Top 8 Steering Knuckle Manufacturers of 2023

Control, balance, and braking function are the main function the builds the overall performance of a vehicle. Without any of those, it is impossible for you to drive. Contributing to the overall balance of the vehicle is the suspension system. When we talk about the suspension system, we refer to linkages, springs, and other related parts for braking and handling. Steering knuckle suppliers play a big role here knowing they are the providers of the key component of the whole suspension system.

The steering knuckle function is to act as the joint connecting suspension and steering components, which allows you to control your wheels as desired. Also referred to as the spindle, steering knuckles are critical to the vehicle’s operation, keeping every component that moves the wheel in place and intact.

Keeping it healthy at all times should be a priority. But just like other system parts, steering knuckle fails and will be needing a replacement over time. Symptoms of failing steering knuckle include unnecessary vibration when steering, screeching noise from the tire, noticeable uneven wear of the tire, nonaligned steering wheel, and/or different result from steering output.

Steering Knuckle Market Overview

Failing system parts is one of the reasons for the growing demand for replacement in the market. But the main thing is the continuous production of motor vehicles by many automotive suppliers. Steering knuckles are used to varieties of applications including light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, and passenger cars. Steering knuckle manufacturers today use different kinds of materials such as steel, aluminum, and alloys. These materials are natural sources of rigidness and strength.

Based on the article published by the, the steering knuckle market is segmented to different regions including Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, South America, Middle East, and Africa. However having the largest manufacturing capacity and OEMs present, Asia Pacific Region is considered to be the major market distributor.

Global Steering Market

Steering Knuckle Manufacturers and Companies List:


Teksid Steering Knuckle

Teksid Steering Knuckle

Teksid is an Italian industrial group and global leaders in the ironworks scene. Teksid is known to operate in two different product lines call Teksid Iron and Teksid Aluminum. The Teksid group was founded in 1978 by the FIAT group. Today the company stands as one of the biggest steering knuckle suppliers in the automotive industry with seven plans worldwide. Four in Europe, one in South America, one in Central America, and China.

Teksid Steering knuckle is produced in two of their major plants situated in Betim and Skoczow. This process allows the company to strictly implement all standards making every product conform to it. Being a known manufacturer of different products that are made from steel and iron, Teksid steering knuckle uses nothing less than the best material possible.

  • Wide application compatibility;
  • The application includes light vehicles, heavy vehicles, passenger cars, and more of the likes
  • High-grade of iron used in constructing for durability you can rely on

Teksid Steering Knuckle:

Teksid Plants / Steering Knuckle Factory: &

Teksid Official Website:


ACDelco Steering Knuckle

  ACDelco Steering Knuckle

ACDelco is a customer sales expert and provider of different automotive parts in the industry. The company provides premium replacements that are highly utilized globally. Products by ACDelco including ACDelco steering knuckles are created by their employed professionals with the utmost care to meet all requirements present.

Without compromising every manufacturing detail, ACDelco as a steering knuckle supplier guarantees all products under the brand will only have first-rate quality.

GM’s original equipment ACDelco steering knuckle is designed utilizing the latest technology. Products by ACDelco features premium quality and are expected to perform better than advertised. Can be made from different tangible materials

  • Suiting for every lifestyle and vehicle
  • Maximized durability
  • Manufactured to meet or exceed strict quality requirements
  • Consistent and trouble-free performance guaranteed

ACDelco Official Website:

ACDelco Suspension Parts:

ACDelco Steering Parts:


Crown Steering Knuckle

Crown Steering Knuckle

Crown Automotive is a manufacturer of different automotive equipment. The company was established in Boston in 1963. Crown started as a small storefront shop and due to consistent provision of honest products, Crown today stands as a global steering knuckle supplier and manufacturer for Jeep Vehicles. Crown achieved a reputable position that is respected in all of the USA and abroad.

If you are a car owner that wants the most out of your vehicle, Crown steering knuckle promises to give just that. Products under the company’s umbrella are all tested ensuring that steering knuckle replacements they offer to the public meet the most stringent requirements.

Crown automotive takes pride in its products and assures the consumers to bring the performance of their vehicles to the next level.

  • Each product is developed to improve consumers driving experience
  • Meticulously constructed to ensure ultimate operation
  • Manufactured from high-strength materials
  • Crown steering knuckle is backed by the company’s comprehensive warranty

Crown Automotive Official Website:

Crown Jeep Parts:

Crown Steering Knuckle:


Dorman Steering Knuckle

Dorman Steering Knuckle

Dorman also is known as the Dorman Products is a well-known leader of OE-quality auto parts to the automotive industry. The company has been on the scene way back 1918 making them one of the few manufacturers that surpasses a century of expertise. The company takes pride in its OE-fix. This is where they fix located OE flaws and improve them making their auto parts better in functionality and durability compared to original equipment.

As a steering knuckle supplier, Dorman is trusted by many in the automotive world. Having a deep background and manufacturing experience in their sleeve, Dorman surely is a brand to trust. Dorman Steering knuckles are available at varieties including bare knuckle and loaded knuckles.

Dorman Steering Knuckle features include:

  • Designed to be fitting specific applications of OE
  • Precision-engineered matching every bit of original equipment
  • Manufactured meeting strict standards using durable materials;
  • that are sure to contribute to products longevity

Dorman Steering Knuckles:

Dorman Company Introduction:

Dorman Official Website:


Mevotech Steering Knuckle

Mevotech Steering Knuckle

Mevotech has been revolutionizing the automotive industry for over three decades and counting. Mevotech is a market leader in designing and manufacturing different products such as driveline, steering, and suspension parts. All products including Mevotech steering knuckles are strictly manufactured in their facility situated in Canada.

If needing to restore your vehicle’s original steering efficiency, as a steering knuckle supplier, Mevotech ensures to provide parts that will surely fit every application. Some of the features of their steering knuckles are the following:

  • Great replacement for stabilizing the vehicle
  • Guarantees to restore accurate steering and quick response
  • Designed to maintain factory ride quality and comfort
  • Constructed using the highest grade of materials for quality and durability
  • Precise engineering using the latest equipment to ensure accuracy of fitment

Here are some sources to help you locate Mevotech:

Mevotech Official Website:

Mevotech Suspension:

Mevotech Steering:


MOOG Steering Knuckle

MOOG Steering Knuckle

MOOG is a manufacturer and a steering knuckle supplier that has a reputation as “The Problem Solver” which can be traced way back to 1919. Over the years, MOOG continues to innovate products that were resulted later as problem-solving solutions of auto parts. But not only that, but MOOG also is a reputable name with award-winning technical support and training materials at hand.

MOOG steering knuckles are made of high-quality components to meet and exceed strict quality requirements. The company uses state-of-the-art technology with the customer in mind when creating suspension solutions, ensuring the needs and wants of consumers will be met.

Here are some of the key features of MOOG steering knuckles:

  • The pre-assembled unit eliminates the needs of any special tools or a press;
  • This result to easier, much faster installation saving uptime
  • Vehicle specific – saves time to locate and source multiple parts
  • E-coated steering knuckles and backing plate – electrically applied coating provides lasting protection to corrosion
  • Full assembly features MOOG hub and national bearing for optimum durability

MOOG Steering Knuckle:

MOOG Official Website:

MOOG Parts:


TERAFLEX Steering Knuckle

  TERAFLEX Steering Knuckle

TeraFlex is a manufacturer of components for the Jeep Wrangler including premium suspension systems and performance shocks, heavy-duty axles and low-range gearing, body armor, and more. They also play a big role in the overall, global steering knuckle market. TeraFlex started way back in 1950 under the name of MEPCO, which distributes Jeep parts and accessories.

TeraFlex steering knuckle comes at varieties for wide application compatibility. Given their many years of experience, TeraFlex products are highly recommended to be of use by Jeep owners from different production years and models.

TeraFlex JK High Steer System takes care of all front-end steering issues associated with JK Wrangler models with 4-6’ lift kits. This product is compatible with all the factory units and aftermarket axle shafts, ball joints, wheel hubs, and tie rod. Also, it does not affect the operation of factory stability and traction.

Product Features:

  • Easy installation – does not require any cutting or removal of factory bracketry
  • Cast from HD ductile iron
  • Reinforces key section areas prone to stress and deflection
  • Maintains correct steering geometry angles for superior drivability

TeraFlex Official Website:

TeraFlex Shop per Category:


Professional Parts Sweden Steering Knuckle

Professional Parts Sweden Steering Knuckle

Professional Parts Sweden is an international supplier of top-notch parts for SAAB, Volvo, and other vehicles. The company does its utmost to give consumers the best possible solutions for their vehicle’s trouble, making sure that every unit incorporates operating efficiency while being cost-effective.

To those needing reliable parts for their Saab and Volvo, Professional Parts Sweden steering knuckles offers premium quality at an affordable price. Top-of-the-line products by Professional Parts Sweden are made using the highest grade of materials available and process them using the latest manufacturing equipment.

Create with utmost precision, Professional Parts Sweden steering knuckle products will function and fit like the parts you get from OE dealers.

Features are the following:

  • Engineered to exacting specifications of factory units
  • Proven and tested to perform and fit like OE
  • The finest quality at a lower price range
  • Offers trouble-free installation with no modification needed

Professional Parts Sweden Official Website:

SAAB Parts Catalogue:

Volvo Parts Catalogue:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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