Top 17 Brake Line Manufacturers of 2023

What are the brake lines and why are they important to the overall road performance of a motor vehicle? When pressing the brake pedal, the efforts you exert are being translated into pressure making the vehicle’s wheels to stop. Brake line manufacturers designed brake lines to keep you safe on the road even on panic stops.

The brake line in your brakes plays a significant role in brake performance allowing your car to turn pedal pressure into stopping power. Most cars with a hydraulic system can be seen installed with the brake line. Just to give you a little info about how the whole system works, the brake fluid is stored in the master cylinder and is transferred to the calipers when the brake pedal is pressed via the brake line. This pressure forces the caliper to clamp down on the brakes and make the rotation of the wheel slow and stop.

Brake Line Market Overview

Brake line manufacturers deliver both traditional and custom brake lines in the market due to the constant demand for products for specific and delicate applications. The brake line is a product that applies to ranges of applications such as motor, cars, trucks of heavy and lightweight, commercial, and other industrial applications.

According to the article published by, LONDON – Technavio has been monitoring the automotive brake line and hoses market and it is expected to grow by USD 0.81 billion during 2019-2023, progressing at a CAGR of 1 % during the forecast period. The affordability of brake lines and hoses is one of the driving growth of their global market.

Brake Line Market

Top Brake Line Manufacturers List:


ACDelco Brake Line

ACDelco Brake Line

ACDelco is a brand of GM customer care and aftersales. The company is a globally renowned manufacturer of top-notch replacement auto parts for almost all vehicle systems present today as well as off-road, industrial, and marine equipment. The company is one of the few brands that surpass the hundred-year mark serving the automotive industry.

ACDelco hydraulic brake line is manufactured under the standards of GM’s original equipment. The company uses the latest manufacturing technology so every unit will offer premium quality and will perform better than advertised. It will serve as a perfect fit for your vehicle and lifestyle.

ACDelco Brake Line Features:

  • Designed to give trouble-free driving experience and a consistent performance
  • Suiting for different vehicle and driving
  • Durability that comes from quality materials used
  • Meet or exceed strict quality requirements

ACDelco Brake Parts:

ACDelco Official Website:


Dorman Brake Line

Dorman Brake Line

Dorman is a well-recognized manufacturing brand that provides quality auto parts for the automotive industry. The company has proven its worth and excellence from over three decades of experience in delivering reliable replacement parts, fasteners, and service products. Dorman reputable positions are founded by the company’s application expertise, innovative product design, and breadth of product offerings, many of which are not conveniently available elsewhere.

Dorman also is a known brake line supplier. Brake hydraulic line by Dorman efficiently carries the hydraulic brake fluid from the master cylinder to the ABS. Brake line replacement restores drivability and offers durability.

Dorman Brake Line Features:

  • Direct replacement – proper fit all the time
  • Durable metal construction
  • No special tools needed for installation
  • Undergone vehicle try-on testing to meet product standards
  • Preformed brake lines
  • Complete brake line kit

Dorman Official Website:

Dorman Brake Lines:


Wagner Brake Line

Wagner Brake Line

Wagner is a manufacturer and a brake line supplier that is under the brand of Federal-Mogul Corporation. Aside from the brake line, different hydraulic hardware is available in their catalogue. The company is recognized in the automotive industry as of the leaders in developing and creating manufacturing Global Friction OE as well as aftermarket products.

Wagner brake line delivers the original equipment fit, form, and road dependability that surpasses stock brake components in performance and longevity. Wagner creates a product that sets new standards by providing the latest innovation in braking technologies such as proprietary Low-copper formulation, advanced integrally molded insulator technology, and more:

Wagner Hydraulic Brake Line features:

  • Innovative engineering
  • Extensive field testing
  • Exceptional quality control
  • Delivers longer and more reliable brake life and performance

Wagner Hydraulic Hardware:

Official Website:

Wagner Brake Parts:


Motorcraft Brake Line

Motorcraft Brake Line

Motorcraft was launched by the Ford Motor company way back in 1972. The company stands today as the most trusted brake line supplier and manufacturer of different automotive parts replacement for Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles. Also, Motorcraft provides an extensive line of premium automotive parts from A/C compressors and alternators to wiper blades and wire sets.

Manufactured to strict specifications, all products including the Motorcraft brake line undergoes extensive lab and road testing. This allows the Motorcraft brake line to acquire all features of OEM from quality and design to durability and performance.

Motorcraft brake line costs a lot lower than the usual OEM dealer. Here are some advantages of the product:

  • Direct OEM supplier
  • Made to meet Ford strict Company Standards
  • The finest alternative of brake line
  • Promotes balance of safety and durability
  • Guarantees to fit different vehicles
  • Hardware and stainless steel clips are recommended by Ford parts engineers

Motorcraft Official Website:

Motorcraft Brake Parts:

Brake Parts Video Intro:


Delphi Brake Line

Delphi Brake Line

Delphi is a manufacturer that has over 50 years of OE experience in the fuel handling systems category. The company has a lot of records off its sleeve. Delphi has invented the first automotive radiator in 1911, the car heater in 1929, and the first vehicle air conditioner in 1954. The company has over 100 years of supplying OEMs, which today includes big brands of Toyota, Ford, Audi, and Ferrari.

Delphi brake is also recognized equipment in their shelves. From rubber brake hose, flexible brake hose, automotive brake line, and other hydraulic brake hardware, Delphi products sure can be trusted due to its century expertise.

Delphi brake line features and advantages:

  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Expertly made from premium materials
  • Built to match exact OE requirements

Delphi Official Website:

Delphi Auto Parts:


ATE Brake Line

ATE Brake Line

ATE is a company and a brand of Continental. The company has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing different ATE brakes, specifically hydraulic brake. The company sets standards on different auto parts to gaining the trust of many consumers worldwide.

ATE catalogue is composed of many reliable and innovative equipment including the ATE brake line. This product is made from high-quality materials to serve the application for many years to come. Designed using state of the art technology and with customers in mind, the ATE brake line will meet any needs and deliver great performance at an affordable cost.

ATE brake line features:

  • High-quality at an affordable price
  • Expertly made from premium materials
  • Built to match exact requirements
  • Manufactured using Continental’s OEM tech

ATE Brakes:

ATE Products per category:


Crown Performance Brake Line Crown Performance Brake Line

Crown Performance manufactures stainless steel braided brake lines for autos, trucks, and SUVs. Every product is custom made strictly in America. Crown Performance brake line has a unique advantage that can’t be found elsewhere. Their brake line has 5 different layers of protection whereas conventional brake only has 3.

Crown Performance has different types of hoses and fittings. Having a wide application range from power steering to transmission, coolant, oil, and AC lines, and more. The company has hydraulic adapters in both American and Metric threads.

Crown Performance brake line kits features:

  • 5 layers of stainless steel brake hoses
  • Kevlar reinforced containing a Teflon inner core hose;
  • Minimizing internal friction and volumetric expansion
  • A piece of steel fittings – extremely durable

Crown Performance Brake Line Kits:

Crown Performance Official Website:


DuraGo Brake Line

DuraGo Brake Line

DuraGo is a stable family-owned business that has been running for over 50 years now. Over the years in the business, DuraGo has developed several products that leave a mark in the industry including Brake rotors and drums, Electrophoretic Brake rotors, brake pads and shoes, Hub Assemblies, and wheel hub kits. Supported by decades of proven quality, DuraGo products are manufactured to meet requirements fit, form, and function.

DuraGo brake line gives your ride a smooth, controlled stop at every brake. Precisely built with quality and reliability in mind, the DuraGo brake line promotes the utmost control and safety over a wide range of driving conditions.

DuraGo Brake Line features and advantages:

  • Designed for enhancing braking experience
  • Great use for professional installers and performance enthusiasts
  • Ultimate reliability, quality, and safety
  • Constructed from premium-grade materials for strength and durability
  • Preferred by professionals
  • Made from ISO certified facilities

DuraGo Official Website:

DuraGo Products:


Corteco Brake Line

Corteco Brake Line

CORTECO is a leading brake line supplier and a member of the Global Freudenberg Group. The company supplies over 26,000 OE quality products. Many independent garages trust CORTECO auto parts and benefit from the original quality of products made from Freudenberg. CORTECO has manufacturing plants and distributions centers in over 15 countries, but through Freudenberg, CORTECO products reach over 60 countries around the globe.

CORTECO brake line is one of many reliable products the company offers. It delivers the best solution for the failing brake system due to quality that is the same from the original part installed in cars or trucks of different makes.

Features of CORTECO Brake Line:

  • High-quality at an affordable price
  • Premium materials are used in construction
  • Built to match exact requirements
  • Many years of service life

CORTECO Official Website:

CORTECO Products:


CARLSON Brake Line

CARLSON Brake Line

Founded over 40 years ago, Carlson’s quality brake parts have become one of the most respected manufacturers worldwide. The company is known as an innovator of domestic and foreign brake hardware and offers an extensive selection of brake parts and repair kits. Noise-reducing Quiet Clip technology is one of Carlson’s pride.

Carlson brake line comes standard with PVF technology poly-vinyl fluoride coating. This gives up to 30 times more rust and corrosion protection over standard steel brake lines. It also meets SAE J527B specifications.

Carlson brake line advantages:

  • Easy to stock and obtain
  • Ultimate corrosion and rust resistance
  • OE quality at a lower price
  • OE fit and function
  • Direct replacement
  • Durably built

Carlson Brake Lines and Fittings:

Carlson Brake Parts:

Carlson Brake Hardware:


FTE Brake Line

FTE Brake Line

FTE only considers high-end drives and has been running the show for 70 years. FTE is a brand under Valeo that carves its niche with its unsurpassed performance, cutting-edge technology utilization, and innovation. Having a natural passion for cars and commitment to excellence, FTE captures many OEM makers and cars with skillful engineering, ingenious craftsmanship, and rugged dependability.

Incorporating all knowledge and experience, the FTE brake line has all the innovations and upgrades you expect from OEM. FTE brake lines are made from high-quality materials to serve an application for years to come.

Product Features:

  • Exceptional quality
  • Made from premium materials
  • Matching specifications of requirements
  • Temperature change resistance for long service life

FTE Official Website:

FTE Products:


Febi Brake Line

Febi Brake Line

Febi is a recognized hose and brake line supplier and manufacturer of different automotive parts that cover a wide range of applications including cars and commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers, and vans. The company has more than 170 years of pioneering spirit and one of the few names in the industry that has over a century of background. Febi has more that 37m000 technical wear parts serving 150 countries across the globe.

Febi brake line promotes ultimate safety on road. They are precision-engineered and tested to give reliable braking performance in panic stops. Febi brake line and other brake parts are the ideal replacement for worn-out original equipment due to their looks, fit, and function that is the same just like OEM.

Febi Brake Line advantages:

  • Excellent replacement for worn-out brake part
  • Matches OEM quality
  • Designed to provide the ultimate shopping experience
  • Will help restore the brake system to its proper function
  • Made from the highest grade of materials
  • Smooth brakes every time

Febi Official Website:

Febi Brake Parts:

C:\Users\123\Desktop\images (2).png

BrakeQuip Brake Line

BrakeQuip Brake Line

BrakeQuip is the UK’s leading motorcycle and automotive brake line supplier, power steering, and fuel line. BrakeQuip is a company that specializes in the production of brake line hoses. The company has everything a consumer possibly wants including OEM rubber brake line hose and stainless steel braided brake lines. BrakeQuip has a comprehensive product range that they offer for the consumers. From brake line hose and copper-nickel tubes to power steering lines and fuel lines, BrakeQuip will guide you to get the best product.

BrakeQuip is the only company that offers the exact match DOT fully-compliant brake line hose. Brake lines and hose of all types are designed matching the fitment of the original brake line.

BrakeQuip Brake Line features:

  • Pressure tested
  • Built to last
  • Meet legal specifications
  • Will significantly enhance the vehicle’s brake performance;
  • while adding overall aesthetic performance

BrakeQuip Offical Website:

BrakeQuip Products:


Venhill Brake Line

Venhill Brake Line

Venhill is a manufacturer and a brake line supplier that has been developing and creating cables and hoses for over almost 50 years. The company makes pattern cables and hydraulic lines for modern, classic, and vintage motorbikes, quads, cars, and karts, alongside other commercial and industrial applications.

In producing different products including the Venhill brake line, the company is committed to using only the highest quality materials for safety and reliability. Every brake line that leaves the company’s workshop is ensured to be tested to a pressure of 1500psi.

Consumers can be certain that all product lines are individually tested, and have full TUV approval for the entire range of hydraulic lines. Venhill brake line advantages include:

  • many years of reliable braking aid
  • tested products
  • a comprehensive range of hydraulic parts
  • capable of building custom products

Venhill Official Website:

C:\Users\123\Desktop\logo (5).png



Established in 1985, HEL Performance was originally named as the Hose-Equip. The company is an authorized Aeroquip distributor, and soon made an impact on the industrial, marine, and hydraulic market, based on a friendly and collaborative approach to quality and service. Hose-Equip/HEL Performance quickly became an authorized MOD contractor and ISO 9000 quality assured.

Hel Brake Line Kit is assembled in-house from the finest quality of stainless steel fittings and directly hard drawn tensile stainless steel braided hose. It promotes exceptional performance by eliminating the spongy feel often found in rubber hoses under stress braking. Every time applied, the Hel brake line will guarantee to deliver new feels of braking precision.

HEL Brake Line Features:

  • high-quality stainless steel
  • lower risk of corrosion due to materials used
  • long-lasting service life
  • wide application
  • fitting for virtually every major car makes

HEL Performance Official Website:

HEL Performance Braided Brake Line:




NICHIRIN is a manufacturer of different auto parts that are based in Japan and was established way back May of 1914. Today, the company has a total of 12 subsidiaries strategically located across different sides of the globe.

NICHIRIN provides different types of brake line hoses and tubular products for motor vehicles, by responding to the global demand for products related. Alongside traditional manufacturing, NICHIRIN offers “Safety, Comfort, and Reliable” automotive brake line hoses created by their total technology development, production, and quality control.

NICHIRIN Brake Line hoses features:

  • easy to obtain products
  • numbers of production bases in different regions of the globe
  • sharp and stable brake feeling
  • low-expansion
  • excellent durability
  • developed and submitted to extensive lab tests following a wide range of specification from customers worldwide
  • homologate top operate in environmental condition

NICHIRIN Official Website:

NICHIRIN Products:

C:\Users\123\Desktop\Logo (6).png



Skyjacker was established in 1974. The company has a humble beginning, started as a one-bay garage into an international manufacturing warehouse. Today, Skyjacker is working out there 20,000 square foot building. Over the years, Skyjacker has catered to some cool projects including Law and Order SVU television show and the official suspension the jeep used in Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie.

Skyjacker brake lines are manufactured from high quality braided stainless steel to provide the best protection from salt, rust, and other wear elements. Brake lines have a smaller internal diameter to increase brake system response. Each Skyjacker brake line is a Teflon line for added durability and dependability.

Below are the advantages of the Skyjacker Brake Line:

  • stainless steel lines – improving braking as well as the looks
  • recommended for OE replacement
  • readily available in various length for wide range compatibility
  • durable and dependable
  • the best protection to rust and corrosion

Skyjacker Brake Line:

Skyjacker Official Website:

Skyjacker Products:

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