Top 27 Fuel Filter OEM Manufacturers in 2023

This article was specifically designed to help OE manufacturers, fuel filter distributors and small business owners, retailers, and individuals planning to give a fuel filter investment a try.

The main course of this featured article is to give the prominent fuel filter OEM companies list. Aside from that, each of the firm’s manufactured fuel filter’s advantages and benefits are thoroughly given attention.

Firstly, this is a bit idea of what is an automotive fuel filter and how important it is to car’s engine.

A fuel filter functions to screens out dirt and rust particle from the fuel. These are generally made into cartridges containing a filter paper. This filter is located in the deepest in internal combustion engines.
Fuel filters serve a crucial function for a tight-tolerance engine gas system.

Unfiltered fuels may have numerous kinds of contamination, for instance paint chips and dirt that has been knocked into the tank at the same time as filling, or rust because of moisture in a metallic tank.
If those substances aren’t removed before the gas enters the car’s engine, it will cause further fast wear and failure of the gasoline pump and injectors.

To improve healthy vehicle performance, fuel filter is given attention.
Which is why there is s recommended replacement interval in every vehicle.

Before we jump on, let’s take a look at the automotive fuel filter’s market overview this 2019.

The Fuel Filter Market Overview

Automotive Fuel Filter Market Share

A latest news update was published by Globe Newswire about the Global Automotive Fuel Filter market recently release by Market Research Future.

It was stated in the said news that, ” The global automotive fuel filter market is projected to record a steady CAGR of 5.05% between 2018-2023. “

Which also is comparable with the reported CAGR of 5.31% by the Mordor Intelligence.

A reasonable proof that a great chance of fuel filter market is coming up.

These are some factors considered that makes the result of this total CAGR pointed out in Mordor Intelligence report:

Car engines around the world stick with modern technology in the past. As a result, the first-class quality of oil fuel filters required to ensure the smooth going for walks of the engine.

The governmental agencies have become very strict with the requirements to emission norms that boost the fuel filter’s market.

The vast demand for in-tank fuel filter is growing because of the increasing technological development.

A growth in electric and hybrid vehicles is the given attention which would hinder the fuel filter market. But economic instrument bridge gap between electric and conventional which still a positive sign for the fuel filter industry.

The following companies which is mentioned in the rest of this article are the major players with a good fuel filter product reputation.

Here are the Top 27 OEM for Fuel Filters

Cummins Inc logo

Cummins Fuel Filter

cummins first company

Cummins Filtration was established during 1958 as a single production line of filter. Which eventually was developed by Cummins Engine Company to meet the requirement of the company owned diesel engines.

The firm was also known as Seymour Filter Company because the facility is located in Seymour.

The production in Cummins fuel filters in the early days was consisted of just two employees sewing together a cloth-bag lube oil-filters.

From Cummins filters, they change the company name in Fleetguard and know to be Fleetguard fuel filter. This gave the company a stepping stone for the diesel engine filtration industry.

In 2006, the company change back its name but the filter brands remain Fleetguard.

Cummins Filtration is now recognized as the best filter product brand specially for heavy-duty diesel engines. They are now globally present in 6 continents and has over 4,000 employees worldwide.

The Cummins fuel filter/ Fleetguard fuel filter is one of the best diesel fuel filters nowadays.

This are Cummins Filtration product features of their Fleetguard fuel filter brand:

To check out more about this fuel filter brand, check out the link to direct you in their website below.

  • A spin-on fuel filter types
  • Uses proprietary StrataPore or NanoNet media- a new modern filter media
  • With a gradient media layers for unique filtering performance
  • Match with demanding requirements of OE manufacturers
  • Installed with the best quality fuel processors to support longer service function intervals


DENSO Corporation Logo

Denso Fuel Filter

DENSO Corporation

DENSO corporation is a global manufacturer of automobile components based in Aichi, Japan.

After becoming an independent firm from Toyota Group of companies they were named as Nippon Denson Co. Ltd.

Which changed into the 25% shares stay owned by using Toyota.

In spite of being simply a part of the massive firm, DENSO contributed a big a part of Toyota income.

In 2016, Denso success when they were recognized as the fourth largest automobile components provider inside the international.

A various popular car components marketed by the firm, this include their fuel filters that are identified and is selected by end users due to its high excellent and durability.

It was the DENSO Europe area who launches a new broad range of fuel filter for diesel.

DENSO fuel filters cover the ranges of 7 part references. Covering a total of 25 OE part numbers and

total 275 Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Toyota applications.

These are the DENSO fuel filter product’s features and benefits:

  • Provides greater protections and maximum filtration performances
  • Manufactured in OE standards in stringent safety way
  • Installed with a honeycomb arrangement filter element
  • Employed with the thinnest material fibers
  • Provides longer services life.

To know more about the newest filtration product line by DENSO, you can check out their website in the link below.


Parker Logo

Parker Fuel Filter

Parker Hannifin

Parker Hannifin is a leading global company committed to turning in top-quality customer support. A Fortune 500 business enterprise indexed at the inventory trade (PH).

The business inventory includes over 1,400 product strains that manipulate movement in a few 1,000 commercial and aerospace markets.

Parker is the handiest manufacturer to offer its customers a preference of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromechanical filtration solutions.

The firm largest distribution market, with over 7,500 distributors serving greater than 350,000 clients worldwide.

A recent news update about Parker Hannifin Corporation announces that the company agreed to buy Twin Filter BV.

This Twin Filter BV is another leading manufacturer of filtration products.

This transaction has bought company to bring more value and enhance new and innovative filtration solutions.

Parker fuel filters or also known as the Parker Racor fuel filter (the company filter brand) has a broad range of spin-on type to offer.

This is generally the Parker Racor fuel filter product specification and advantages:

  • Installed with a special type of filter medias (Racor’s Aquabloc® filter medias) for excellent filtration performances 
  • Guaranteed to meet and exceed today’s diesel engine standard requirements
  • Specifically designed by the world’s leading OEM engine manufacturers
  • Improved new solutions using International Standards
  • Performs on-engine, on-vehicle and laboratory diesel testing
  • Has a wide range to offer diesel fuel filter type

Truly, Parker has a trusted brand name when it comes to filtration industry. To know more about the fuel filter brand manufactured and distributed by the firm, you can click on any link below that suits what you need.

Helpful Resources:


Mahle Fuel Filter


Another automotive components producer from Germany which specialized in filtration industry manufacturing business- MAHLE.

MAHLE GmbH has been established in 1920 is considered one of the largest suppliers worldwide for filtrations, electric, filtration, and thermal management.

MAHLE generated about €12.6 billion in the 12 months of last year. Currently the firm has more than 160 production facilities, 16 R&D centers, 79,000 employees globally.

Today, the firm is having 4 business units, 1 division and 5 profit centers.

This are MAHLE fuel filters product specifications and benefits:

  • Has 2 available separate filter stages (cellulose filter media and hydrophobic fabrics with mesh)
  • Available in spin-on and inline fuel filters
  • Designed for easy replacement installation

Mahle inline fuel filters offers:

  • Preheating fuel-the effective solution against paraffin separation
  • The optimum solution: A heat source for the diesel
  • Bimetal or wax element—the deciding difference
  • Temperature control via wax element

These are the links to MAHLE if wanted to know more about the company.

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MANN Fuel Filter

Mann hummel

MANN+HUMMEL FT Poland is a German production organization based in the metropolitan area of Stuttgart. The company is known to be the global leader and professional in the filtration industry.

Mann Hummel essential product is the production of premium first-rate filters. This is available for automobile, machinery, heavy and different specialized system.

About 90% of the enterprise annual sales round 4B euros is generated from the automotive enterprise sectors.

Mann Hummel filters are bought beneath reputable manufacturers: FILTRON and WIX FILTERS.

Purolator another manufacturer of filters is bought and manage by institution.

Except for the filters from this companies, MANN+HUMMEL has its own brand which is MANN Original filters and now name MANN filter.

The Mann fuel filters which are one of the considerable product traces under company product portfolio.

Mann fuel filters product advance features are the following found beneath:

  • Uses high demand sensitive injection assemblies
  • Installed with fine filter media
  • Available in different types of fuel filter: spin-on, inline and filter elements
  • Inline filters have available plastic and metal material construction
  • Filter element used modern filter media
  • Spin-on filters are available in the conventional standard design and in various special designs
  • Modern gasoline injection structures
  • Continuously hold returned foreign debris located in gas
  • Comply with the best safety requirements of all vehicle producers

Today’s fuel filters from MANN+HUMMEL meet the best standards and excellent filtration performances.

To know more about the MANN fuel filters, you can check out the available links below.

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Wix Filters logo

WIX Fuel Filter

Wix Filters company

Wix Filters has been available in both filters for passenger cars and heavy equipment.

The company has been doing business operation in the marketplace for over 80 years from now.

In 1930, Jack Wicks and Paul Crawshaw has commenced in making automobile filters.

After few years, they had been able to patented a thread filter out which they known as ” twist of the wrist “. This thread clears out have become the usual inside the automotive filter out quarter.

From then on, WIX Filters have solutions successfully recognized in the filter out enterprise.

It was also in 2016 while the system incorporating the worldwide brand WIX Filters with the MANN HUMMEL group became efficiently completed. Which then resulted as the arena’s largest filtration groups.

Presently, WIX Filters product portfolio has extensive variety over 16,000 separate car component. Including those filter products that are designed for passenger motors, light and heavy vehicles, machines and equipment.

Besides for this vehicle types, WiXxalso provide specifically engineered filters applicable for racing vehicles.

WIX fuel filters are one of the filter products manufactured and marketed by WIX.

Among the WIX fuel filter benefits that it can offer are the following:

  • Guaranteed to meet the standards of leading car manufacturers
  • Specific tailored filter media designed for individual engine
  • Seals undergone stringent and extensive fuel system
  • Broad range of fuel filters for vehicles with advanced injection system
  • Made with hermetically sealed metal of plastic housing with suitable connectors
  • Installed with removable elements for easy disposal
  • A resemble spin-on filter types.

The WIX fuel filter in details features are available to their official website pages

Additional Resources:

filtron logo

FILTRON Fuel Filter

filtron company

FILTRON is another filtration manufacturing firm from the sector leader of filtration technology, the MANN+HUMMEL.

The FILTRON Filters began in Poland in the year 1982. The organization originated from a thirteen square meter surface area of their rented room.

Their first filter products had been actually made by hand. The strong company and brand name behind FILTRON Filters got from a Japanese Camera manufacturers the NIKON and CANON.

Nevertheless, the person created the name did not imagine that FILTRON will resulted in a robust logo.

With the same year, the FILTRON company are acquired by MANN+HUMMEL together with WIX Filters.

Like WIX Filters which has a strong brand, MANN HUMMEL preserved the name brand of this high fine filters and continue to manage the company business operation.

To get to know on FILTRON fuel filter manufactures by the company, here are some product advantages and benefits offered:

  • Manufactured by expertise and modern standards
  • Available in a wide range of fuel filters for vehicles with advanced technological solutions
  • Meet most stringent requirements by OE vehicle manufacturers
  • Installed with highly-effective filter media

To get to know more about FILTRON fuel filters, the following links may help.

Additional Resources:

Puralator logo

Puralator Fuel Filter

Puralator Company

The Purolator Filters LLC is an American manufacturer of filters located in North Carolina, America.

Puralator Filters was established in 1923 for the Motor Improvements, incorporated in New York metropolis.

Later took on the Purolator call as a brief form of their filtration system known as pure oil filter.

It had bought buy Trans Canada Couriers in 1967 and later on sold to Canada Post Corporation.

All through year 2006, a joint business venture undertaking by large manufacturers the Mann+Hummel and Bosch has been made to obtain the Puralator from the Canada Post Corporation.

In 2012, MANN+Hummel bought 50% of Bosch percentage made them to have the total control of Purolator until today.

Puralators fuel filters are supplied as PurolatorTECH™ as their standard product lines which available in both standard and heavy-duty automobiles.

They are similarly presented into three differing types: PurolatorBOSS®, PurolatorONE™ and Purolator.

Puralator fuel filter product advantages and benefits are:

  • Specifically designed according to standard
  • Increases the gas mileage
  • Improves engine performances feature
  • Meet or exceeds OE strict requirements
  • Improved same production technology with MANN HUMMEL

To further learn about Puralator fuel filters, you can check out company available link below


Fram Group logo

Fram Fuel Filter

Fram Group

Fram Fuel Filter are among the top brand search in US region. They are headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and has over 6 branches in North America.

Fram Group is known in the market of variety of quality oil, air and fuel filters and other automotive accessories such as PCV valves, crankcase filters and transmission modulators.

Their product lines highlight are their oil filter types with a great specific product features.

Fram has two basic products category list: The Consumer Products and Commercial Products

Fram Fuel Filter product line is under the Consumer Products category list and named ” FRAM Diesel Fuel Filter “.

Frams offer a full line of Frams Diesel Fuel Filter: the primary and the secondary fuel filters. As for additional information the primary filters are made for the optimum balance between low restriction and high efficiency while the secondary filters are for maximum particle elimination.

They both deliver the same optimum fuel system performances.

Frams Diesel Fuel Filters general product specifications includes:

  • Broad range outside diameter, inlet line, outlet line sizes for all the Frams In-line Fuel Filter type to fit specific vehicle model
  • Made up of Nylon construction materials
  • Can work even for oil filter subject to replace every 3000 to 20000 miles
  • Extensive FRAM Group testing with an average filter efficiency of PH8A, 3387A and 4967 
  • Undergo Anti-Drain Back Testing Process

Additional specific features are suggested in Frams company pages listed below.

Additional Resources:

Clean Filters Logo

Delgrosso Fuel Filter

Delgrosso S.R.L

Delgrosso S.R.L are running a business in filtering system manufacturing for commercial and passenger vehicles for 65 years. They had been recognized as the first-rate dealer in 2009 by Fiat Parts and Service.

Delgrosso is an OEM channel types for most essential Italian brands of automobile and also in partnered with European and International car manufacturer.

The firm facility has 15,000 rectangular meters ground place with three specialized production plant life.

Delgrosso can produce a total of 11M components in a year, with 4,000 different designs. Delgrosso filter brand was Clean Filters.

Delgrosso established the brand Clean Filters® in the year 1975 and incorporated after 4 more years.

Delgrosso Clean Filters® started to enter the East European marketplace in the year 2000. Some years after it affirms its position within the worldwide marketplace.

The Clean Filters® logo by Delgrosso has celebrated it’s 40 years’ anniversary from the time it had been successfully launched in the market.

Clean fuel filters is among Clean Filters product line by the company.

To know better, these are some product advantages Clean fuel filters can offer:

  • Reaches a filtration degree of 5 μm
  • Offers the modern filtering media: cellulose, bonded synthetic cellulose, 100% synthetic and graduated filtration
  • Provide significant reduction to wear, consumption and exhaust fumes
  • Prevents malfunctions in filtering system
  • Broad range of fuel filter are available.

Clean fuel filter is discussed in detail in the company official pages.

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briggs and straton logo

Briggs and Stratton Fuel Filter

Briggs and Stratton Company

Briggs & Stratton is an American manufacturers recognized globally. In fact, they belong to the Fortune 1000 list of manufacturers of gasoline engines. They are based in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

This large firm has the capability to produce an average of 10 million units per year including their oil filter products. With the help of the 13 large facilities in U.S. and 8 more in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, and the Netherlands. Briggs and Stratton products have reach over 100 countries all over the world.

Briggs & Stratton has more than 105 years in engine technology research manufacturing.

Briggs & Stratton is an American producer which are recognized globally. They belong to the famous Fortune 1000 producer of gasoline engines. Briggs & Stratton is located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

The company has over 105 years in providing filtering solution to the industry. And are capable to supply an average of 10 million devices in every year, inclusive of their fuel filter merchandise.

With the help of the 13 large facilities in U.S. and another 8 branches in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Mexico, and the Netherlands. Briggs and Stratton merchandise have reach over 100 international locations all around the world.

Briggs and Stratton fuel filters are one of the filter product line offered by the company.

These are the following product features that can be expected from Briggs and Stratton fuel filters:

  • Made and manufactured in Japan
  • Available in ranges of micron rating
  • Genuine parts specially designed to meet strict OEM standards
  • Complies with EPA (applicable emission regulations)
  • Guaranteed to meet maximum filtering performances
  • You can check out every Briggs and Stratton in detailed products at the company websites.

Additional Resources:

K&N Engineering logo

K&N Fuel Filter

K&N Company

K&N Engineering is now on its 50 years as a global leader of filtration technology in automotive industry. The company filters have been installed in thousands of vehicle engines in the road today.

K&N started in early years of 1960’s, when this two motorcycle racers, Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald (K&N). Both work hand-in-hand to developed a ground-breaking new idea of an air filter that can meet the demand of extreme dirty off-road environments.

The two tested numerous numbers of filter media. And that they eventually discovered that an oiled cotton can capture contaminants more efficiently which can be washed and reused. The original K&N® High-Flow Air Filter™ was launched.

After the first K&N air filter has been made and successfully distributed, the firm manufactures variety of performance product in later part.

Aside from that they actively participated in racing and motorsports.

K&N fuel filters are now used by most of the end-users and has a wide market network today. The company continue to improved their fuel filter brand with regards to latest modern technology in production process.

The K&N fuel filters are available for cars motorcycles, trucks, off-road vehicles, and watercraft.

These are K&N performance fuel filters product advantages and benefits that is expected:

  • Engineered as to the same exacting standards as the world-famous High-Flow Air Filters
  • Features a durable material construction
  • Installed with premium low-restriction filter media
  • Both gas and diesel system are available

To further understand the K&N fuel filter, the following are available below.

Helpful Resources:


Bosch Fuel Filter

Bosch company

Robert Bosch GmbH also known as Bosch is a German multinational engineering and technology company headquartered in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany.

The firm was initially founded by Robert Bosch. A large share of the company’s equity is owned by Robert Bosch Stifting.

Bosch’s core operating areas are spread across four industry sectors: mobility, consumer good, industrial technology, energy and building technology and other areas.

Bosch filtration system are under mobility solutions section. The company offers various types of filters.

Bosch fuel filters is designed to offer protection on the most extensive parts of engine. This fuel filter brand guaranteed the most dependable and trouble-free performances.

This are the key features from Bosch fuel filters:

  • Capable to handle 15 grams of dirt-holding capacity
  • With 99% multi-layered filter media efficiency
  • Made up of aluminum, plastic, steel robust filter housing construction
  • Precise and dependable fuel filter connections for excellent filtration
  • Tested based on standard SAEJ905 at 0.7 bar
  • Available in both diesel and gasoline fuel filters
  • Inline and cartridge fuel filters are also offered

The Bosch fuel filter are further discussed in detailed by the company’s pdf product presentation which are listed below for your convenience.


Donaldson Company, INC. logo

Donaldson Fuel Filter

DOnaldson Company

The men behind the success of Donaldson Filtration Solution was Frank Donaldson Sr.

It was 1915 when young Donaldson and a Bull Tractor Company salesman visited a customer whose farm tractor are breaking because of dusty field.

From then, Donaldson think of a way to use an air cleaner to protect the engine from the dust.

The invention worked, so thus the Donaldson Company existed.

For over the past two decades, the company pioneer in the fine fiber technology and continued to develop innovative solutions to exceed the advance requirements.

Today, Donaldson facilities has doubled in size and imported 17 million filters and part for more than 164 countries.

The company offers filtration to protect fuel systems-including injectors, pumps and engines.

Donaldson fuel filter is a one of the products offers by the company.

They have a massive line of fuel filters for popular on and off-road applications. In three different product types namely: Donaldson Filters, Donaldson Blue® and Competitive Fit Filters.

The Donaldson Filters fuel filter are recommended for popular fuel systems with heavy-duty components.

Donaldson Blue® fuel filters are improved one that claims to offer 4x cleaner.

Competitive Fit Filters are replacement filters of the most popular fuel systems today.

The following general product features listed below relates to Donaldson fuel filters:

  • Available in both spin-on and cartridges
  • Offers a wide ranges of effective and latest filter medias
  • Custom choice of synthetic filter medias are available
  • Minimize expensive repairs and unplanned downtime 
  • Excellent filtration performances are offered

To know more each type of Donaldson fuel filters, the following links can help you.

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AcDelco logo

AcDelco Fuel Filter


AcDelco is in partnered with GM OE. A broad range of AcDelco components installed in over 2M vehicles produced by GM every year.

The firm has more than 90,000 auto components throughout the 37 product strains. AcDelco, together with GM is constantly to be one of the leading global automotive parts distributor worldwide.

With unmatched century of experience, AcDelco best fuel filter brand are developed.

AcDelco fuel filter are marketed under the PRO category of the company. Furthermore, they are most fitted as the best fuel filter for duramax.

Some of the product features from AcDelco fuel filters are the following:

  • Manufactured to meet and exceed filtering performances
  • A complete range of E85 compatibility
  • Availability in different designs: In-line carburetors, fuel injection systems
  • Pleated filter media are used

The following links listed below can help you to know more about AcDelco fuel filters.



Ford Fuel Filter

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is an American car enterprise founded in 1903 Henry Ford with his associate investors. In 1919, the firm was reincorporated, with Ford and his wife and son. Edsel, his son acquires the full ownership and their subsequent heirs under the Ford Foundation formed on 1936.

In the year 1956, the public sale of the common shares of stocks was then first offered.

They are a global makers of passenger vehicles as well as automotive parts and accessories headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan.

The Ford Motor Company is distributed in three brand parts: OMNICRAFT™ PARTS, MOTORCRAFT Parts and FORD.

Motorcraft fuel filters is under Ford’s Motorcraft brand. They are recommended by the company for vehicle-specific applications in popular Ford, Lincoln and Mercury.

Motorcraft Diesel Engine fuel filter are designed for Ford Power Stroke® Diesel applications at most. Here are some of this product features:

  • 7.3L has 98% efficient at 10 microns and larger
  • 6.0L and 6.4L efficiency are achieve for up to 98% at 4 microns or larger
  • Water efficiency are achieved at 96%
  • With Aquablock technology application in 6.0 and 6.4L diesel engine fuel filters
  • Made up of 300-series stainless steel provides excellent corrosion resistance

The connectors and support washers are braced for enhanced durability and strength

Additional Resources:

Delphi Automotive PLC logo

Delphi Fuel Filter

Delphi Automotive PLC

Delphi Automotive PLC is now renamed as Aptiv PLC is a global auto parts firm which incorporated the Bailiwick, Jersey and based in Dublin, Ireland.

The firm was first established as Automotive Components Group in 1994 and change its name to Delphi Automotive System. Delphi company has experience some financial issues when some irregularity on accounting practices in 2005 has been discovered leading them to bankruptcy problem. But the firm still manage up to this day.

They had been able to entered successful business joint ventures with Ener1 and Grupo Division.

Delphi (Aptiv) is proud to be a leading tier 1 supplier to a top 25 global vehicle manufacturers.

This popular Delphi fuel filter has the available product advantages to offer with:

  • Perfect OE design
  • Offered Optimum protection features
  • Has the finest contamination technology
  • With Multi-layer design features
  • Recommended by most OE vehicle manufacturers

This Genuine Delphi fuel filter are also known as Lucas or CAV.

To know more about the Delphi fuel filter, check out the following links listed below.


Hengst Automotive logo

Hengst Fuel Filter

Hengst Automotive

A man named Walter Hengst is the person behind Hengst Filtration Company success.

Hengst Filtration created the connection between the horse power, engines, oil and fuel filters and has been in there for over half a century.

Walter initially established as Walter Hengst KG in Munster, Germany. The foundations of the firm were developed throughout years and now under a grandson’s management, Jens Rottgerinf and new company name “Hengst SE”.

The company continuously face new beginning and developments in the fast-growing automotive industry and continuously take innovative ideas for their product advancement until today.

Hengst fuel filter is known for its durability and excellent filtering performances. Awards has been received by the firm because of its strict manufacturing and product quality.

These are the advantages that Hengst fuel filter can offer to its valued customers which made them popularly recognized worldwide.

  • A peak measure up to 15 bar
  • With maximum cleaning level ability
  • Installed state of art filtration materials
  • Offers a longer replacement interval
  • Immune to aggressive fuel types
  • Advance protection of injectors and engine are achieved

Hengst fuel filter is one of the best fuel filter brand worldwide. To know more about this brand from well-recognized OEM, the following listed would be a great help.

Other Resources:

UFI Filters Logo

UFI Group Fuel Filter

UFI Filters Company

UFI Filters was initially founded in 1971. It is a global leader in filtration technology and thermal management sectors. The range of filters manufactured by UFI Filters are not limited to automotive area but also into aerospace, marine, industrial as well as customized hydraulic applications.

UFI Filters and Sofima Filters are the brand by UFI Group as channel to distribute the automotive filter products’ they produce in the market.

The firm are recognized for its innovations in filtering technology.

UFI fuel filters as a product line under automotive area is well-distributed and is trusted by most of the end users. Specially for popular Ferrari and other tip F1 teams up to the European ExoMars spacecraft.

UFI fuel filter great filtering abilities are truly amazing, here are this other benefits offered by this product:

  • Has more than 95% efficiency on water and fuel separation ability
  • Installed with DFM UFI Filters (Deep Filtration Media), an exclusive filtering media by UFI
  • Able to sludge particles between 50-80 microns
  • Employed in the presence of bio-fuels
  • Designed to prevent premature clogging of the cartridges

UFI invested in their R&D Innovation Centers and is built in Italy, China as well as in India country. This is to continuously improved and development the products offered to conform with the aggressive change it standard requirements of most OE vehicle engines.

Another popular brand of fuel filter from UFI Group is the Sofima fuel filters. This brand of fuel filter is under the product line of Sofima Filters.

Sofima fuel filters are available two options: Petrol and Diesel fuel filter.

These are the product advantages from this brand:

  • Guaranteed a long replacement gaps
  • Ensure high degree of filtering of corpuscular pollutants
  • With body of steel or aluminum type of housing
  • High operating pressure level capability
  • Made up of cellulose filtering media up to 5 micron
  • Efficiency level higher than 86%
  • Employed with DFM (Deep Filtration Media)

Both the fuel filter brands from UFI Group has taken the heart of the automotive market. They are both winning piece from this OE manufacturer.

To know more about the excellent brand from UFI Group, the links are listed below.

Helpful Resources:

sogefi logo

Sogefi Fuel Filter

Sogefi Group Company

The Sogefi Group is a leading worldwide manufacturer of original parts for automotive industry. For more than 35 years’ of experience, the Sogefi product designs has been developed.

Today, a wide range of products are available for filtration systems and flexible suspension components as well as the air management and engine cooling systems.

 The company firm dedication to research has led them to what they are as of the moment. The gaining strength through acquisitions and growth to markets both new and emerging is demonstrated by Sogefi.

Sogefi reached 23 countries on 4 continents with 42 manufacturing sites as of the moment.

The company experience over years made them understand the filtration market and topnotch on the brands they made.

Sogefi Group well-known brand of fuel filters is known as Purflux filters.

Purflux was first launched in 1956 by Sogefi Group and has a vast range availability. With innovative ideas by Sogefi exclusive engineers, the mastery to the unique materials of using the both chevron pleats and straight folds are developed.

Purflux fuel filters as one of the product lines from its brand has two categories: The Petrol Filters and Diesel Filters.

These are generally Purflux’ product advantages:

  • Maximum filtering capabilities
  • Used of advanced pleating technology
  • Installed modern filter medias
  • Longer filter replacement intervals
  • Purflux petrol fuel filter can hold a threshold of 3 to 5 micrometers
  • Newly approved by Biofuels

Sogefi’s Purflux fuel filters are designed together with the company’s expertise gained throughout unmatched years of experience.

To know more about this fuel filter brand, check on the listed links below.

Additional Resources:

Bilstein Group logo

Bilstein Fuel Filter

Bilstein Group

Bilstein Group is a global leading specialist in the market. Other than production business, the company is offering repair solutions to all common vehicle types in both car and commercial vehicle area.

Bilstein group combines high quality standards with a strong commitment to customers.

The firms are consisting of 3 unbeatable brands: SWAG, FEBI and BLUEPRINT.

As of the fuel filter industry is concern, the focus is on the Blue Print fuel filters as a recognized and top brand used by most of the users

Blueprint fuel filters are available in two categories: Petrol and Diesel fuel filter

The advantages that expected to be deliver by BluePrint fuel filter brands are the following:

  • Design and manufactured to meet OE standards of vehicle manufactures
  • With 20 years of market experience as part of Bilstein Group
  • Extensive range for over 2000 filtration components for European, Asian and American vehicle types
  • Manufactured to tolerances of two microns that are put under massive loads

As part of Bilstein Group of brands, expect a high quality filters from the BluePrint brands.

The following listed links below would be a great help if wanted to know more about the this Bilstein brand of fuel filter.


Champion logo

Champion Fuel Filter

champion auto parts

Champion is an American manufacturer known with their spark plugs brand. They are originally part of a Fortune 500 Company founded by Robert and Robert Stranahan in 1908 at Boston.

After being established, the company moved over to Toledo, Ohio in 1910 to be close to Willy-Overland Auto Company.

The company is now owned by the Federal-Mogul Corporations.

With proven experiences in engineering and manufacturing of OE parts and subsystems for major automotive manufacturers, Champion understand every product that they manufactured.

As of the moment, they are not only producing spark plugs but also filter types.

Under the filter products supplied by Champion, their brand of fuel filters is now in demand in the market.

Champion fuel filters are available in both applications of fuel system in both petrol and diesel engines in complete ranges.

These both Champion fuel filter types are offered to European cars ‘applications.

The following product features are expected from this fuel filter brand:

  • Champion Petrol fuel filter has ranges of solutions for over 90% of the EU car park
  • OE vehicles matching quality features
  • A higher dust holding capacity
  • Offer a longer replacement service life
  • Easy and safety cartridge installation and removal
  • Excellent maximum chemical resistance
  • Ensures a complete separation of particles to cover up to 3μm

If you wanted to know more of Champion fuel filters, the links below can help.


emgo log

EMGO Fuel Filter


EMGO International, LTD. is a global major supplier of a quality power sports products. They had more than 50 years of experience to provide the official distributor a private level parts and accessories to stay at the aggressive competition.

EMGO staff travel in different parts of the country such as China, Taiwan, India etc in order to inspect the quality of the products for the customers.

EMGO fuel filter product features and specifications are listed below:

  • Made up of glass fuel filter with chrome end caps
  • Metal high performances with features brass filter element
  • Incorporated with hose clamp and spare nylon filter element

The firm has a limited information on their own company website but the product features are available on the company’s catalog.

Additional Resources:

comline oil filters

Comline Fuel Filter

comline building

Comline Auto Parts is a leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive aftermarket parts for European, Japanese and Korean vehicles.

They are recognized as one of the fastest growing automotive brands in Europe.

They are established in year 1991 and today has over 95% availability on more than 8,500 part numbers.

A proven manufacturing recipe ha deliver to comprehensive ranged of reliable products. They are recognized in combination of blue and yellow color on the products packages.

The Comline fuel filters under the Filtration product category of the firm has been develop and is one of the well-known brand in the market.

Comline fuel filters has the following features to offer with:

  • More optimal MPG levels are achieved
  • Has more than 250 parts to cover European, Japanese and Korean applications
  • Utilizes the latest ISO manufacturing procedures
  • OE precision fit

Comline fuel filters are trusted by most of end users and has a definite demand in the market.

To check out more of this fuel filter brand, you can check on the following links below.


Magneti Marelli logo

Magneti Marelli Fuel Filter

Magneti Marelli

Magneti Marelli® has more than 30 product lines. The company manufactures in accordance with OE requirements since 1919.

Today, a 37,000 employees in 100 locations of 19 countries are employed by Magneti Marelli. They are a first-tier supplier to major vehicle manufacturers not only in the US but worldwide.

The company teamed with Mopar to supply all the maintenance and repair parts for all the models which includes GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Kia and many more. Magneti Marelli also partnered with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, therefore quality parts through local Chrysler dealer and repair are available.

Magneti Marelli has a wide business area. Filtration system is one of them.

Magneti Marelli fuel filters as part of the Filtration System product lines offered the following:

  • Excellent filtration of foreign particles in all operating conditions
  • Optimization of gas mileage and vehicle efficiency
  • A reliable engine protectant
  • Can withstand insensitive to aggressive fuels
  • Quality are backed by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
  • Provides reliable engine protection
  • Insensitive to aggressive fuels

Magneti Marelli fuel filter brand can be found in the following company sites.

Additional Resources:


VIEROL Fuel Filter

vierol company

VIEROL AG is a large international specialist of electronic component and engine management in the automotive area.

They are capable to deliver more than 43,000 first class vehicle parts in total of 125 countries across all continents.

A product portfolio of different strong quality brands is patented by the company. Here are the brands on VIEROL portfolio: VEMO, VAICO and ACKOJA.

VIEROL is one of the leading German automotive engineering founded in 1977 by Jürgen R. Viertelhaus at Rastede. After a decade, they relocated in Oldenburg.

VAICO as a popular auto parts brand was registered in the year 1999.

VAICO fuel filters as part of the VIEROLs’ brand product lines has the the following product advantages:

  • Longer replacement gaps
  • Excellent material characteristics
  • Complies with ISO standards
  • Certified by Q+ special quality mark
  • Easy installation features
  • A screw-on diesel fuel filter

To know more about VAICO fuel filter specific product details, you can click on the online catalog and other links below.


Valeo logo

Valeo Fuel Filter


Valeo S.A. is a global French Automotive manufacturer. They are currently listed on the Paris Stock Exchange (CAC-40 Index).

The company distributes a wide range of products to automakers and aftermarket.

Today, the firm employs 113,600 people in 33 countries worldwide. A total of 186 production plants, 59 R&D centers and with a 15 distribution platform are now achieved by the company.

Last year, Valeo’s sales rose to 4% to €19.1 billion and ranked as Frances’ leading patent filler from 3 consecutive years starting 2016.

Valeo fuel filters as part of the company large product lines are known for its durability. They are easily identified in green and purple packaging as their colour code.

The following product advantages are offered by Valeo fuel filters has been noted below:

  • Both petrol diesel engine options are offered
  • Provide 20 µm filtration precision
  • Recommended by most automakers
  • More than 194 part number in engine fuel filter range provided by VALEO for passenger and LCV top sales in country Europe

VALEO fuel filters are recommended to replace int approximately 30,000 kilometers.

Additional Resources:


If you are planning to be a distributor or a retailer of this automotive products, you must be updated with the latest trends in this market.

The standard material constructions fuel filter manufacturers are currently using and of course the date limitations, dimensions, and chassis number. In return, you can recommend the right fuel filters for your valued customer.

We just hope that this article would give you an insight of what fuel filter characteristics necessary to look for. And eventually, if you have decided to invest in fuel filter products, you might want to give our fuel filters a try.

We love to have it customized that will fit your needs.

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