Top 13 Wheel Bearing Manufacturers of 2023

Wheel Bearing can be seen and place an important role in any vehicle’s drivetrain. Wheel bearing functions as a connection between moving areas of a vehicle. It is used to reduce friction and place within something like the wheel for aiding rotation efficiency. This is achieved given rolling produces less friction than sliding.

Wheel bearing manufacturers create their units with small metal balls places in between two smooth rings of metals. It is placed inside with a grease helping the whole unit to properly aid wheels rotation. This rolling motion enables the hub system to freely move as much as possible. Given its importance, one question has been popping and it is whether you can drive with a bad wheel bearing or not. Yes, you can, but it’s definitely not safe.

Like all mechanical parts, the wheel bearing is subjected to failure over time. The most common cause of failure is when the seal is leaking making rollers to be contaminated by outside elements. Symptoms of a bad wheel bearing include unnecessary wheel vibration, uneven rotor or brake pad wear, humming sound from under, or/and ABS failure. Experiencing such is a call for inspection for a possible wheel bearing replacement.

Wheel Bearing Market Overview

The demand for commercial vehicles is in continuous growth. Thus, the auto part whether replacement or original equipment manufacturers (OEM) will be increasing as well. This is what fueled the growth of the global wheel bearing market and will continue to be for many years to come.

Being car performance is greatly dependent on this component, wheel bearing manufacturers from different regions of the globe started to develop their products to create not only an auto part that will improve vehicle performance but also a product that will reduce the cost of production.

The wheel bearing market is segmented to different types of bearings such as roller bearing, ball bearing, and others. While application compatibility is segmented into four-wheelers, passenger vehicles, LCV, HCV, three-wheelers, and two-wheelers.

Here are some of the key players/wheel bearing manufacturers that top the industry with regard to product quality, global presence, and product demand.

Wheel Bearing Manufacturers List:


NSK Wheel Bearing

NSK Wheel Bearing

NSK is a globally recognized company that has been one of the first wheel bearing suppliers to develop and manufacture various bearings for a wide range of applications including automotive, precision machinery, and industrial machinery. NSK is also of the few wheels bearing manufacturers that have reached the century mark. Putting it into a record, NSK’s 100 years of expertise has put them in a reputable position as one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality bearings in the world with a global presence in over 30 countries.

NSK wheel bearings of all types are being produced by the company’s knowledgeable staff using leading technological advancements, all NSK products feature prime quality that is certain to meet consumers’ performance requirements and expectations. NSK wheel bearings also ensure uncompromising and exceptional value due to the utmost attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.

Features of NSK Wheel Bearings:

  • Move to provide absolute durability and high reliability
  • Designed using high tech equipment
  • Crafted to deliver many years of service
  • Enhance performance and high quality guaranteed

NSK Official Website:

NSK Products:

NSK Automotive Hub Unit Bearings:

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NTN Wheel Bearing

NTN Wheel Bearing

NTN is amongst the wheel hub suppliers and manufacturers of products such as hub bearings, constant velocity joints, and special-purpose bearings for the automotive, construction machinery, jet plane, railcar, and other industries. The company has almost a century of expertise in its sleeve in which, they have provided countless sophisticated, value-added products made using precise engineering and computerized technologies. Being trusted by thousands of automotive technicians and millions of customers globally for their products’ quality, NTN is dedicated to an unending service provision for the well-being of people in the world.

NTN wheel bearing catalog is comprised of various wheel bearing types suiting for different applications. NTN hub bearings incorporate a sealed-type construction to deliver a sensor-integrated hub bearing. All products of NTN are made intended to be a top-notch replacement for worn-out factory parts. Designed to fit and function the same as OE.

Features of NTN Wheel Bearing:

  • Direct fit – OE quality replacement for the worn-out factory part
  • Helps to restore the proper functionality of the vehicle
  • Assist power distributions
  • Manufactured from the finest materials for optimum quality

NTN Americas Official Website:

NTN Wheel Hubs / Bearings:

SKF Wheel Bearing

SKF Wheel Bearing

SKF is a wheel bearing supplier and manufacturer of the bearing of all types. The company started operating back in 1907. Today, SKF products can be seen in almost anything that moves or rolls. SKF is an industry leader with regard to the design and development of top-grade bearings, including ball, roller, and plain bearings, rod ends, bushings, housings, seals, and much more. In manufacturing SKF products which include the SKF wheel bearing, the company ensures to use only high-quality materials for maximum performance and durability. All SKF bearing units come preassembled and adjusted to ensure perfect fit and ease of installation.

NSK wheel bearing kits are being supplied to almost all OE car manufacturers today and has more than 90 million cars run on their products. SKF products range into 98% of the European car parc.

Here are some of the features of NSK wheel bearings:

  • Includes 3 generation wheel bearing designs
  • X-tracker model – for high performance and high load vehicles
  • All bearings are sealed for life with reliable performance and application-specific grease
  • NSK wheel bearing kits include any nuts, bolts, or screws necessary for a complete repair
  • Tested ensuring best possible product value
  • Made to meet or exceed most stringent standards

SKF Company Profile:

SKF Official Website:

SKF Wheel Bearings:


TIMKEN Wheel Bearing

TIMKEN Wheel Bearing

TIMKEN started as a family-owned business that focuses on global industrial technology and was established back in 1899. Today TIMKEN grows into an international wheel bearing supplier and has 60 manufacturing plants located in 30 countries on six different continents. TIMKEN serves various industries such as automotive, aerospace, power generation, health, metallurgy, and more. The company’s manufacturing technologies and expertise include patented, top-quality designs for a variety of automotive applications.

TIMKEN wheel bearing / automotive bearings include ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearing, and tapered roller bearings are made to feature premium design, enhance surface finishes, and are manufacturing using quality materials to ensure longer bearing life and excellent antifriction features.

Advantages of TIMKEN Wheel Bearing:

  • Designed to effectively reduce friction
  • Heavy load capable
  • Long service life due to materials used
  • Special coatings to provide protection from corrosion
  • Special seals that will keep lubrication in and contaminants out
  • Constructed to meet the highest performance standards

TIMKEN Official Website:

TIMKEN Products:

TIMKEN Wheel Hub Units:

PFI Wheel Bearings

PFI Wheel Bearings

PFI Bearings is a wheel bearing supplier and a dynamic American company with a global footprint and over 25 years of manufacturing experience of producing the highest quality bearings. PFI Bearings are currently counted on an extensive network of highly optimized, strategic regional distribution cents all over the world. This ensures consumers to easily obtain PFI products and support customers in more 70 countries where PFI Bearing products are present. The company’s bearing covers large coverage that can be used for different applications such as agricultural, industrial, and automotive of light, medium, and heavy-duty vehicles.

PFI Wheel Bearings deliver OEM quality production. All products are strictly manufactured in their certified plants where quality and standards are met and maintained. PFI 1st gen bearings are made with 100Cr6 alloy steel, the hardness of 60-65 HRC, and are meant to meet and exceed technical requirements of axial and radial load. They have C3 clearance for high speeds.

Features of PFI Wheel Bearings PW Product Line:

  • Sealed and lubricated for life
  • Eliminating the need for preventive maintenance
  • Excellent performance guaranteed even under high and low temperature, and dry and humid environments
  • Available in full kits (where applicable) for complete assembly

PFI Bearings Company Profile:

PFI Bearings Official Website:

PFI Wheel Bearings:

ACDelco Wheel Bearing

ACDelco Wheel Bearing

ACDelco is a globally known wheel bearing supplier and manufacturer of different automotive components that was founded over 100 years ago. The company’s extensive product portfolio features high-quality products designed specifically for vehicles of all types, makes, and models. Aside from ACDelco wheel bearings, the company also offers brake pads and rotors, belts and hoses, shocks and struts, alternators and starters, and many more trustworthy parts.

ACDelco offers a large selection of GM genuine parts original equipment and premium ACDelco Gold aftermarket bearing and oil seal replacement parts that are all backed by GM. The company’s bearings are designed to fit a wide range of GM and non-GM vehicle brands today.

Features of ACDelco Wheel Bearing:

  • Designed to deliver trouble-free and consistent performance
  • Suiting for different vehicle and lifestyle
  • Made from high-quality materials for dependable durability
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed strict quality requirements

ACDelco Official Website:

ACDelco Products:

ACDelco Bearings and Oil Seals:

Crown Wheel Bearing

Crown Wheel Bearing

Crown is a global source of auto parts for prestigious makes including Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and RT Off-road vehicles. The company started creating automotive solutions back in 1963 as a small storefront shop. Today, Crown Automotive is a leading wheel breaking supplier and provider of different auto-components. Thanks to Crown, vintage jeeps can still be seen on the road today. The company’s products cover Jeep vehicles from 1942 and up.

With Crown wheel bearing, the company promises that you will get the most out of your vehicle as well as revel in more exciting driving experience. All units are made affordable so you will surely source bang for the buck product.

Suiting for different types of vehicles under Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge, here are some of the features you can acquire on purchasing Crown wheel bearing.

  • Perfect price to quality ratio
  • Optimum durability acquired through materials used
  • Guarantees to improve driving performance

Crown Official Website:

Crown Product Search:

Product Samples:

Wheel Hub Bearing Set:

Wheel Bearing:


Dorman Wheel Bearing

Dorman Wheel Bearing

Dorman is a manufacturer that is comprised of over 100 years of manufacturing experience. The company has incepted the automotive industry way back to 1918. Given the company’s experience, Dorman offers customers worldwide a special solution called OE-fix. This is where Dorman locates every flaw in the original equipment then fix it. With this process, Dorman markets their products to have better functionality, longer life expectancy, and more durable than original equipment parts.

Dorman Wheel Bearings connect the wheel to the CV axle, whereas Dorman ensures precise engineering in every unit they produce. Wheel bearings are then constructed with high-quality materials to offer durability. It promotes optimum condition restoration and top-notch replacement that will help your vehicle’s wheel to freely turn.

Features of Dorman Wheel Bearing:

  • Will help prevent unwanted noise, vibration, and loss of wheel
  • Proper fitment – direct OE replacement
  • No special tools required for installation
  • Manufactured to strict engineering standards

Dorman Official Website:

Dorman Wheel Bearing Assembly Options:

Dorman Company Video Introduction:

DURAGO Wheel Bearing

DURAGO Wheel Bearing

DURAGO is a family-owned business with over 50 years since established. Over the years, DURAGO has developed a diverse product that includes DURAGO wheel bearing and other brake parts including brake rotors and drums, electrophoretic brake rotors, brake pads and shoes, hub and assemblies, and the wheel hub kits. Supported by over 5 decades of proven quality, DURAGO wheel bearing reviews are on top of its league where customers from all around the globe share their insights about the product.

Over the years DuraGo has been a professional’s choice for quality, cataloging, profitability, and first market applications. DuraGo products are easy to obtain. They are available from many local auto care professionals.

DuraGo wheel bearing is certain to perform smoothly and will help the vehicle to a completely controlled stop. Built with precise quality and reliability, DuraGo wheel bearing will contribute to the utmost safety and suit to a wide range of driving conditions. Also, all units are ISO/TS 16949:2002 Certified.

Product Features:

  • Exceptional service and dependability
  • Type 1, 2, 3 hub assemblies available
  • Covers 98% of passengers and light truck hub assembly
  • Reduces friction and improves fuel economy
  • Guarantees to fit and perform
  • The highest grade of materials and the latest technologies utilized
  • Skillfully crafted to stringent standards for quality and safety

DuraGo Official Website:

DuraGo Hub Assemblies:

National Wheel Bearing

National Wheel Bearing

DriVMotorparts National is a brand that carves its way and built a reputation as one of the most respected names in the automotive industry. The company offers premium wheel end solutions for 75 years and still on the go. National is employed by engineering experts that keep pace with the industry’s demand and provides advanced solutions to meet the needs of today’s vehicles. National is committed to providing high-end, premium wheel end products that will exceed the original equipment specifications across the full spectrum of wheel bearings and oil seal needs.

Equipped with modern equipment, technology, and decades of expertise coordinating in development, manufacturing, and testing every product, it not shocking to why National wheel bearing is being patronized globally. National Wheel bearing catalog is comprised of various types for different applications from passenger cars to heavy-duty vehicles.

A national wheel bearing is manufactured from high-quality steel and constructed using state-of-the-art computer controlled heat treatment technology to ensure ultimate performance and unmatched durability. Thus, it meets OE specs and will certainly fit.

National Wheel Bearing Features:

  • Premium wheel bearing designs that match OEM specifications
  • Maximum durability due to premium steel
  • Industry-leading coverage
  • Controlled heat processing for lasting performance and extended bearing life
  • Trusted by professionals

National Company Profile:

National Oil seals and Bearings:

National Wheel Bearings:


MEVOTECH Wheel Bearing

MEVOTECH Wheel Bearing

Mevotech has been revolutionizing the aftermarket for over 30 years. The company started production back in 1982. Today, this brand is among the top wheel bearing supplier in the global market.

One of the reasons Mevotech products are of high quality is that they give their technicians the freedom. Mevotech allows its technicians to have the edge by innovating the chassis component. This is applied to every bit of their product. Mevotech engineers focus on making the company’s product faster and easier to install and to give longer service life. Employing punishing testing for every product including Mevotech wheel bearings, units are validated and ensure durability like no other.

Mevotech wheel bearings are all design to minimize noise and vibration emission and guarantee smooth movement with consistent torque. Mevotech wheel bearings also add axial and radial support and help reducing wear and friction.

Listed are some of the features of Mevotech wheel bearing:

  • Keeps noise and vibration at minimum
  • Provides axial and radial support
  • Reduces wear and friction
  • Direct replacement
  • Seamless fit for easy installation

Mevotech Official Website:

Mevotech Driveline:

Mevotech Wheel Hub Assemblies:


MOOG Wheel Bearing

MOOG Wheel Bearing

MOOG has a quite of reputation in the automotive industry as The Problem Solver. This can be traced back to 1919 where it all started. This was the year where MOOG created a front-end replacement recognized by mechanics as an auto part that outclasses factory original. Today, MOOG stands as one of the key wheel bearing suppliers in the global market. With continuous development and innovation, the company has produced countless automotive solutions that live up to its name as The Problem Solver. It continues up to this day and will be for many years to come. Also, MOOG is known to deliver award-winning technical support and training materials.

MOOG Wheel bearing direct replacement parts are designed and manufactured for optimal performance and maximum durability. The company’s complete range of parts is best-in-class in engineering and is manufactured to ensure reliable and safe car handling.

MOOG Wheel bearing performance features:

  • Premium stainless steel sleeves, hardened by advance heat treatment processes for extended life
  • Crowned raceways and rollers preventing misalignment and minimize vibration emission
  • Incorporated by a premium seal protecting the unit from contamination
  • OEM-aligned bearing designs and ABS Sensors
  • Active sensor bearing technology for compatibility with latest board diagnostics

MOOG Official Website:

MOOG Parts:

MOOG Parts EU Wheel Bearings:


KOYO Wheel Bearing

KOYO Wheel Bearing

Koyo brand has established its name with many automakers and industrial manufacturers around the globe. Koyo is manufacturing facilities that are all certified under ISO / TS 16949. This company is confident enough to offer a full refund to customers once found unsatisfied with their products.

Founded in 1921 by Mr. Ikeda, Koyo Seiko has experience enormous growth which today becomes one of the world-leading wheel bearing suppliers and manufacturers of different automotive steering systems. The company has a vast global presence from operating in different regions such as Europe, ASIA, U.S., and Latin America.

Koyo Wheel bearings are being utilized and marketed for both aftermarket and original equipment industry. This product ensures to bring back optimum condition of vehicles’ wheel hubs and will provide a top-notch replacement that will enable the vehicle’s rim to turn freely again.

Features and Advantages of Koyo Wheel Bearing:

  • Certain to deliver consistent performance and trouble-free application
  • Suiting for different automotive applications
  • Made from high-quality materials for maximum durability

Koyo Official Website:

Koyo Products:

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