock Absorber

TEIN, Inc.

TEIN, Inc. is a global company with facilities in Japan, United States, CHINA and United Kingdom.

The company name “TEIN” was named after a combination of the first two letters, “TE”CHNICAL “IN”NOVATION.

The company also have exclusive distributors all around the world which not only stock our products but can also perform all after services (repair, overhaul, and revalving).

Tein Inc. were established in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama in 1985. They start OEM production of shock absorbers a year after.

Tein manufactured they own brand products (Type H damper) in 1990 and gained sales on their Type S damper, 3 years after. Tein successfully distributed other company auto parts in the next few years.

They had different branches in regions such as USA, HongKong and Thailand.

The company has wide range of shock absorbers design in different applications which are already launched in the market.

Tein shock absorber were design to fit driver’s needs. Here are Tein shock absorber product features:

  • Steel Construction
  • Twin Tube internal construction
  • 16 way adjustable dampers, compression and rebound combined
  • Ride Height adjustable via spring seat
  • Larger piston diameter for strut type front and rear (22mm)
  • Powder coated damper body with Zinc coated threaded section
  • 1-year Manufacturers Defect Warranty
  • Available for Overhaul

You can check wide ranges of Tein shock absorber applications in the company website.

Tein Shock Absorber Official Site
Tein Shock Absorber Product Pages
Tein Shock Absorber Online Shop

Ironman logo

Ironman Shock Absorbers


Ironman 4×4 products are designed in Australia and supplies globally.

Ironman were established in 1958, headquartered in Melbourne. The company specialized with suspension parts manufacturer, named Jacob Spring Works.

JSW Parts took shape to design and manufacture leaf and coil springs for cars, trucks, buses 4×4 vehicles.

In 1988 JSW Parts launched the Ironman 4×4 brand of springs and suspension parts in response to the increasing popularity of 4×4 vehicles, recognizing that standard suspension systems alone were not designed to cope with additional loads of bull bars, winches and extra fuel tanks.

Today, Ironman has stocks in many warehouses including Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane, Townsville, South Australia and Perth.

Iron shock absorbers are available in three ranges and each of them has its own product benefit. These shock absorber brand provides soft comfort and firm valving.

Ironman Nitro Gas Shock Absorber


  • Pressurised shock absorber boosts performance
  • Adapts to a wide range of driving styles
  • Nitrogen gas pressurized
  • 35mm Teflon banded piston
  • 54mm Twin tube body
  • 16mm-18mm Hard-chrome piston rod
  • Flexible rubber bushes
  • Triple-lip high pressure NOK seal
  • Supplimentary welded mounts
  • Single piece billet eye rings and stems
  • Vehicle specific valving
  • Additional length increases wheel articulation
  • Impact resistant stone shield

Ironman Foam Cell Shock Absorbers

  • Premium shock absorber for superior endurance in all conditions
  • Integrated with foam cell technology
  • 40-45mm Teflon banded piston
  • 60-64mm Twin tube body – 50%-100% more oil volume than a gas shock absorber for superior cooling and endurance.
  • 20mm Hardened and polished chrome piston rod
  • Flexible rubber bushes

Ironman Foam Cell Pro Shock Absorber

  • Same technology used in standard foam cell shock absorber
  • Uses 65-72mm Twin tube body

Check these high quality shock absorbers on the company official page.

Ironman Shock Absorber Official Site
Ironman Shock Absorber Product Page
Ironman Shock Absorber Catalogue

King Shock Absorbers

King Company

King shocks was established and open doors on what they are today in 1996. Lance King drawn the original designs in early 80’s and created to fill needs of top level racers of the day.

Their original 3″ was designed to achieve quality performance in mind and with the finest materials available.

Like other successful companies, King had humble beginnings. Lance and his son worked together to reach company goals. Lance did the design and work on machining the parts, Ross his son was in-charge in welding and fabricating the parts and Brett did sales marketing.

King Shocks has grown from a small business building custom made shocks for race cars to a manufacturer of hundreds of products for many different applications.

King shock absorber is recognizable as part of company’s product lines. Here are the company’s benefits and advantages.

  • Lightweight hard anodized 6063 aluminum alloy reservoir
  • Internally threaded top cap
  • 2.5″ Shock cylinders are precision bored to within +/- .001
  • Truncated thread design
  • Integrated with piston highly developed port configurations for unique damping performance
  • Pinch bolt coil adjuster nut offers superior clamping force
  • Have a minimum tensile strength of 100,000 pounds per square inch
  • Made from a Rulon composite that offers incredible wear resistance
  • High strength rod end designed for proper clearance on your application
  • Steel Teflon lined spherical bearings for smooth articulation
  • Aluminum components and vehicle specific mounts are machined from aircraft quality billet
  • Front and rear kits all include all necessary vehicle specific mounting brackets and hardware
  • Comes with intruction guide per packed
  • Internal reservoir allows easy bolt-on installation and guards against shock fade during severe use

King Shocks continue to improved and design their shock absorber through new technology available.

King Shock Absorbers Official Site
King Shock Absorber Product Page
King Shock Absorber Catalogue

Pedders Organization logo

Pedders Shock Absorbers

Pedders Organization

Pedders Organization started to operate business back in 1950 when owner, Roy Pedder, opened Pedders Die-Cast Welding Services in Hawthorn Road.

Roy found opportunity for repair and reconditioning shock absorber when he saw the weakness of the early-type shocks. In mid 50’s, Pedder’s was recognized for reconditioning and the rest of trade were unrepairable.

In 1964, Pedders were able to produce mass shock absorber brands.

Today, Pedders is headed up by Roy eldest son, Mark and has now over 120 locations in Australia. Most of which are franchised. They expanded its export markets to distributors globally which included Korea, Mauritius, Europe, The Middle East, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, Malaysia, China, Cyprus & the U.S.A.

Popular Pedders shock absorbers range of replacement offers the following key features:

  • Nitrogen gas pressurised
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Precisely Tuned Valving
  • Direct original equipment replacement
  • Affordable pricing

To know more about the applications where Pedders shock absorber is applicable with, check out the link below.

Pedders Shock Absorber Official Site
Pedders Shock Absorber Product Page
Pedders Shock Absorber Catalogue

Showa Shock Absorber

Showa Aircraft Precision Works Ltd.

In 1938 Showa Aircraft Precision Works Ltd. was established to manufacture aircraft components.

Showa Manufacturing Co. Ltd initiated the production of automobile components in 1946.

Nagoya, Saitama and Asaba plant started the production in early 60’s-70’s.

The company built consolidated subsidiary in China, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Taiwan and Germany and continuously expanding.

Showa manufactured products for automotive and motorcycle applications.

Showa shock absorber is among the top popular OEM brand in automotive market today.

Here are Showa shock absorber features:

  • Empower efficient suspension
  • Automatically adjusts the damping forces based on the frequency of the vibrations
  • Independently developed estimation technology

Showa shock absorber has proven its quality for years. Technical details of the product are accessible on the company website.

Showa Shock Absorber Official Site
Showa Shock Absorber Product Page

SPAX logo

Spax Shock Absorbers


SPAX has more than 60 years of experience in automotive manufacturing. They are one of the popular manufacturers in the world. The company were named after a Somerset village called Spaxton.

SPAX were the first company to produce on-car adjustable dampers and patented the idea.

The company manufacturing facility was located in Jersey, West Midlands, London and in the 1990’s. It was moved to Formula 1 country in Oxfordshire.

By the 1970’s SPAX was the leading in performance road car suspension in the UK.

By the mid 1980’s SPAX lead in the suspension for racing and rallying also.

In the early 1990’s export sales started to grow worldwide.

SPAX are heavily involved with racing at all levels and supplied the land speed record car, Thrust 2. So successful was this project that Thrust SSC chose SPAX to break the land speed record at 771 M.P.H. (1.231 Km/H).

In late 1999 SPAX was sold to new owners.

A new factory with modern systems were built at a cost close to £1 million. Spax production facility was transformed into a world class manufacturing unit.

In 2001, SPAX became one of only a handful of British manufacturers to be granted the German TUV seal of approval for quality.

SPAX has recently been appointed the official and sole supplier to Cooper for the Mini Cooper Challenge race series.

Spax shock absorbers has a broad range of application to choose from. The following listed below are general product features:

  • Improved ultra-stable, fade-free performance and low speed comfort
  • Custom built, adjustable telescopic dampers
  • Fully Dyno Tested to ensure you get 100% performance
  • Manufactured under stringent quality controls
  • Epoxy Powder coated and oven cured for extra-long life
  • Totally adjustable
  • All parts are from U.K.

Check out ranges of Spax shock absorber in the following links.

Spax Shock Absorber Official Site
Spax Shock Absorber Product Page
Spax Shock Absorber Catalogue

Ikon logo

Ikon Shock Absorbers

Ikon shock absorber

Peter, the was a popular rally driver in 1950`s and also has a trucking business that time. He worked Lance and Naomi Lowe in managing business.

Later, Ikon acquired 3 Jays which happen to be involved in selling Spax, Monroa, Girling and Armstrong shock absorbers.

Initially the business was started in the Guildford home of the Lowe family. The present managing director, Geoff Lowe, inevitably grew up around cars, motorcycles and Koni shock absorbers.

Geoff ultimately began to work for business in the late 1970. In early days, imported shock absorbers were stores in their house garage.

After several successes in selling auto parts, Geoff decide to become a manufacturer.

With this, Ikon shock absorbers ranges grow together with other suspension parts.

Here are some of the features Ikon shock absorber provide:

  • Externally adjustable rebound damping
  • Spring seat is screw thread adjustable for ultimate sag fine tuning
  • Progressive rate spring
  • Gas assisted & rebuildable and revalvable
  • Available in different shocks types for specific applications.

If you want to learn more of the technical details of the Ikon shock absorber are available in the company product page.

Ikon Shock Absorber Official Site
Ikon Shock Absorber Product Page
Ikon Shock Absorber Online Catalogue

Meyle Logo

Meyle Shock Absorber

Meyle Company

Meyle is a part of a large company – Wulf Gaertner Autoparts AG.

Wulf Gaertner was founded in the year 1958.

Wulf began as a small export and trading business for original spare parts turned to be a large manufacturer.

From GmbH to AG, a 2-man business became a medium-sized company with estimated 500 employees at the Hamburg headquarters only.

Today, Wulf has over 24,000 parts, out of this parts 700 was Meyle parts and are now available in 120 countries worldwide.

Meyle shock absorber brand is well-known in automotive market.

Meyle supply over 650 parts to accommodate more than 214M vehicles in Europe.

Meyle Shock Absorber features:

  • Available in comprehensive range of top-grade
  • Applied with electro-mechanical coating process which ensures reliable protection against abrasives
  • Undergo salt spray test
  • Comes with additional system components including rubber buffer and dust cap

MEYLE shock absorber quality was confirmed in an independent TÜV Nord test report commissioned by MEYLE.

To know more about this high quality control arm from Wulf, links are listed below.

Meyle Shock Absorber Official Site
Meyle Shock Absorber Product Page
Meyle Shock Absorber Catalogue

delphi technologies logo

Delphi Shock Absorber

Delphi Technologies Company

Delphi Automotive PLC is now Aptiv PLC is global automotive manufacturer which incorporated from Bailiwick, Jersey and based in Dublin, Ireland.

In 1994, Delphi was first founded as Automotive Components Group and renamed as Delphi Automotive System.

Delphi has some financial issues in the past when some irregularity on accounting practices. It has been discovered in the year 2005 leading them to bankruptcy problem. But fortunately, Delphi is up until today.

Delphi entered in couple of successful business joint ventures together with Ener1 and Grupo Division.

Today, Delphi (Aptiv) is proud to be a leading tier 1 supplier to a top 25 car makers around the world.

Delphi shock absorber like any other parts from the company was test, in every angle, for reliable performance at temperatures below -40°F and over 248°F. Here are Delphi shoc absorber product features and advantages:

  • Manufactured to OE standards for performance and durability
  • Extensive testing including material and dimensional checks, crack detection and fatigue analysis
  • Performance tested to temperatures as low as -40°C and up to 120°C and exposed to 720 hours of salt spray for proven protection
  • Cataphoretic coating for longer lasting corrosion protection and aesthetics
  • OE specification steering kits for a complete steering repair
  • Access to technical hotline and support
  • Three-year/36,000-mile warranty on all steering parts – available in UK only

To learn more of Delphi shock absorber, click on the following links below.

Delphi Shock Absorber Official Site
Delphi Shock Absorber Product Page
Delphi Shock Absorber Catalogue


Shock absorber are applicable in a wide range of applications. Therefore, if you we’re thinking to invest on this auto parts or add it on your existing inventory for Auto Supplies, you should also consider which range to sell.

We hope that this article has help you envisioned shock absorber market overview and technology used that are in demand as of the moment.

Another important thing is to look for reliable manufacturer and supplier that will handle your orders without delay. With that, we would like to offer you our high quality shock absorbers. Contact us and we will more than happy to assist you.

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